The Drop: Week of August 1st 2011 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of August 1st 2011 New Releases

Role-playing fans are in for a treat this week when Dragon Age: Origins arrives as a digital download on PSN, followed by a kill team 40,000 strong and a modern refresh of the classic coin-op shooter Galaga.

The lightning-fast sword-fighting that makes up Bleach: Soul Resurrección brings its anime action to the PS3. The Drop is coming in hot!


PlayStation Network

Dragon Age: Origins — Dragon Age: Origins is the spiritual successor to BioWare’s critically acclaimed Baldur’s Gate, featuring deep character customization and role-playing, morally challenging decisions, tactical party-based combat, and a wealth of gritty, mature sub-plots. It is a dark, heroic fantasy game that combines original storytelling techniques with classic role-playing challenges.

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (Demo Available) — Jump into the rich world of Warhammer 40,000 in this fast-paced 3rd person action shooter. As one of the Emperor’s Elite Space Marines, you have been sent on a vital mission to assault a gigantic Ork Kroozer headed for an Imperial Forge World. Choose your Space Marine Chapter and weapons class and commence the purging of brutal Orks and vicious Tyranids on board. Team up to form a 2-man Kill Team in same screen co-op mode and benefit from multiple team pickups to help survive the onslaught.

Galaga Legions DX (Demo Available) — The arcade shooter Galaga has captivated players all over the world, and now the legend lives on with Galaga Legions DX.


One Epic Game — Zombies, Aliens, Nuclear wasteland, Fantasy and World War II … finally in one epic game! Become Alpha Dog, as you run, jump, shoot and kill anything that gets in your way in this fact-paced platforming action game! The world can’t save itself, you know!

Monochrome Racing — Screeching tires, the smell of burned rubber, the rush of adrenaline and enemies that are left in the dust — these are the emotions that drive real racers. However there is much more than this in the world of Monochrome Racing — there is the passion for color! Color is everything here, it is what you strive for, in the world where everything is in black and white. Color is your fuel, color gives you speed, color makes you stronger and ultimately makes you the true leader of the monochrome racing world.

PlayStation 3

Bleach: Soul Resurrección — Based on the popular manga/anime series, Bleach: Soul Resurrección depicts the battle between the Soul Reapers and the army of evil Arrancars that threaten the peace of the world. Bleach: Soul Resurrección gives players the sensation of single-handedly destroying an army of monsters and evil spirits with lightning-fast swordfighting action.

Gamers can re-live the experiences of various characters from the anime by closely following the original story. The environments are faithfully reproduced with beautiful cel-shaded 3D models that will satisfy even the most devoted fans. Bleach: Soul Resurrección will give gamers an unparalleled anime action game experience.

Phineas and Ferb: Across The Second Dimension — Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension is a fun-filled platforming and combat game where players can be one of eight characters including Phineas, Ferb or Master P as they use gadgets and combat maneuvers to defeat the evil Dr. D and his minions. In addition, the PS3 version features PlayStation Move’s motion controller compatible gameplay, giving the game a whole new level of fun and dimension.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • You guys really do need to stop screwin’ around with the PSP support. We need Grand Knights History, Yakuza: Black Panther, and Valkyria Chronicles 3, at the very least.

    I’m gonna snap up 40K: Kill Team like THAT, though.

  • Oh, and Blaze Union and Gloria Union should have happened in English, but didn’t, because all the supposed “PSP gamers” out there don’t actually buy and support good games, hence the position of the PSP right now.

  • I’ll be nabbing Bleach and Warhammer 40K!

  • Awesome Bleach, going to be picking them one up this week,

    Why are people talking about 3DS? Theirs nothing on it that you wouldn’t already own on another system. I’ll get one when its dirty cheap because I’m betting when PSVita comes out. We are going to see it at $100.

    I play all systems….. Well my 360 doesn’t get much love but it does sometimes.

  • We need more PSone classics. Where’s Parasite Eve 2 and Final Fantasy V and VI?? Also why not like PSone imports have something like PSP imports like Project Diva and JRPG games that are not even on the US PSN.

