Sack it to Me: LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Hits PSN Today

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Sack it to Me: LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Hits PSN Today

Today’s the day! The LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack will be available later today on the PlayStation Store refresh. The epic downloadable pack includes tons of new gadgets and tools, giving you the power to CREATE games for your PlayStation Move motion controller, which eventually means that tons of user-generated PlayStation Move-enabled games will be available to everyone for free via PSN. But most importantly, the Move Pack contains an epic new storyline titled “Rise of the Cakeling!” See what’s in store in our new Story trailer below.

The LittleBigPlanet 2: Rise of the Cakeling Move Pack (add-on) will be available for $9.99 in the US. Note that you must have LittleBigPlanet 2 in order to play it.

What’s New

With LittleBigPlanet making its way to the PS Vita, we have lots to more features to share. Stay tuned as we highlight different features over the next few months. For now, check out this online interview with one of the members of Tarsier Studios – the team leading Sackboy’s charge onto the powerful PS Vita handheld system.


Community Corner

Our epic community continues to wow us with new games and level creations. Below, check out some nuggets that we found over the weekend. And, as always, thanks to our creative creators for sharing these games…and to the fans that record these and post these online for all to enjoy.

Epic sidescrolling shooter: Great work PSYNTENS!

1.06 update goodness! – BludgaBoy’s tutorial on new features within the update

LittleBigPodcast: Episode 137
Our “forever fans” are still at it with a new podcast. Can’t believe you guys are on #137! Epic WIN!

Question of the week: What’s your favorite Pop-it tool? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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7 Author Replies

  • Does everyone get Move support? Or is that only if you buy the DLC pack?

    Wasn’t Move support originally promised as part of the game’s initial release?

  • MARK V! My man, Haven’t talked to you in ages!!! Thanks for posting the episode up here, means a lot to me!

  • update the store! lol

  • 10 bucks for 5 new levels? pass

  • Will i need more than one nav controller for more than one player?

  • Just a quick question about the Move deal on gamestop (probably off topic) but would i still need o buy the camera? im not sure how Move actually works, but if i can get it cheap i would buy it (just think 100$ is a bit too much) and if i can get for cheap i would definitely pick up LBP2!

  • After updating.. I try to exit the game and my system restarts.

  • Really? $10? I only have about $7.50! Daaaaarn…
    Can you make a discount for Plus members?

  • 51 : Playing Move levels is free. Just wait until people build them. Building Move levels costs the Move pack. Plus the pack includes Mm levels made for Move.

    54 : Erm, read again. There’s around 15 levels. Plus Move building. Plus Sticker Panel and Paint Tool.

    55 : You can also use a regular Dualshock3 or SIXAXIS, but you need one Move per player and one regular/nav per player.

    56 : The Move has gyroscopes and speed sensors, so the game know how you move the controller. The problem is aiming towards the screen. You have to tell the PS3 where the screen is. The Move uses a light on a controller and a camera to see the light. By combining gyroscopes, speed sensors and camera tracking, it allows precise controls. You need a PSEye, plus the move and a regular/nav controller for each player

    Arg, when is LATER TODAY???? IT’S 18:00 here !!!

  • Update the Damn Store seriously almost 7 smh

  • *taps foot* Getting late and it still hasn’t updated yet? I’ve already eaten dinner! I’ll be tired before I even get to play with the move pack!

  • WHERE is the store UPDATE damg guys i know your usally late but this bad even FOR YOU

  • Just picked up a move controller specifically for this, I cannot wait! (Although Sports Champions ain’t too shabby either.) Well done Media Molecule, you fine folks never cease to amaze me.

  • Do we need move to play the story? i would assume so but i just wanted to ask.

  • any word on the PS Store update? Is it not being updated today?

  • Can I play with the brane crane and the new levels of the dlc if i dont have the ps move right now? The move tools are the greatest update, but I dont have a move, I will buy it, but not now. I really interested in the history levels, materials, interactive music, decorations and costumes by now.

  • Sounds great . I just got my first PS3 a few days ago and so far I got Killzone 3 Infamous 2 and Resistance 3. Can’t wait for the awesome line up coming for the PS3 (reason I bought it lol) and not sure if I should buy this game?? Any thoughts?

