LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Live Demo From gamescom

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Live Demo From gamescom

A few weeks ago, our Sid Shuman delivered an in-depth report on LittleBigPlanet 2’s upcoming Move Pack. In short, the Move Pack adds a wealth of new play styles, game genres, and imaginative new Story levels. And it even gives the game’s celebrated Create mode a major shot in the arm.

This morning in Cologne, Germany we ran into a couple of Media Molecule members at breakfast (the pastries were delicious). We asked if they’d be interested in running us through the new tools on camera. Media Molecule Level Design Lead Kengo Kurimoto stepped forward with a quick demo.

How cool was that cel-shaded Sackboy? That’s one of six new costumes based on iconic art, and it’s included when the Move Pack drops next month.

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  • this is awesome…I never think it would be like this…very cool MM…Well I already knew that MM would not disappoint us.

  • @proud2be i agree with you 100%, for left handed people its not impossible buuut it is VERY VERY VERY! hard and MM really should update sackboy’s prehistoric moves to use the navigation controller

  • I know it’s kind of much to ask, but I just had to ask why’n not… Considering that this is the BIGEST Add-on yet, wouldn’t make sense to bundle it with a copy of the game? And maybe in doing so, you guys could give some serious thoughts on making a better box cover. It would make me one happy camper.

  • @53
    Or make a bundle that includes:

    LBP2 copy
    LBP2 Prehistoric Moves
    LBP2 Move Pack
    PS Move Eye Camera
    PS Move Controller
    PS Move Navigation

    That would be awesome, all for 120$, I’d buy it in a heartbeat

    Anyways, I’m can’t wait for this to come out!! Will have to buy the PS Move first though…
    And like others, I hope it’s free but it’s probably gonna be atleast 4.99…

  • How can anyone expect this pack to be free?
    It features:
    A brand new story for LittleBigPlanet 2 – The Rise of the Cakeling
    with 14 new levels (5 levels, 7 mini games and 2 cutscenes)
    A new powerup for Sackboy: The Brane Crane
    3 huge new powerful gadgets for use with PlayStation®Move
    : The Movinator, The Move Recorder, The Paint Tool
    4 Interactive Music Tracks
    8 Music Sequencer Tracks
    A new Sound Object containing 32 new sounds
    17 new Music Sequencer Instruments
    A new level background
    6 New Costumes
    18 Materials
    41 Decorations
    13 Objects
    66 Stickers
    39 new LittleBigPlanet Pins
    11 brand new Trophies.

    WTF is wrong with you guys!?

  • F*** PSN BANNED ME 4 NO F****** REASON WTF!!

  • Only two people have said something so far, so I feel it’s necessary to reiterate how awful that camera man is. How difficult is it to keep a straight shot with the entire television screen in frame? We don’t need any of those horrible 90’s XTREEM angled shots. Just put the whole TV in the frame, and maybe pan over to the MM guy demoing it occasionally.

  • Incredible, I’m definitely getting it on day one. It’s supposed to come around Sept. 14th, can’t wait!!!

  • TO ALL THE GUYS WHO ARE SAYING THAT THE MOVE PACK IS FREE or they are a liar or something like that… THEY ARE NOT LYING, the DLC of course it won’t be free, it would cost maybe $9.99 or $15… And if you are asking why then they wrote on the box of the CD move support that is because the levels that people create it when they bought the DLC are free like the water levels from Pirate Of the Carribains, u don’t have it to create with it but you can play the levels of people who created levels with water… the same point for MOVE pack, it won’t be free but u can play the levels who other people created it FREE!!

  • I can’t believe the comments people have left on this blog entry.

    This video thoroughly excited me! I can’t even fathom all of the ways in which this changes what is POSSIBLE with LBP.

    I can’t wait to see what people will do, but I can already tell that it’s going to be the very thing that confirms in my mind that I made the RIGHT choice in investing in a Move.

    I’m actually REALLY crossing my fingers that 2-4 players can all use a Move at the same time.. or perhaps two players can use a move and one player can use a regular controller. It’s combinations like that which have me the most excited.. I think the gameplay possibilities are so huge… especially for multiplayer levels!

    Imagine a game where the Move-controlled player controls all of the traps and sliding bars and gets points for each time they are able to kill the sackboy. Meanwhile, the player controlling the sackboy has to speed through the level in a race against time. Sure, it might take a while to tweak and playtest that kind of level until it works brilliantly, but it’s a style of competition that I don’t think has ever really been done before!

    Can’t wait!

  • This looks awsome! defenetly getting it. also I have 2 questions, 1. in the trailer there’s a scene with one person playing with 2 controllers, does this mean that you have to have 2 controllers to be able to complete all singel player levels? 2. is it worht buying the navigaton controller? because it seems like you can play with the regular one.

  • i heard from my friend who’s an expert on these things that the pack will be 12 dollars because its a whole new story mode

  • WOW’s Mm you guys did a crazy job on this one lol i played lbp2 every day hoping that i can remake no place for heros on the game now look you guys gave us psMove pack im planing on buying it tomorrow :-D im hoping i get it i can wait >_> today was a downish day cuz there was lazy levels on the community today i only seen 2 good ones that was the puzzle one and the duck hunt one ^_^ but maybe i’ll see some crazy looking levels tomorrow i love you Mm>:-D best game in the world always come 1st!!!!!!!!

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