Resistance 3 Multiplayer: Passive and Active Abilities Detailed

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Resistance 3 Multiplayer: Passive and Active Abilities Detailed

Hopefully you caught the news yesterday that Resistance 3 has gone gold! We also debuted our new story-centric campaign trailer. You may also know that the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta early access has begun for owners of specially marked copies of SOCOM 4. We’re still very much in beta mode, with regards to fixes (especially for matchmaking to address the freezes and disconnects), so please keep reporting what you see. We hope to have a patch soon that will address many of these issues, but in the meantime, thanks for bearing with us.

In the spirit of the multiplayer beta, our new behind-the-scenes development diary discusses our inspirations in developing Resistance 3’s multiplayer philosophy, from play modes and weapons to special abilities. Hopefully you’ve caught our previous entries in the dev diary series, but if not, you can catch up here, here and here.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s developer diary. It’s been a fantastic collaboration between us and the PlayStation.Blog team, and we’re really excited to show you the last couple as we get closer to launch on 09.06.11. We hope you’ve got your pre-order ready! Until then, we’ll see you on the beta!

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  • *R2 comes along*
    *Everyone complains about R2 being too much like COD and not enough like Resistance*
    *R3 comes along and is more like an ugly hybrid of COD and TF2*

    There seems to be a stronger emphasis on ability and killstreak killing than just plain old gun fights. I don’t like killstreaks in COD and it’s no different here. What drew me into R1 was that there was no abilities, killstreaks, or berserks to hide behind. It was just player against player.

  • The game is looking great. Wish I had beta buy I’m not buying a game I’m not interested in just to get in it

  • Why would a game go gold that still has bugs even in a “beta”? Crunch time?

  • Hell yea ive been waiting for the Resistance 3 beta to open so for all the people who bought Socom4 like myself hit me up my PS3 Network ID is: LPRebellife22 so hit me up send me a friend invite so we can get down. And yes it sucks ive been waiting in the lobby so send freind invite

  • Are you guys also looking for feedback on level design\gameplay? or it’s too close to release to do anything about it?

  • Hey James,

    What’s the status of getting that R3 shirt you was rockin @ E3 mass produced for the fan base to purchase? I already have the game pre-ordered AND paid in full just so you know. ;)

  • Well the beta is broken so far I just can’t play it.

  • You know I hate the Resistance franchise. I hated 2 and really had to force myself to finish it. I hated 1 so much that I just gave up halfway.

    And yet, the more of these videos that I watch, the more I want to play this game. It’s kinda funny how things work out in the end.

    The beta will probably make or break this for me. If the shooting and graphics are finally at an acceptable level, I may just end up preordering the darn thing…

  • Sold! Day one. Love the resistance series. I really don’t mind the pass because I buy my games new like a true gamer because I want to support the hard work you fine people do.

  • @50 NeonReaver
    Well said. Sad to see us original fans of Resistance get cast aside for the Call of Duty noobs. I guess that what you get for support a new IP only to have the sequel appeal to a different fan base.

  • well in the video the online looks awesome, but when i play the beta well the matches i have found i havent reallt liked the gameplay, especially when they turn invisible and get shot but dont die, i will keep playing it to see if i get convinced to buy it

  • I simply cannot comprehend why is it that Playstation Plus members have to wait till August 23rd. to get into the Beta whereas someone who purchased the game Socom can get it. Nice way to treat your Plus members Sony, real nice!!!

  • beast!!! make gameplay way easier n more funn. to the other ppl it’s nothing like cod.

  • Video looks effin sick !!! Insomniac thank you for never updating R2 after that one dlc lol .. i hope this doesnt happen with R3 cuz it gets boring playing the same maps over and over and over !!!!! anyone still play r2? i do so add me you bunch of panzies !!! Cali Gamers !!!!

  • Everything is well balanced and its really focused experience, great job Insomniac. All the abilities are useful in some way and are well thought out. Also thanks for keeping in touch and updating the fans on twitter and facebook.

  • when does the beta comes out for people who don’t have ps plus and does the game have 3d

  • Just fix the match making, even if its a beta thats just unacceptable.
    Yeah I know that they are working on it but you gotta keep them on there toes or they’ll end up like
    some other companies.

  • This game will be a Must Buy for me on day 1. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Beta.

  • why the F do all the videos on the PSBlog play automatically now… very spam-like!!!

  • I don’t buy games without trying them out first and with this online pass garbage, looks like I will not be spending $10 to rent it to test the SP and then another $60 for the game if I like it.

