The Drop: Week of July 18th 2011 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of July 18th 2011 New Releases

The Danish game developers that make up Playdead bring their monochromatic 2D side-scrolling puzzler Limbo to PSN this week. Its game mechanics thrive on “trial and death,” so expect to be treated to a gruesome untimely death after failing its addictive puzzles. Who knew saving your little sister could be such a burden?

Sega brings Captain America into the third dimension with Captain America: Super Soldier on PS3 in 3D. You play as Ben McCall in Ubisoft’s vision of the Wild West hunting down the Cartel in a lawless Los Angeles in Call of Juarez: The Cartel. PSone Japan imports return, and minis dishes out 10 unique digital titles for your PSP and PS3.

Quench your summer thirst with this week’s The Drop.


PlayStation 3

Call of Juarez: The Cartel — When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a U.S. law enforcement agency, the U.S. government puts together a special task force to bring them down. You can explore each character’s dedicated storyline, choosing to play as Ben McCall, a brutal LAPD cop and descendant of Ray McCall; Eddie Guerra, a DEA agent who gambles compulsively; or gangbanger-turned-FBI agent Kim Evans. As you fight to dismantle the Cartel and unfurl the mystery of the bombing, you’ll embark on an epic, bloody road trip from the streets of Los Angeles to Ciudad Juarez.

Captain America: Super Soldier — Captain America: Super Soldier combines an athletic combat system with fluid platforming and a finely tuned suite of shield attacks as Cap explores a massive castle that’s been converted into a military installation. His shield is a versatile weapon, capable of taking out multiple enemies at once, deflecting incoming fire back at enemies, solving puzzles, and helping Cap scale walls. As the world’s first super soldier, you’ll need every bit of that strength to overcome this playground for the Captain’s physical prowess.

PlayStation Network

Limbo — (Demo Available) Limbo is a monochromatic puzzle-platforming adventure that puts players in the role of a young boy traveling through a hostile world in an attempt to discover the fate of his sister.

Fast Draw Showdown — Do you think you’re the fastest gunslinger in the West? Let’s see how you fair in Fast Draw Showdown. Fight against the roughest thugs, cowboys and outlaws in this Western shootout!

Dead Block — (Demo Available) Dead Block focuses on innovative defensive gameplay in which the few remaining survivors, Jack Foster (a construction worker), Foxy Jones (a traffic warden), and Mike Bacon (a perpetually hungry boy scout) have formed an unlikely alliance to protect themselves from the invading undead. Hiding in various shelters around town, they avoid Zombies by building blockades, setting fiendish traps or – as a last resort – using their weapons to fight.

Baseball Stars 2 (Also on PSP) — Lace up your cleats and step onto the diamond with the pros of Baseball Stars 2. You’ll find everything you’d expect in a classic game of baseball, but with an arcade feel and intense action that distinguish it from the pack. Pick one of six unique teams from cities around the world, then get ready for nine innings of excitement, whether you’re taking on the computer in a 15-game tournament or squaring off against a friend.

The King of Fighters ‘95 (Also on PSP) — Choose from 26 different characters and let the brawling begin. Play the Normal mode and face a series of one-on-one fights. After beating all of the competition, you will learn of each character’s unique motivation for entering the King of Fighters tournament. In addition to the Normal mode, a Team Battle option has been included, where two teams of three of fighters compete against each other. You can choose from eight different teams or create your own with the team edit feature. No matter what mode you play, you must be aware of the last resort moves whenever a character is about to be defeated, he or she has access to huge fireball or massive hit combinations that can level the playing field in an instant.


  • Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar
  • Angry Birds
  • Athena
  • Guerilla Wars
  • Hal 21
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Marvin’s Maze
  • Ozma Wars
  • Sauke vs Commander
  • Vanguard


PlayStation Portable

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions — Originally released in 1997, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a portable update on the classic turn-based strategy game that gave birth to the world of Ivalice. New features include all-new CG sequences, all-new jobs, new 16:9 widescreen presentation, new head-to-head multiplayer and new storyline elements that refine the genesis of the Ivalice Alliance.

PSone Japan Import

Kyuiin — You play as a boy or a girl who flies around on a vacuum cleaner. You have a choice between four standard weapons: Vulcan, laser, homing and rapid shot. These can all be powered up three times by collecting flying orbs. Another vital part of your arsenal is your vacuum hose, which plays a very important part in the game. You can suck up certain types of enemies like birds, paper planes and angels.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Did they fix Angry Birds? I bought it when it came out and it ran like crap, I stopped playing it because it would chug and stutter and skip frames whenever I launched a bird. I couldn’t believe the publisher would release a game in that condition but everyone else seemed to accept it.

