PlayStation Plus Update: Limbo $11.99, 4 New Free Games Announced for August

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PlayStation Plus Update: Limbo $11.99, 4 New Free Games Announced for August

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Summer is just starting to sizzle, and we have some amazing content offers coming to PlayStation Plus that will keep you gaming all through the hottest season of the year. Before we get to the offers available starting July 26th and August 2nd, we are thrilled to let you know that the critically-acclaimed title Limbo is now available for $11.99 (a 20% discount) to all PlayStation Plus members, until August 1st.

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You may also notice a change in the look of the Plus category on PlayStation Store. We’ve updated the design to make it easier for members to navigate through the 100+ offers available, and grouped everything together in a way to easily identify what’s being offered. Here’s a rundown on what you’ll see on PlayStation Store’s Plus page:

New Releases: Find the weekly Tuesday updates for PlayStation Plus. We’ll still feature the bigger bi-weekly offers which will cover the monthly free games, along with discounts and exclusives, and there will continue to be smaller updates throughout the month.

Last Chance: You should snag these offers quick, as they’ll end the upcoming Tuesday.

Games: Here you’ll find all the games offered in Plus, including the free games available for the month to PlayStation Plus users.

Reminder: Access to Free Games requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription; Games purchased in Plus Are Yours to keep.

Add-Ons: Find free and discounted add-ons in this category.

Reminder: Access to Free Add-Ons requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription; Add-Ons purchased in Plus are yours to keep

Themes and Avatars: Your one-stop shop for all custom themes and avatars, free and discounted, through PlayStation Plus.

Reminder: Any of these offers downloaded in PlayStation Plus are yours to keep

Full Game Trials: Play PlayStation Network High Definition Digital Games for an hour. These are the high valued (some $30 – $60) digital copies of the Blu-ray games available at retail stores you can download directly to your PS3 for free. Experience the full game with all features turned on such as: Multiplayer, Trophies, online and more. If you want more after the one-hour test drive, you can directly purchase from PlayStation Store the game afterwards and keep all your hard earned trophies and game data.

Reminder: All downloaded Full Game Trials in PlayStation Plus are yours to keep

Side Note: We’ve been hearing from PlayStation Plus subscribers that the yellow icons are difficult to read, so starting on August 2nd, you’ll notice a new, darker tone for those icons. Thanks for your feedback!

As always, check below for the highlighted offers, along with the full list that follows:

Free Games and DLC
As we mentioned in the headline, we have four free games lined up for you soon on PlayStation Plus. On August 2nd, subscribers can download PSN title Crash Commando, PSone title Destruction Derby, and minis Dr. Maybe and the Adventures of Scarygirl and Omg-Z! all for free. We also have the Funky Lab Rat: Challenge Bundle DLC coming to you for free on July 26th.

Huge Discounts
Starting July 26th two new $5 offers.
Sega Rally Online Arcade (One-week only). Also available, action-packed monster romp Eat Them!

Great Exclusives
Channel your inner futuristic super soldier in Section 8: Prejudice with access to an exclusive Prejudice Hunter Armor, available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Additionally, the first 1,000 PlayStation Plus subscribers to download Section 8: Prejudice will get a message sent to their XMB message box for the original game, Section 8, completely free! This offer will end on August 2nd.

We also have some new high-profile Full Game Trials coming your way, with the medieval fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins and the action packed open-world FPS Far Cry 2.

Thanks again, and be sure to check out our full list of PlayStation Plus deals below.

Here is the content list for July 26th and August 2nd:

Free PSN: Crash Commando, Aug 2
Free PS One: Destruction Derby, Aug 2
Free minis: Dr. Maybe and the Adventures of Scarygirl, Aug 2
OMG-Z!, Aug 2
Free DLC: Funky Lab Rat: Challenge Bundle, Jul 26
Free Exclusive In Game Item: Section 8: Prejudice Hunter Armor, Jul 26
Exclusive Discounts: SEGA Rally Online Arcade – 50% off, Jul 26 (One Week Only)
Eat Them – 50% off, Jul 26
One Epic Game Mini– New Release 50% off, Aug 2
Farm Frenzy Mini – 70% off, Aug 2
Full Game Trial: Dragon Age: Origins, Aug 2
Far Cry 2, Aug 2
Free Dynamic Theme: City Dynamic Theme, Aug 2
Exclusive Avatar Bundle: Super Street Fighter® IV (8-Bit) PSN Avatar Bundle (35), $2.99, Jul 26
Free Media: Qore, August Episode – Single Episode, August 2

