Resistance 3 Multiplayer: Passive and Active Abilities Detailed

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Resistance 3 Multiplayer: Passive and Active Abilities Detailed

Hopefully you caught the news yesterday that Resistance 3 has gone gold! We also debuted our new story-centric campaign trailer. You may also know that the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta early access has begun for owners of specially marked copies of SOCOM 4. We’re still very much in beta mode, with regards to fixes (especially for matchmaking to address the freezes and disconnects), so please keep reporting what you see. We hope to have a patch soon that will address many of these issues, but in the meantime, thanks for bearing with us.

In the spirit of the multiplayer beta, our new behind-the-scenes development diary discusses our inspirations in developing Resistance 3’s multiplayer philosophy, from play modes and weapons to special abilities. Hopefully you’ve caught our previous entries in the dev diary series, but if not, you can catch up here, here and here.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s developer diary. It’s been a fantastic collaboration between us and the PlayStation.Blog team, and we’re really excited to show you the last couple as we get closer to launch on 09.06.11. We hope you’ve got your pre-order ready! Until then, we’ll see you on the beta!

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  • I buy all my games new, but I’m not buying this one at all. I want to play with ANYONE who owns this game, not just those who bought it new, or paid $10 for a pass.

  • @1 It’s to help the developers to make sure they get the sales they deserve. If you want to properly support a developer, then you’d buy a game new. Buying a game used just hurts them.

    On-topic: I’m loving the game A LOT so far, I love the way you guys went back to the roots of Fall of Man which was an amazing MP experience.

    Now, besides a few game-breaking bugs during the BETA (random timeouts and matchmaking issues), the game is a fantastic experience and I look forward to fragging some people on release day. :)

  • Looks great. I think it’d be better if I got to get a beta code :(

    Anyway, I loved R2’s MP (put 100’s of hours into it with my Heaven’ySnipesx account) and I look forward to R3. Are there going to be a variety of skins for MP? Any maps returning from R2 or R:FOM?

  • Epic. 1 more month.


  • James the beta is great (thanks so much, got the code from twitter), and obviously you guys know about all the freezes and lag and glitches and stuff. The only big gameplay thing I would recommend tweaking is the shotgun. There’s just soooo many people using it, and if there is a team of 3 or 4 high levels with shotguns I’m screwed. Please make the damage way less and/or reduce the range A LOT. One guy killed me with one shot when I was barely weakened even though we were across the whole hangar in the Trainyard.

    I don’t care about the pass and stuff. As long as the game is awesome, I’ll buy it. Plus you have to support these developers guys. If you buy used you’re just saying screw you to the development team. Buy the game new for the developers, the people making and designing the game. It’s not about Sony it’s about supporting these guys. Plus it’s only like $5-15ish dollars cheaper most of the time.

  • Wow. I just went from not caring to extremely interested. May have to pick this up over MW3 and BF3.

  • I really love the whole concept of negative attributes. That should make for some interesting loadouts.

  • If would be really nice if I can actually get into a game in the BETA. I just sit there in the lobby waiting for people to come in, and NOTHING!!!

    In conclusion the BETA is BROKEN, please fix it SOON!

    • The matchmaking is broken right now, and it’s unacceptable. We are working hard to fix it, and you ask us to bear with us, as this is indeed why we have betas. We’re doing our best to bring the experience to folks expectations

  • is psn still going down in 2 hrs or what i know it on ps3 forums but they have not even put a blog up about it yet

  • Does anyone else playing the beta find something terribly wrong with the visual look of it? I played last night for a few hours and I couldn’t help feeling I was playing without my glasses on. The game has an intentional amount of “fuzziness” to its look that I found EXTREMELY distracting. I really hope its a beta thing, but I doubt it… it looks like a game engine thing.

  • This looks great. I think all these will be better appreciated with fewer people on the map.

    What parts from Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 have gone into making multiplayer for Resistance 3?

  • Will there be a Hardcore Mode with No kill streaks?
    I love Resistance 1 and would love a mode where weapons are pickups instead of class base. Makes using weapons so much more fun

  • jusonator I don’t even know how you can consider MW3 over anything lol. Same game over and over. At least most developers try to change their games in good ways. I would get BF3 and R3. Both are gonna be awesome fps games.

    And yea I like the negative attributes idea too. Kinda like Uncharted 2’s boosters would like to see more of those

  • I was actually wondering where exactly to go to give feedback for the R3 beta?? Ive been looking around and i seriously don’t got an idea at all.

