Coming Soon: Madden NFL 12 & Need for Speed SHIFT PSP Entertainment Pack

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Coming Soon: Madden NFL 12 & Need for Speed SHIFT PSP Entertainment Pack

Madden NFL 12 & Need for Speed SHIFT PSP Entertainment Pack

Hi everyone! Starting on August 30th, we’ll be introducing a new PSP entertainment pack that is sure to get you psyched for this year’s football season. We have partnered up with EA once again to bring you another fantastic PSP bundle featuring two exciting games to get your adrenaline pumping – Madden NFL 12 and Need for Speed SHIFT. Featuring a black PSP-3000, 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, and both Madden NFL 12 and Need for Speed SHIFT on UMD, this new entertainment pack once again delivers great gaming on the go. It will be available at retailers nationwide for $159.99 (MSRP).

As most of you already know, Madden NFL12 continues the rich tradition of the storied Madden franchise featuring all 32 teams, stadiums, and your favorite players. The top features of the game include Superstar and Franchise modes and the opportunity to create your own plays in game.

In addition, Need for Speed SHIFT simulates the feeling of driving high-end performance cars and combines a fast-paced racing experience, competitive racing AI, and dynamic crashes across a wide range of technically challenging race tracks.

Are you a racing fan or a football fan? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  • Nah i’ll pass on this. Just Release the Vita Already!!!! lol

  • When PS Vita releases Sony needs to consider doing a similar bundle with PSN titles atleast.

  • i think that 160 bucks for a system that is dying is a bit much,ihmo.i mean, this is a legit question for all of us psp owners here…. how much life the psp has left?when i browse my gamestop webpage i dont see alot of games coming up for this system, as a matter of fact there are like 12 games in total coming up.i have talked to a few devs and i have been told that selling games for the psp at this time is a tough sell …. :0

  • How about a PSPgo bundle? Bundle the system with some accessories and PSN vouchers, and show your black sheep some love =)

  • Not sure why you guys are still trying to sell this system as if the PSVita is so far away, when it isn’t.

    Either way, I’ll just wait for the Vita. :) Besides, I don’t care for those games. xD

  • I’m a fan of both racing, and football.

  • Is Madden gonna come out for Vita, and if so, will it be cross platform playable with the PS3 and will I be able to transfer my progress and take it on the go? That would be full of win, though I don’t know if I would want to pay for 2 versions of the same game, you guys need to see how you’re gonna sell that.

  • BOO EA. VITA is still 6 months or more away. And no games for PSP ether because devs are work on VITA now:)

  • why would i buy this when the NGP (i hate Vita) is coming?

    you stopped supporting the PSP a long time ago.

  • LOL who’s stupid enough to buy this when the Vita is coming out in a few months??

  • @4 ….. nobody likes the Go and it’s an abomination and sony know’s it.

    I find this bundle kind of silly cause pretty much everyone knows about the vita so what’s the point when nobody is going to waste their vita savings on it? lol

  • @11 I like the Go. It’s awesome.

  • Sorry for the double post but is EA going to pack in an online PASS with this version of madden also $10 for psp game lol? That would be so like them.

  • yeah but the vita might be a bit expensive

  • Nice deal, but I’m waiting for Vita!

  • New PSP bundles means no Vita in the coming months.


  • playstation vita NA release date please

  • LOL. Right… like ANYONE cares about this…. We’re all just lookin for the Vita, yo.

  • The should really drop the price to help liquidate all PSP’s. Do a Madden only bundle for $110. Or drop the price of the system to $90

  • Not even a PSP Go? Yikes.
    Behind the times, or just WAY overstocked with product?

  • I still love my PSP, but it’s been eclipsed with devices like iPod Touch/iPhone, iPad and similar devices like Android phones/tablets etc.

    I still play Metal Gear Ac!d 1 & 2 semi-regularly, but I don’t use it for video much anymore (my primary use for it in the past).

  • No need for more psps. I already have the ultra awesome and smexy Big Boss Camo psp 3000. Much better deal than this btw :D I doubt sales on this will be any good with Vita not too far away. Hope you guys drop the price of the Vita some seeing as how the 3DS just dropped theirs (at walmart at least) and those things sold like crazy, I went to 2 walmarts that were all sold out in one day, probably in a few hours.

  • It’s kind of sad seeing those bundles with a price that high while we all know the upcoming Vita is on the way by the end of the year and the fact that Sony don,t support PSP that much anymore… just look at the pasts PSN updates and new released games….

  • What a waste, the system is dead. You are stopping support for it.
    So this is just a way to sell what is left in the warehouse.

  • LOL $160 for a system that has very little support. No thanks.

  • Crystal MacKenzie? Isn’t that like a drink from the 90’s or something?