  • When are we getting WarHammer 40K kill team?

  • Whats is the difference between the Angry Birds releasing this week, and then one released months ago…also since the last one was pretty bugged, do people that bought the one months ago get this one for FREE? Please reply….

  • Just want to say… If the Final Fantasy Tactics finally being made available as a downloadable title means we can expect to also see FF7: Crisis Core soon, I guarantee I will purchase Crisis Core immediately as long as it costs less than $20!!!

    If not, I’m just glad to see any more PSP games made available on the PS Store. Last year, I had to replace my original PSP that I bought when it was first released in the U.K all those years ago because the analog nub was becoming a little unresponsive. I was so close to buying a PSPgo but was not convinced by the selection of downloadable games available (FF7: Crisis Core was the main one I wanted available) Because of my concerns, I eventually decided to get a PSP 3000 instead.

  • yay! limbo week also dead block.

    It could be cool if Ace Combat 2 or NFS: High Stakes come to the PSOne Classics X(

  • Hopefully either Angry Birds is fixed, or is like .49 cents.

    Also, Limbo is an insta-buy!

  • Man, I just wish they add Ape Escape PS One Classic anytime soon.

  • All I’m getting is the borderland bundle.

  • Hey Rey,

    How much is FF Tactics: War of the Lions going to cost? The PS1 version is currently running at $9.99. Will it run for the same price?

  • Tactic? SERIOUSLY! that took awhile to get here, anyway that pretty awesome anyway we can get a price on it? that right there just makes this update a 5/5 to me. Hopefully next week we get Crisis Core!

    Also wasnt Angry Birds already on the psn?

  • the only good game that they need to come out with is a jak and daxter hd collection for ps3

  • @62

    Yes, Angry Birds was already on PSN, but apparently there were problems with it. Extended pauses and apparently freezing if it was played on a PSP and you put the system in sleep mode. This Angry Birds is probably the same thing, but with the problems fixed.

  • LIMBO is an awesome game….. gets frustrating at times and is kinda sadistic but worth the money

    ***PROUD PS+ MEMBER***

  • How much is limbo! I am only going to get it if its not more than 10$.

  • LIMBO looks to be a visually stunning video game.

  • the anniversary editions of final fantasy 1 and 2 on the PSP, please. make it happen

  • i am still holding my cash for Final Fantasy VI , until then , i am not buying anything , where the hell is that game anyway? it has been out in the european PSN for ages and they give us the middle finger in the north american store.

  • Renting Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

    Limbo and Dead Block look pretty fun. Nice to see they both have demos!

  • does Limbo looks like braid? or not

  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

    Why is this a PSP only game or can we play it right on the PS3?

    I never had the chance to play this because I am not into hand held gaming but, I would love to play it on the console!!

  • Expecting Limbo´s for as much as $9.99. I can´t imagine paying more for an one year old game whose producers blatantly kept saying it would NEVER APPEAR ON THE PSN.

  • LIMBO is such an awesome game. Despite reviews Captain America is gonna be awesome cause C’mon, Cap IS a Bad A$$

  • Pumped for Limbo! War of the Lions was a great game, but would rather be able to play that version on PS3. Seems like a great week!

  • @71

    Getting the psp fft lions of war really makes no sense to me.. It has problems compared to the psone version that’s already been on psn for a long time, lag being a big problem that slows down the pace of every battle. Getting the classic release also get’s you a version for both ps3 and psp with one purchase. If there is a reason to get the other one, I don’t see it.

  • Finally War of the Lions hits PSN. This is the only remaining UMD I own. I’ve converted everything else to PSN versions. I have a Vita pre-ordered but was worried about WOTL. I have the PSone so I knew I’d have FFT one way or the other, but this is fantastic news and long overdue! Woot!

  • You should have released FFT: War of the Lions as a PS3/PSP game :( ….you know like Monster Hunter 3rd and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker coming soon… lol but oh well :)

  • Will KOF 2002 Unlimited ever be released on the PSN?
    I already have most, if not all of the KOF games on the PS2, would be nice to see something I don’t own for once.

  • FFT awesome! I’m really glad this went up as digital PSP titles will be playable on the PSV. Good stuff.

    ****random blurb not related to the article****
    Okami HD remake with Move support please!

  • im in shock !! Limbo !
    can’t hardly wait to try the demo
    ps: good job at SONY for bringing that game

  • Can’t wait for Limbo. And I’m glad to hear about Final Fantasy Tactics. I already own it in disc format, but I like seeing continued support of final fantasy titles for download.

