Starhawk: Space Combat Trailer and Fantastic Fest Plans

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Starhawk: Space Combat Trailer and Fantastic Fest Plans

Hey everyone! Last night on G4 we premiered Starhawk’s Space Combat trailer! And if you happen to be too busy tracking the orbit of ELENIN, and didn’t get a chance to see it on X-Play, then shame on you!

But don’t worry! Don’t despair! We’ve got the full, extended version of the Starhawk Space Combat Trailer right here. Click it! Play it! Let it burn its shooter-goodness deep into your eyes!

So this video was cut together by our team in San Diego, California and was captured from gameplay on our Capture the Flag Small Orbital Platform map. The trailer gives a really great taste of what our space combat is like in Starhawk! You may have seen some of our previous gameplay vids that were recorded on one of our Acid Sea maps with its cool-looking terrain, jagged spires, and noxious acid. But what’s really awesome about the Orbital Space Platform maps is that they feel urban, with city and street combat and that’s something that we’re really happy about!


The team and I here at LightBox Interactive really want each of our environment types to have a unique feel, but still all based on the fast-paced troop, vehicle and aircraft gameplay that our fans love. And because of each environment’s unique structure and style, our Build & Battle mechanics feel really cool and fresh in each of the environment as well. We absolutely love this and hope you all will too because it allows players to not only adapt their combat tactics per environment, but their support and building tactics as well.


Up to this point we’ve pretty much only showed Starhawk at venues where you needed a pass or some kind of credentials like E3, Comic-Con, PAX, Gamescom, or the upcoming Eurogamer Expo, or GAMEfest. Basically conferences, expos, closed-door meetings, and back alleys — that all changes now!


Maybe some of you have heard of the Alamo Drafthouse’s Fantastic Fest here in Austin. It’s an awesome film festival specializing in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action… ya know, “fantastic” movies! They have an arcade portion of the festival focusing on indie games called Fantastic Arcade that is totally open to the public (and FREE) and it’s held at the awesome HighBall Lounge! So we thought, let’s setup a LAN party and give the public a chance to play Starhawk!


So if you’re in the Austin area and interested in getting your hands on Starhawk, swing by the Highball on Thursday, September 22nd starting around 5pm. We’re gonna have a LAN party of 12 PS3 stations, each decked out with a 40” SONY Bravia EX 400 HD Monitor and of course Astro headsets. We’ll be holding a Capture the Flag tournament too and there will be prizes but honestly, I’m not sure what the prizes are going to be but Sony is providing them.


We’ve also got something really special planned for all our fans that show up to the HighBall for our Starhawk LAN Party — It’s a voucher code for an exclusive multiplayer skin for Starhawk!

So swing by, play Starhawk, play the other games at Fantastic Arcade, hang out and meet the LightBox Interactive team!


Oh, and one last thing! Here’s a Starhawk avatar if you’d like to use it for Twitter, NeoGaf or some other forum.

Keep your eye’s on and the PlayStation.Blog here for the latest updates and announcements on Starhawk — and boy, do we have some big ones right around the corner!

Rock out with your Hawk out!

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  • I did see your new trailer on X Play yesterday & it was shockingly great. Excuse me but all the earlier trailers/sneak peeks were uninteresting to me, but after the new trailer, I’m almost completely on board.

  • Awesome trailer…seriously one of the best i have seen in a long while…i will spread the word DJ.

  • Awesome Vid DJ and Harv. Groundbreaking Game!

    OK Too much secrecy about the beta. Could you peel back one layer.

    NOT when the Beta starts.
    NOT the day you will tell us when the Beta starts.
    Simply the day you will tell us which day you will tell us when the Beta starts. Must that be a secret too? LOL


    Beta starts Dec. 1st
    Beta announcement October 7th
    Announcement of Beta Announcement Day Sept 25th.

    So TODAY you say “On Sept 25th we’ll tell you the day we will be announcing the Beta.”

