UNCHARTED 3 TV Spot – First Look

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UNCHARTED 3 TV Spot – First Look

Tonight marks the beginning of our advertising campaign for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. I’m really excited to get to share with you loyal PlayStation.Blog readers a special sneak peek at our first television spot for the campaign that will “kick off” tonight. And where exactly would be the best place for a kick-off? Well, how about during the 2011 NFL Kickoff game tonight between the Packers and Saints? This UNCHARTED 3 spot was created 100% from in-game footage – what do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

We have a lot of great things lined up for UNCHARTED 3, and this is just the beginning. Look for this spot to air tonight with the kick-off game, and also with your favorite shows including the season premiere of the Simpsons and many more!

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  • @ElketroDragon you are completely wrong about that. I am a gamer and a huge football fan also. I will be watching the game even though i do not like either team. And i know i am not the only one who is. I also buy madden and call of duty and i have played both uncharted’s. So maybe you get your facts together before you comment. Maybe you should talk your market research first…

  • Nice Sony looks like you guys are doing better at marketing i see
    oh and the video looks awesome like all Uncharted 3 stuff :)

  • Elena has a wedding band, but it appears like it could be “Drake’s Ring” since it looks like a male’s band.

  • @ElketroDragon

    ORLY? Yet Madden sells MILLIONS to gamers. Who yes, watch football religiously.

  • Off topic…

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    Take out the spaces folks..

  • I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t give out more info with this, but regardless… ALL OF MY MONEY!

  • I’m very glad you’re advertising the game now in full force.

    I however wish you gave the same amount of an ad push for Infamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Resistance 3. Those games should have been advertised a lot better

  • That Uncharted 3 Tv Spot got me so excited, i started to sweat like a hooker at a church :P

  • ^ You brought a hooker to church? lol

  • I loved the first game. Still haven’t played the second, but I guess I still have some months!

  • I love the end of the tv spot where Drake is in the air and the Cargo Plain is going down below him in flames.

  • just put in my preorder at amazon.com and cancel my preorder for Battlefield 3.

  • I don’t Want to gang up on somebody making an honest, but wrong, generalization, but Elektro, if you saw the blog on NFL Sunday ticket, it generated a huge interest, which led me to the generalization that gamers a) love football & b) are willing to spend ridiculous sums of $$ on both football & games.

    I’d say this Is a very smart marketing decision. U3 deserves major marketing money.

  • @ 59 i see what you did their :)


  • This is awesome, I like how they’re already making commercials for this game even though it’s still about more than a month away.

  • I can’t wait to own this game! I admit that I was WAY late to the party adopting the first two titles (did that just last year). Now, Uncharted is, by far, my favorite series between all 3 major consoles and one of my top 3 of ALL TIME!

    This game looks brilliant and I can’t wait to have my face melted by its radocity.

  • U3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GearsOW3

  • waiting is killing me slowly lol

  • Even though I think that Kevin Butler ads are really funny, I think that this kind of TV spot is much more effective for giving the audience a better look for the game. I prefer to see a trailer like this, than having a fun guy talk about random stuff while showing 1 or 2 seconds of the game in the background. You are supposed to sell the game, not a show from KB.

    Sorry if sounded mean, but that is the truth. I will never forget the trailer for Zelda Ocarina of Time for N64 when it cam out, because it was epic. If I had Kevin Butler talked about Zelda might had been funny, but I would probably never had bought the game.

    So with this kind of TV spots, it leaves you wanting more, leaves you wanting to play it, the other ones are just funny, but don’t show the game properly.

  • I just came to the blog to see if people had seen the ad yet, and as I was reading the entry I caught the tail end of the U3 ad on TV. I wonder if they are going to show it more than once.

  • Yea just saw the ad after the end of the 1st quarter – so awesome! As much as I can’t wait, I just hope Sony + ND don’t spoil too much. I want to be excited when I play this game….Long Live Play Sony!!

  • Hmph, I wonder if is just a coincidence that the game has jumped 13 positions on amazons top 100 videogames bestsellers since the last time I checked. Which was like an hour ago…

  • @69 *cough* any xbox exclusive*cough* and my bud told me their wasn’t a game on tonight lol he missed out

  • Naughty Dog, do you want my bank’s passwords?