  • I paid for the Littlebigplanet2 bundle when it came out and it was supposed to have the PS Move capabilities, but it did not. It was supposed to be updated later to include them. I look in the Playstation Store and there is a LBP2 Move Pack for $9.99! Why should I have to pay for this if it was supposed to be included with the game?

  • Echoing what 64 said, do we need Move in order to play this? Or can I play with a Dualshock 3? Anyway, looks like an awesome update!

  • I think I’m the first to score on Jam Kablam and Food Frenzy. ^_^ Either that or the online scoreboards are messed up. Still, loving the pack so far!

  • i have a move but don’t have the money for the pack just yet. Seems like the perfect thing to give away on playstation+! That way more people would be tempted into buying lbp2!

  • What good is this for players who don’t Move?

    Is there any fun to be had? Or is it unplayable like Prehistoric Moves?

  • @Mark

    Thanks for the reply! You should try and get Sony to have four player Move and navigation combo multiplayer or tell someone at Sony to read this. It seems Sony is completely clueless in many things, first off, how do you release PS3 with only 7 bluetooth when the Dualshock connect via bluetooth? even the PS2 can do eight player multiplayer. Sony STILL has fixed this or at least released a peripheral that let’s you connect at least 8 controllers. They havn’t done this yet and release Move and navigation controllers that can only be connected via bluetooth, they should have made it that the navigation connects via Move or release the peripheral because if not that means you can’t do four player Move and navigation controller combo and four player multiplayer is the minimum and motion controller are still family and casual friendly and playing with the whole family is part of that. Lastly, Navigation should have motion and rumble, more than obvious.


    If that’s true than you’re 100% right we shouldn’t.

  • Dear God LBP keep surprising me even when I already have did a lot of things in the game…that transformer mech is awesome…also the new tools….and a new history…That is why I love MM they never disappoint its one of my favorite…I’ll pick this move pack for sure…and I beg you MM please make Uncharted costumes…I beg please.

  • So, you guys finally decided yesterday to make it $10? What’s the point of holding out on this info, just to annoy your fan base?

    I’m holding out on buying this for a sale or a PS+ discount (even though I just picked up a Navigator yesterday to play this and Heroes on the Move – yeah I know they changed the name).

    And for those thinking how can I wait – well I’ll tell you, I’ll wait the same way I did last year when we were promised LBP2 before the holidays but it didn’t come out until January, in case you all forgot about that. I forgave MM and bought the $69.99 bundle anyway, after having pre-ordered it in July, but I won’t forget, and I won’t be so quick to throw money their way.

    Also, we all know a GH version will be out for $29.99 and include this, it’s just a matter of when.

    Looking forward to playing this, just don’t like pop-up surprise pricing for $69.99 games that were months late to begin with, and this should have been included during that long delay.

  • I noticed that you said you can have 3 Move configurations and 1 dualshock playing.

    Would it be possible instead to have 3 Move configurations and 1 more move without the nav controller?

    Just curious of course. I don’t actually have 4 Moves, so I can’t even test it out.

  • I had the Collector`s Edition of LBP2 preordered, as Mm sucked me into the deal promising EXCLUSIVE content…I am not gonna fall for anythin they say again. Why? Cos they put all the so-called exclusive content in the store for all to buy a few months later, so all I really got that was exclusive were the bookends and a couple avatars. Lame. Yes, I am still very angry that the preorder and collectors items were all sold to the public, what the hell was the point of preordering or getting this edition then? And what`s the point of havin Move Compatible splashed all over the box and supposed to be included with the bundle when they now say we have to pay extra for it? We already PAID! This bundle came close to $80 in Canada, and what do I have to show for it? I used to love LBP, until I got screwed over -_-

  • Awesome! i think i just might get a motion controller and play move community levels. i need to save some money.

  • I’m near sighted, so I really can’t use move, or other motion controller setups cause they want me too far from the TV. Wish MM would release the music squencer stuff/sounds/matirials/stickers/paint for dualshock3 support on a seperate pack. I really want them. XD But if I need move to unlock them, then I can’t get it. :(

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