Granzella Island Hideaway Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Granzella Island Hideaway Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

Calling all members of the PlayStation Home Community!

Great news: This Thursday, September 22nd the eagerly-awaited Granzella “Southern Island Hideaway” game space will be released in PlayStation Home! This tropical locale includes a variety of free games – such as a jet ski racing game and the Ocean Floor Treasure Hunt. Of course, these games come with a wide range of rewards (additional Granzella clothing and furniture items will also be available for purchase), so all you reward hunters out there take note. We’ve snagged a trailer from Granzella to whet your appetite – check it out!

Heads up: Lockwood will be releasing their Showcase public space this week! Visit “Caramel” in the Central Plaza this week to receive a Lockwood Emote reward, available for a limited time only. Afterwards, head over to the Showcase Lobby and pick up five limited-time rewards!

Lockwood Showcase

The PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with new companions (including a robot sidekick and pet dragon), clothes (new Home hoodies), a ton of new hairstyles for the guys and the girls, and some seriously psychedelic furniture!

Head to the PlayStation Home Community Theater this Thursday to receive a special reward to help commemorate the end of Summer (we think it will pair nicely with your Granzella rewards) and watch as HomeCast Rewind looks at the recently- released Resistance 3 space (providing a few tips and tricks to help you get all the rewards) and the luxurious Tycoon Penthouse personal space. Next up, SOCAST serves up some “vintage” SOCOM action.

Community Reward: Animated Electric Palm Tree

See you in Home!

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  • Yea, still can’t wait for the new renovation of PlayStation Home.

    At least we getting some new items.

    Just as a suggestion. Could you maybe down the line maybe give us more actions to do on the R1 button. I am sure you are creative enough to think of some more actions. It can have a down button if you get a long list. And if you get stuck, I am sure the people of PlayStation Home (Those who like me play on PlayStation Home) can come up for some designs.

    Just think, if you had more things to do. it will not only make Home exclusively better. But the players would appreciate it to. Just think about it. Give it some thought.

  • Jet-ski / see-doo type race, better stuff underwater 2 find, hide away waterfall pool(not 2 big)…can’t wait
    Oh will there store have more water type clothing swim shorts to swim suits to buy? And just stuff to buy?

  • Hmmm.. Unfortunetly (on this day) I have nothing “bad” to say. How, very fortunate for you (considering how utterly dissapointing Sony has been for a while now.) Good job (this time.)

  • Cool, the island of Lesbos as a free Home public area. Do we have to dress in drag like Tom Hanks in “Bosom Buddies” to enter the space ;-)

  • I have 3 question , is the 5 rewards in the lockwood public space 1 reward per day ?
    i also bought all 4 water jet ski for the water craft race , but everytime i race i get the same Grey regular one , how to i get to choose my own jet ski, the ones i Paid for and not the regular rusty metal lookign one,
    i went ot the Community theater and til this day i dont know which one it is the COMMUNITY THEATER, is it any of them ? it is the big screen at the lobby? Please Reply …….anyone


  • QUESTION on the DC UNIVERSE Premium … Do I need to spend $5 on game-only items, or on ANY PS store item, like clothing to get the Premion access upgrade?

  • I’m gonna miss the Irem stuff. Don’t think I’m diligent enough to get all the items my sister, to-be bro-in-law, or best friend are missing, but my younger sister is only missing two rings from all the freebies. Shame there’s not an Irem sale; might would wanna pick of some of the kitsch itemry.

    In other news, WHOA, MOAR FREEBIES.

  • I went to the community theater but i didn’t get the animated palm tree, why?

  • Hi DEADINFERNO. I was having the same problem, so I thought. I just had to stay in the Theater for a few minutes. I got the animated palm tree right after the video screen shows you how to get the inFAMOUS 2 trophy, nothing can hold me down. Just give it a few minutes for the notification to pop up.

  • Why dont ps home works on my ps3!?

  • Nothing wrong with the new stuff on home this week but there is something that needs urgent repair. The lockups on home have increased in number, not a mere 1 or 2 but multiple times a day for many of us using home. Can’t blame it on mass alien abductions nor should be “delete & reinstall” be the only recourse 3years in, besides for this problem it just doesn’t work.

  • I received the animated palm tree from theater number 10 after watching about 60% of the video, when he asked the trivia question “what is playstation’s longest running franchise”.

    Also, I only received the shopping bag from the Lockwood Showcase Lobby, one reward, not too sure where, when or how the other four are acquired???

    Hope this helps :)

  • @guysamurai


  • @P41nM4k3r_69

    Same here, i only received a shopping bag, i guess we have to wait for them like the animated tree?

  • I have a problem entering the Southern Island Hideaway, Everytime I enter the place, I fall through a glitch everytime I enter :(

  • as usual no reply, i bought all 4 Personal water crafts and as it says in the poster “Join the race with a PERSONAL water craft, but everytime i race, i get the same metal looking one and not any of the 4 i bought .
    i went to my Personal space , i took it out of furniture and placed it, i thought oh maybe i can ride it here, but no is basically a CHAIR , the only thing you can do is sit on it, and not even in the driver sit of the jet ski , so whats the point of putting status of 3 stars for acceleration, 2 and a half for this and 2 for that, if basically the jet ski doesnt do anything but be a CHAIR .

  • Went to the Island Getaway and there was this small square of sand and blue everywhere else. I guess it needs a little work. And the theater glitched on me, showing only a few minutes of the first episode, then jumping to the next.

