Assassin’s Creed Revelations for PS3 Getting Big Blu-ray Bonus

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations for PS3 Getting Big Blu-ray Bonus

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Hey there PlayStation Assassins! We have something exciting to share today: thanks to a special partnership with PlayStation and the incredible storage space offered by Blu-ray discs, we are offering a full version of the original Assassin’s Creed for free if you’re one of the first to buy Assassin’s Creed Revelations! Supplies are somewhat limited, however, so you’ll need to act quickly (pre-ordering might help ;D) in order to get a copy of the original Assassin’s Creed included on your Assassin’s Creed Revelations Blu-ray disc.

As you know, Assassin’s Creed Revelations will see Ezio follow in the footsteps of the legendary Assassin Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad on a quest to understand the true nature of what it means to be an Assassin. To prepare you for this journey, we thought it might be a good idea for you to have the game that started it all on-hand just in case you needed a quick refresher on Altaïr’s history.

Vittoria agli Assassini!

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  • It will have Trophy support???

  • I hope to have trophy support!

  • Awesome deal. Can’t wait to pick up my Signature Edition in November.

  • If it has trophy support I might consider buying.

  • if it had added trophy support i’d double dip, maybe

  • Awesome!!

  • Not into getting trophies but it would be a grand to have AC1 finally have trophy support. I’d replay it for not just that reason, but to play through for the story once again as Altair.

  • Will the Collectors Edition pre-order have the first title too?

  • I don’t think it will have trophy support… Where can I pre-order?

  • i doubt they’ll put trophies on it

  • I hope to have trophy support! [2]

  • Patch it with trophies and then we talk. Seriously why can’t devs see this? I mean look at the comment and you see more than 50% wants trophy support.

  • Im glad I pre ordered mine :P

    I really hope it has Trophy support though….:)

  • ok well i have had it pre-ordered for a month now but 4 some reason im thinking it doesnt secure the bonus

  • I don’t think many ppl will care if it don’t have trophies, i’ve had AC1 since it came out & I enjoyed it very much so this offer is kool 4 ppl who didn’t get the chance to play the 1st

  • is the game gonna be available as a full game download on the PSN? that would be sooooooooooooo good

  • Already have it, thanks. :)

    I’m going to buy Revelations anyway, so if you want to give me another copy, I’ll take it.

    No, there won’t be trophy support, silly people. It’s unfortunate, considering the game does have Achievements but it’s still additional dev time and QA that the project didn’t budget for. Don’t act like you’re entitled. They’re giving you something for free.

  • They are not adding trophies, ubisoft already said so, so get over it and just play the game.

  • too bad original Assassins Creed is a terrible game

  • Awesome!!!! I’ll play it even if it has trophy support or not cos it’ll still be a bonus #WINNING!!! lol

  • F THAT i want animus edition or collectors edition what the heck does that do me any good i allready own that title thanks alot for nothing

  • It’s a very nice touch to add the original game on to the disc as well. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that really.

  • AC1 better have trophies or it’s a no buy for me right now. I’ll wait a month and get Revelations for $40

  • Cant wait for this, Was so sad that Brotherhood ended so fast.

  • Wow people complaining about something for free. Typical…

  • Good news for those who have yet to play the original. Sadly I tried it back in the day and could not get into it. However I’m playing AC:2 now, and am absolutely hooked. Will get Revelations once I finish 2 and Brotherhood.

  • good news fpr those who do not own AC1
    i still have my copy <3 AC1 is a good game trophy hunters need to stop complaining

  • Glad it’s free, but no trophies = don’t care

  • Trophies would be cool but I’m ok with the nostalgia factor on this one

  • I really can’t believe how many people are complaining about something for free.. talk about spoiled brats! I already have my AC:R pre-ordered and this just makes me want to pay it off right now!

  • You guys and your trophies.. gees, get over it… remember in the glory days of gaming when the only rewards you got for playing a game was the enjoyment and satisfaction of playing a game. How would most of you kids have lived back then? Omg, No games had trophies.

  • I already have it and have beaten it several times..
    I’ve had revelations preordered since June and I’ve planned on getting this day one.
    This is a cool bonus, but without trophy support added, I’ll probably pass on playing it for now.