    Also, is that Helen Mirren?

  • cant wait for this game 11-1-11 yeeeee!!!! ps3 this year has some great titles U3 COD MW3 GOW Origins Collection Resistance awesome awesome awesome is al i can say…….2 more months n next week GOW yeeeee


  • Love the end of the ad!! Xbox fans will want a PS3 too. I’m just glad that Sony is finally trying to turn some heads in the US. People deserve to know what is offered from both consuls.

    Of my 48 ps3 games I play Uncharted: Drake’s fortune the most, then Uncharted 2, (even though I have both platinums). Am I the only one who likes U1 slightly more than U2?

  • Sony has more exclusive titles than than the competition. Games like Uncharted and the recent price drop are reasons why Sony is the brand to buy. And no…I am not a fanboy. I am giving the facts as they are now.

  • @ mastorofpuppetz. Yeah Sony site here. No one cares about the 360.

  • I wet myself…




  • Dangit…I somehow missed the commercial…


  • Nolan also does the voice for the Penguin in Arkham City :)

  • Regardless of the uncahrted stuff, I must say I am real disappointed with home today. First, I completed the central plaza game twice only to have it freeze up on me and tell me it cant display video. Second is the resistance place. It always locks up when trying to go outside, It loads up and freezes. This is very disappointing and i probly wont go back to resistance agian.

  • @23 seconds nuff’ said:)

  • I really can’t wait to play this…!


  • i wouldve liked to see a uncharted 3 special edition 160/320 gig ps3 w/ graphics/custom skin/casing replaced w commercial last night. ps3 you guys have doc on your contract, throw him in the deloreon and set the flux capacitor on about 15 hours and maybe do just that.? commercial was nice, but why is it that you guys have a hard time giving us a true bundle/special package like the dark side does on the regular? you went on the wire as to say they have inferior technology, well i think you may have inferior relations with your customers and what we want.. why not make a special casing or skin? because in the end the end they become worth double/triple i.e mgs4 , and because you cant gain profits off of 3rd/4th party sales of such? well it is only valued as highly as it is because you do not make any, and no skins were a poor example on my comment, dont want sticky skins of game a,b or c.. how about that? making a custom casing showing off a great game like uncharted 3 or battlefield 3 or revelations, skyrim. so many beautiful casings pictured in my head which will ultimately be laid to rest there

  • i mean the profits point i made is a bit far fetched but its at the point where it does not make sense. there is no other reason why you would not if it is a console game, ok i can understand others but the other team is doing a mw3 one i bet. so then the only other reason would be is because you do not want to, or feel that you have to.. well its when companies,people do things that they in fact dont have to do, is when one defines themselves. and after all these years and great games, that black console is getting old, we should have a choice to choose something different.. if it sits in our home then why not make something more appealing to our eyes and hearts? yes black goes with everything and so doesnt the black after market where you can buy these clear/chrome cases which can break the console if not installed properly and i dont feel like dishing out any more than i already do for games. 3rd party companies know we have no choice in regards to casing and take full advantage of that, believe that.


  • Holy cow, game looks stunning. Day one.

  • @50, agreed, sony has no clue how tro market their games… Its not as simple as making a commercial, you need to know the demographic….. MS dominates the US becaise SCEA is clueless.

  • If that doesn’t garner sales I don’t know what will.

  • That’s how you make a videogame TV spot! Just like a movie!

  • First of all, good game. The Packers looked pretty good.

    That commercial was 30 seconds? Seemed more like 10. Is it a spoiler that Nate & Elena are married since she’s wearing a wedding ring?

    I hope to see a lot more marketing in next 2 months because missing this game, this franchise, is really sad. I feel sorry for gamers who are exclusive to other platforms.

  • @ ElektroDragon – who cares who the core audience is… anyone interested in a great action/adventure would certainly be interested in this… those football fans will be sorely disappointed in this year’s garbage they call Madden… Uncharted 3 is the must-own game for the PS3 that’s coming down the pipeline… i can not wait until November…

  • “One of the best single-player games I’ve ever played is Uncharted 2, can’t wait for the third.”

  • Still gives me chills. Everyone click the like button on the top left!!

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