Resident Evil 4 HD Hits PSN Tuesday, Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

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Resident Evil 4 HD Hits PSN Tuesday, Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

Resident Evil 4 HD for PS3 (PSN)

Now’s your chance to relive one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Resident Evil 4 HD will be released via PlayStation Network on Tuesday, September 20th. Five years after the Raccoon City outbreak, Leon S. Kennedy is back in action and on a new assignment. The President’s daughter has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult in Europe and it’s your mission to rescue her and make it out alive. The entire Resident Evil 4 experience (including all bonus content from previous versions) has been remastered in high definition and will be a treat for both new fans and RE veterans.

Resident Evil 4 HD for PS3 (PSN)

The Resident Evil franchise had its beginnings on PlayStation 15 years ago and to help celebrate we’re offering some sweet Resident Evil deals for PlayStation fans. At launch we’re going to be giving everyone five free RE4 avatars to anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 HD. On top of that, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will get 50 percent off the price of Resident Evil 4 HD, bringing it down to just $9.99! To help get you caught up on the series leading up to RE4, we’re offering the PSone versions of Resident Evil 1 Director’s Cut, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis at 50 percent off for all PlayStation users and FREE to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

That’s a ton of Resident Evil content coming your way on the cheap, but it doesn’t stop there … check back next week for more details on Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD!

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  • @41

    WipEout HD, Trine, Dead Nation, Hasbro Family Game Night, Spare Parts, Worms 2, the Alien Breed games and the Prince of Persia Collection are all PSN-only titles with platinums. Limited edition/PSN HD remasters like COD Classic, MOH Frontline and Dead Space Extraction had ’em too.

    From what I’ve read, the beef isn’t so much about the plat’ as it is the lack of console parity with the 360. If the 360 didn’t have 1000g then it’d be less of an issue. As it stands, the trophy values themselves are significantly skewed (eg. several ‘golds’ on the 360 are merely ‘bronze’ on the PS3). It’s the difference between 1000g and 200g for the same price. People just want to know why.

  • GOOD JOB :)

  • No move support and no trophies = no sale. I will boycott this and suggest others do until this error is resolved?

    Why create a trophy system (or gamerscore system which is enabled for this game), then leave out trophies?

    Some really bad, easy games have been released on PSN that do have trophies and plat trophies at that! Why not this one?? (from what I hear this ISN’T a bad game btw).

    And why no move support? Does no one from each department, communicate with other departments at Sony? Who made the decision to exclude trophy support?

    I love you guy’s, love Sony and PlayStation including most of your exclusive titles. Please rectify this gap in your production process to include what we now come to expect in the year 2011.

  • Gosh, people nowadays seems more interested in trophies than in the game itself.

  • @el_pollo (loco)

    It does have trophies just not a platinum one.

  • @Fedast
    its just a nice feature, i’ve already finished RE4 on gamecube and ps2, it would be awesome to finish it on ps3 and win some trophies…

  • i just found a solution for the Move support thing…..its genius!!!!!

    Sell the game to PS+ people for 5 bucks and when the update for move if it comes they can charge them the extra 5 bucks.

    For the other NON PS+ people sell for 10 and then another ten when they add Move support.

    that will get them to work on it real quick

  • Wow, okay. Here’s the deal here.

    PS+ Users: 10% Discounts, freebies of RE1 RE2 and RE3, not a bad deal.

    Pretty much, with only 12 trophies, it’s a shame there’s no platinum. And for all those that are pitching a dwarf about the XBL version having the 1000 Gamer Score, not true. It’s about the same as the PS3. About 12 achievements total. Want proof?

    ./end arguement

    P.S: I’m getting this. Kthxbai.

  • So much complaining about trophies and move support. Im gonna buy it because i think its a great game experience and a nice deal.

  • yes i cant wait until RE4 HD

  • Since when did trophies affect getting a game or not?

  • I seen that yall were going to have saints row 2 for dowload on psn. if so, how much?

  • RE4 deserves a Platinum. Will probably buy this, depends a lot on DRM.

  • @ 161: Agreed. A game shouldn’t be judged by trophies/achievements. Those are just there for the extra challenge within the game that’s already challenging enough as is. :)

  • please Capcom give the game an update to give it full trophy support c’mon it’s RE4 HD i was hoping it would have a platinum

  • 160# Many people have already played R4 and with a platinium i would likly buy it again or move support.

  • YAY i love being a plus member ;)
    thank you sony & capcom ;*

  • If the game is awesome which all Resident Evil’s are..trophies are the least of my worries.(my opinion)

    Also for the people who say “xbox has 1000 points which makes it so much better”.,.I dont think you know how dorky and sad you sound. Really., WGAF about trophies when the real experience is in the game itself,.I turn off all notifications just to stay immersed and not have a friends gamename pop up or a trophy for getting 10 HS in a row pop up. i am still buying this to play on my HDTV,and i will love everybit of it all over again.

  • Enjoyed RE5 so to get all that for $10 is not bad!

  • Shut up about platinum trophies, all of you. What are you guys, 12? The real issue here is the missing Move support. Why was an entire play style ignored? We have a peripheral that people would love to use for pointing and clicking, why wasn’t an already implemented once before control style ported over? As much as I’d love to play this again, I refuse to do so unless I hear about a Move support patch. A free Move support patch, Capcom. I know how greedy you guys are.