    Could have been servers too busy from that Thursday rush. I’ll try later. I did get the Lockwood emoticon from Caramel in the Central Plaza, then proceeded in to get the shopping bag.

  • You lied to me…

  • So… I go to the Island Hideaway, and then fall through the floor upon spawning. I’ve left Home, come back, let my air run out, and everything. I see people, I see the jet ski’s… then I see what I can only call Purgatory. I finally hear the guitar version of Moonlight Sonata though xD for 2 seconds :'(

  • Problem solved… I only had to delete and re-install Home to get it done :/

  • So i heard from a little birdy that there will be a FPS game on ps home………you can shoot people now.

  • rooster here hey the lockwood showcase and the lsiand hideway are not working, when i go to them all it shows is blue, a few things are in the showcase, but its sitll all blue, and the hideway all their is a littel sand peace, and the rest of the space is blue, is it suppose to be like that or not, please help me with this, other then a littel part of the space, the rest is missing, plaese help

  • Hey, I tried to visit the Southern Island Hideaway today, but every time I try to enter a full loading gauge and a light blue screen just shows up and sticks. What’s up with that?

  • same happens to me, sony needs to do something about it, i think its a glitch or something, seems to be happeing to a lot of people

  • Will Home ever be available to run in 3D? There’s been a couple of remarks on the forums about users using their 3DTVs to upscale the 2D content in Home to 3D, but Home doesn’t officially support 3D, meaning users with 3DTVs without the ability to upscale can’t enjoy Home in 3D. Home even down to its basics really could do well with a 3D option as its a place to socialize and play with other PS3 owners. Looking at 2D avatars really isn’t immersive and I fully believe that being able to see Home officially in 3D could give better immersion factors to Home and greatly enhance the Home experience for 3D owners.

  • All this new stuff is wonderful but im sure the majority of PS Home users are more concerned about the freezing thats been going on lately. Im not sure wether another user is freezing the server or if its just the server in general, but whatever it is, it needs to be taken into consideration. Other than that, thanks for the update guys!

  • Where is this “Caramel”? I can’t find it. The Lockwood emote thing. And the Lockwood bag item is supposed to be used in the Lockwood showcase? The one section isn’t open yet. I was hoping to snag my freebies, one of which is the mech jet suit? And there’s a countdown timer till it opens? Looking forward to it opening and the core update to the Hub. And there was a slight problem with my Settings that are saved on the HDD, saying it was corrupted. I deleted it and logged back into Home. Had to accept agreement and do the Home Tutorial. Other than that, everything that’s supposed to be there, was there. Otherwise, keep up the amazing work on Home. I LOVE THE GRANZELLA SPACE!!!!

  • @erickafollie…. When your already in the game lobby, wait for instructions, then join the game. Once that is done u click “x” before the race starts and then it will let you choose your Personal Water Craft!!!!!

  • Hey George it says we will get five rewards from the lockwood showcase correct? if so how do i get them? i’ve only got a shopping bag and a emoticon crown…

  • Oh and one more thing can you guys share a date on the release of the new home? Its been a long wait for most of us.

  • This beach is amazing!!

  • hey i know this is about the update but i have a question about the home non-beta version will they be free stuff on the lanch day and home is give me problems taking my freind mcmuffin5000 take for ever to load home up

  • wwhen is this going to disapper

  • Hey in the underwater snag bag game at granzella i only get the head covered in seaweed reward i can’t get anything else :\

  • I love the idea of the granzilla and i actually bought a jet ski so i can race. At first, everything was running smooth a lil lag but not terrible. then by the second day i have been able to race without getting stuck at the starting line or just completly freeze up trying to play that game. as soon as i even get to the island i lag rite away. i cant type or get into navy. Then i find out that sony decided to do away with jumping servers. If a place on home is completly packed to the point we are lagging we should b able to create our own server. Since this new update all my friends and i are very disappointed. The idea was nice the work was sloppy. I hope this gets fixed soon cuz i have spent thousands on ps home and I would hate that my investment has gone to waste. PLEASE SONY GET THESE PROBLEMS FIXED ASAP……..

  • I just wanted to get one thing straight, I love Sony. I love their concepts and enjoy playing their games and especially love home but i needed to speak out because my voice and others matter. If anyone else has the same issues and i know u do, Please speak up and let sony know because 100 voices are better than ONE!!

  • Okay so I went on home this morning till now. I have already purchased a few things from the update but here is the problem,, When going into the lockwood store I was recieving error codes. Then after trying to finish up shopping I decided I was going to vote for my friends dolphy at the hudson. I went there and before the dolphys were picked I froze up again. It happened 3 times yesterday and I was racing my dolphy during one of the times. I lost out on that race. Needless to say I was disappointed. And today again, I went to race one of my dolphys just about 15 minutes ago and after my dolphy was picked to be in the race and before it started I FROZE UP AGAIN… WTH…. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Last weeks update was suppose to make things run smoother and for whateva reason ITS WORSE. HELP ANYONE,,,,, answers please!!!

  • need help i cant skijet race anymore… the lag is so bad i cant even write a simple word like “hi” without freezn

  • OMG!! so much friggin lag in granzella. Whats going on with picking your jetski i just purchaced one and i cant use it. also i cant buy a sitting jet ski there are only standing skis whats going on with this stuff and will i get a reply?

  • I want to know why i dident get my email code for the hub i am a plus member and i did not get a code please respond..

  • I’d REALLY like to know where that (Spanish?) guitar version of Moonlight Sonata comes from. Is it licensed music, or just something created for that Home space? It’s played beautifully.

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