Twisted Metal Update: Happy Valentine’s Day

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Twisted Metal Update: Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a special announcement for all of my Twisted Metal fans. Because I love each and everyone of you I am making this announcement exclusively to the PlayStation Nation.

Hope you enjoy!

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  • LOL, love the idea of dinner, Twisted Metal and the vigorous sex. David, you’re a genius!

  • I will buy, I’m glad it got pushed back so 2012 will have an even better game lineup for PS3

  • Noooooooo. Now I have to choose. Girlfriend or Twisted Metal ??!!Arrrgggghhhhhhhh, Thanks alot Jaffe

  • “from Jaffe with love” lol XD

  • oh man that was awesome…david jaffe is amazing and I cant wait for TM.

  • What kind of sneak peak was that?

    Well I’ll wait for the full trailer.

  • Yup, David Jaffe is adorable. That post-cheesy heart frame was funny!

  • 2-14-2012 will go down in history as the first time ever that Valentine’s Day wasn’t a complete waste of everyone’s time. Thanks for making an otherwise useless commercial holiday awesome for once.

  • Thanks for the announcement!!! David you are the best, cant wait to buy this game!

  • Best Valentines Day EVER!!!….. just don’t tell my wife that ;)

  • I understand the extension because you told us right away and with the truth, unlike others that never tell us or tell us years later and don’t even tell the truth.

    And local split screen FTW!!! It better be good ol’ four player, nothing beats that!

  • All you silly people with girlfriends need to wise up. Get married and then you don’t have to do anything on valentine’s day because married people don’t celebrate it. That’s a holiday for people in love, not married people! (LMAO it’s sad but true) So get married and join me in some TM while your wife, who thinks you’re repulsive and is happy to get a card, sits back in a chair, watches you play, and thinks “this is sooooo typical of him. I should have married Brent the accountant.” Peace

  • nice look fr to it hope this classic didnt fail like nuken dukem forevery did fail big time

  • can believe nukem dukem big fail game of year should get that award

  • David… will you be… my valentine?

  • Sold, great thing for me and my girl :D

  • Sweet! nice to know the release date. In February I definitely might be able to get it because this fall there were way too many games I want.

  • It’s good to hear that you’ve nailed down a release date.

    With the release occurring on February 14, the obvious next step would be for you to announce the “Special Edition” packaging, with the game contained (appropriately enough) inside of a mock candy box! I can see it now…”Sweets for your Sweet Tooth” emblazoned on the box. It’s the perfect Valentine gift!

  • Nice. I used to play this on PS one back in the old days. Ah the memories.

  • The only thing I understand is that by the time that game comes out Ill forget about it and yall are going to lose lots of money dont advertise something that you didnt know was ready shows that the game is going to be crappy now thanks for saving me 60 bucks any game that had to be pushed back that far in date especially a game like twisted metal dont need to much stuff for me to be entertained should of just not of said nothing. Hate waiting makes me feel like forget this game unless its a game like THE LAST GAURDIAN.

  • Ha! Now everyone on the blog has a gift for their girlfriend for Valentine’s Day!

  • when the heck is beta coming Jaffe?

    love & kisses

  • A Valentine’s Day! No I am sorry… A Valentine’s Day! Mind freak game on this day..
    boyfriend to girlfriend:
    – Here my love you will never forget this day for the rest of your life…
    David Jaffe include Valentine’s card inside of the box lol this will be a cool marketing strategy lol :)

  • For the first time since I can remember I will be able to enjoy Single Awareness Day!!! I can finally break the cycle of taking off work to avoid my coworkers’ gifts, doing my taxes, and sulking in bed alone!!! Thank you, David Jaffe, Scott Campbell, and the rest of the team at Eat Sleep Play! Thank you so much!

  • Looks so sweet, really dont mind the delay.

    So many “must have” games this year have outright flopped, I’m glad you guys took the time and consideration to not release a 95% done game.

    Every game but Infamous has dissapointed me this year, now the next games I’m getting are Starhawk and Twsited Metal!! Truely innovative games.

    But I need Axel, dont give me the run around, lay it down straight…….. How do I get him?

    I live in Canada so preorder opportunities are limited to EB games and sometimes Walmart for the most part.

    Please give me access to my fav character from Twisted Metal 2, Please?

    Where do I pre-order from?????????

    I got an idea, how about a pre-order beta code, then run the beta from Jan 1/2012 to release!!!!!!!

  • On 3D, please listen.

    I have a 3D tv, so far most 3D content isnt up to snuff.

    Please ensure the slider for 3D intensity can be maxed out to a level that is extreme, even if you have to put a warning at max level stating to decrease 3D intensity if it becomes uncomfortable for some.

    Many “3D” games, place the best 3D effects they have meer inches from the screen, this is unacceptable.

    I want 3D right in my face, several feet in front of the screen, if its not dont bother including it at all.

    Good examples are Killzone 3(Rockets wiz by your head, and plant life can protrude several feet into the room with some fancy camera maneuvering), Superstardust HD(When you die in 3D the effect is spectacular, and some asteroids enter the screen as if they come from behind you!!!!), and the best 3D movie I’ve seen is the animated short that comes with monsters vs Aliens called Bob’s Big Break(The 3D in this short is heads and tails above the effect seen in the full length movie, presumably to prevent eye strain over a 2hr movie as appossed to a 10min one).

  • One last thing, and I’m sorry for the spam but I’m really excited for this game.

    I love the features that the PS3 has, please use them.

    Specifically the sixaxis controller. Warhawk, LAIR, and especially Motorstorm have proven that sixaxis control can be a highly accurate method of control for land and air vehicles.

    Be a pal and let me use it in this game hey? If you wanna do Move control thats fine and all, but Sixaxis is what its all about. I love the immersion it allows while never sacrificing anything due to having the full complement of buttons at your finger tips as it were.

    Your PS1 games were amazing and my fav of that platform, Black wasnt exactly my cup of tea but was still awesome, I’m really looking forward to this one to relive those split screen moments and revel in memories of days gone by.

    Are you gonna have 4 player split? Just a thought.

    Oh what about tv’s that support “Dual view”?????? No cheating when you cant see your opponents screen right.

    Most hyped game ever!!!!!!!!!

  • Last thing, a collectors edition could have the original Twisted metal bundled via DLC, or maybe an uprezed Twisted metal 3 or 4.

    You already have part 2 on PSP and PS3 so might as well throw another bone to the dogs dont you think?

    Never played part 1 or ever even seen it cept on Youtube.

    For a collectors edition perhaps a Sweet Tooth statue? Or Axel!!!!

  • This thing on? Testing 1,2…..

    More DLC ideas:

    -Classic map packs!!!! Like China Town with the subway, France with the destructable Eiffiel Tower, Sweet Tooth Carnival, the Little big toy room, etc.

    -Classic vehicles!!! I’m not talkin skins either, true original vehicles like Minion, That little car with the blaster on top, the different versions of Spectre(Cause I really liked him in part 3 or was it 4?), The hummer from part 2 with multiple heak seakers, and any of the other bosses from other games you wanna throw in there.

    -For fun a new vehicle mode where every vehicle gets either a tank track or a hover craft type propulsion. Basically giving vehicles the ability to turn on a dime as if it were a FPS!!!! This would be innovative and at the same time very familiar for most people and could become one of the most popular modes if you think about it.
    You could even make it a mock COD type mode, where you tongue in cheekly poke fun at the FPS giant while still actually providing a comperable game mode to that style of play, bringing in the masses, while not effecting any other modes.

    Your welcome.

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