New Reverse Tracks Come to Sodium 2 + PlayStation Home Weekly Update

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New Reverse Tracks Come to Sodium 2 + PlayStation Home Weekly Update

A public service announcement from Lockwood Publishing: Sodium 2 has seen its 3 millionth race! This means that Sodium 2 players have collectively traveled more than 75% of the way from the Earth to the Sun. In recognition of this amazing achievement, Lockwood Publishing is unlocking new Reverse Mode tracks in Sodium 2 this week. Head to the Sodium 2 launch grid on Thursday, July 28th to tear it up on your new tracks!

You may have seen the teaser posters placed throughout PlayStation Home that show a variety of mech silhouettes. This Thursday, these incredibly awesome MechJet costumes will finally be available from the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall. These are seriously some of the most impressive costumes to ever be released in PlayStation Home. Watch this trailer and then tell us what you think in the comments section.

Days may be blazing in the Sodium Desert, but nights can be brutally cold. The latest range of Sodium Desert Nights Track Gear addresses the problem of what to wear to Scorpio’s after the sun goes down. Pick up this future-blasted utility wear this Thursday from the Sodium Store. And while you are there, be sure to scoop up the latest additions to Lockwood Publishing’s Fool Throttle line!

Sodium 2: Desert Nights MaleSodium 2: Desert Nights female

This week sees the PlayStation Home Mall receiving an enormous update with new items from some of the most popular publishers on the PlayStation Home platform. Check out the latest edition of our long-running PlayStation Home Virtual Item Showcase for a sneak peek at some of the coolest clothing, furniture, and costumes that will be hitting the shelves this week.

If you head to the PlayStation Store this week you’ll see that we’ve bundled up a load of content and created a starter pack. Kick start your PlayStation Home collection by picking up this convenient pack, which includes $24 worth of content (including community favorites like the Lakeside Log Cabin and the Mysterious Doll active item) for a low price of $4.99!

PlayStation Home Starter Pack 2

You wanted more Billabong clothing? You got it! This week sees an update specially crafted for all the ladies in the PlayStation Home community. Here’s a preview of some of the new Billabong clothing items available this week in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Billa Bong: Rio Mio SkirtBilla Bong: Lovelorn Dress

Billa Bong: Langon DressBilla Bong: Channing Dress

Want to be the center of attention? Want to make everyone do a double take? Then show off your crazy side with the “must-be-seen-to-be-believed” Chaos Clothing line from Hellfire Games. Be the life of any party or dazzle friends and foes alike with animated pandemonium – available this Thursday in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Chaos: Fem Frems

If you haven’t heard yet, Dead Island will be invading PlayStation Home in the very near future. Check out this article on Kotaku for screenshots and be sure to keep your eyes glued to this Blog for more info as we get closer to the launch of this special event.

The PlayStation Home Community Theater will be updated this week with new videos. Log in this Thursday to catch the latest episode of Platinum’d. Afterwards, watch as HomeCast Rewind takes a look at the recently-released UFC content in PlayStation Home and the new Bonk personal space. Replay with Doc also returns with an interview with the ArMy-oF-BeAsTs clan while UFREQtv brings us several interviews from the E3 show floor – including a chat with a member of the PlayStation Home team that his known for his bright hair. Finally, SOCAST covers the latest SOCOM 4 update.

Don’t forget to come out to the PlayStation Home Theater this weekend for our live stream test of the EVO 2011 world championship. Attendees will receive a line of exclusive PlayStation Home/EVO virtual items: Visitors on Friday will receive a limited edition EVO t-shirt for their PlayStation Home avatar; on Saturday players will be rewarded with a special fighting stick companion item; and on Sunday all viewers will receive a replica of the EVO trophy for their PlayStation Home personal spaces.

See you in Home!

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  • Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk. lol

  • The virtual item showcase is much better guys! and I’m really glad that you are referring people for info in things to the forums, by the look of this weeks posts there are a lot of people who belong there! the furniture looks great, I hope there will be some japanese furnishings in the future for my beautiful japanese apartment!(HINT,HINT!) really excited about tomorrows publish!

  • Being a participant in Home ever since closed beta in 2008, it’s been disheartening to see how this has become nothing but a money pit for $ony since then. Comment after comment goes ignored by $ony all the time. Their arrogance never ceases to amaze me.

    Considering they knew how their network security was substandard (more like nonexistent), it’s no surprise that they got attacked several times. But the real kicker is that they did nothing to protect our personal info when they had known. Heck, during the outage they downright lied to all of us paying customers several times.

  • And remember people, the network is NOT free!! Where do you think all the money $ony gets from royalties on games goes to? All the sales on Home here? The money from ads, from just everything. Heck, on one of their servers that got hacked by LulzSec, our passwords were NON-ENCRYPTED, not even hashed. Just plain as day like this text here.

    When are they going to start listening to us? Take cross-game chat for example. Why does Vita get it, but yet PS3 customers (the ones who have been asking for it) don’t? This can only last so long before many of us jump ship… So Sony! Wake up, start listening to your paying customers, and treat them as you should, like the lifeblood of any company. Without us, you’ll lose.

  • That’s good Home is adding new stuff…now if only I could figure out if the Home I have has a bug cuz it keeps disconnecting and freezing me almost constantly. I can play other stuff online just fine but PS Home has some serious issues. Honestly, I’m getting pretty tired of it. That fact that I’m spending more time going back into Home each time than actually playing it is kinda sad.

  • Just got into Home and looking forward to watching EVO. Also very cool MechJet costumes, might pick one up.

