Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation DLC Hits Tonight, Get Domination Tips

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation DLC Hits Tonight, Get Domination Tips

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3 (Zombies: Shangri La)

Annihilation — the third pack of DLC maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops – comes to the PlayStation 3 late tonight after 2am Pacific Time. The DLC offers four new multiplayer arenas and a new jungle-based Zombies survival experience in Shangri-Li. In celebration of the big release, developer Treyarch has deemed that the double XP will flow all weekend long. I’ll be hosting a gameplay session this Friday night to soak some of that up myself, and my favorite game type is Domination. Truth be told, I’m not that good a shot, so objective-based modes like this one let me help the team and keep leveing up even if I’m nowhere near the top of the K/D ratios.

In that spirit, I wanted to offer some tips for the four new maps. I don’t know if we’ll meet up on the same team or on opposite sides of a red dot sight, but I’m willing to take that risk in the name of having fun…

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3

Drive In

I like this map a lot. Snipers perched in the projection room and in the screen will no doubt trade fire over the B flag in the middle of the map, but that also makes them susceptible to backstabs and grenades while they’re preoccupied. If you sneak up behind them, beware their defensive claymores. If you prefer to play defensively yourself, the box office near A is often underutilized as a hiding spot; you’ve got a good view of the flag and the most popular paths for advancing troops, so don’t be afraid to crouch in the ticket booth and guard your flag. Since all three flags fall in a line (more or less), consider Napalm Strike as a killstreak reward; if you drop a bit of linear fire, you can often shut down A & B or B & C and force the opponents to the edges of the map. Oh, and while you’re off to the left side, stop in the arcade and check out the pinball machines for a nice in-joke.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3


This golf course is a sniper’s dream – the gazebo over A and the bridge near C give you clear lines of sight all the way down the fairway. As a result, expect B to be a nightmare to capture, especially since it’s easily attacked from the left or the right side as well. Gas grenades are great defensively at B, so consider a loadout with Tactical Mask to counteract that if you’re trying to capture. Personally, I prefer to try to control A and C and wait it out; sneak a claymore in near the chess table at C to help conceal it, and use the shadows at A to your advantage on defense.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3

Hangar 18

This level’s flags are spread out in a wide triangle pattern, with the B flag directly under the nose of the SR-71 Blackbird. B is particularly hard to capture because it’s so exposed and can be protected by long-range fire – there’s a building directly above on the A side that’s perfect for someone with a sniper or assault rifle, not to mention the tarped shipping crates that provide both height and cover for guards. But while everybody’s paying attention to the nose of the plane, don’t neglect its engines – flanking from the hangar itself (especially if you lead with a flashbang or concussion) is usually quite effective.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack for PS3


Silo can be overwhelming, as there are many blind corners and unusual pieces of cover – those cement cylinders, for instance. There’s a fair amount of verticality to the map; it doesn’t immediately look like Kowloon, but with several ladders, staircases, and scaffoldings to climb, it kind of plays like its Russian cousin. Plus, its highs are very high, giving snipers excellent views of B. However, A and C are less open from the most popular sniper perches – each has a tall wall between it and the middle of the map – so load up with shotguns and SMGs and storm them. The best team balance I’ve seen for Domination is two dedicated snipers and four roamers/cappers, working together. You really need teamwork on this one to be effective.

Above all, regardless of what map you play, use your voice! Most Domination games can be aided by simple status reports – every player can act as a scout. If three people took you out at A, say “Three at A” to prepare anybody else on your team. Simple, direct intel like that is always appreciated by teammates who want to work together.

Enjoy the new maps, enjoy this weekend’s double XP, and jump in for my Friday night session if you can; my PSN ID is OneOfSwords.

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  • Why is the DLC taking so long to come out? it would usually be 12 or 1 am est when a DLC comes out

  • You should start offering the ability to purchase the Zombies maps separately. Some people enjoy just playing Zombies and want to try some new maps, but don’t feel like spending $15 just to use the Zombies map. I think it would be wise to cater to both audiences, competitive and co-op.

    You’re charging $15 for five maps, right? That comes out to exactly $3 per map. I’m pretty sure you could sell quite a few Zombies maps for $3 each.

  • why diffident u guys do what u did last time and let us buy it the day before that was cool

  • i would be taking Dans advice and getting some sleep but i want to see some comments

  • I also heard that BF3 gonna slot better then MW3 since the guys left who that brought the series back are gone cause before COD4 I never of the series

  • @Dam Amrich: Some minor fixes true but the major fixes like hit detection and better quality connection from their servers hasn’t been fixed (Note: I personally and many others have commented on their forums about those issues and yet to see a fix) [On their last patch what they do, security updates, and we where like What!!??]

  • ya alot of people expect MW3 and BF3 to compete in witch is better i think they will both games worth getting

  • Yes, more dlc for 15 bucks. So I buy the game for 60 and spend 45 to play online. If I don’t have the map pack, then it takes forever to find a match. No thanks

    • DLC is optional, and you can still play online without it. I played the other night with people who had none of the DLC packs, and we had a blast.

  • vancouver BC i dont know how to use that time zone shinanagins


  • i hope Dan gets some sleep I wouldn’t want to be up all night answering comments or questions that get asked over and over :)

  • Here, we will make this whole “what time is it in my house if it’s 2am in California” thing easier — with the internet!