Last Chance Items – Coming Down Soon

Free PSN: Bomberman Ultra, Ends Aug 2
Free PS One: Medievil, Ends Aug 2
Free minis: Alien Zombie Death Mini, Ends Aug 2
ME MONSTAR: Hear Me Roar, Ends Aug 2
Free DLC: Funky Lab Rat, Ends Aug 2
Exclusive Discounts: Limbo, Ends Aug 2
SEGA Rally Online Arcade, Ends Aug 2
Richochet HD, Ends Aug 2
MotorStorm Apocalypse Outlaw Vehicle Pack, Ends Aug 2nd
Free Exclusive Themes: Fresh Curves, Ends Jul 26
Fireplace Dynamic Theme, Ends Jul 26
Fish Tank Dynamic Theme, Ends Jul 26
Growing Garden Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 2
PlayStation Plus Clock Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 2
Free Media: Qore, July Episode – Single Episode, Ends August 2

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  • nothing for me until Christmas time.

  • @47 I know right, lol. That free month was a fluke haa..

  • Not sure what ya’ll are talking about, my free month goes until August 3rd.
    Love the Limbo discount, btw.

  • How much for Far Cry 2? 14.99?

  • Bah!!! El Shaddai’s been delayed until Aug. 16….well I guess that Borderlands bundle and PS+ renewal are my new buys for right now…

    BTW, thanks for keeping a PS+ news posting separate from the regular updates. My one wish, though, would be for the posting to contain tentative releases for a 3rd week release date, instead of the two currently posted. This way, we can plan our wallet funding wisely. Just a wish….be a genie?

  • @51 Well You Are In The Very Last Of The Last Batch That Held Out To To Sign Up For Plus Just Goes To Show August And September Will Be Better.

  • really? & its free?! I am sooo there… Im really njoying the Back 2 The Future bundle ya’ll had on sale 2 weeks ago. thankx Sony! ^^

  • Already got Crash Commando.. will probably download Destruction Derby as I have with all of the other PS1 games but like all of those – it will probably get neglected.

    Nothing for me in this update.

  • @54 &51 i got the free month of ps+ twice. i really dont know what happen tho. all i did is got it right from launch of the welcome back package. then later i decide to look at the package one last time before it was taking off the store. to make sure i got what i wanted for free before it goes away. then once i pull it up. it says that i still can get the free 30 month and so i took it. then the next hour. the welcome back package is gone. so basicly got 2 free months of ps+. mine too will expire on augest the 3rd too. but i got a feeling a great deal will happen after augest 3rd. + those games that wont be added till Aug 2nd. im going to be busy because if i want some free trophy. i better do them quick (lol). ps. i a trophy hoarder (keeping my comment G) but only offline trophy. the online ones i basiclly play the game with other people and hope i get them. without asking if i can kill them 30 times in one round or heal them 250 times. i prefer the long way of geting online trophy. (and in this case, the hard way)

  • @Grace Chen

    Summer started to sizzle, Got that right where i live we’ve been in excessive heat warnings from monday until tomorrow 1am centeral time. we’ve been having temperatures in the 90’s and it reached 117 today!

  • Crash Commando looks like a fun 2D multiplayer shooter. I check it out.

  • I have a question about the automatic download, Please could you take the time to give me an answer on this.
    With bandwidth caps being a serious issue here in Canada, I would like to know why your automatic download is an all or nothing option, Why do I have to accept demos and other stuff that I do not want for a service I am paying for. WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE A CORE AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD OPTION? Just system updates and updates for games that are installed on your ps3? This seems like a huge oversight on Sony’s part and makes that entire feature useless as you insist I download a huge amount of data I do not want.

    another note.

