Final Casting Call: The Tester Season 3 Offering a Production Position

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Final Casting Call: The Tester Season 3 Offering a Production Position

Would you like a chance to work with the world-famous Sony Santa Monica Studios team?Then sign up now to audition to become a member of the cast of The Tester: Season 3! This is the last week to enter and the last week to vote for your Round 1 favorites before we narrow the search to the Top 100.

While we’ve already received thousands of entries on our site, we still need your help. Remember, the community votes one lucky gamer onto the cast of Season 3. So, head over to the site and vote for your favorite potential cast member, or make a contestant profile of your own. If you want to have your say (or get a chance to be on the show), you’ll need to act fast! Open casting and Round 1 voting conclude next Friday, September 16. So to all you procrastinators: time to get it done.

We’ve enjoyed watching the tons of great videos and reading the thousands of profiles created, and with your help, this season of The Tester will be the greatest yet. Here are some highlights of just some of the casting hopefuls:

Thanks to everybody who’s taking part by voting, commenting, and meeting the folks who are taking a shot at being part of PlayStation Network history. See you guys in the next round…

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  • None of the people are nearly as cool as Egoraptor.

    Or nearly as handsome.

  • looks great but off topic is the us getting the white ps3s? saw where gamestop eb games and other places in the uk and aust is getting the white ps3 can you say if the us is getting the white ps3?

  • It was a good choice not to add me in that video. I would have dwarfed everyone else and stole the show. I am a god after all.

  • I would totally try out but no webcam or proper cam corder! and also, it’s not about if you’re a geek/nerd, leave that for all the pretentious people who believe they are a gamer, much less a PlayStation gamer. Playing BlackOps is NOT being a PlayStation gamer. Look at where you are applying to, and if they ask you a trivial question about said company, it will look bad on you and might even get cut before the fun ever really started on the show. Good Luck to all the people that honestly want this position in Sony!

    ,that is all.

  • @1
    This x9000
    If EgoRaptor wins I will definitely watch the Tester.

  • Ummm…. who is this EgoRaptor people are talking about???

  • Production level jobs for people who can run obstacle courses and name games based off box art, and are in no other way shape or form qualified for the job! #SMART

    • Remember, the challenges are a fun and visual way for us to test folks on the skills needed to work in this industry. Teamwork, Communication, Diligence, Perseverance..just to name a few. For testing PlayStation game knowledge in Season 2, it was much more than pack art. Not many recognized the White Knight Chronicles screen shot.

      For Season 3, the skill set will be even more rigorous and, most important, more fun to watch.

  • This is interesting and all * pisses me of that I’m not 21 until after the casting *, but will someone answer if Sony’s firmware team realizes that the auto update function is broken since the last update. It’s driving me nuts that this hasn’t really been brought up or fixed yet.

  • @7

    But it gives people like myself some shred of hope to get a start in the industry. I have all the education and skill to do the end prize, unlike most on the site, but lack the experience to even get an interview. Believe me, I’ve tried a billion times over. Not glad I’d have to go through hoops like this to get a start, but I’m so impassioned and dedicated I’ll do what I have to so I can get a shot.


  • I would love The Tester series to come to Latin America, specifically Peru =D. I watch all the episodes, I think it just entertains because it has video games in it and is somewhat about video games. A suggestion, make The Tester more about video games, challenges that actually have to do with video games and playing them.

  • BTW, $10 says I’d beat all of those people if you allowed 20 year olds lol.

  • @TheRealHades I feel you, it’s tough to break into the games industry with little to no experience. It took me over a year of searching to get my chance in this industry. The original idea of putting people through these challenges for a tester role was a fun new spin on getting a job in the industry and letting them work their way up. But giving someone a production level role is a joke when there are qualified people out there looking for a job.

  • @G__ROW

    Tell me about it. It makes sense for the position that requires mainly a GED or HS Diploma. Most of the people I’ve interacted on the site don’t even know the basics that the prize would require. Then again most of them still think it is for just a testing job still. Those people also seem to be the one’s who say they pride themselves on their attention to detail. But I digress.

    My hope is that who ever is in charge of this over at Sony will wade through everyone and find people who have a chance to succeed if they win and not someone who is going to waste the job and get the boot after the year is up.

    On a side note, I actually think this is a fun way to show the passion people have that they might not be able to express in an interview.

  • @6 Who is Egoraptor?
    Look him up and watch all the videos he made on youtube.

  • girl at 1:32 looks pretty, too bad she didn’t take the glasses off

  • What, no ThatEnglishDude or Egoraptor in this little montage? ):

  • To remember comments from a gamer on a previous tester season. He’s going to beat me, he’s trophy level 13 and I’m only trophy level 6.

    These people that get on tester are people I would probably never associate with. It makes me realize that if these are the average people testing the games I play, then I don’t have to wonder why most games turn out as bad as every other game that shouldn’t have gone gold.

  • @Link01: I’d take that bet. If you can’t even figure out how to get your auto synch to work, you would fit right in with the majority of last season’s losers.

    Mine works perfectly, since 3.70, with zero hassle on my part & I bet that’s true of most of us.

    Apply next year & I’ll vote for you.

  • I’m not even going to watch if Egoraptor isn’t on. But from the looks of how many votes he has, I’d say he’s sure to have a spot.

  • Ok, if he’s that good-looking, I’ll check it out.

    But remember last season when first man down was the cute guy? And Adrienne Curry said “why are the cute guys always so dumb?”

  • @20
    The bet will be on next year then. There is a problem with the 3.70 update though. Mine originally worked fine, when I changed the time settings it just stopped though. There have been numerous mentions in underground blogs but nothing seems to come to the ‘news’ light.