  • I agree with some of the other posters here. Ordinarily, this would be a great deal, but with the Vita coming soon I’d wonder why someone would spend the money on a system that is soon going to be eclipsed.

    I think the best route would be to sell the system for the reduced price and offer these games as digital releases – that way they could be played on the Vita.

  • Of course they’re dumping them. Just like Apple is dumping iPad 1 & older Touch models, bundled with extras, on home shopping channels. It’s called “standard business practice”. It’s up to the consumer to decide whether any purchase is a good one for him/her/them.

    I’m sure those of you who are selling your PSPs aren’t starting the price negotiation by saying “look, I have to warn you this isn’t worth much because it’s obsolete & there’s few new games coming & it’s pretty much worthless to most gamers now”‘, are you?

    I got my Go, which is not an abomination, in December. I’ve hardly used it, but I’m not complaining. I’ve pre-ordered the Vita & am looking forward to the analog sticks since I hate that single slidey button on the psp.

    Don’t buy a psp, or an iPad 1, or a DVD player if they’re obsolete. Why whine about this bundle?

    However, being sad about the lack of support for existing PSPs? I understand. But, that’s progress. Overall, I’m sure all of us are more than glad about innovation in consumer electronics.

  • Why not just sell the PSP by itself for 129?

    and why bother selling the PSP when not even Sony supports games on it? Just look at the store update posts for proof.

  • @DrNicket
    The PSP Go is no longer in production.

  • @25? do some research, PSP has a mammoth lineup of games. I agree 160 is too much, should be 99 considering it will be replaced soon, but lack of support is not the reason.

  • @22, those Sold like crazy? Funny the actual sales numbers have the 3ds in dad last still….. because you saw 1 wal-mart in your town doesn’t mean squat.

    250 is too much for a handheld though, Vita wont sell at 250… PS3 will be 250 or less by the time its out.

  • ill pass on this here too….. the vita has to come out before X-mas !!!! come on sony !!! dont push it back… aint no one really wana buy this cause we are all waiting on the Vita… so release it soon !!!!

  • $249.00 ” PS Vita a bit expensive” on the holiday launch???!! Consider 40$-50$ off on Christmas and New Years Eve sales by retailers. Plus, Canadian dollar – High up to the sky… I don’t need to worry about the price.

  • Sony (unfortunately) has already said that as things are going at this point the Vita won’t be out till some time early next year. In fact the article that I read said that they didn’t even know for sure if they would have it ready to release in Japan. According to Sony the reason that they are not going to be releasing the system when they thought that they would is because of how they are waiting on the Devs of the games to get their collective butts in gear and get their games ready.

    As for this bundle…. while I love my PSP 3000 I have to say that I don’t see many people buying this bundle (except for those who have had their system die, or that ended up killing theirs). I mean the Vita will be coming early next year (hopefully beginning of January) and besides unless you need to replace your system it would be cheaper to just my these games separate.

    As for the source of my release date change:

  • Weekly the PSP gets dissed on the store update. I have 2. What’s the point?

  • Hmm sounds like a good deal for those who haven’t tried out the PSP, but with VITA around the corner, I see this as a last stand for the PSP series. I personally hate sports games, they’re boring as heck and I’d rather just play the actual sport outside, as for the racing game, I’ll take it. NFS is a great racing franchise so it’s all good. One thing that I see missing is the usual movie addition (free movie) in these entertainment packs.

  • PSP Go trumps the 3000, not sure why people are too stupid to realize that the Digital Wave is coming, and companies don’t make money off disc based media because people resell the same game 5+ times on average, but the company only makes money once. I support Digital only, and their are millions like me. Get with the times people, and stop trying to rip companies off.

    @35 LOL, WHAT? PSV is cheap, and severely under priced, I have my 3G one pre-ordered through for a long time now. I was expecting $399+ and so was the rest of the world. It’s a great deal and cost as much as an iPhone and does 10 x more….

  • @33, Nintendo is dropping the price of the 3DS to $170 MSRP in October and for those that paid the $250, get 20 games free from GBA and DS games. Not a bad deal really. Still not for me, I am happy with my DSi.

  • @archAngelMai

    The Go had awesome features over the 3000. But the lack of UMD was trouble to some. The biggest issue with the go was digital games. Sony gave near zero support in the Store for PSP. Even if it happened to be in the store it was typically 50% more than at retail. Why bother.

    PSV is cheaper than people expected, but $250 isn’t cheap. It’s considered a large investment in a portable system. The PSP price was $250 and it had low sales numbers until the $169 price drop.

    Doesn’t do 10X more then the iPhone, it has more features yes, but not close to 10X. iPhone has one feature the PSV doesn’t Size. iPhone fits in a pocket.

    I like the PSP and the PSV. But Sony needs to change my mind on the Digital Stores. They are horrible. Amazon is better than the PS Store and they just sell download codes.

