ModNation Monday: One Way to Beat the Heat

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ModNation Monday: One Way to Beat the Heat

Nothing says summer (sunburn, too much chlorine, overpriced bad theme park food, etc…) like a good ol’ local water park! Do the ModNation a summertime favor and build us that themed waterpark of our (and your) dreams.

A Renaissance waterpark? How about a Western waterpark? An Outer Space waterpark?… the themes are pretty endless. Make us some cool (pun intended) waterpark tracks using the new DLC and they just might end up in Hot Lap or Top Tracks! DETAILS HERE.


Oil Stain Mod & Kart will be available in the PlayStation Store on August 2nd.
Mod is $.99 and includes: Undershirt, Ragged Overalls, Hillbilly Beard, Straw Hat, Kart is $.99 Includes: Mark I Body and Mattress Seat. Both for $1.75


Junkyard Parts Pack is available in the PlayStation Store now for $4.99.


Don’t hold back on us. We are DESPERATELY “jones-ing” for some new tracks with all this great DLC in it. We know they are out there; we just need your help finding it. I mean, I’m decent at my job but with an average of 800+ new tracks created per day I can’t be expected to be THAT good! Help me! Who knows… you might just help me win the coveted “Employee of the Month” parking spot!
Please let us know if you find any recent track gems like these using any new DLC by visiting our forum HERE.or listing them below in the comments.


Today you have an opportunity to acquire some FREE random ModNation Racers DLC. Check the comments section below and our Facebook page regularly for more FREE “DLC Drops”!
ModNation Player Profile: RADBOYROB
Need a smile? Race a RADBOYROB track! Read why he is a favorite in the ModNation community HERE

Creations of The Week:

Track of The Week:
Invasion: Aftermath by atheistsw
I always have such fun playing atheistsw’s tracks. First things first… they are always top notch races, but what I admire the most is the environments he builds, they actually tell a story… from the ModNation Mayor addressing the hysterical (but strangely in-line) masses, the head of the alien invasion asking to be “taken to your leader”, the alien bugs climbing the skyscraper walls, the towns buildings in shambles (with broken water mains!), and an award has to be given to atheistsw for the “Best Placement of Army Tanks In An Alien Invasion Track”. The tanks are in wait across a broken bridge to the finish line. Genius!


Hot Lap Tracks:
Monday: Invasion: Aftermath by atheistsw
Tuesday: Rottimus Berg Hyhenluft by IndustrialSavior(you had me at Rottimus)
Wednesday: Peruvian Shakedown (2.0) by corliss(simple but not simplistic fun course)
Thursday: Reassembled Ruins v1.0 by lop330(I really like the two themes working together. Well executed. Fun race)
Friday: Ocean View Heights by PH1LThy31(PH1LThy31 has been a mean lean Hot Lap creating machine lately. Textbook Big City course. One of my favs!)
Saturday: Sequoia Summit Raceway by corliss(Didn’t grab me until after a few races. Once I got it I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was back in Yosemite!)
Sunday: Death Valley Oasis by PH1LThy31(see above!)

Creations of The Week:
Kart: Freestyle by Shelbot3001

Mod: Freestyle Biker by Shelbot3001 (Shelbot3001 this is amazing! Real three dimensional jewels for the reflectors and twist-ties for the cabling? This is AMAZING!)


I’m expecting some slippin’ and a slidin’ in a ModNation Water park soon!

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