  • I wonder if this promotion is actually limited. Both Dead Space 2 and Metal of Honor were both “limited editions” that included bonus games, but as far as I know there hasn’t been a version of those games sold without the bonuses. Since the Blu-Ray is big enough, why not just permanently include AC1 with Revelations? It would be an added incentive to purchase the PS3 version.

    I look forward to the next PS3 bonus game, the original Bioshock included with Bioshock Infinite…

  • assassin creed all of them was greats

  • Yea no trophy guys sorry, what happened to having fun playing a game without caring about trophies!

  • I too already have and beat AC 1 but I do appreciate Sony going the extra step and making deals with some publishers to provide free game bonuses. I preordered Revelations from GameStop since they have the best preorder bonus.

  • No trophies? then really no point for me to beat it again.

  • Oh, you have to be one of the first to buy it? It’d be nice if the bonus was always there, but ah well

  • Trophy support on ac 1 and I pre order this asap.. Or at least playin ac1 in the ac.r new engine that make it better thn trophies support

  • If ya’ll are gonna keep pushing older PS3 titles, then add trophy support.
    Assassin’s Creed
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Resistance Fall of Man
    Heavenly Sword
    R&C Tools and Booty :)
    Siren: Blood Curse
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Folklore… etc, etc… all these games and more still deserve trophy support. Especially when the 360 got achievements for some of them. Sack up Sony and make it happen.

  • This is a sweet deal, but it also doesn’t really make sense. People who have been following the AC series would have played the game already. The only reason people would have to “not” play the game is if they only play for trophies. If this still doesn’t have trophies, it’s not going to get anyone knew to play it, and I’m betting most of us who “have” already played it won’t bother playing it again just for the h*ll of it when it’s the same thing we already own. I’ve had my copy of Revelations completely paid off for several months now, so this news obviously won’t be affecting my decision in any way. I just want the game to come out.
    @ loonytoon1982: You got that wrong. It should be, “If you don’t like it, don’t play it. If you don’t want it, ignore it.” Why should someone not buy Revelations simply because they don’t want AC1? That’s kinda stupid. If there are no trophies, it’s not like it’ll show up as 0% on their list or anything. >.>

  • Are the boxes going to be marked up differently? How do I make sure my preorder has Assassins Creed 1 ?

  • @JLP_M,

    I don’t know I could not tell what did happen. Obviously the whore in the core player group came out though. Still. I don’t care about trophies myself (I’ve even managed to personally avoid ever getting a platinum on purpose just to annoy my friends.) I may not enjoy trophies as much as the majority or feel they are necessary (I mean what do they honestly give you or do for you?) However, I still would like to see the effort afforded. Insomniac is the greatest definition of “lazy” and “mediocrity”. I just find it funny that Sega afforded the effort to add trophies to a growing number of older sixteen bit games, and more still that other developers afford the attention and time to add trophies to re-packaged upscaled high definition bundles of PlayStation2 titles (or even PlayStaion Portable titles.) Yet! Some companies (not that I have to name who) just decide to be a tad lazy.

  • Im LOL’g at everyone who wish to pass up Assassin’s Creed just because it doesn’t have trophies.
    Trophies don’t make the game: Great Story and gameplay does, and that is what AC1 has.

    I already payed off ACR at my local Gstop so im ready for the game!
    If it includes AC1, don’t care since, if it does, then I’ll gladly give my copy of AC1 and pass it to a new Assassin recruit ;)

    All I can say is: this deal keeps getting good all the time!
    I got an ACR poster, played the Beta, and getting a soundtrack, short video, extra story mission w/ bonus weapon, ammo upgrades and now full game of the original game that stated the franchise.

    Im grateful :)

  • @46 and to all who may it concern:
    If you preorder ACR you’re good to go. AC1 will be included on all FIRST SHIPPED copies. So if you preorder you more guaranteed to get AC1 then one who did not preorder and picked up ACR a week later.

  • Useless unless it has trophy support added, as a bare minimum. A recompile with the latest SDK to use the new anti-aliasing techniques and a re-encode of the audio/video assets to take advantage of bluray/hard drive install is what I would expect as a nice treat for the fans.

    AC1 had no trophies, and awful xbox-quality audio. If they’re going to the trouble to re-certify with another disc release, the least they can do is fix those two things.

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