    Reminder: Access to Free Games requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription; Games purchased in Plus Are Yours to keep.

    So in truth these are “included game rentals”, I understand the marketing practices but it’s disengenuous.

    We’ll see if my investment in plus is worthwhile but I feel I deserve an answer to my question.

  • Can someone tell me how to use automatic download please?

    • This can be set up in the XMB under Settings –> System Settings. Should see it as the first option and you can set what time of day for your PS3 to grab the updates.

  • Hooray Crash Commando. Thanks for staying true to your word. Awesome update.

  • Does anyone here own Sega Rally? Any good?

  • If I see one more [DELETED] Mega man or Street Fighter avatar Im gonna go postal! WHERE ARE THE MATURE MANLY AVATARS: Mortal Kombat; Socom; Dead Space; COD; Battlefield! COME ON WITH IT!

  • Thanks for getting Crash Commando up there! Whining pays off, I guess. :P

  • Destruction Derby awesome, all it’s missing is the cheat to make the car go 999mph.

  • DA:O on PSN? Awesome. I hope it’s priced at $20-$30.
    I have it already but I may get this version of it.
    Do you guys foresee doing a bundle sale for DA:O similar to Borderlands? ^_^

  • Nice update, Sony! Thanks, I’ll be getting a lot of those! ;-)

  • Love the new look. Much easier to find the things that I want. Thanks for the update. Keep the free stuff coming. Enjoying Plus so much, I signed up for another year during the Birthday promotion. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next year !

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Can we discount Crash Commando DLC? So it’d be nice to get another option for it, a discount for its dlc. Thanks!

  • Mk avatar… I got one.

    It is true about the “game rentals” with plus. My concern is what is gonna happen to all my stuff when the PS4 comes out? I hope it continues to have support for the PSN. Like no support for PS2, so now the repackage it and sell the same game twice. It is unethical. How hard is it to make a add on (USB drive) to allow us all to play ps2 games. Take your HD remakes and shove it.

  • @63

    Yeah I bought Sega Rally day 1 and it’s alot of fun . Was worth what I paid for it so at a sale price is more than worth it .

  • Hey Aquastorm…. you post that every time…. no one cares. Sony has previously said that it cant be done.

    Plus, why would you want to talk to your friends who are playing a DIFFERENT game than you? Just call them, skype, tweet, facebook, chat room. It just doesnt make sense to me.

  • Did i miss the free movie rentals from the welcome back program or have they not happened yet?

  • Ah!!! Here you are Crash Commando :P

  • They had the movie rentals, it was Ghostbusters and the Final Fantasy movie. They had some other one but it was all blah. They were up for just one weekend. Very limited time.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Do I still get 3 months free if I sign up now?

    • I’m afraid the Birthday Bonus Months promotion with Plus is over; but still a great value any way you slice it.

  • Limbo is still overpriced.

    Already was burned by Braid.


  • @75 When has Sony ever came out and admitted that Cross Game Voice Chat isn’t possible on the PS3?

    The only statements they have ever made about it to my knowledge is that they are “looking into it”. They said that several years ago and people have been begging for it and asking for it ever since then and STILL no update from Sony on the matter.

    Whether or not this is a needed and wanted features isn’t up for debate. It is still the number one requested feature on PSN according to the PS.Blog.share section of this site.

  • @71 Cross game chat is dumb!

  • @Morgan Haro
    What time do PSN usually updates with the new games/discounts? Thanks in advance! :)

    • These usually hit every Tuesday afternoon along with the Store update. When the Store Updates happen, so do new Plus deals.

  • Wow, thanks for all of the hard work guys. I’ve been a fan of PlayStation since the beginning, and I’m not stopping now. ;-) My only request is Dino Crisis! I really want to try it out.

  • Hmmm when I used to play on Xboxlive the chat was rarely about the games, I only remember using it “correctly” in racing games to find out what positions my friends were. On PSN however once the game starts its go time.

  • I don’t think automatic downloads should be a PS Plus feature, it should be for everyone. That’s literally the only feature of PS Plus I can really say I consistently use, but I wouldn’t pay $50 for a year of just that.