    • We will tell you when the Beta is set to go. There is secrecy around it because we are still working out the details. There’s no point in telling you exacts till its fairly locked in. You’ll know as soon as we’re comfortable sharing the info

  • Just something to think about Dylan, it wasn’t meant as a guilt trip… I’m sorry for that dude! #downloaded=easy access that’s all

  • @ Harvard glad to see you on G4 the game always look amazing when I see it and that was actually my first time to get to see “the man behind the music” .My only question is now that you have gotten opinions do you guys think you would make a collector’s/mech edition?

  • LOL @ Sharpdagger, thats a good idea!

  • Dylan or Harvard, please tell me we can expect to see some Starhawk Avatars coming to the PSN Store?

  • I was wondering is there any chance for a Vita version of Starhawk? Also I know in the past you said Starhawk started out like a strategy game. Like Little Big Planet with a different view & everything. So I was wondering any chance you might make a top down strategy game next or make a Vita version of Starhawk like that? I so think the idea sounded neat & I would gladly buy that game. If it was to become a reality.

  • Noticed the really cool looking mine (in a can) ^ ^

    Will you be able to tell the difference between enemy mines and friendly mines (like Warhawk) or is it a case of just “beware of that there mine !!!!”

  • Nice, this game looks crazy. I have a question though. As far as ranking up in Starhawk is concerned, will players still be able to go from a Recruit to a General or have you guys changed that. Personally ranking up to General is what kept me playing for so long.

    • We are still working out how the player progression works best…but there will be player progression throughout the multiplayer modes

  • Now here’s an idea:

    Make a STARHAWK-THEMED PS3 and Dualshock 3 bundled with the game (duh), and let this baby carry you the rest of the PS3’s life and into the next generation!

    You guys have a winner. Polish it until it’s so sharp you can slice a tin can with it, and then advertise like hell broke loose, and follow my suggestion above!

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to play it!

    Now just tell us we’re getting Official server lists and player-ranked servers so we’ll know that Starhawk will have the awesome “community” that Warhawk STILL has (and no one else does).

    Even if PR means you can’t stop all cheating, only a tiny percentage of your playerbase will really care about perfectly clean leaderboards. The rest just want to have fun playing, choosing servers to hang-out at, and making new friends.

    Even the most perfect MatchMaking in the world (which has never been done on a PS3 game) will still be inherently inferior to some things that server lists can get you.

  • What do you all like most about the new trailer?

  • @Harvard,

    Going Millenium Falcon across an asteroid field.

  • Hi Harvard,

    I asked you on the last blog post about Hawk pickups and you said you’d find out. Are there going to be the usual selection of weapons or are we just restricted to swarms? I understand the need to balance against ground pounding but flying made Warhawk unique and I’d be nervous about limiting the Hawk weapons in Starhawk.

    Other than that slight worry for me, the game looks amazing. The beta will end my social life for sure. Warhawk was hands down the best game I’ve played on the PS3 and I’ve easily racked up over 2000 hours of gameplay. I also got your insanely hard platinum without any cheating :) but it did make me allergic to sunlight.

  • I like everything about it the graphics are hella tight and it blows that concept out of the water that some developers are saying that the ps3’s aging software is stopping them from putting what they want in a game *cough* sledgehammer*cough* *cough*

    and seeing how you skipped over my last comment I’m guessing that’s still pending?

    • thank you. If you’re speaking of the Collector’s Edition possibility we are still discussing on this end. We’ll have more info down the line

  • I like how you can go Beast Mode in the trailer and Combo Break a Jeep with a Land Mine from 2 feet away.

    • thank you. If you’re speaking of the Collector’s Edition possibility we are still discussing on this end. We’ll have more info down the line

  • Ohh my god! I guess you guys at Lightbox and Santa Monica Studios are already well aware that if Sony markets this well enough, what’ve got there is the next big thing! Starhawk could (and is shaping up) to be the huge multiplayer game that I’ve been waiting since Xbox got Halo and what we got was Resistance!

    Now please, I beg you Sony, don’t do the same mistakes agin and use your marketing power!

    PS. Your concept of the jetpack is just awesome, way better than Killzone’s. I aslo love the seemless transition between air and ground mode for the Hawk. The graphics/art style/atmosphere look phenomenal! Lightbox just became my favorite dev, tied with Naughty Dog! :)

  • oops sorry about that. This interface is wonky sometimes. No beast mode combo break

  • My last comment seems to have vanished because my browser crashed as I clicked post.

