UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition Unboxed

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UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition Unboxed

Well, we’ve managed to steal, er, borrow, a production sample of the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition. We had a little help from our friend Nolan North, otherwise known as Nathan Drake in the UNCHARTED games. Nolan stopped by the Naughty Dog studio with our ill-gotten sample of the Collector’s Edition and we couldn’t resist to shoot an unboxing video to give our fans a good look at what actually comes inside the awesome looking traveling case.

We’re really excited to be able to check out, in person, our first ever Collector’s Edition version of a Naughty Dog developed game. Watch the video below to see Nolan give you a firsthand account.

This UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition will be released in North America on November 1 for $99.99. The entire Collector’s Edition will come housed in a very cool looking reproduction of a traveling chest – it’s got exclusive exterior artwork, comes with a lid that is held shut by a magnet and contains storage areas for all of the goodies that come with the Collector’s Edition.

Steel-SIdeshow U3: Collector's Edition Logos

As you can see in the video, inside the traveling chest are full size, wearable replicas of Nathan Drake’s belt buckle and his necklace with Sir Francis Drake’s ring. The UNCHARTED 3 Blu-ray disk will come in a collectible Steelbook with exclusive artwork for the Collector’s Edition – the outside has a great render of Sir Francis Drake’s ring, with the inscription debossed into the case. The interior of the Steelbook has been printed with the artwork of Drake under fire in the desert as a panoramic view across both covers. This is Sony Computer Entertainment America’s first ever Steelbook edition, and we couldn’t be more excited that it’s being debuted with UNCHARTED 3. The piece de resistance is a high-quality statue of Nathan Drake that we worked on with our friends at Sideshow Collectibles. And just like the exclusive wearable replicas, and the Steelbook, you won’t be able to get this Sideshow Collectibles statue at retail, it’s only available with the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition! Like Nolan mentioned, this edition is being made in a very limited quantity, so make sure to save yours by pre-ordering now.

It was awesome to see this in person this week – and if you want to check it out for yourself, the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition will be on display at the PlayStation booth at PAX Prime 2011 THIS WEEKEND! Be sure to drop by.

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  • Hilarious! I already pre-ordered! But this just made me want it more!! Well done!

  • DAYM $99.99. So much money and yet, I must have it. Darn you naughty dog for making such an awesome collectors edition. All retailers will carry this right? I plan on taking my business to Best buy (not really feeling gamestop at the moment) so hope they have it there. Great job Naughty Dog, you guys rock.

  • Had my Pre-Order in since day one it was aloud to be pre-ordered at GameStop.
    Need to start making payments to pay this baby off :)

    ►►Games already Pre-Ordered◄◄
    Resistance 3
    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
    Battlefield 3
    Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception: Collectors Edition
    Twisted Metal

  • Best unboxing ever!

  • @k4shmoney623 he was the guy they resembled and voiced Nathan Drake off lol, so he can obviously pull off those sick accent words and stuff, also, I would pefer this ANYDAY over Indianna Jones films :/

  • great~~~~~~~~~

  • BEST unboxing video EVER! ! ! :D

    + Nolan North should play as Nathan Drake in the new Uncharted movie i think;)

  • Great video! The ending was really funny.

    I was just going to get the game, now I’m thinking about getting the collector’s edition.

  • That’s so awesome!! Can’t wait to get mine!!

  • Well, I’m glad I’ll be able to BUY this one, unlike the the one for the second game which I had an even slimmer chance of getting it. :-/

  • Are there any bloopers or more behind the scenes clips? I would pay to see those. Nolan North is awesome.

  • No heat of the oven.. Uncharted 4 in the work! Get set! ready, go! jk~ You can rest for awhile.. but you know will make made 4th one.. Don’t ya? :)

  • That was entertaining, thanks Nolan.

    They’re only gonna make like…. 3. Maybe more.


  • Loool narnia. It just kinda sucks this comes a day AFTER Halloween. That necklace nad buckle can reallly come handy for the costume I’m making myself (needless to say who I’m gonna be)

  • o and hate to sound nitpicky but I wish they packed a CD soundtrack with this one. Guess it would’ve made the price more than it already is expensive otherwise … but -QUESTION- will there be one like Uncharted 2 had one? And will Uncharted 1 ever get its soundtrack?

  • all i want is the ring … the precious that tells it all

  • “I’m going to Narnia” – hahahaha, priceless.

  • That trailer was hilarious! Haha… Can’t wait for the game!

  • Already preordered it. Great video. Plan on buying a nice belt to go with my nice buckle.

  • Awsome video. Pre-ordered of course, but Final Fantasy XII had a steel case first I believe.

  • video was funny lol now i want the steel case that looks awesome like the forced unleased 2 case

  • LOL at this video. Nolan North ftw!

  • I Will be playing this multiplayer for the next 2 years and i will be playing the single-player like how people play OOT

  • Nolan: You dont talk like that.
    “Drake”: I talk like you!

  • lol.. even Kevin Buttler couldn’t do it better than this.. lol..

  • Awesome! That was so funny and yes I will be getting little Drake!

  • 1) gears of war 3 epic edition

    2) call of duty: modern warfare 3hardened edition (ps3)

    3) uncharted 3 collectors edition

    4) forza 4 limited collectors edition

    5) battlefiled 3 (ps3)

    6) elder scrolls 5 (ps3)

    7) elder scrolls 5 (360)

    8) saints row 3 collectors edition (ps3)

  • thats my current pre-order list.

  • I never really played uncharted………looks awful

  • NEED. This. NOW!!

  • Nolan North is awesome. He’s an insanely talented voice actor, and apparently a decent comedian as well. If we could get more unboxing videos like this, t’would be a good thing.

    Oh yeah, Uncharted 3 will be great, as well. Only need to put $8 more on the CE to finish paying it off. I think I can come up with that in the next two months.

  • I Pre-order it , although I was hoping the art book will be there but oh well I can’t wait :)

  • The Steelbook is GOLDEN! Just pre-order today… taking no chances

  • PS. Looks like NA got the better edition with the steelbook, but EU does get the R3 special edition steelbook =(

  • PRE-ORDERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT.

  • I wanna go to Narnia!


    This was so funny I watched it twice! Nolan North needs to do more videos, for sure.

  • I will definitely try to pre order this.

  • Brilliant! I loved it…Mr North, you’re a true star!! I’ve already ordered the UK/European Explorer’s Edition – same stuff, different casing – just wish we didn’t have to wait till November to get our hands on it.

  • I been pre order this copy all i am doing now is going insane waiting on this game to be released HURRY an come November

  • Hi can someone tell me when is the Uncharted dual pack coming out ???

  • No magnets in the 16th century you say? You’d be surprised Mr. North, the magnetic properties of lodestone have found to have been known and documented from as early 200BC and earlier.

    Otherwise, nice video.

  • I don’t know how I hadn’t pre-ordered this already, but it’s been fixed now. You rule, Nolan North.

  • man I want it so bad, I don’t even have my ps3. I just want that action figure Nathan Drake and of corse the game.

  • i can’t till 1-11-2011 i wanted know =D

  • @Tru-4ever Yeah, I really wanted that art book, would’ve paid $150 to have that. But since they threw in the Free poster (kinda ugly, but whatever haha) I decided it was well worth it. :) Paid it off at gamestop. Got my battlefield 3 pre order in too. Now i need to pre order the shadow of the colossus collection, rage, and ac revelations :D. Oh and buy the rez map pack for bops. o_o so much money. Might even get dead island as well. We’ll see.

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