The Games of gamescom: PAYDAY: The Heist – Your Partners in Crime

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The Games of gamescom: PAYDAY: The Heist – Your Partners in Crime

Sony Online Entertainment’s PSN publishing division is really on fire. As announced yesterday, Rochard, Sideway: New York, and PAYDAY: The Heist are all coming to the PlayStation Network on consecutive weeks this fall. Earlier today, I had the pleasure of a walkthrough of PAYDAY: The Heist with developer Overkill Software.

Here, creative director Simon Viklund explains PAYDAY’s level-up system and customization, and the importance of co-operation in a heist.

Of note: these missions are pretty lengthy. My World Bank playthrough took 28 minutes to complete, though it was with first-timers. Viklund estimates between 15 and 30 minutes of gameplay per playthrough of each of PAYDAY’s six missions.

PAYDAY: The Heist will be available for download on PSN this October 4th for $19.99. That price drops to ZERO if you purchase the rest of the PSN Play lineup. Click here for more info.

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  • This game has so much potential. It can be a really really great and deep game. But, if the controls are crap, auto fail for me. It all looks great on pen and paper, but executing it with great control will keep people in, as well as good AI.

  • dominican in the house how many trophies pay day the heist comes with A YA ME KITE hoy se bebe peace

  • if its not party chat no one really cares

  • I’ve been hearing a lot about this game, I hope there’s a demo for this.

  • looks great !!!, but when will be it avaible (release date)

  • i was in the rewards program and recieved the email about the t shirt i have the right address but my shirt never came hook me up jeff?

  • @55 october 4

  • thats a really cool original idea of selecting your upgrades before you get them but do you know what inspired it?

  • i was thinking of buying bloodrayne betrayal part of the psn play deal but i dont think is worth it because on the october 2011 of the playstation magazine the game got a score of 6 out of 10.Now i feel like i could have got rip if i would have end up buying that game for $15 or $12(psn plus).From the 4 game of that ‘play’ list only one of them is good so far which is street fighter 3.On it got a score of 9.The other 2 games i only find one interesting which is renegade ops.I think the baconing might even end up being bad.Does anyone think this deal is worth it just to get payday the heist for free.

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