  • Mr. Mike Lunn, before I comment I don’t intend to come arcoss unappreciative of Capcom’s contribution to the gaming industry, Capcom has been a stong contributor for years and I’m thankful for what they’ve (you?) done through the 80’s and 90’s; with that said where have the company’s initiative gone? …Most of your content for the last 4-6 years have been under assessed and in most instances titles are released incomplete. Many on this forum are concerned with the lack of full trophy support and it is only fitting given the last few years, but I wasn’t surprised to find out you added a handful of trophies for a full length title. I’m still hopeful for the company’s success (or re-success), and I want to reserve critical judgement until I’ve completed the remakes scheduled this month, but given Capcom’s recent track record I will assume without question that the attention given to the upcoming re-releases will pale in comparison to what the developers at Team ICO did with the re-releases of ICO and SOTC. I have my fingers crossed for not being disappointed, but so far horrible trophy implementation is a step in the wrong direction.

  • Cool. And gamers in germany again get shafted, they get nothing for free and no Code Veronica in HD. Enjoy your PS+ guys…

  • LOL Omfg I can’t wait. LOL i got worried for a moment cuz I bought RE1 2 an 3 on my old account tht I don’t use anymore. I thought I might have to buy RE4 on the old account since Thts where the others r. But u guys r givin the other ones for free LOL I love u guys. Can’t wait to brag to my friend because she loves the RE series. (^_^)

  • Freakin’ sweet !!!

  • YEAH BABY! lmfao, love all the resident evils, i already paid for the 3rd but im definitly getting the rest, plus i ALWAYS have plus so THANK YOU SONY, and YOUR WELCOME SONY or being a hardcore sony fan :D btw if any of u dont like this then im thinking you can afford stuff, cuz it cant be space problems, i have 160 and have like 30 disc based games and like 20 full games on my HDD and i only have a 160GB with 70 still to go, its all in picking and choosing your content :D LOVE YA SONY<3 :D

  • Here´s what I think crapcom has for us: RE4 $20 usd for non plus users. FIRST DAY DLC will be an unlock key to get platinum trophy with a price tag of $4.99. One week later we´ll get a MOVE SUPPORT DLC at $9.99!!

  • @112

    Oh, another Outbreak (or even rerelease) would be wonderful… but considering at E3 when they were talking about Operation: Raccoon City and stated that it was the first time in RE history that you could become infected, I’m sure they’ve forgotten all about both of those games.

  • Ugh so if I have Plus and I want to purchase the PSone games at dicount is there a way to do that? Or am I hooped? Glitch in the system.

  • For all you people telling us to stop complaining about trophies.

    I, like many other people, have already purchased this game for another console (3 consoles myself). If all I want to do is to play the game and enjoy it again, I will play one of those 3 versions I already own. I have no reason to pay money for another release of this game. This “port” doesn’t offer anything new to justify the expense. I was only willing to pay money again if it included platinum.

  • @nobodies-hero

    sorry, but that is what you get for signing up for PS+

  • Wow, just wow this is going to be a really sweet buy, time to renew my PS+ subscription just for this incredible Resident Evil deal. RE4 is by far my favorite resident evil game and Leon my favorite character, Also can’t wait for Code Veronica.

  • OMG, one of the best news for ps pluss ppl :D re 1, 2 and 3 for free and re4 50 percent off ! i just hope we get a 50 percent off the upcoming re code veronica X aswell :D THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

  • Capcom won’t be getting any money from me.

  • @ Manigamer

    Its already announced that CodeVeronica will be 50% off.

  • Thank you Sony!

  • If it had a platinum trophy I would buy it. @2, I am in the same boat you are and I know there are a lot of people who are skipping on it for that reason (they already own it, including me and no plat).

  • These PS+ specials are greatly appreciated. I will certainly purchase RE4 HD on launch day. Thank you, Capcom and Sony.

  • I will be getting this day 1, the HD remake looks awesome and the fact that I’m gonna get it at 50% off is sweet.

    Anyone know if they are going to release this in retail?

  • Im Glad I get to play 2 of my favorite Resident Evil’s again, but im really bummed about, the lack of platinum trophy. I will buy it regardless, but that is something the game should come with, im a trophy hunter! I dont care much about move support, im not a big fan in motion gaming.

  • I’m gonna get this, but please add Move support so this is the definitive version :)

  • I love this game but capcom has been treating their fans like cr@p so I’m not buying anything from them until they change their policies

    @50 Sponge-worthy: that’s what I mean about capcom policies

  • @189: oh c’mon, why will they do that? just cause the wii version had it there’s no reason to include it, right? why will they do that when they can resale us the same game again in 6 months with added move support for “only” $15

  • Haha at all the Plus members claiming victory “yet again.”

    Have fun paying $150 over the next 3 years just so you can play one of these “free” games if and when you get the urge.

    BTW, $15 would be better, but $20 is still a fair price for this. Thanks Capcom & Sony. =)

  • Wasn’t Resident Evil 4 for the Playstation2? Does this mean that PS2 classics on the Playstation Store is possible?

  • I can’t wait. Just a few more days till RE4 is finally on the PS3. Good times are coming.

  • Well, its official. Even though I am on Plus, I will be buying this game on 360 for the 1000 gamerscore since there is no Platinum. I’ll still get the older Resident Evils free thanks to Plus at least.

  • y is everything on Playstation plus i understand your trying to make money but the economy is bad and u have to pay for everything o got 3,000,000 likes when i talked about this on youtube. ugh please also playstation needs more games i love psn but come plus gets every freaking thing!!!!!!! u have to pay for betas but on xbox u dont please fix this

  • Ready to buy!

  • It is weird that it doesn’t have a platinum trophy, but that shouldn’t stop people from buying the game. It is one of the best Resident Evil games ever made and that should be reason enough to get it.

  • I like this deal, a lot. People are gonna complain even if you offered RE4 for free. Thanks again Sony.

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