  • Is there a reason why I can’t find anyone on the beta? When I search for a game it just puts me in a lobby with no one. I sit there for ever and nobody joins.

    • This is a known issue – our matchmaking is broken right now and we are working on a patch to fix it.

  • Insomniac, you got some CoD in your Resistance.

    You guys need some sleep.

  • You guys may have just given me several good reasons to leave Killzone. Additions sound great, visuals look awesome, and I’m excited. I’m really glad you guys took the extra year and broke from your 2 year cycle to really deliver the game we expected. I just wish your company was still focusing on PS3 exclusively.

  • Er, am I the only one who doesn’t know what “going gold” means? Is it like records, meaning 1 million dollars in sales, while 1 million units sold is called platinum?

  • I was wondering when a open beta or PS+ beta will come. Plus you guys need to stop making really good games because I don’t have the money to get them all lol.

    Great job, can’t wait to get some kills.

  • Resistance 3 Multiplayer sucks
    this will be the next socom confrontation

  • why cant you guys release it to the public(not just ps+ users) just like what naughty dog did with uncharted 3 beta.

    • We will at some point, but we need to test all of our new infrastructure (with good reason, I might add).

      Dates for the expanded waves are on the front page of

  • He says that the matchmaking system is broken, dude i had to invite everyone that i got into a game with to my party and play that way! it was so wack!
    Also i dont know where to give my feedback so ill do it here,
    1. For some reason theres a glitch where a man(or chimera) can go invisible not cloaked invisible and can receive no damage what so ever
    2. Those bug things are messed up you can shoot em but they’ll still be there running to no where.
    3. Of course the matchmaking i hate that i can barely get into the game, seems how the game comes out next month and at the beginning of next month at that so i hope this gets fixed soon because i wanna test some more
    Thats actually all i got right now seems how i haven’t played much at all so matchmaking is the biggest concern to me right now and to a lot of people.

    To be honest i know this probably isn’t your plan but i would just shut down the whole beta for a minute to fix it i mean i cant and everyone i was inviting couldn’t get into a match through matchmaking so no ones really playing at all so no biggie lol i mean there all getting right off after trying to match up over 100 times and getting empty lobbies. Just and opinion

  • Sweet!! i love the beta R3 multiplayer its awesome hope fix it soon

  • aside from all the bugs i’m really surprised at how good it is, i loved fall of man but i never got resistance 2 cause i was busy with other games but this beta made me wanna go out and preorder this game, running feels awesome and the weapons seem balanced for the most part, i will see you guys on september 6th.

  • Can we please get a patch in the R3 Beta to fix matchmaking? Hard finding any games with other people.

  • R3 looks epic man. Is there an online co-op like with R2, had loads of fun with my friends with co-op in R2. Sniper Rifle for long distance and camping, and a shotty for up close a personal. I like the one shot kill with the shotty and with patience and a sniper rifle im gonna be doing some mass murdering, hehehe…beware the sniper. I usually drop a game as soon as I platinum it but with R2 I couldn’t get enough of it. With every new installment there is so much pressure in making it a better then the last one, I hope to see the fruits of your labor blossom in R3

  • im 65% on buying this game

    what i want from resistance is the campaign and that i can get through on a rental (and the whole PSN PASS is the biggest sht i have seen Sony take on one of their partners)

    the mp is looking sweet, but for me FPS online is just saturated.

    game looks fantastic though

  • This video makes the multiplayer look and seem so awesome. I really like how you guys have added so many “bonuses/skills/perks” whatever you wanna call it. I like to feel like i’m unlocking new stuff when I play MP. Plus, the addition of a bare bones no HUD option in exchange for extra XP sounds super yummy!!! lol.

    Anyway, downloaded the BETA yesterday. It came with a HUGE update and I cannot find a single match. I just sit there and I cant get into any matches. I know its a beta and I couldn’t find where to post a comment on so I hope it gets addressed ASAP. I know the UC3 beta also had a really bad first couple of days, so it’ll probably be the same thing here.

    Hope to play some matches soon. Its killing me because this is my most anticipated game this year. I just wanna get a few matches in and familiarize myself with the stages before the real thing on 9/6/11. Already preordered my NEW copy that comes with my FREE psn pass. I’m supporting you guys all the way :D

  • I hope the fixes arrives in time. I know you will deliver. Thanks for your great work Insomniac games.

