UNCHARTED Greatest Hits DualPack in Stores September 6th

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UNCHARTED Greatest Hits DualPack in Stores September 6th

We’re about two months away from the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and what better way to get caught up with the series than to play Nathan Drake’s first two adventures – UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. To help you do just that, we’re announcing the UNCHARTED Greatest Hits Dual Pack.

Launching in North America on September 6th (that’s less than a week away!), the pack includes the Greatest Hits versions of both UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Game of the Year Edition for only $39.99.


The Dual Pack is also packed to the brim with bonus content, including a “Super Voucher” containing all of the DLC content from the UNCHARTED 2 GOTY Edition, as well as two DLC items from UNCHARTED 3 – the UNCHARTED 3 Announcement Nathan Drake PSN Avatar and the UNCHARTED 3 Announcement Dynamic Theme!

UNCHARTED DualPack: Super Voucher

To help formally announce the Dual Pack, check out the official UNCHARTED DualPack trailer above. If you haven’t played the first two UNCHARTED games, it will give you a taste of two epic adventures you won’t want to miss.

Here at Naughty Dog, we’re excited to bring these two critically acclaimed games together for the very first time. As we focus on finishing up UNCHARTED 3, we look back and are humbled by the accolades we received for Drake’s Fortune, our first game in the series, and we never could have imagined that our second entry, Among Thieves, would go on to become the 2nd highest-rated video game of all time, receiving over 200 GOTY awards and over 41 perfect review scores. We want to thank all of you again for your continued support!

So for all you who are new to the PlayStation community, or for those of you who just haven’t yet had the opportunity to join Drake, Sully, Elena, and Chloe – this is your chance! Grab your Dual Pack next week – get tons of loot with the included “Super Voucher” – and prepare to uncover the truth in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception on 11-1-11.

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  • @42

    As talented as they are, they don’t deserve your money for these old games sold at jacked up prices. If they gave 2 figs about us, both these games would of been added to PSN for $15 each years ago.

  • At #52.

    Can you cry any louder? sheesh. someones butt hurt. lol
    If you had a job and actually worked hard you would realize that it takes hundreds if not thousands of people to get a title shipped, numerous man hours, and lots of hard work. For your cheap self to sit here and act like you deserve everything for free and that all the people who actually work should get the shaft is beyond ignorant. Grow up kid.

  • Whoops I meant number @50 (“darkrecoil”)

  • Whats the point in giving all the multiplayer dlc when the servers are going down?

  • That’s a steal.

  • never played either game might be a good chance to check it out

  • I knew it! I’m glad I waited! now to play these 2 before getting the third one

  • Why… they’re both ps3 games.. Please sony stop trying to sucker us out of money thinking we will buy this purely for the dlc items. Unfortunately some will.

  • I have both but i had to get drake fortune used :( sorry naughty dog walmart didn’t have it. But yea now make a ratchet and clank dual pack please sony :) before all 4 one is released

  • Neato, it does come with Eye of Indra. Already have it, but that’s a nice inclusion for those who haven’t bought these yet.

  • @57: Or it’s for people who… you know, DON’T ALREADY HAVE THE GAMES.


    Might want to go see a doctor, because your brain is obviously malfunctioning.

  • Definitely getting this as I don’t have Uncharted 2 yet.

    I’ll give my old copy of Uncharted to my cousins cousin (who’s 12) who has always wanted to own Uncharted.

    It’s a win-win.

  • Wow, Im sooooo glad I traded UC2 about a month agao. Still got a surprisingly decent trade value at that time. I’m sure you wont get jack for it once this releases. Great games for sure.

  • Looks awesome! Shame I already have Uncharted 2, so I won’t be getting this.

  • WOW! this is great I havent had a chance to play the full games but now with this! is a great way to keep with the series thanks Sony and Naught Dog I can’t wait for UC3

  • Hey guys, need your help… I haven’t played Uncharted 1 & Resistance 1 till now, they are not available as a standalone title anymore in India. I am looking forward to the dual packs for both of them, the problem is I absolutely hate the grey “Platinum” boxes they are available in. I am thinking of getting the Greatest Hits bundle instead, I know the games are not region locked but the DLC is. So is there a way I can redeem them in India?? Also I don’t like MP that much, I am more of a campaign player so will I be missing out on much if I do get the Greatest Hits bundle?? Any help would be appreciated :-)

  • @50 both games should have been for 15$ years ago? You do realize that Uncharted 2 is from October of 09 right? Before saying anything, try knowing what you’re talking about first.

  • @66 The majority of the DLC is for the online modes so if your purely looking for a single player experience and really want those Greatest Hits boxes I say go for it.

  • @ 47

    While I disagree with you on the Uncharted is missing something comment, I am with you in a desire to see those games return. However, not at the expense of the more recent franchises that they have built.