    I miss Resistance:FOM..

  • This game is really shaping up to be an awesome looking game. I can’t wait to buy it – very different than other FPS’s on the scene regardless of the similarities that some people complain about it. It seems to me that they have kind of tweeked it to be more fun and a bit more fair to everyone.

  • wishes granted beta down til further notice.

  • how long is this gonna be down for? and how is this a beta when the games are burnt on disc already?? moreless demo… i can see it not , the game releases and then a whole bunch of updates on it for all the bs with the match making… how long till the ”beta” is back now? this sucks only played 2 games. not even full games cause i ended up getting kicked out… oh well i guess.

  • i have to say i really like the idea for the debuffs but i would like to know is if the debuffs take over a slot for one of the berserks or do they have the own slot?

  • Please make the beta available to the public. Resistance 3 looks amazing!!! I will definitely be getting this game and not bf3 or mw3.

  • @NeonReaver

    Who ever compares games to TF2 is a idiot. There are seriously no games like it. Every since that game went F2P I’ve been seeing kids comparing games to TF2. Gets really annoying…..espicially since none of the games are well…anything like it.

  • This is ridiculous… I’ve had the beta for 3 days now and still can’t get into a match. You guys suck at fixing your games Insomniac.

  • lol glad I’m not in the beta yet . I was happy when I heard that us plus members would get in a couple weeks after the beta was launched cause that gives a couple weeks to clear up some of the mess .

  • Once again the sony propoganda machine rolls over the people who feed it. For I don’t know how many times now It must be explain to the goons yet again.

    -Used games are not “ripping off” “robbing” developers, publishers, or sony.
    -People who buy used games are NOT theives, criminals, immoral, terrorist or any other insulting descriptor you can tag them with.

    those who attack us the legit gamers with these rediculous insults are cowards. All I have left to say is grow up and get a real job for once in your life and stop being so petty & ignorant.

  • Looks amazing!

  • @74 and everyone else …. it’s a beta, NOT a demo. A beta is for testing purposes, and obviously they missed something which sucks but, it’s to be expected when running a beta test.

  • Besides the annoying matchmaking bug, the few matches i did play were incredibly fun and addictive, so far my favorite gun is the improved Bullseye, its more accuarte and tagging enemys is effortless. I had more fun playing this game 4 an hour than i ever had playing COD. Also i love how all the guns have sights u aim down.
    The multiplayer is nearly perfect in every way, just the server needs a redo.

  • The main problems i had was my PS3 freezing, but it never froze ingame, only when i was in a lobby full of people, this happened like five times. Also the dissconnects, ect, ect.

  • i now this is off subject but free realms ps3 is not working please could any one on the blog could update me about what is happening whit that game ? ^_^

  • So, I take it that the US will not be getting the special/survivor editions? We’re stuck with the lame move one?

  • Viddler is really slow for non-U.S. visitors!
    Please use Youtube or a different service!

  • @ 78 I’m so glad you cleared that up… oh it’s a beta… I never knew that. You must feel very proud to have cleared that up for everyone… did you mom give you a kiss on the cheek and say “good job son”. Seriously dude, shut up . It’s a BROKEN BETA at the moment. For Insomniac to choose to release the beta to the public with serious issues was not wise. They know it and I know it. A beta is for flushing out gameplay issues and we have yet to see gameplay because there is a serious server issue. Don’t sit there and defend incompetence… other devs have had issues with public betas like Zipper with MAG and SOCOM, Guerrilla and Killzone 3, Naughty Dog with Uncharted 3 and DICE with Bad Company 2, but none of them have taken 3 days from launch with no progress. I’ve played in over 20 betas across platforms in the past couple of years and haven’t seen this type of situation before.

  • @PirateHarlock

    Wow lol. You have no clue do you? Gamestop and rental companies are only open because they knew they could benefit from someone else’s loss. Buying used is cheaper and more affordable but you are buying something for less than its worth for the same software/product as someone who buys it new.

    Seeing as the game has not even came out yet, you would have no choice but to buy it new either way for at least the first month or did you understand that? And nobody is attacking anyone. Simple opinions and facts. You are way to self cautious and paranoid.

    What are you gonna do when Ubisoft, EA, THQ, Codemasters and Warner put all their games with a pass. Looks like you are gonna miss out on basically any game worth playing. You might as well go to Xbox. Oh wait, I forgot you have to pay for that too, but for EVERY game.