    Hope that’s helpful. You still have to know where you live, though. :)

  • May bad I was saying that BF3 gonna be better then MW3 from what I’m hearing since the guys that brought to the mainstream are gone. Plus graphics look sick still have my MW3 order. Just hoping it’s decent

    • Oh! Well, time will tell — but 2/3 of the people who made MW3 are still at Infinity Ward, and they got world-class folks to jump in and help out. So I’d still check out both games and see what you think — they’ll likely both be very high quality.

  • overall i hope everyone gets a kick out of the map pack and has a good double xp wknd and dont forget zombies!

  • I think you should let them out now. i get the eastern and pacific thing with the times and wanting to play with your friends all at the same time but honestly its not far to me on the eastern time! the last 2 map packs came out ealier than 5… one came out a day b4 and the other one at like 1ish i think, im kinda disapointed. really thought you guys would try to please us alittle more after a month of no online and the face Xbox gets the maps a month earlier. I think i might go get an Xbox forget Ps3… its like you get free online but id rather pay to play and play with better people and get the stuff fast.

  • What about the giveaway Dan?

  • Hey Dan, when escalation came out im pretty sure it was available at midnight but how come this ones later?

    • Good Q for Sony. It’s their store! :) But surely there’s some benefit — like I said before, maybe it’s just that it’s the lowest time for traffic and therefore the fewest number of people will be inconvenienced if they have to take the store offline or something? Just my guess.

  • its 12:18 here in texas about wat time will we get it

  • Any idea as to leveling up in Zombies?

  • i dont care wht time it comes out i just cant wait to get it it seems like a diffrent but fun map pack and side i never go to sleep so im cool

  • So wait, when does double XP begin? Is it on friday as usual or as soon as new DLC comes out (2am Pacific)?

  • what time does the new DLC come out for central time

  • ya i dont know if thats a rumor or legit leveling up in zombies

  • I’m still playing MW2 :)

  • Hey Dan, any idea if we will ever see the classic zombie maps that came with the hardened or prestige editions of Black Ops?

    • Still wondering that myself. I have asked but did not get a straight answer. Kinda still hoping if only because so many people have asked about it — I would love for the answer to be “yes” after all that time, but I don’t know.

  • i played mw2 for awhile then i just got back to black ops because of the dlc there is something about it thats fun like wager match tomahawks cod points gold guns its like a never ending game

  • I was hoping to hold out for a bundle offering all 3 DLC’s down the road, but I forsee myself caving at 2am pacific LOL, especially since I have the money waiting in my PS store wallet. Have you guys ever though about bundling 2 DLC’s where customer can pick the DLC’s their missing?

  • How does Microsoft X-Box 360 have earlier advantage when we all Know that PS3 rules in the online and graphics genre.

  • I have a question and sorry for my ignorance but… why the 360 always get this stuff before us?

  • These people complaining about what time the dlc hits are funny and guessing they don’t own 360s. DLC on XBL usually hit around 5am EST but could come as late as 12pm EST. I also agree with Dan, they wait to release DLCs when traffic is slower, it just makes sense. It’s easier to deal with any unforeseen problems on a light server.

    Why complain about what time will it hit, when PS3 owners already waited a month for it? What’s another few hours really?

  • Call of Duty Black Ops was $60.00 + 3 map packs X $15.00 = $105.00 . To think a couple of years ago all the maps would have been in the first release for $60.00 . Half the time people are cheating w/ handicaps. The other half they are unplugging their ethernet cables, to stop everyone from playing. Now, You want me to buy in to another map pack. This is getting a little expensive. Fix the cheating and maybe a discount for PS Plus users. Then I might buy this one… Who am I kidding. I’m addicted!

  • and yes dan i mean sent sent to my twitter personally

    its korky0429 i your feeling oh so generous ;)

  • is there gona be a fourth map pack Dan??

  • Hi Dan, do you know when double XP is set to start? I am assuming its right when DLC is released but wanted to confirm. Also do you think there will be any bundling of the DLC’s for those who only got one and want the other 2 at a great price? Thanks in advance!

  • XBL bought it before playstation did bro

  • lol 4 Hours cant wait :D i waited for this like 1.5 months :D ! Finally :D

  • omg now i know what time it comes out lol i wuz waiting 4 2 hours 11 pm to 1am

  • Not sure why all the whining of OMG I WANT IT NAO! Geez, go to bed and it’ll be there when you wake up, fresh, bright-eyed and ready to kill.

    That’s what I’ll be doing! Thanks for the info, Dan!

  • will there be upcoming new maps after this DLC Pack for black ops or is this the last one ?

  • when a lot of people are downloading it will it make take longer 2 download

  • Yea im on midnite shift they be waiting when i get home!

  • Hey Dan just read all of your posts thank you for your patience with all of this. hahaha

    Also I have been trying to look it up, but do you know who followed West and Zampella to Re-spawn Entertainment?

  • So if I change my time zone on my ps3. Will I beable to download it sooner? lol

  • Hey, im in wisconsin… And here its 1:27 am and i was jus curious if anyone on here would happen to know when the new DLC will be available here?

  • Yea that sucks, I stayed up till twelve thinking it was gonna come out and now i gotta wait till two. Well atleast they didnt move it to a different day.

  • And im talking bout the new DLC for black ops…

  • @ Dan Amrich i am interested in codes too :) I would appreciate it greatly if you sent me a code personally! ^_^. Also is Sony making any deals with other company’s similar to Microsoft and Call Of Duty?

  • what time does it come out in central

  • Lots of people asking what time 2am Pacific Time, will be their time. Just wondering if you guys have heard of google. It is actually pretty genius and can answer about any question you have. Just saying! haha. Oh, and by the way, I live in Illinois….So I have to wait till 4 a.m. So suck it up lol

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