  • Sony,

    Did you learn nothing from the PS1 and PS2? When the PS2 launched you kept the PS1 and games on store shelves. Consumers who wanted a PS2 but could not afford one would see the PS1 and purchase that. They would have games they could use on the PS2 once they could afford one. In the meantime they purchase PS1 games and have brand recognition. You need an alternative model for the portable market.

    Your choice, I know the PSP bundles are trying to keep interest and support in the system, however Sony you killed the PSP. Wal-mart no longer carries games. Best Buy is getting rid of the system too. Target has a very tiny section which is sure to disappear soon too. If you kept up the support like the PS2 until after the launch, you could see the same PS1/PS2 benefit.

  • PSP is presently bring R@ped by sony.

    Loyal PSP owners who supported the platform through thick and thin feel pretty violated right now, watching Sony announce better versions of PSP’s best games for PS3, and even xbox 360 in the case of MGS: Peace Walker.

    … I wonder if Sony think us stupid too, with these pathetic half-heated PSP promotions 6 months before Vita’s launch.

  • @33

    You do realize that the price cut to 170$ just went live yesterday in most walmarts right? Besides I said I went to 2 and they were all sold out, when before that I could go to any walmart and see plenty in stock. It’s foolish to assume that the 3DS will not sell well after the cut especially now before the 12th when you can still get your 20 free games. Also you point out that sales say its doing poorly, and I agree, but what I was saying is the 3DS is gonna be selling like crazy for the time being that you can still get your free games, there is no sales numbers after ONE day, we have to wait until next month to see if I was right.

    You gotta admit that 170 for a console that is just a few months old is a steal and many people will jump on that especially during the holiday season. Hell I’m still trying to get one myself, if Walmart hadn’t been sold out the 2 places I went, I would be an owner of a 3DS myself, where otherwise I would have waited a few months to a year to get one.

  • I still got my PSP 2001 Blue Madden 09 Edition :D

    Might get Madden 12 PSP of the store so I can play it on the Vita :D

    Never really liked the Next Gen versions.

  • @40,
    Agreed that it was lacking in titles at launch, but now it has all the block busters needed on PSN. Monster Hunter Sold the PSP, not the price drop, do your research.
    iPhone 32GB cost $299, with a 2 year plan, or $599 without one. It lacks quality games, and playing FPS’ and many other games is quite difficult even with its intuitive touch screen.
    My 10X was a deliberate exaggeration, and more of crack at the trendy overpriced Apple product. To me apps are cool and all, but my Droid 3 outdoes an iPhone 10-1 because its open-source, and I can connect a gamepad to my slide-out keyboard and play my emulators on it. It cost me $199 for 2 of them (BOGO Free) So if it ever breaks, i have another for free. Sorry for the rant, I hate tyrants like Apple.
    And what do you mean, I had a 1000 at launch from Japan(Dec.21st 2004) and it fit in my tight jeans pocket with ease, and now with my Go which is the exact same size as an iPhone 3GS. The PSV is nearly the exact size of the PSP1000, so I am sure it won’t be a problem.
    I agree the PS Store needs some work, but I support the Digital Age and love it. I love having 25 games on Go with me, no need for UMD’s, that and loading is a lot faster for digital :D

  • Also, despite it being frowned upon, GameShare makes Digital purchases even cheaper. Take MHFU, 5 of my friends split the cost of the game on a dummy account of $29.99, that makes each of us pay $5.99 for a game, and we can all play it together. If on UMD it would cost $149.99 for all of us to play. No brainer to me <3
    Not that I condone or approve of GameShare, but that is possible.

  • @38

    Too stupid to see the digital wave is coming? I think it isn’t stupidity. I think it’s some people not wanting digital. It is convenient. Digital allows you to store tons of games into your system and has a few other perks. To some people (Like myself), I love to have a physical copy of the game for collection purposes instead. There are plenty of pros and cons to both options. Hardly any places offer a refund on purchases done digitally so you have to be absolutely sure that the game is to your liking beforehand. DRM is another issue but one that’s a bit lengthy for a comment post. :p To be honest, it should be both retail and digital anyway. Choices are always better for the consumer and appeal to more people.

    Besides, the way that these companies are pricing things on the Playstation Store, I would never embrace digital. Prices hardly ever go down unless during a rare sale or an even rarer price drop. Good recent example: Mass Effect 2 is still $60 on the storefront while its retail counterpart has dropped to $40 almost everywhere else. The digital stuff should (at the very minimum) keep up with MSRP.

  • Where are the PSPGo packs? Now that the PS Vita is on the horizon, might as well wait. Epic Fail Sony!!

  • Ads for PSP’s, for which you have shown through months of updates that basically you aren’t going to support with content anymore. LOL

    More wasted space on the blog.

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