  • Call of Juarez: The Cartel Looks pretty sweet to bad I’m broke:) might get Borderlands instead. It’s to freaken HOT to do anything else.

  • Look another psone game…. that isn’t The Legend of Dragoon. Why am I not surprised. So this must mean that it is coming out next week right, right, RIGHT!!! [DELETED] Playstation.

  • looking forward to Limbo…call of juarez is a deception…I loved bound in blood but this?

    @ robgnkc I have to agree 100% man Tomba was awesome.I loved that game.

  • ive played the demo of Limbo on Xbox and its fun for what it is. sorta like echo-chrome in the sense you have to solve logical puzzles but with objects and items. i cant really see myself playing Limbo from start to finish cause i feel it wont be exciting enough to keep my attention for more than an 30 minutes. and if it comes out for $9.99 its a for sure no go for me. if they release it for $5 im willing to buy it as a “check this crazy game out” when my friends come over.

    im actually waiting for that quick draw game, seem people play it on iPhone and was hoping it was coming to PS3. too bad i dont have a Move controller, wish they would have made it Sixaxis capable.

  • Isn’t the Uncharted dual pack supposed to be releasing this Friday (July 22nd)? All of the articles detailing it have stated that it comes out July 22nd but it’s nowhere to be found in any official capacity.

  • The inclusion of FFT almost makes this a good. update. ALMOST.

    Still no Legend of Dragoon? FAIL.

  • Thanks Square Enix I will be downloading Final Fantasy Tactics WoTL tomorrow on my PSP Go. Now keep them coming Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, and Parasite Eve II.

  • Snowywhitewolf94

    I was hoping for Parasite Eve 2 :( hopefully it will be soon.

  • i finally got around to playing Scott Pilgram and im wondering if PS Store can get the Simpsons game or the Michael Jackson game from way back when. i remember going to the arcade by my house, it was called Fun Factory, and playing co-op with who ever was there and having a blast. same thing goes with TNMT but when i played the demo to that i really wasnt impresses or maybe i was too sober. either way i hope we can get those games one day too

  • There’s a lot of people throwing around props to Limbo but today the hater in me has to hate because it is a terrible game. It gets all of its popularity from its art style and nothing about the game it self is good. Your prolly gunna pay fifteen bucks for all of 2 hours of gameplay at best.

    Whenever I ask someone what they liked about Limbo (because I didn’t think it was good at all) they always tell me “the spider”. It’s true there is a great first five minutes to the game. There is a spider boss (pretty much the only boss in the game) and its kind of neat the way it looks and plays. But beyond that the game doesn’t stretch very far. Nothing really changes until maybe the last few puzzles (which are good and well thought out but no spoilers). The art style does get boring. There is literally no background music and very limited sound. It does set a mood but the mood is sad and empty and that’s how you will feel 10 minutes into the game.


  • Continued..

    That’s probably why the majority of people who I ask that liked the game, have not actually beat it. They enjoyed the emotion it evoked but couldn’t bring themselves to complete it. The game becomes this terrible groundhog day puzzle game. You pretty much have to die 15 times to know what you have to do to complete the puzzle. Which to me is monotonous. When I play Portal I am not expected to die to see the piece of wall I need to shoot to move on. In fact there is a trophy for dieing less then 5 times the whole game. Its pretty much unattainable without a few playthroughs or a guide and even then its hard because there are platforming aspects in this game that rely souly on luck.

    The bottom line is if you play the demo and beat the spider. You have played the best part of this game and should really consider waiting for a deal at the least to purchase. Take caution and shop around some reviews because im not the only one who felt like this.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Horrible update.

  • eh just waiting for black ops map pack

  • I’m getting limbo for shure !

  • ZettaiZetsumei77

    So Final Fantasy VI has been out on the JP and EU PSN for ages now….and what do us US fans get?
    NOTHING. Freaking nothing.
    Not only that but even the Wii Store put it up a while back, THE FREAKING WII, NOBODY PLAYS THAT CRAP! Seriously, what’s the hold up Sony?

    I’m withholding my cash until you show us some FFVI love, and Parasite Eve 2 too, while you’re at it.

    -Pissed off Sony fan

  • I’m liking th look of ‘LIMBO’ a lot, can’t wait to try the Demo to see how it plays.

  • Still waiting patiently for Final Fantasy VI! :D

  • Anyone heard anything about the NA release of Chrono Cross as a PSone Classic? I read something that it showed up in the Japanese Store when they finally got PSN up and running over there…

  • congrats JAPAN!

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