inFAMOUS 2: 5 Standout UGC Missions

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inFAMOUS 2: 5 Standout UGC Missions

Since the launch of inFAMOUS 2 there have been over 50,000 UGC missions submitted, 4.8 million UGC missions have been played totaling over 300,000 hours spent in those missions. A new UGC mission is added at a rate of one per minute and two UGC missions are started every second! Check out the map below and you can see where missions are being added in New Marais.

inFAMOUS 2 UGC heatmap

inFAMOUS 2 players have submitted more than 50,000 user-generated missions, played more than 4.8 million user-generated missions, and played over a total of 300,000 hours of user-generated content.

Speaking for the staff of Sucker Punch Productions, we’ve been astonished by the creativity and variety of your creations! We want to spotlight a couple of the missions that have really impressed us, all of which can be found on the Sucker Punch Featured list in-game.

inFAMOUS 2 UGC: The Cage

UGC veteran CJon’s “The Cage” pits Cole into a vicious cage match! Step into the octagon as Cole fights against Swamp Monster and his underlings for his freedom, and watch as the crowd cheers for a winner (hopefully it’s Cole!).

inFAMOUS 2 UGC: Invaders

In RetroSteveUK’s “Invaders from Space,” Militia grenadiers seek to protect their landing invaders and it’s up to Cole to protect New Marais. Recreating retro-style games with UGC tools has always been a fan favorite — just ask LittleBigPlanet fans! — and now inFAMOUS 2 fans are joining in on the arcade fun.

inFAMOUS 2 UGC: firestone

Billysan291’s “Lost Temple of the Fire Stone” plunges deep into ancient passages and tasks players to hunt for hidden treasure. Built around parkour, this UGC level has Cole doing his best impression of our favorite treasure hunter from the 80s. Don’t tell Nathan Drake!

inFAMOUS 2 UGC: Skyfort

SolidSnake1776’s “Sky Fort” is a battle up a twisted path to the Militia‚Äôs floating base. Platforming and battle blend together to create a fun and challenging mission that takes place in the skies high above New Marais.

inFAMOUS 2 UGC: boss battle

TheDragonmind’s “Hand-Crafted Boss Battle” is one level that instantly caught our attention. You’ll fight a huge four-story robot — hand-built by TheDragonmind — while dodging cars attempting to avoid being stomped on. Cole has to scale this mechanical beast in a fashion reminiscent of the crazy ascents in Shadow of the Colossus. This is one level that really shows off what you can do with inFAMOUS 2’s UGC tools and makes us thrilled about the possibilities that will come in time.

Be sure to head over to and add some of the missions listed above to your queue, and explore the thousands of other UGC missions in inFAMOUS 2. For the latest news, check out,the official PlayStation.Blog, follow us on Twitter @SuckerPunchProd, or visit our Facebook page.

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  • woah O_O

  • Wow. Those look cool. Gonna have to try some of those out. Makes me wish i was that good at making missions…

  • Woahhhh inFAMOUS 2 is infested with UGC missions….I got to try these out!!

    • There are a lot of missions to play! Be sure to set your in-game UGC filter to Featured to see all the missions hand selected by us here at Sucker Punch.

  • Incredible. Thanks for the whole UGC aspect. I will have to try some of the higher rated ones, if I can figure out how to search. I’ll try your website.

    I just wish this game was Move supported. Then it would be even greater.

  • @5 the game will be move supported, but i dont know when

  • Nice!!! 8)

  • Wow, nice to see inFAMOUS 2 UGC getting some spotlight on the PS Blog. Kinda wish W.I.C.K.E.D. 2: Meltdown was up there. But it’s awesome seeing Dragonmind and RetroSteveUK getting mentions. Congrats guys!

  • @6, thanks for the info. Too bad it will be too late for me, I’m @ 60% completion now, because I play every side mission & some of the UGC.

  • the four story boss stole my attention! great work gamers, please keep the epic bosses coming!