  • Oh and yes used games are ripping off Sony and other developers. If there are plenty used versions of the game, people are gonna buy those instead of the new ones. The money used to buy the used copy goes to Gamestop not Sony or the developers. That’s a sale the Sony has now lost. And since people do it all the time, that’s thousands of sales lost. You would understand if you made your own product. You only think on the side of a customer, you don’t think about the big picture.

    Say you make a new product (for time and mind’s sake) let’s say a calculator. It’s a pretty nice one so you start the price out at $100 (around the same price as TI-84). It does things that people like. So they buy it. So people will like but others might see something better. Let’s also so that an electronic store buys used electronics. They buy people’s calculators. They soon get enough in stock to have the same amount of used calcuators and new ones. They charge $60 for the used ones. Which would you buy, the $60 or $100 one? Each used calculator bought is another new one that YOU do not sell. If they have enough new calculators, they will no longer need to buy new ones from you. In the end, your profits decrease.

  • SONY I NEED HELP!!! when I going to buy something in psn store with my credit card he said The credit card information is not valid, Please check your entries carefully. I do it again and again and the same thing :(

  • Lets face the facts here, matchmaking will NOT be fixed by the games full release. Stop trying to fool everybody Insomniac, the R3 beta is just a early demo, and most bugs and problems will be in full force with the games release. KZ3 suffered the same fate and so has every other Sony online game recently.

    Based on historical events, and since Sony devs never seem to learn from history’s mistakes, R3 will be broken until about 6 months after its release. Then it will only be partially broken.

    You guys need to give up this matchmaking junk and admit that Sony devs CANNOT get it right. I just wonder if we will see a Sony game with server lists ever again… probably not. Which is very sad because matchmaking has ruined every other exclusive Sony online game.

  • BTW I just watched the video, and wow, I don’t think you can get any more of a futuristic COD clone than this game. Pretty much copy all the perks from MW2 and put a futuristic spin on it… nice job Insomniac, LOL.

  • Really excited for resistance 3 loved the first two games also don’t know if this was done by u guys are not considering someone just stated they were sitting in a match but I wanna do my part to help get the beta off the ground so when I logged in early I click matchmaking and big blank where the match types should be

  • I’m sure you guys know all about the typical match making problems, which I’m sure you will have all mapped out by release time but my main gripe with this game so far are the way you guys redesigned the ones from previous games such as the carbine and bullseye. I feel they both should have more bullet damage the bullseye even more so… ever since the RFOM the bullseye was a power house, it was a simple tag and spray to bring down people in R2 and in this game it just feels like it takes an unnatural amount of bullets to take someone down imo. Is there a possibility you guys can look into how much bullet damage you have assigned to your weapons, primarily the carbine and bullseye… these weapons just feel under powered in comparison to their predecessors. One last thing is I feel the grenade throwing has also taken a step back and could use some tweaking in how fast it takes the avatar to throw the grenade itself and just the over all ease with being able to get a successful throw to take someone out, I also feel this has been a unnecessary change with the games engine. (imo grenade throwing was perfectly fine in R2)

  • @NeonReaver Exactly! Resistance fall of man is still the best. I STILL play it almost everyday more than any other game. I feel like they changed everything to compete with call of duty. Kill streaks and abilities are stupid and is not what resistance is about. Seriously, an auger as a kill streak? GTFO! I love resistance and I will be buying this game new but RFoM will truly be missed.

  • Looks great, can’t wait to hop into the beta and play the game. Definitely thinking it’s shaping up as the best Resistance game for sure.

  • How is it that a game has gone gold and the MP player is completely unplayable at this point? And it’s not like the servers could be overloaded. The beta key is from a very sub-par Socom 4. We’ll see if Insomniac can pull a rabbit out of their hat.

  • My dear friends we as sony owners need to be patient.We need to understand that they are working hard to get it running.A lot needs to be fix thats why its a beta.So hold your horses and when the patch comes up it will be running smooth and spam.

  • i agree with #84…. this doesnt look good at all…. glad im putting $$$ for Dead Island & BF3.

  • I think R3 is turning out great, i just got PS+ recently and i cant wait to get beta for R3 on 23rd.

    To the haters:

    I own both 360 and Ps3 and i love the Ps3 the most for the fact that gaming is much better, except for the online play. Sony lets us play for free and they try their best to improve what they can and all of us complaining about it isnt going to help them at all. What we need to do as a supporter is tell them the mistakes they can work on and let them do it. Without our input they wont know where to start to help us. So how about ever one stop complaining and help Sony out. So instead of asking what can Sony do for you ask what you can do for Sony.

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