  • Did PS+ change in relation to free DLC? I was under the impression, as I think many were/are, that you keep free DLC, themes, and avatars once PS+ expires, as well as any items purchased at a discount. Is that not/no longer the case?

    • The guidelines for content on PS Plus have always been the same. Free playable content like games, DLC, you’ll need a Plus subscription to access. Themes, Avatars, and discounted content purchased however, is yours to keep.

  • Speaking of hard to read stuff, how about an option to change the font color on the XMB (almost no dynamic theme is dark enough for the white text to be readable, and I’d love to use some of those), and also an option to turn off the glow so bad-sighted people can read better? An option to change letter and glow color independently would be even better. A bigger font option wouldn’t hurt.
    And before any “get glasses” comments, there are sight problems that only surgery and then alot of time can correct, thank you very much.

  • Will DLC for Crash Commando be discounted for Plus members?

  • Is there any chance that we can start having little “Pluses” by our avatars like they do on the European Blog?

    I’m sure it would raise awareness of Plus as people start seeing how many people are already members

  • @82

    cross game chat is not dumb

    i have both consoles and it’s a feature I also want on my PS3, not only because it’s a really useful feature, it’s because PS3 is my console of choice, same for my friends


    If Cross Game Chat is the main reason why Xbox is “kicking butt”, why is Sony selling more in Europe and Asia?

    I know many people want Cross Game Chat, but is it really that important that it would stop people from buying a console?

    Even if Sony can’t introduce Cross Game Chat, I would really like them to introduce better social and party functionality, but I’m not going to throw my PS3 in the sea and buy an Xbox just because people can chat to me from random games.

  • Limbo should have been 10$ from the start for everyone, or atleast discount should have chalked off 5$, its a year old game for God’s sake and its really short. No, I don’t care how great the game is, its too short and expensive for 1 year old game.

  • I don’t see the big deal about cross game chat or party systems.

    If I want to party up in a game, I go into the game and … party up.

    If I want to talk with some folks in a game, I do it in the game I’m playing. I can’t think of any reason I’d want to chat with someone while we’re not playing the same game and talking about what we’re doing in that game.

    They make phones for just chatting, you know.

  • Not much good stuff.
    They need better stuff in EU.

  • Can’t believe Ps3 is 5 years old soon and sony still has an incredible lack of Franchise avatars/themes?. Where is the demons Souls theme’s, avatars? Where is a god of war theme? Etc….. When is PSn getting some real updates?

  • @73 do some research, PS3 has been outselling 360 WW since 2008 and 2011 is no diffeent, PSN in sales has caught up to Xbox live in software sales. Research next time before spewing garbage.

    PSN is grossly behind live though, its the only reason XBOX is even being competitive at this point as Xbox surely has nothing in the way of exclusives left. Game lineup PS3 is destroying xbox. Sadly PSN keeps holding PS3 back.

  • Dragon Age full game trial! WOAH that might just be enough to get me into that franchise…but I would love to know how many GB its going to be.
    Good to know the sega collection has not been forgot about, I WAS wondering.

    That leads me to something else, I love the lay out of this post. Minus the lack of file sizes.

  • Will PLUS get a discount on Section 8: Prejiduce?

  • Oh and for all the CrossGameChat haters….

    Try a game outside of the FPS genre like maybe for instance…FallOut3, FallOut:NV, Oblivion, Skyrimm. Then after diving into these extensive ONE PLAYER titles tell me you don’t want to talk about it with 6 of your friends at once in cross game chat.

    Who would’nt want to brag about taking down a 30ft tall super mutant with a poison dart gun!!!

    Us not being able to talk is the same as if they removed the precious lil’ party chat that come with all the cookie cutter shooters that are out now’a’days.

    It makes people angry because it in effect the issue comes down to Sony and Devs arguing over who spends funds on the development of this feature, it should be mandatory in gaming today. There is nothing wrong with expecting this.

    Cross Game chat is for social people who play anti social games. I fail to see how the average FPSfans opinion matters just because they are tired of people asking for it. It has nothing to do with them…

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