  • I wasn’t aware there was a queue feature for Infamous 2, that will get me to play UGC more often now. Only thing I don’t like about Infamous’s UGC is the fact that we don’t really get tutorials on anything. I have so many ideas but no idea how to use the tools. Still fun playing the UGC that people come up with though, just wish I can join in on the creative fun. One of the many reasons LBP2 is my favorite PS3 game.

  • @gamepro300 check out the UGC Tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel,

  • These look awesome. Try out my mission Collin, I worked hard on it. Its called misFORTUNE. My first go at InFAMous 2 UGC

  • I actually played that gigantic boss battle, but quit because I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. I have enjoyed doing a lot of the other ugc stuff, im trying to get the trophy for doing 25.

  • @Collin Moore

    Thx for the links, i’ll definetly check them out.

  • Hand-Crafted Boss Battle looks insane. Maybe I test it during my next XP grind.

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    I really like how you guys are giving special recognition to the fans that made these.

    • We really wanted to give the proper attention to the fans creating these missions. They are taking the time to make these missions and deserve the credit! Keep them coming and perhaps you mission will be featured!

  • I love infamous but I have to honestly say that the UGC missions did absolutely nothing for this game. The only plus side to them was I had something to grind on to get enough xp for the rest of the skills I needed (you guys never put in enough xp for all the skills and grinding on enemies and stuff really doesn’t cut it because it takes way to long). They’re to hard to make and I don’t want to have to go onto youtube to learn how to make a level inside a game. Also the statistics aren’t that impressive. Considering this game has sold well over a million cause it beat infamous 1’s sales there have only been 50k missions made? That is not a lot at all and reflects how convoluted the mission creation system is. I mean I thought LBP was complicated but gosh. Not bashing here but I’m giving my genuine thoughts on the UGC missions. Instead of spending a lot putting UGC into infamous 2 you guys could have made more/better side missions, more story missions, and maybe more stuff to do once you beat the game. Sure you can do UGC after you beat the game but I honestly can’t say I enjoyed any of the UGC missions I played including the ones created by sucker punch. Just stick to single player story. You guys are good at it.

  • That’s a good-looking dog avatar. Is that a border collie?

    Anyway, UGC looks much improved since the first week of release. Now I’ll check it out again. Please make retro-story DLC for Cole. I refuse to accept that it’s over!!!

    • He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. His name is Scout, gives awesome high fives!

      Fans are starting to really understand the tools for UGC and we are starting to see some really amazing missions. We will continue to update the Sucker Punch Picks / Featured Missions in-game, so check them out.

  • corazndeleon1800

    man i want to get this game gonna have to finish the first so i know how it all starts in the second

  • corazndeleon1800


  • wish i could play these but my ps3 just ylod….*sigh* oh well i guess ill just HAVE to buy a new one :)

  • are you going to hire any of those people?

  • I finally decided to start working on another mission. It should give RetoSteveUK a run for his money :P

  • I’m absolutely blown away by these creations, especially the boss level.

    You want to know the truth? I didn’t even have a look at UGC, since I thought it was a useless addition to inFAMOUS 2. But now, after seeing what the community has to offer, I’ll jump into the game next time I’m free to try some of these levels out.

    Oh, and you guys did an awesome job with adding the “online queing” on the website. This is a great addition which I was surprised by when I just clicked the link provided in this blog post.

    I rarely post on Blog posts, but I commented here because I wanted you guys at Sucker Punch to know that some of your fans (like me) loved UGC from this post. :)

    Keep up the free DLC and the improvements to UGC.

    • Thanks for the comments Shadow-Man_4!

      Some of the levels people are building in UGC are pretty amazing. I played a mission today where someone built a flying machine that you can pilot around New Marais! It just took some time for fans to understand the tools.

  • I still have not played inFamous 2 yet. I bought it D1, Hero Edition, and for some reason haven’t started it yet. I think I’ll start this weekend though after seeing some of these cool UGC.