  • @Snowywhitewolf94, jvasq and everyone else wondering about PE2;

    Games are rated by the ESRB weeks to months before their release. Just because you see an updated entry for Parasite Eve 2 on the ESRB website doesn’t mean that the game was supposed to be released last week.

    If you want the game now, complain to Square Enix. Make your voices heard, and vote with your dollars! Do you really think the person in charge of getting Parasite Eve 2 (or any other PS Classic game you want) actually reads these comments? If you feel strongly about getting these games released, then do something about it.

  • i want more PS1 classics.and add some PS2 games to the PSN Store.My PS3 isn’t BC.

  • No more psone releases! I am officially protesting the releasing of psone games on psn. I pride myself in my collection and I am sick of remakes and re-releases, especially because it lowers the value of my games. I have almost everything rpg-wise on the psone. I am only missing a few titles. I saw Suikoden 1 TANK in price when it was released on psn for six dam dollars. Sony, stop this [DELETED]. Let the greats be wisped away into our minds as nostalgia. So on the day we venture into some store and see our favorites sitting on the shelf, we may look at it and rememberour youth. Why, the first time I played BoF III was Halloween night 1999. I remember.

  • Here I am again clamoring for more PSOne Classics. SONY! HELP US!! Read how many posts are here requesting PSOne Classics. We need Suikoden 2, Breath of Fire 3 and 4, Ergheiz… So as not to be selfish, let me name a few games I own that everyone else wants – Dragon Quest VII, Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI, Chrono Trigger, Wipeout XL, Rage Racer, and I could name many more. Get Konami working on Gradius Gaiden as an import. While I love the new titles developed for the network, these classics have more content than many new titles as well as an established (and impatiently waiting) fanbase.

  • No more psone releases! No more psone releases! Why not spend the time to make new ones for next gen. Suikoden…what we up to now? Six. Um, how about a current gen bushido blade? I swear if they release Suikoden 2 and the psone version tanks in price, I will be pissed. Guess I should be happy my Panzer Dragoon Saga can never be recreated.

  • Look im not trying to be a [DELETED] but this really is not fair to those of us who have collected psone games. I have pride in my collection and how much those games are worth. These re-releases hurt people like me. There are stores that still sell psone games. Suikoden 1 tanked in value when it was released on psn. Not fair at all.

  • @People whining and crying about the lack of PSOne games…GET OVER IT!! Why do you feel the need to play games that are only 2 consoles old?? If your going to go backwards game-wise then play some great Atari or classic stand-up arcade..Gaming is about innovation and moving forward..Classic games should just be played as a cool, asthetic reminder of how fun games started..I have been a gamer since before most of you was born(Pong,Atari 2600,ColecoVision, Commadore Vic20/64 etc..etc..) so trust me when i say..QUIT CRYING!! lol..Add me if you like :)

  • Please add new MLB 11 The Show avatars, thanx “Orioles”

  • Oh and btw..If you want PSOne games THAT BAD then go buy a PSOne console and play them on it instead of wasting hdd space on a PS3 or get an emulator for your computer and play them on your pc…

  • @Deathspear666

    Yeah, if they really want to play those PSOne games, they can just buy them and have the disc copy.

    I’m happy that I got both Mega Legend’s.

  • I am interested in the Bleach game, but IGN confirmed my fears that’s it’s too repetitive. I’ll wait and get it used.

  • @ DJNorthSky and Deathspear666:

    I’ve been a serious gamer since 1983. I’ve never traded anything in and own 17 different consoles and over 500 titles. There’s no way that I or anyone else can amass every great game released. We are just trying to find a legitimate (legal) way to play the ones that we missed instead of shelling out $100.00+ for a hard copy. I agree that games should be geared towards the future but do not agree that we should stop preserving the past. Also, many gaming genres are being abandoned or have become redundant with newer releases. I also think the new generation of gamers has a right to enjoy these titles that they may not have had an opportunity to play. 32 bit gaming was an awakening of new possibilities and there was true genius in many of the titles that generation of gaming produced. I’m sorry you don’t agree in their validity to remain at least digitally available.

