The Drop: Week of August 15th 2011 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of August 15th 2011 New Releases

Guten Tag! This week, Jeff and I traveled across the pond and will be bringing you coverage from the Gamescom show floor, behind the scene interviews and exciting news on PS3, PS Vita and all things PlayStation from Cologne Germany. Stay tuned!

PSone Classics return this week, and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise finally makes its much deserved high definition debut on PS3 with PS Move support.


PlayStation 3

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise — Anime geek Travis Touchdown wins a Beam Katana and starts a new career as a professional killer in this remake of the first entry into the unusual action franchise No More Heroes. There’s only one way to the top ranks of the underground world of paid assassins and it’s going to get messy. Lucky for Travis Touchdown, he just knocked off the world’s eleventh best without breaking a sweat. The life of fame and fortune couldn’t be closer. Heads will roll and names will be taken, but everything is not what it seems. It all started after Travis was assigned to take on the drifter known as Helter Skelter, the United Assassin Association’s 11th ranked assassin. After a grueling battle, Travis emerged the winner, collected the spoils of battle and claimed his title as the new 11th ranked assassin. However, the situation turns out to be more complicated than Travis first thought. It is after the mysterious beauty, Sylvia Christel, appears that the real adventure begins…

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron — An action title with a story based around the flood depicted in the Book of Enoch. You take control of Enoch, an ordinary man who was chosen by God to serve as a clerk in heaven. Enoch must now save humanity by journeying through the world in pursuit of fallen angels. As the story goes, the angels were tasked by God long ago to watch over the world below. Some grew to admire mankind and chose to commit the high crime of descending down to the surface. Angered by this, God considered covering the ground in a great flood. Enoch stepped in and convinced God to hold off on his punishment if he manages to track down the angels. Enoch will be supported on his journey by the angels, who were tasked by God to support him. One angel in particular, Lucifer, appears to have taken a liking to Enoch. (Read More: El Shaddai PS3 Interview: From Japan With Love)

PlayStation Network

Driver: San Francisco (Multiplayer) — Driver: San Francisco marks the return of the blockbuster driving franchise. Gamers play John Tanner, a hardened detective involved in a relentless manhunt throughout the City by the Bay. Thanks to a groundbreaking gameplay feature, players can now seamlessly shift between more than a hundred licensed vehicles, keeping them constantly in the heart of the action. With its timeless atmosphere, unique car handling and renewed playability, Driver: San Francisco offers the free-roaming, classic, cinematic car chase experience.

Medal of Honor: Frontline — The Nazi invasion is in full swing, and you’re the Lieutenant who’s going to put a stop to it. Step into the shoes of Lt. Jimmy Patterson once again, sweeping across Europe to rescue the innocent and destroy the opposition. The 15 assignments range from saving captured OSS operatives from a Nazi-held Dutch manor house to dismantling a German naval base. Your job is a little too tough for any one man to pull off on his own, so you’ll have a loyal group of soldiers and a slew of weaponry including the Liberator Pistol, Panzerschreck, MG42, and B.A.R. all of which will come to your aid in the heat of battle. Divided into five main missions, the gameplay is extensive and meticulously constructed, resulting in an experience that trumps earlier series installments.

PSone Classic

Breath of Fire IV — Princess Nina’s sister, Elina, has disappeared. Nina and her friend, Cray, set out to find her. Along the way, they encounter a young warrior name Ryu who has no recollection of his past. This troupe is about to find out that their quest to find Elina will lead them to something much bigger, which will require them to save the world. Take control of the three-member party (there are a total of six playable characters), and lead them into battle. Any member of the group not in the active party can be rotated into battle. When the going gets tough, have Ryu use his ability to transform into a dragon to give you an extra edge. If your characters keep getting killed, have them train under a master to improve their skills. Will Nina and the others be able to find Elina and save the world? Play Breath of Fire IV and find out.


[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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2 Author Replies

  • Any idea when Machinarium is coming out to the PSN?

  • It’s pretty bad when people are begging for outdated titles on a current gen system. If anything we should be asking for remastering (like with Team Ico and Zone of the Enders), not just lame ports. I’ve beat BoF4 but if Capcom remastered it to todays standards, I would gladly buy it again. Also we should be asking for awesome current gen sequels of the games we once loved. The next Chrono, a spectacular BoF6, another Bushido Blade.

  • Nice to see PSOne classic with a new update. Still waiting for Parasite Eve 2. Does anyone know when it’ll be out?

  • 2 games and a ps1 classic, not too shabby.

    In fact, as I actually want 1, maybe 2, I’m going to go so far as say kudos, PSN.

    Let’s hope all weeks look this good from here on out!

  • Nothing for me…. Also what was up with the Madden Demo? No commentary? Weak.

  • Can Someone please bring the spiderman for playstation on to the psn…out of all the spiderman games that one had it all haha

  • Another crappy week! Come on!

  • @52
    A great game is a great game. It doesn’t matter when it went out. The fact is most of these “outdated” titles are far better than most stuff going out nowadays. And remastering to HD from PS1 would be totally different than from PS2.

  • i didn’t get a chance to play bf4 so i am excited for it

  • Breath of Fire IV was one of the first RPGs I ever played. I’m for sure picking that up along with MoH: Frontline this week!

  • BoF4 <- Best update in months
    Now what about some news about Castlevania: Harmony of Despair?

  • @58

  • As far as remasters go, I saw a comparison of ico and shadow of colossus… I didn’t see a difference. Just changed the aspect ratio, and what the framerate? No thanks

    Not all but most of these hd releases are garbage. I want real hd releases like when resident evil was redone for the gamecube.