  • They all look equally awesome. my only problem is the tutorials you guys did were a little on the short side. do you have any more in depth guides? Thanks sucker punch for making this awesome sequel to my favorite ps3 game until this one.

  • I hope that the quality of the UCG missions has been boosted exponentially. Will be setting sometime aside to try these missions out and maybe creating one of my own since I haven’t had much reason to play inFamous 2 after platinum’d it.

  • @aquastorm Go to your useless cross game voice chat and and stop bother us PS3 players with our great exclusive games like inFamous 2!

  • heres one of my rough draft for an epic battle for cole………………………….
    Cole Vs Alucard( hellsing) i’m making it the same way like the new OVA, hopefully it looks Chevere

  • @ aquastorm
    do you really want to annoy people that much by leaving profanity in there inbox after a game ? because that’s the only reason why people want it, to be a bunch of mindless jerks spitting bad language on someones inbox.

  • @Aquastorm uh… how is this relevant to the blog post?
    And you do know that the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in worldwide sales since its launch date right?

  • Can’t wait to try these out!

  • those are some amazing levels… time to return to inFamous 2

  • Wow. I thought my levels were good…

  • Actually, the first two for me weren’t fun.

  • Nice work everyone.

  • Wow, I really never knew about any of these levels if not for the recomendation. You guys shout do top 5 picks every month. I love the sky fort lvl the best, so intense on hard mode. Love this game sucker punch. I was so impressed with infamous and infamous 2, that i’ll now be picking up the sly collection. Now all I need is a ratchet and clank and jak and daxter collection and i’ll be pretty satisified hd collection wise.

  • damn they r so many.. n i have not even bought the game…. anyway.. the good thing is that i always buy new games for exclusives for their hard work…i don’t like to create though.. but i enjoy other peoples fruits…n recognize them thru text…. sucker punch… viva

  • @ “TheDragonmind” Beasty Mission

  • I hope every ignorant idiot PS3 owner buys this Fantastic Game.

  • @alok893
    Shut up if you’re xbox owner don’t say that PS3 owners are idiots noob

  • I’ve started about 10 UGC missions but didn’t finish them because they weren’t fun. The problem is the ones I’ve played have been too hard, and you start and you get killed in seconds. It makes you realise how much thought has gone into the official missions. But give it time and I’m I sure there will be some gems like with LittleBigPlanet.

  • Colin & Scout: I just finished playing the UGC that I put in my queue, having learned I could have a queue from this blog & your links. Pretty good. Especially the stealth one.

    In case somebody felt overwhelmed by the choices–like me– you can further filter your search (on the Sucker Punch website) by using the attribute words on the left. I always like stealth so I chose that & the level was just as good as some of the official side missions, except for lack of voicing.

    In theory, UGC could extend a game’s playability practically forever. I’m going to search for more UGC missions.
    Love, love, love!

  • @43, VenomUK, about finding the UGC too hard, a couple advice points from an average gamer:

    1. I am roughly 2/3rd through the main game & I’ve played every side mission along the way, except those that are locked out by my kharma choice, so I have unlocked most of Cole’s powers so that really helps.

    2. Filter your search to play to your interests. And, my guess is that the highest rated UGC are also probably the hardest, & crazy combat heavy so maybe start with 3 star ones, which did not seem hard to me.

  • @Bioswat96
    I’m only a Playstation 1,2 and 3 owner and soon to be a PS vita owner moron but many millions of PS3 owners have still not bought this Fantastic Game.

  • woaw!!!
    nd i fought dat play,create nd share wouldnt suit infamous 2, probably becoz mozt of da genre’z dat uze it are childish, but 2 see it being uzed in a game lyke diz, itz juzt EPIC!!! xDD

  • Anybody know how long it takes to beat the core game in one playthrough, without any of the user created side missions? the 1st took me about 15- 20 hrs to beat it in one playthrough. if any one could tell me, it would help on whether or not i get the 2nd, (not a fan of any type of online for games like this, or just online in general). answer would be appreciated either on this post or over ps3

  • i cant find them in the website

  • These are awesome

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