  • @chucknmeg…Oh i agree trust me lol But at the same time PSOne games don’t need to be the games people want to keep seeing on a new gen…Like i said before..Buy a PSOne console.. :)

  • @Deathspear666:

    Glad that you agree. I actually have a PSOne Console and about 100 discs. I run them on my PS3 though because look so much better upscaled with an HDMI connection. I agree that new gen should move forward and I love my new PS3 games. It just kills me to pay ridiculous and absurd prices for used PSOne games on Amazon or something. I think that’s driving others to make posts requesting PSOne games for download as well.


    I’m looking forward to Bleach and the new Galaga title myself…

  • @ Autoxfool

    Dungeon Defenders is apparently not out on any platform yet. And according to wiki it will have cross platform support on Vita and PS3 so that will be cool. In the article it says that it was submitted for testing to xbla on May 26th but it HAS been obviously delayed by the studio a few times since last fall’s expected release date. Hope this helps. A “announcement trailer” was put on the PSN store last week so maybe that’s a good sign.

  • Blah, blah, blah. Whine, whine complain blah. Just though I would contribute.

  • Breath of Fire IV coming on August 16th! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one. Now all I need is Dragon Warrior VII.

    I enjoy these downloadable PSOne games because of the ability to legally play them on my PSP. I have more PSOne Classics than PSP games. I wont say old games are better than new games, but there are some great titles and lost IP’s that I want to play again.

  • lol@blakseed

  • @17 I wouldn’t hold my breath on waiting for Far Cry 2 for download I never saw where that was ever announced for Digital Download on PS3

  • Why dont you make “The Drop” more useful and list the price of things that you list coming out this week on PSN.

    And please spare us that lame line of “you can find all pricing on the normal schedule update”. That sentence is basically saying your to lazy to take the extra effort.

    NEWS FLASH: you list the price ahead of time (which you already know so stop saying you dont) than people could prepare by going out and buying their PSN cards, or setting aside money in their bank account so they can buy the games when the store does update.

    GUESS WHAT THAT WOULD MEAN???? You would make more money!!!!


  • Bleach plays like Dynasty Warriors. so if you like that type of games. Then Bleach is one to get.

  • I think it’s time somebody else handled The Drop. Seems like Rey is just phoning it in.

    What”s with refusing to answer any of the questions here anymore? 3 weeks now and not a single reply…
    You have a ton of people just waiting to spend money, and there’s not even a hint of reassurance or acknowledgment.
    Also I agree that EVERYTHING that is going to be on the Store should be posted.

    Special offers, DLC, heck anything to pad up the anemic looking Drop.
    As another poster said, give us something to look forward to. We have already spent money on the cards, let us know what we’re going to use it for. How is that not the simplest concept ever?

    XBLA is enjoying a amazing Summer of Arcade special, with really cool new games, yet psn is enjoying summer on the farm.

  • I understand what you are saying chucknmeg but i will say this. After all this way we’ve come with games, it is hard to go back and enjoy older games that you haven’t already had a connection too. I can play Shining Force 1 and 2 over and over because i played them back in the day. Classics are better when you were there i guess is what i’m trying to say.

  • For those that are complaining about lack of PSone games….Just download the ISOs and play them on an emulator. I dont condone stealing but if the developers don’t want your money then why not? Just make sure you buy it if it officially comes out. Don’t say “buy it used” because developers dont see that money either (pretty much like stealing). I dont do this myself because I can wait for official versions, but just food for thought.

  • Never have I seen such selfish people like that…
    Protesting against the release of PSone Classics just so your precious collection retains its value?
    Guess what, bro? Your physical copy won’t lose its rarity. Also, the point of collections is for display, not actually buying just to play the game. If that was the case, eventually you would sell it and it wouldn’t be a collection anymore. People won’t spend a hundred dollars on a rare game of some dude’s collection with the intention of supporting the developers. People who are buying the virtual copies are the ones who have this intention.
    There are TONS of people who have never played these games. There are people I know who pirated these games because they were too expensive (because of their rarity) or simply weren’t available anywhere.