  • I know you guys will fix it. I will be buying this game (Day 1 and pre-ordered) with or without a Beta. I just wanted a little taste of Chimera blood before release day ;)


  • @ + NiteVersions on August 5th, 2011 at 10:07 am said:

    I buy all my games new, but I’m not buying this one at all. I want to play with ANYONE who owns this game, not just those who bought it new, or paid $10 for a pass.

    What does that even mean. You won’t buy it and you WANT to play with ANYONE who own this game. How are you going to play with them if you don’t own it?

  • MAN I wish I can play right now. This game Looks Effin AWESOME!!!!!! I will kill with the PS Move. lol :)

  • It looks like the 3D TV doesn’t come with Resistance 3 any more? is that true? link:

  • In the beta, are the items from the recently deceased enemies ie: guns, ammo supposed to float there above the ground? They don’t seem to serve any purpose. I’ll report it on your link but I’m wondering about functionality. Not sure that’s a problem…know what I mean?

  • well just cant wait to get my hands on it.

  • Can’t believe IG think leapers are a favourite and fun to use

  • So, the game has gone gold, but they’re still very much in the beta? So, we have to get crazy patches on day 1, because the disc is already burnt. I don’t see how it can still be called a beta, it’s really just a multiplayer demo. Then, they patch it up when there’s enough major issues found. It’s stupid to call it a beta when the disc is already burnt.

    Also, anyone else find it kind of silly that you can use thermal vision in Deathmatch multiplayer? It seems like it’ll be pretty cheap.

  • if everything goes as planned i will be buying a new ps3 to replace my broken one(ylod). finally after a few weeks of playing the crash box and i am ready for my new ps3. maybe just in time for the resistance3 beta?

  • awesome game guys had alot of fun with the game need to solve the freezing issue tho played first day like 2 games last few days been having issues with it cant even play 1 minute into a game b4 freezing (b4 you say its my playstation its not its only on this beta)

  • A gig+ for demo then a gig+ in updates and still matchmaking is broken. Not only that but the games I do find disconnect or freeze before the game is over. Im coming very close to deleting this and not bothering with it all.
    (been trying to get in match all day today with no luck at least yesterday I got to play)

  • I honestly want the beta :(

  • i see you guys fixing the crashes but what about the invincible glitch where the player is invincible visually and physically? the main reasons i hate the beta and pretty much r3’s multiplayer is the perks, killstreaks, everybody is on the same playing field when the chimera should have the upper hand like in rfom and the player count. 8v8 god it gets boring i miss the hectic play of rfom and r2. i’m going to be honest r3’s mp sucks it’s not fun anymore. what happened seriously what happened have you been listening to the fans?

  • I really wanted to support the launch of this game but after I heard about the PSN PASS Im not too sure about this anymore. The idea of just have 1 code for the online mode feels like a quite unfriendly tactic for all of us that once we bought the game on the 1st day we leave our younger brother/sister play with our copy. I understand that the used game market is getting too strong but I think free DLC is the best way to reward gamers like me who purchase the game on the first day instead of punishing everyone.

  • Y

  • @18 1/2, thanks for explaining that to me, James. I’m such a noob ;-)

  • ok, first i just wanna say i only played like two games…. searching all day and no one can even play together… so far from the mp beta, i HATEEEE with a passion that everytime u run the camera wants to zoom in… like really? why does it zoom in every single time i wanna run??? another thing is why does it take like 2 clips to kill someone???? like what the hell? and more more small thing, wouldnt it be better instead of saying “Humans vs Chimera” i think it would look and sound better is the humans where the Resistance… making it Resistance vs Chimera… well i do know this is a beta and hopefully these thing would be fix. personally i wont be buying this game becuase it doesnt feel the same as the other resistance’s ive played… not to mention the graphics seem alil off compared to FOM… well im done… ill try to get on a game all day again today….

  • its still is just sitting there in the matchmaking then throws me in a room by myself with no one joining

  • @42, yea dude same here… 8v8 is so slow, ill miss the crazyness of FOM… and hell yeaa !!! the Chimera are suppose to have the upper hand u kno. but oh well…. this is why im not buying this game here… ive played the beta only 2 times and still waiting on playing it a bit mopre but cant even get into a game.

  • It have liked the beta as much as I’ve been able to get in.
    I seem to be able to get in if after I get stuck in a lobby, I shut down and restart.
    Not optimal but does get me into a game. Usually…

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