  • @HoIlyWoodCeIeb you wrote :

    Erickafollie the managers have read every single post you ever wrote”THEY HAVE EVEN REPLIED………………..LOL REALLY ? why dont you check how many times have my comments been replied before you take it upon yourself to act like the spokeman you not .

    @HoIlyWoodCeIeb you wrote :

    1 thing is to suggest ideas, but to complaint or demand something is much different……..well i got news for you buddy, is all about SUPPLY AND DEMAND without this, there wont be any business done in HOME, or else why are there updates with new virtual items to buy every single week and yes, noone forces me, or the millions of members to spend any money but for your information thats the NATURE OF BUSINESS, THERE CANT BE 1 WITHOUT THE OTHER .

    @HoIlyWoodCeIeb you wrote :

    They gladly forward all of YOUR ANNOYING COMPLAINTS and i respect how they stay proffessional and havent FLIPPED OUT ON YOU YET……IM GLAD they forward all of my ANNOYING COMPLAINTS and i dont think they have a reason to FLIPPED OUT ON ME, im not calling anybody names , or swearing, so thank you for translating , Good Night .

  • These new Meck Iron fusion suits are Great! they look amazing and have pretty cool animation actions to boot. I have a feeling theres more to them than meets the eye…. AUTOBOTS TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!

  • Man the lack of anything in Home for Comic Con was disappointing. Especially since Sony had such a big presence at Comic Con. I would buy a Helicarrier Shield Home Space in a minute , also Avengers Suits and Shield Uniforms….Please take my money… that is all. Thor / Asgard space would be sweet too.

  • Always good home updates. Some PS+ discount love plz…. ;)

  • Wow…The Mech item looks so epic!!! I might just go back to Playstation Home for that outfit.

  • Hey lol atleast I’m happy with what I have, instead of you who are unhappy with what you have in some freakin beta. I spent more than $2000 lol but do I constantly complain about what I DONT have? No, because im not some spoiled brat. BETA BETA you fool. do u even know what a beta is? And to that guy, cross game voice chat. SO what? PSP wil have it. PS4 has it. XBOX has it… who cares. Im playing call of duty, as you play Sonic Classics., you think I want to hear about your sonic spins while im busy arguing with some fool on black ops? no I would call them or just text ngry messages about how I am not playing sonic and to shut up. PSHome is free, if you pay to buy things, that is your own problem. Dont spend money, then complain that you spent money. you need a doctor to tell you how messed up you are. its a gme, and home is a virtual gaming network, meaing, socialize and play games with friends. not complain cus u cant have 4 active items in some apartment. if you cant handle a beta then get the F*** out until its full version

  • Its lovely seeing some more Billabong clothes coming, I really liked the recent collection they brought to us so look forward to seeing this weeks items.
    Keep up the good work :)

  • waiting for dead island – I already have the game reserved at gamestop. then I’ll be that much more behind on my other games

  • mechjets very nice

  • Thats making me really mad,almost a month u have been holding off this Casino,and yet u have time to put in other things O.o makes no sense,next time u say u are going to do something please do it,thats all i ask,this isnt the first run in.

  • @HoIlyWoodCeIeb


  • @ ericka and hollywood. please dont type in captial leters. You can ban from t he blog for it. its verus the rules.. just letting you know. not trying to see you two guys get tossed and think someone reported you. Keep the conversation going but please use lower case not just all caps. yelling at one another is deemd offensive..

    vp-psn legioniarre group

  • im not much concerned for the Alien Casino being released. thats not to say im not goin to like it, as im sure its gonna be a cool little minigame.

    although i would like know if any of the other original spaces have any upcomming updates. because for almost a year since i have been logging into Home, i have noticed that at least one of the spaces that i know of still has a specific area that says “coming soon.” … just wanting to know out of curiosity.

  • @ mcbuttz78

    ooops my bad, thank you for the letting me know , i certainly dont want to be ban over something like that and from now on i wont type with capital letters. : )

    Thank you again …..

  • Hey guys, wow, this week’s costumes are sick! Thanks PlayStation Home! I mean seriously, but does anyone know where I can get the shoes that change color? If one of you guys could answer, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • I still really don’t see the value in Home besides a marketing talking point for the execs, pointing out that “we too have virtual avatars”. I’ve visited it a bunch of times and it’s nothing more than a novelty and digital hangout. Now if you let us use our Home avatars in certain games, that would be progress!

  • Looks interesting and a lot of content this week. Looking forward to it!

    I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of those mechas on Home… at least it’ll be more than back flips this time. Hehe.

  • Holy schnikes. There were so many great items made available, today.

    I’m especially pleased with the recent Billabling clothing. That preview for the Lovelorn (black) dress doesn’t do the actual product justice; I was sure I wouldn’t find it flattering on my avatar — boy, was I wrong.

    I’m curious why Street Fighter and Tekken comprise the featured items in the Central Plaza kiosk. Are these categories/items to be removed from the stores?

  • I think it would be great if you put out more bundle packs like the log cabin and clock tower packages, or update the real estate pack to newer spaces, real estate 2?

  • Dear God…that bot suit is awesome as hell.I need it.

  • Ohlawd. My bad.

    Ignore the last part of my previous comment (if you haven’t already). I failed to make the connection to the EVO event. I don’t have enough palms nor enough faces for this.


  • I think im in love with these new items. Finally some new stuff for PSHOME <3 Thank you so much and i can't wait to see what awaits us in the near future.

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