  • oh, and seriously.. loser. I want the job as a coder. Unlike the majority of the other people, I already know how to design and code games.

  • @Kevin Furuichi

    If my name alone was good enough to lock in the round. But I have a feeling that I’m just going to have to rely on my skills, education and passion for the dream over winning the popularity contest that is this round.

    I just want to be able to get up there and pitch some of my bad ideas which would blow the minds of all the viewers. I’d keep the good ones specifically for after winning the job.

  • Ok, I watched an Ego Raptor vid on You Tube. Is THAT what passes for handsome where you all are from?!! He’s butt-homely!

    He’s funny, I’ll admit that so he’s fine by me. And it’s gaming skills & discipline that matters, but now I know why so many of the contestants from the 2 seasons were so unattractive. I thought Playstation was deliberately trying to spoof gamers as basement dwelling misfits. No, they’re really like that! Lol!

    Hey, Link01, I apologize. It’s Friday & our network @ work is offline due to some weird power outage somewhere in America, so I’m bored. Thank goodness I have an iPADD so don’t rely on work computers to blog.

    I really will vote for you if you remind us to when you enter. Did you try what others have said, to reset time using Internet?

  • I am glad to see some of my friends up there! 8) Best of Luck to everyone Participating, including me! 8) Win or Loose this is an awesome experience that everyone should try. Meeting Great People that have Heart and Dedication to Gaming and especially to a Great Entertainment Company, such as Sony. Playstation Nation United!!!

  • so that girl can’t convey in human words, so, how would she convey to the production team….?? think she needs to apply to be a SuicideGirl instead…

    heh… ill probably be watching the season… should be interesting…. just glad its on the PSN since i dont have cable tv or anything… maybe Sony should just have their own gaming TV channel or something…

    good luck to the potentials…

  • @26, lol I agree with you. Maybe she should try Romulan words? Vampire words? Do some of these weirdos just want to be on sort-of tv & have no actual talent or intellect? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

    @Kevin, please do a better job of selecting the contestants this year. All but the final 3 on season 2 had no business trying for a job with such a prestigious company. They were worse than the American Idol rejects.

  • yes I’m in the highlights video!!!!!

    that was me who said “peace” at the end

  • Ugh…

    What a waste of time. This “thing” is nothing short of ‘//horing people and bastardizing the industry itself. Though of course the targeted audience enjoys such garbage. Just look at the average user anymore.

    Utterly pathetic. It really is an utter waste of resources, and time.

  • Next year, can I work with Jaffe?

  • I lost interest with The Tester when it became obvious that Big Fazeek was being kept on to troll the others and it cost some decent people a trip back home.

  • if this was seriously about finding another “tester” goons like big fazeek wouldn’t even get 2 a live audition. It’s just a jerry springer knockoff with a dollar store budget.

  • “take it leave it, but you sure can’t change it. Peace!”. That oversoul53 is sure a trip I tell ya :D

  • Hey guys, just wanted to give a huge thanks! I really appreciate the few seconds that you used of my video!!! My name is TheJoeDelFranco on the Tester site. I’ve been working my butt of trying to meet new people and make friends. Seeing you include my video really means a lot to me, and I appreciate the exposure. Thanks again!!! :)

  • When you gonna let Canadians take part in your little show???

  • No me in it either :O haha. but i am surprised there was no LedgeEnd in it, he’s a huge fan and had a great video too. Knew Pryde and Betch would be in it tho haha.

  • Egoraptor!

  • @35 SLOPPYWAFFLE: You do realize that if you win in the show, the prize is a job in the US, right? To work in the US, you have to either be a citizen with a SS card, or be here on a work visa. This is why it’s only open to US residents. Instead of complaining about not being eligible for a contest/job in another country, how about petitioning to get a Canadian version? I’d bet the chances of either are about the same, honestly.


  • Posers, all of you. Sony stop this stupid crap right now. This show is stupid and none of those people looked like actual gamers, they looked like attention seeking n00bs. LOOK AT MY TATS AND SEPTUM PIERCING AND I’M AN ASIAN GIRL WITH A FAKE MUSTACHE. Stop it now sony. It’s stupid. This is insulting to actual gamers and game industry people. I”m not spending 30k a year to get a my BS in computer programming for games so the community can become like jersey shore.

  • Oh, i’ll make sure to put in my audition tape next year btw.

  • Oh and if anyone is curious video game testers make an average of 40k a year which obviously isn’t much and it’s extremely monotonous and repetitive work. (you aren’t constantly playing new games before everyone else you’re playing 1 level for weeks to find every single bug in it on a game that might be very awful) and you aren’t going to get any kind of development position obviously because you need an actual school education for jobs such as art design, team leading, coding, or PR.

  • Aren’t they suppose to being working on the testing the games as a job?.. instead of doing this lame show for months and months?.. how are they gonna get their work done like this??

  • hat me in the video the black guy with the electrifying hair n the sharpshooter lol that cool i was n both video for the the test season 2 n season 3

  • Will there be a Canadian Tester season? That would be cool.

  • I’m still not old enough! UGH!!!! You guys should make an exception for a high class warlord! HAHA, I would dominate the complication and earn the right to be working under my favorite game company. Also those new Wireless Headsets rock!

  • @BuchNasty U Mad Bro?

  • @Rorek_IronBlood; There’s no need to use special characters to get around the word filter, it only portrays an appearance of immaturity. If you can’t use the words available and feel the need to resort to a form of offensive language to convey your point, you should just stop trying to make a point.

    On a positive note, everyone have a great and fantastic weekend!

  • @46 yes, yes I am.

  • @theMADster,

    Oh, I am so scared. Not. The only thing immature beyond yourself is this bastardizing whore to the industry and the nulls whom buy into it. Thanks for the small laugh though.

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