  • Another pretty weak ‘Drop’ in my view, but hey thats just me, not all weeks can be awesome, shame that’s two in a row that I’ve been unimpressed with though!

  • Still Wating for the klonoa ps1 game cant wait till it releases

  • DJNorthSky, shut your face. The number of people wanting LoD to be released in the US pretty much proves that you opinion of it ‘sucking’ is just that and not a fact. It’s already out as a PSOne Classic in Japan, so Sony really has no excuse in this case.

  • still waiting for that Chrono Cross HD remake :P

  • YUSS!!! BREATH OF FIRE IV FINALLY!!! : D i KNEW it was a good idea to save that $9 bucks on my account!! Hey Sony! there are so many great RPGs that were released on the PS yet, we only see a single hand full on the PSN. You guys can fix that, right?

  • You forgot El Shaddai!! :( and any news on Legend of Dragoon?

  • Can I get some Xenogears Sony or Thousand Arms…thats some classic RPGs there

  • Nice! Breath of fire 4 is cool, but, Still need Chrono Cross. Much better.

  • Its fun to mess with the LoD fans, they are so devoted to the cause. @58 maybe we’d have better games if we weren’t trying to push for these re-releases. A lot of work still has to go into this. Think about all the projects being put on hold or being cancelled. What will really make this gen of gaming great is new innovation, not putting out games from an old gen.

  • PS1 had a great run, PS2 had a great run, there’s no denying it. I’m proud of my collection from both of those eras. I’d like to look back and be proud of what the PS3 had to offer. Not just look at a HDD full of PS1 titles.

  • I really want No More Heroes but I only want to play it with the Move.

  • Btw, the games are outdated. What was the last franchise from the ps1 to get a new title? Final Fantasy 13 missed the FF mark by a long shot. We’ve demolished turned based rpgs for more action pack because we consider it to be “too slow”. Lost Odyssey was the last turn based battle system on a major console I can remember coming out. A lot of the concepts and ideas we loved are lost, so yes, outdated. Which is probably why we havent seen a new title from an old franchise, so sad.

  • And for my last post i would like to say that I would really like to see more current gen turned based rpgs on a console. I love turn based battling. There is a lot of planning and close calls that get the heart pumping. Not knowing which party member the boss is going to use its massive attack on. I would like to see developers do away with the button mashing and bring back the turn base battle system.

  • @TopCat04: Xenogears? Sony already released that on the PSN a few weeks ago.

  • NMH isn’t that good, so I doubt this version will be that much better. Sequel is much much better. Rather wait for Lollipop Chainsaw.
    Also El Shaddai is coming out this week but personally I rather wait for that one till a price drop even if it looks like it could be good.

  • @ Detective-E

    NHM demo has been on the store for 2-3 weeks now. Check it out.

    @ Cyberfreak–I can’t spell your freaky name from memory…apologies…Driver:SF is releasing on Aug 30th for the full shabang 59.99 This is just a MP demo/beta. The SP demo was out last week. Not too shabby.

  • Hang in there people. Just one more week until the drought finally ends Aug 23 with a HUGE triple A release: Deus Ex Human Revolution. The next week is Bodycount. A week after that on Sept 6 Resistance 3, Driver (Sorry from above in last post. It moved), Warhammer 40K and Dead Island. And then the poop hits the fan indefinately. Hooray!!!

  • No i want remakes of PS2 games not PS1.

  • Wow, finally. I’ve been waiting to finish BoF IV for so long! One of my favorite games of all time, no joke! Definitely going to be picking it up. Can’t wait for No More Heroes either… the demo was fun.

  • Is Breath of Fire IV for PSP and PS3? Or just PS3? I don’t want to buy a PSN card and find out it’s not compatible on both.

  • @49

    Don’t you mean today games?

  • since were all on about ps1 games i wouldnt mind seeing pacman world. i used to love playing that when i was younger. it was so fun. probs not everybodys cup of tea though eh :)

  • Loving the Breath Of Fire, but still another week with no Psp games?

  • I thought Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death was to be releasing this week?

  • BOF4, very classy, keep em coming.

  • For as much and as long as people have been complaining about the release of certain PS1 games, you could have learned enough Japanese to just buy it from the JP store. They are great learning tools as well. Every title you want is there, I know since I have bought them all already.

  • Speaking of Gamescom, how come the US blog, this, doesn’t mention that the euro blog is live streaming the Sony press conference on Tuesday morning? And a better question, why isn’t it being streamed here, as E3 was?

    Or, will it be, after all? I’ve only seen contraindications here.

    Vielen Gluck mit Gamescom.

  • Another mediocre week for disc games and PSN. For disc games that will last until October at the very least with Dark Souls possibly. Overall the rest of the year will be alright to a point but for the most part mediocre to average.

  • No More Heroes! More people should get hyped about this game…

  • Wait! Driver San Francisco is out on PSN? Full Game? If yes, sweet………

  • BoF is the only thing on the drop worth a buy…..sad

  • I’ve been a gamer since tele games but i don’t get why you people whine about old, outdated ps1 games week after week. There isn’t a single ps1 game i’d care to play for more than 5 minutes.

    Nostalgia is one thing but junk is junk…

  • Medal of Honor: Frontline it’s a classic!!!

  • No Splinter Cell! Europe got it last week! What’s the hold up! And were is the iPhone Playstation App for US?

  • To anyone that’s interested,best buy will be selling NMH for 30 dollars.

  • Yes Finally BREATH OF FIRE IV. Thank You this ROCKS

  • You can pick up metal of honor used for $14.99 at alot of places. I sure psn will sell it for $29.99

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