  • @DJNorthSky
    The guys at Sony aren’t wasting precious development time on the emulation of these titles. They are there with this specific task because they are willing to do so. If not, they could simply leave or ask to move for something else.
    Look at some other classic games. I bet if you have a Neo-Geo MVS System, you would be steaming with rage because of Neo Geo Station. How about the Turbografx-16? And the Sega Genesis?
    “Let the greats be wisped away into our minds as nostalgia.” I guess you mean: “No one should be able to play these games anymore. I am lucky to have them on my collection so I don’t care about anyone else.”
    You are glad that Panzer Dragoon Saga can’t be recreated. Dear God. I bet you are smiling with glee, knowing people won’t be able to play these games anymore, except by illegal means.

  • @Wez455
    “I dont do this myself because I can wait for official versions, but just food for thought.”
    So you don’t condone piracy, yet you incentive people to do it. Your “food for thought” is rotten.
    All these games will be eventually released someday. People complain in the hopes of delaying their release time. They are just eager, that’s all.

  • @DeathSpear666
    “Gaming is about innovation and moving forward. Classic games should just be played as a cool, asthetic reminder of how fun games started.”
    That’s the whole idea of releasing them. People want to play, so why not? You can’t find some of these games on the stores and not everyone condones piracy.
    “If your going to go backwards game-wise then play some great Atari or classic stand-up arcade.”
    What if I’d rather play PSone games? What if I can’t find these classic arcades anywhere? Should I illegally download the ROMs?

  • Rey probaly don’t respond here because every week you guys are such Vikings when you don’t see something you want I don’t blame him if he answers and it’s not the answer you want what are you going to do but bash some more

  • Master P? Do you mean Agent P (aka Perry the Platypus)?

  • A lot of people fork down money to buy a PSP and haven’t got much lately. I understand the ps vita is coming out but a lot of us aren’t going to afford buying a vita. I think psp fans are being $hit on. Not cool Sony

  • Never did play Dragon Age: Origins

  • When will the DLC come out for dynasty warriors gundam 3

  • so this may be kinda late but, i remember before the system down thing there was a ps store update and some of the games that were going to be add to ps store aren’t there now. why??

  • I would like to see Psn bring back Onimusha 1,2,3 and 4.

  • @Smooth_76: Seeing the Onimusha series re-released as a compilation would be simply awesome. Those and the Shadow Hearts games were some of my favorites on the PS2. The games with pre-rendered backgrounds would have to have side bars, but I can live with that.

  • Gonna rent Bleach via gamefly first. if its good enough i might buy it

  • To allay any fears, Crash Commando will also be there.

  • I’m enjoying this debate. I’m late to the gaming party. I avoided video games when I was still in school, and with my addictive personality, that was a good decision. But I’m guessing I missed a pile o’ great games so I am thankful for HD remasterings, like the Tomb Raider collection & the upcoming Ico/SOTC remastering. I’m for more game equality.

    I’m not going to buy a PS2 or 1. Those games look horrible on my HDTV. I played the digital download of Tomb Raider 1 from the PS store (free for Plus members) & the game was great except so pixelated I could barely make out those d*mn bats from the cave wall!

    I accept I’ll never play some golden oldies, but will happily buy & play remastered masterpieces.

  • Wow glad to see Bleach get a PS3 release here.

  • I wonder if I should get Bleach: Soul Resureccion day one or wait till the price lowers… Seeing as there is no demo I have no way to get a hands down and test it out before play…

  • DBZ UT demo!!!
    When is it going to hit the ps store???

  • Is this Peyj still alive? Or has it been dead all along?

  • Vinland_Krauser: Speaking the truth and sifting through selfish and dimwitted BS since ____.
    You took the words right out of my mouth! Way to cut down on DJNorthSky and Deathspear… At least some people on the Playstation Blog can speak with logic and can back up their reasoning. I’m a classic gaming enthusiast and I’m happy to see Sony bring back some PSOne titles along with games from other older consoles, especially those that are hard to find nowadays.
    In my case, I said that some Japanese PSN PSOne games should cross the pond since it wouldn’t be that difficult to pull off. As far as those guys saying that these classic games should stay on their respective consoles just because of collector’s value and nostalgia?…Brainless at best. If the tech is there to bring back classic games that some people have missed, then why not bring them back at a reasonable price? Sony, Sega, MS, and Nintendo have saved me thousands of dollars by re-releasing the classics. Keep it up and ignore the greedy selfish collectors! These collectors’ days are numbered, games are meant to be played.

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