Sucker Punch Productions Joins SCE World Wide Studios

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Sucker Punch Productions Joins SCE World Wide Studios

Sucker Punch and Sony World Wide Studios

Earlier today we announced Sucker Punch Productions has officially joined Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. We’re thrilled to share the news and welcome Sucker Punch to the PlayStation family.

Brian Fleming, managing partner of Sucker Punch Productions had this to say about becoming the sixteenth studio to join PlayStation:

“We’ve enjoyed an incredible relationship with Sony that has allowed us to combine our creative design capabilities with their guidance to make some of the best franchises to hit the PlayStation platforms. Equally important, the relationship with SCE has provided us the flexibility and trust to take creative risks and invent new properties. And best of all, we get to keep doing what we do — pushing ourselves to make more innovative games and more exciting experiences for PlayStation gamers!”

We’ve worked closely with Sucker Punch for more than 12 years, bringing fan favorites like Sly Cooper series and, of course, the inFAMOUS storyline to life on PlayStation platforms. On behalf of our executive team and Worldwide Studios, I’d like to take just a moment to welcome this immensely talented group of individuals to our team. I look forward to seeing what kind of gaming magic we can make happen in the months and years ahead!

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  • My first game for the PSone was a Naughty Dog game. My first platformer for PS2 was an insomniac game. It came full circle with inFamous being my first game for PS3, a Sucker Punch game. Now they get to be in that Sony family, good for them.

  • At least SOMEONE still cares about first party and exclusives! Now, when are you buying Insomniac? Surely that’s the next step? Make them work on Spyro again.

    And DO something with all your Psygnosis properties! I’d love to see an HD remake of Shadow of the Beast, or at least an Amiga emulator for the PS3, like the Neo-Geo one. :)

  • buyout activision then cod can be ps3 only and have good framerate and better graphics and also that would bring in more ps3 owners

  • Bam! Awesome news, congratulations to both parties, and congratulation to fellow gamers as we will get to enjoy more games that actually take advantage of the PS3 unlike directx ported shtuff.

    Now Sony, get Mojang…and lets get Minecraft (full blown ver) on the PS3 as my Xperia Play waits patiently.


  • Hey, congrats on that Sucker Punch!

  • Can’t wait to see the next Sucker Punch game!

  • Hell yes! They were always apart of the Playstation Family in my opinion. Great work Sony.

  • Oh, confirmed work on vita. Even more of a reason to own one. Glad I preordered.

  • Come on guys, infamous on vita. The rear touch screen beckons cole

  • Welcome sucker Punch :), thank you for making one of the best games out there and im honestly looking forward to see what you guys do next, sly and infamous are both amazing games, welcome to sonys ship :)

  • Fantastic news for everyone involved, especially gamers.

    Congrats to Sucker Punch and good work, Sony!

  • Damm!!this is an awsome ollabo we Welcom Sucker Punch to the fam!!Cant wait to see More Of the Games!!!!!

  • awesome possum, btw i just finished downloading infamous 2 from the store :3

  • This is fantastic news, Sucker Punch is one hell of a good company and there games are incredible

  • Good job guys – been a fan since Rocket — can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves next…

  • now all we need is infamous vita

  • Sucker Punch joining Sony was the worst incredible relationship ever, i would have brought u guys out and keep u around with anything u need for development needs. My company would have love to join with u but oh well. Guess i can try to buy SQ then, i need good long lasting group or company tat has been around for while to join up with my company.

    If u guys are into video game design and want to make video game then talk with me on PSN, i’ll be on today.


  • So since you’re all FAMILY now, who’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner?

  • Great move Sony! I can’t wait to see more games from Sucker Punch on PS3!

  • Congrats to Sucker Punch and Sony!

  • Congratulations! You guys are one of my respected companies!
    Now, time to play some Infamous 2 :)

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!! nwe infamous to PSVITA!!

  • Is PSN down?? I can’t sign in…

  • Congrats, Thanks for Sucker Punching me with al these great games.

  • Great move now just buy some Japanese game developers. I think Level 5 for RPGs would be great. The same with Falcom, Game Arts or even From Software for a new Demon’s Souls & Kings Field.

    I really want SCE to buy more companies from Japan next. Because when you see all the first party studios in North America & Europe but so few in Japan it sucks. Because I want to see more RPGs like Legend of Dragoon or Alundra. So awesome news about Sucker Punch & now go out and buy some companies in Japan next.