    Harvard, did you find out for me if there are more aerial pickups or are there only swarms?

  • Beast Mode Combo Breaks are always in Starhawk when you have Mines; Especially when you have a TOW Missile.
    Although I don’t see how a TOW Missile could be in Starhawk, unless you launched it from Mech-form, It would be great to have.
    I will miss how you’re able to TOW other Hawks out the sky if it isn’t included.. :C

    TOW Missiles and Binoculars were often quick Game-changers in tight situations.

  • This game is epic loving the video looks great already will be buying day 1. I have ? is it going to have 4 player local play like warhawk. This is big you guys are alsome I new i was on the right side of the team Keep it up . THAT VIDEO WAS BERTH TAKING THAT SHOULD BE THE TV SPOT

  • If one of you replies I’ll squeal like a girl lol.

    P.S. Awesome stuff, just make sure the game is skill based and not to casualized. I want to owned by vet players when I get the game and eventually join their ranks as one of the ‘elite’ players.

  • @UnbelievablyRAW

    maybe the beta should be given to everyone who’s general in Warhawk; and keep their permanent Ranks from the Beta to easily separate the Elite players from the Rookie players on Day 1. I’m more than sure Those who played Warhawk to General will be all over the Beta, and separate themselves rather quickly. :)

  • This game looks great! Do 4 player split screen, PLEASE!!! I only game with my friends when they come over, and I know it’s only one sale, but I won’t be picking this up if I can’t play with four players, if only because I will always be disappointed at what this game COULD have been…



  • I have a quick question:

    I was a huge WarHawk fan in-fact it was the first PS3 game I ever bought in 2008. I do play it sometimes here and there and I am expecting something fresh from StarHawks. The trailer looks awesome but can you tell me few details that would get me hooked to the game again… Because Domination was the only thing I played.

  • From Sony: Starhawk Official Update: At this point Starhawk will NOT be shown at NY Comic-Con.

  • @ Harvard what do I like best about the new trailer:

    I’d say the overall presentation. It just looks beautiful. The colors pop, the graphics look tight. The explosions and special effects should be epic. Warhawk impressed me, and that was several years ago, I expect from what I’ve seen this to take it to the next level. Never before have I played a game that could get as chaotic and fun as Warhawk, but I think this will top it.

    Love the look of the new mines, please color code them as asked above so we can quickly decipher enemy from friendly.

  • and must have binocs!

  • OK Harv, since you brought up PR. please do me a favor. As soon as you guys decide, please let us know. Please don’t save it as some surprise reveal or put it on some reveal schedule. I’d rather know…good news or bad.

  • I love the ambient sounds in the video and that push to show teamwork in the gameplay.

    And speaking of ambient sounds, I notice the space suit breathing sound at the beginning, and while that might have just be added in for marketing effect, along with all the Rifters having the same look, seeing as how you answered the Outcast breathing question…

    Do all Rifters where helmets in MP specifically when on a space map? Is this a feature of the customization that you pick a non-helmet head and a helmet?

  • What do I like best about the trailer?

    That it seems to have the same fast, frantic, flexible, tactically-deep gameplay that Warhawk STILL has!

    Some of us have worried that health re-gen (instead of pickups) might slow the combat pace down…I guess we’ll see when we play it!

  • Harvster? :p

    There seems to be a lot of floating with the jetpacks going on in the vid. Does floating stationary not use the jetpacks fuel?

  • Can the next video please include a close up shot of someone getting Spawn-Smashed (I know you guys dislike mancaking, it is a little odd) :)

  • Will any of the proceeds from this event benefit those in Austin who have been negatively impacted by the recent wild fires?

  • @Erebus-of-Dark

    The Jetpacks will have infinite fuel, once you pick it up you keep it until you die.