    I am very excited to play Sly next year. I have been all about All4One since it was announced, my wife and I love games we can enjoy together. A new Jak from a different development house for the PS3 would be appreciated, but I kind of feel like the Naughty Dog isn’t looking back. Probably won’t do Uncharted on the next system and really I am okay with that.

    As for Infamous…yeah I know, but the DLC looks fun.

    I just mean to say continue doing what you do in creating new goodness.

  • Nice……. can’t wait!!!

  • Wow, I already have these games, but if I didn’t already, I would buy this pack. Buy it, you won’t regret it, if you like action movies like Indiana Jones.

  • As its been mentioned so many times this is very late in the game for these sets, 6 months or a year ago maybe. Oh and the jerks saying used games are robbing sony & naughty dog should go buy a clue instead of another copy of these games. both got paid on first sale. When you do a days work do you expect to get paid 5 times for it? tell your employer thats what you want and see how long you keep your job.

  • sadly I got both games few weeks ago otherwise I would get this.
    I must say I totally love uncharted 1 even I got the platinium trophy yesterday after beating it on crushing difficulty

  • Awesome but I already have Uncharted 2. Are you guys planning on releasing a psn version for Uncharted?

  • even though I have both games, this is a pretty good dead considering you get all of the Uncharted 2 DLC also

  • I bought Uncharted: Drakes Fortune on eBay for $21….
    BUT it came in a 3-pack with Mercenaries 2 and Tomb Raider:Underworld !!
    That’s right, I got 3 games in great used condition for only $21.00, shipping included. So if my math is right, that is $7 per game…. don’t think I’m going to pay $40 for 2 games anytime soon, thanks anyway.

  • I’m a huge Uncharted fan, but why give two of the best games of history for only $40 plus bonus content. Thats crazy. I just hope for loads of new players to experience Drake’s adventures though!

  • i guess im the only one that thought the series sucked terribly.

  • Swooped up both on day 1 when they each came out. Gonna buy it for my cuz though so he can see what he’s been missing out on.

  • meh, dont care for this. They left U2 multiplayer in ruins so i think i will keep my money for something else

  • Holy **** I would totally buy this just to add it to my collection even though I already have both of them but I’d rather spend that money on the U3 CE, wish that it wasn’t $100 though.

  • I already own both, but that looks TIGHT!

  • I bought the first one when it first came out , I got e uncharted 2 from naughty dog free 1 week before it came out at there private outing – got to see uncharted 2 on the big screen . Uncharted 3 11 1 11 what a day it will be . My wedding is 11 11 11 . I will definitely get this for a friend . So much a FAN of the franchise , keep up the great work .

    Will you guys be doing the private outing like you did for uncharted 2 ?

  • thats a perfect price…almost unbeliveble…..

  • Awesome since owning a ps3 i have always wanted to own this game, but no places that sell games sold them anymore (even gamestop) hopefully i will be able to buy this bundle!

  • Naughty Dog you are the best game creators of this generation and the next.The games you created are just purely epic.Specially the Uncharted franchise.You guys should get the Game Creators of the Decade award..If there is one.But still I will get this dual pack on its release day and without a doubt I will get Uncharted 3 on its release day as well.

  • Awesome. I don’t need it because I already own both games, but I can go shove this down the throats of my friends who don’t yet. :p

  • Really tempting for 40$ i never bought any uncharted game before but tried a demo and thought it was good.
    But i’m not sure if i will buy because i hate red cases of goty edition.
    I know the cases doesn’t changes the game but i have over 70 ps3 game and when i see red case among all the other cases it look ugly.

  • @shades909

    You have 70 games but you don’t have UNCHARTED ? It’s a joke, isn’t it ? Go BUY this pack ! Red is only material !

  • Eye of Indra Skins? Are those exclusive to this collection, or did I just overlook that on the PSN, if so I probably already have it lol.

  • Because of the date, I might think about getting this dual pack for my birthday or Christmas!

  • One of the best games:)

  • Oh no! I already own both! Will the U3 dlc be available for everyone at some point?

    And all this for just $40?!!!!! Anyone who doesn’t own these games would be insane to pass this up!

  • Cool…
    Where is my UC3 beta avatar? I was supposed to get one (as well as a bunch other people) with the download of the beta.

  • The video was really intense! lol. Still, I already have, and finished, both games, so I’ll pass, lol. But really, those games are gems! Buy the package if you never played before!

  • Great, now I have to buy Space Marine and the Uncharted bundle next week.

  • @94
    You can buy it from the PSN store for less than $8 since the beginning of 2011 I believe.

  • For anyone who hasn’t played Uncharted, get this…. NOW! Especially for U2, U1 is a very good game, but U2 is an absolute masterpiece and one of the best games ever made.

  • uncharted series is perhaps the best games to grace any system the story and game play is the best you will find

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