  • I though that they were already owned by SONY lol :D. I think this is for the better to prevent another “Insomniac” ¬_¬

  • Wow, this IS big news. A win-win-win. A win for Playstation, a win for Sucker Punch so they can continue to innovate & not have to dumb down for lesser consoles, and those 2 wins add up to a huge win for the PS gamers. I’m with all those who mentioned Vita. A Sucker Punch Vita game is surely in the works.

    Great business decision, Sony & Sucker Punch!

  • @76: yeah, I would also like to have more Japanese games from Sony. Sony should buy LEVEL-5; and maybe also nippon icchi and falcom. Buying a big company like from software would be really expensive, for just 1 good game I think, but it would be cool, because Tenchu would be again in SONY´s hands, just like in the first 2 games that were awesome.

  • Congratz Sucker Punch. Keep creating great games like inFamous and you guys will be around forever

  • Congrats!

  • This is awesome. I loved and platinumed inFAMOUS 1, and I plan on doing the same for inFAMOUS 2, which coincidentally I am currently enjoying.

  • @zombie9 you forget the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is going to xbox fans too…which has 1 2 and 3 maybe even 4 on it..soo yes he did in a way backstab us

  • very proud of you SUCKER PUNCH!

  • Congratulations, Sucker Punch. I’m looking forward to all the epic games you will bring in the future.

  • Amazing news, Sony!

    AWESOME games are in the way, I bet! XD

  • I’ve loved every game the guys and gals at Sucker Punch have put out! This can only mean better things for Sucker Punch and better games for all of us, so it’s fantastic news to hear.

  • @DBZTRUNKS The Metal Gear Solid Collection will only have Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker. If 4 was on it, xbox would need at least 6, maybe 7 discs just to have it in a case. Or severely dim down the graphics but since the game came out in 2008, I can’t see them doing that.

  • And no reason for them to include Metal Gear Solid 1 since its already on the Playstation Store as a PS1 Classic.

  • LOL @ inFAMOUS 3 being all but confirmed with this acquisition. Congrats to Sucker Punch, and a big “IT’S ABOUT TIME!” to Sony. Should’ve snatched these guys up ages ago. :DDD

  • Saw this from Reuters last night before it was posted here and jumped up in joy. Congrats Sucker Punch Productions on joining the SCE WWS family :)

  • Don’t know if this a good thing or a bad thing for Sucker Punch.

    In the good side, they continue to make games for the PS family of game consoles. Also, they get further support from Sony and its worldwide studios. Making it even more possible for them to actively cooperate with other Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios on a new never before seen IP sometime in the future.
    Something the I have always hoped Sony would do with their studios.

    In the bad side, Sucker Punch will not broaden their horizons in game making within the Sony umbrella. They will be told what they do and what ever they come up with, they won’t own it. Sony will always own those IPs regardless.

    In this sense, I applaud Insomniac Games for staying independent and not be under any umbrella other of their own. Their new game Overstrike (published by EA) however is their own creation and wil be the sole owners of the IP. Plus more gamers will experience their games, especially when some are reluctant to play their games due to the platform they are made on. Now they have the option to choose more than one platform. This I think would have benefit, Sucker Punch to do.

  • Congratulations!! great studio!!

    Cheers from CHILE!

  • awesome now everything will be even better.I love infamous and SLY.

  • Great job in reeling them in. I wish the same was done for Insomniac, but I’m happy for Sucker Punch that they’re with a really lenient Publisher. I mean how many companies in the gaming industry take risks like “heavy Rain” nowadays. Sony may be exclusive, but they are definitely one of the top tier publishing powers in the industry today.

  • Not entirely sure how good it is that SCE is gobbling up an indie developer — seems like they were making a quality product without SCE’s intervention, so here’s to hoping that Sony doesn’t screw up a good thing and try to fix something that isn’t broken.

  • This is AWESOME NEWS, WOW congrats guys very well deserved and way to go Sony!!! 8)

  • exellent move by sony and congratulations to sucker punch

  • cool, can’t wait to see what your next game is sucker punch!!!

  • Welcome to the family Sucker Punch!!! I’m glad and hopefully we can see so much more from you guys :)

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