    This is if they’re like the Jetpacks on Warhawk anyway; On Warhawk, you could Boost straight up or Multi-directional Horizontally. but when you Boost however, you have to let it recharge to do it again; When Boosting your Jetpack would drop a flair (Chaff is what its called on Warhawk), this was because you could lock on to people flying Jetpacks with a Rocket Launcher, (which is Shown in this video at 1:35, where the Outcast died by a very accurate Rocket, which was undoubtedly Locked-on)

  • Also if its like Warhawk, when you walk under a building, or roofed area, your Jetpack will Bundle up, this keeps the ground Combat somewhat efficient when indoors. :)

  • Hey JMB626, thanks for posting all that info about the jetpacks. I’m sure it will help a lot of readers out. They have previously confirmed that there is a limiting fuel gauge for the jetpacks, so you can’t just keep moving and it doesn’t appear to relate to boosting, if you even can in Starhawk, which isn’t confirmed.

    Other videos have shown (I think this one too as each of the team groups launch from their platforms) that the jetpacks do compact when you’re on foot.

    The fuel gauge is auto-refillable just like the previous boost, or like regenerating health (which Starhawk has) but from what I’ve heard, it does hinder you more than just the boosting.

  • lol @ Harvard’s comment on #62. I hope you guys don’t take the lack of “server list and PR” questions to be a sign that people don’t care about it anymore. Out of sight out of mind, right? I sure hope not!

    Also is there any chance that the really close OTS (while aiming) view can be pushed out further if the player wants to? Cause that really close view is pretty awful IMO, nothings worse than having your vision impaired while aiming in such a massive, wide open, shooter like SH. Would be very cool if you guys could have give the player some view options when aiming, like just having the recital zoom in slightly instead of going all the way in to the shoulder of the character.

  • looking good:) Sony market the crap outta this i need to make some bots cry!!

  • Killer, killer, Killer! Incredible graphics, frenetic gameplay action. I feel like this game is really showing off what the power of the PS3 is capable of. I expect this game is going to raise the bar significantly, on what is expected from a AAA title. Congrats Sony, this may be the game that gives the “other” shooters, a run for their money!

  • @Erebus-of-Dark, That does sound logical, lol.
    On Warhawk, it wasn’t wise to try and abuse a Jetpack in such a way anyway, if you flew higher than 50 feet, you were praying to get shot down by a Rocket, Flak Turrents, or Warhawks.

    It was more of a thing used for travel and quick evasion maneuvers; Or something you would use to eject out of a Warhawk mid-flight to avoid death.

    Limiting it with fuel would add a new barrier of fuel conservation. similar to how Veteran Pilots used their Afterburners wisely when Dogfighting.

  • Even though you guys didn’t comment back on my previous comment,
    I still hope you guys talk to Guerilla Games and get the go ahead to remake some of the awesome maps from killzone 3 for starhawk.
    Considering their both taking place on different planets with a similar landscape style as far as the construction aspect go, i really think that would be a brilliant move on your part, you’d definitely bring in at least a few FPS fans over to the Third Person realm; not to mention that aside from the obvious scale differences, it would just be amazing to see Tharsis Depot or Pyrrhus Crater or hell, even the Jungle map would just be absolutely amazing, especially if you did helghast skins for the characters too! besides, you guys would make butt-loads of money off of such DLC packs, I know i’d buy all of them, and i know a lot of people that would buy star-hawk just for that.

    Sony Exclusives are always amazing, and i see this one as being one of my favorite games of 2012.

    At least consider my idea!!!!

  • how about you guys put that avatar up on the PS store so we can have it as our playstation avatar as well!?

    all-in-all the game lookes wonderful you can take my money right now. literally, if you came to my house and showed me the disc i would pay you immediately.

    I’m against exclusive skins, but only if i’m not getting them.

  • LOL Harv, on the PR not slipping by me. You need to put out a Bat Signal or “Special Bulletin Report”: We interrupt your regularly schedule program to bring you news that the Starhawk team has made a decision on PR servers and it is…

  • I WANTZ!!!!…This with the Wireless Headset will be amazing!

  • THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The mech block, out running the jeep, mowing down the jetpack guys with a Warhawk all of it. I cannot wait. You guys ROCK!!!!

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