UFC Undisputed Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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UFC Undisputed Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

One of the hardest-hitting game franchises of all time slams into PlayStation Home this Thursday, July 14th. Ahead of the release of UFC Undisputed 3, THQ is bringing you all the bare-knuckle action you can handle with the release of the UFC Octagon public space, complete with training games, trivia, and special rewards. Fighters and fight lovers alike can head over to the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up their very own UFC Undisputed personal space and choose from a wide range of UFC Undisputed virtual items – from posters that commemorate some of the most memorable matches in UFC history (such as Liddell vs. Jackson and Sylvia vs. Arlovski) to fight gear and assorted furniture. True MMA fanatics won’t waste a moment logging into PlayStation Home this week to get fists-on with this hot new content!

UFC Undisputed 3

Hudson releases their Bonk Living Space this week into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. Based upon the classic Bonk titles of yore, this highly-stylized personal space (and assorted clothing and furniture items) is a true must-have for PlayStation Home collectors and fans of this cartoonish caveman, known across the world for his tendency to headbutt each and every thing that dare cross his path. Pick yours up this Thursday from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall!

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives another update this week when HomeCast Rewind returns to cover the latest Aurora update and new Konami and LOOT items. Next up, PSTALENT.COM launches its third episode of The Spotlight where Director_On_Duty has tragedy befall him, and leaves us with a nail-biting cliffhanger. Finally, PSXextreme brings a little historical overview of the Call of Duty franchise and its long-standing impact on the gaming industry.

See you in Home!

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  • EU got alot more

  • @48 its still not for socom 4…its socom confrontation…and @50…im fully aware of that…what i trying to say is..the HOME DEVS should knock on those exclusive game devs doors and say..”hey we need to work on a space because it only makes sense to have one on HOME! – thats what i think they should do…instead of making all these personal spaces that till this day STILL CANT show any video or play music off our HDD..SMH >: /

  • I would like what in Halloween,again,put these costumes:
    locus_star please again :)

  • i wonder what kind of mini game they will have for UFC.

    im constantly trying to get my friends to utilize PS Home but they think its all a bunch of corny fluff and a huge waste of time. we all get together monthly to watch the UFC fights on my ps3, live streaming video, cant remember the site right now(i wanna say its p2p4u.com). hopefully these little games will open their minds up to all the other great things Home has to offer.

  • Best thing sony could do with home right now is replace Locust_star, Glasswalls and re the rest of their home team with people who are capable of making home what it should be, not the mess it is now.

  • I LOVE UFC!!!

  • Add me if your not a tard :)

  • truekiler1234567

    there’s a issue with the update.. i can not be able to follow my friends any where on psh because it said that the friend list is empty and it also show that my friends are not really my friends if that make any sense but please fix this issue today.

  • gran turismo public space

  • @55. I agree.

    I agree that Home is a mess. Every other home is much better than the US one. The UFC space has not let me do anything today becasue the server wont connect. Every week there is something to be angry about. New space has problems, sucky updates, last minute cancellations, and sucky rewards (like the pathetic welcome back package). And they always give excuses and maybe a few unsincere apologies. And thats all we, the players get. Nothing free. Excuses with unsincere apologies. And they expect people to be ok with it and buy their stuff. Some players, like me, are not fortunate to have money to spend. Of course they wont read this or any other complaint seriously.

  • truekiler1234567

    @60.. do they even know about the issue

  • Looks cool. If only it would let me in. Since today’s update, it won’t let me past the initial “Message of the Day” screen.

  • truekiler1234567

    @62. try to re set psh

  • when you going to fix it anyway, its annoying

  • The UFC is extremely buggy. I’d like to see it repaired, it’s a good space, but it doesn’t work very well. My scores don’t always count, the numbers for scoring are random, i went from 12 to 5 to 111 in one round of pull ups. And sometimes the correct arrows even get counted wrong. It’s pretty bad.

  • I am hoping that they do know about the issue. You can’t even use the equipment in the personal space. I wonder why this wasn’t tested before individuals spent money on it? Maybe it was and the glitch just slipped in somehow. Odd.

  • thanks for bringing back the infamous stuff. and another thing the ufc place is cool but that going 2 be a lame fam hotspot on home lmao. mic up

  • k y’no what i gotta hand it to you, you finally got a great apartment for the u.k a pool and everything the only problems are a few bugs here and there and a pool you can’t get into for once the u.k would like an epic apartment with a pool you can get into without getting server errors left right and centre i just lost 30,000 points on the ufc apartment please fix these and when can the u.k actually get new clubs the u.k get nothing and the U.S get everything please reply

  • when will the gift machine be up and working? where can I buy a hot tub? can u please fix the fishing game in my waterfall terrace spot.

  • Why isn’t my UFC personal space not working. $4.99 and can’t use it, c’mon SONY………

  • How about more slots for blocking rude, ignorant, perverts and stupid people. I’d love that.

  • Hey Locust_star will Playstion Plus members in the USA get exclusive playstation home items like PlayStation®Plus Golden Halo (Male)? Thank you :)

  • Okay, Hold up, Hold the phone, hold everything! AM I the only one who gets server errors when attemptiong to play the UFC Mini games, I get kSever error and that I can’t connect to the server. What’s going on? I would like to play the Mini games and earn awards!

  • christian3167474 (that’s gotta be hard to pronounce!), you’re waaay ahead of me! I can’t even find a UFC *logo*, never mind a mini-game! I posted here back on the 13th BEGGING for information on finding the UFC area, but I just got a bagful of silence, so you’re way ahead of the game. I’d like to put a flying scissor hook on the product manager who decided to hide the danged thing, as well as the writer of this blog entry who didn’t specify where to look for it. Besides asking here, I don’t know what else I can do…my shoes are tied. (sad face)


  • Well it seems to me that no one from SONY reads these blogs, let alone Playstation Home Mangement team members. Get ur heads out of your “bleeeeeep” and help the users who keep this PSN alive. Without “US” there would be no PS home.

  • Clearly the writer of this blog entry (“Locust_Star”) is reading these comments, so that rude invective was uncalled for, FLooZY_69. And I can tell you from experience that people in customer support positions are less inclined to pass on the comments of users who swear, threaten, or are otherwise ill-mannered, so you’re not doing yourself any favors. Be glad anyone is speaking with us at all because at most large corporations NO ONE does!

  • about time they let me post. i’ve been on home for 47 days 2day and i’ve spent a good $350 in that lil amout of time so i feel my lil post should count for something, all i want to know is when will winter villa be ready? will we ever be able to put more than 2 active items in homes? and when will waterfall be fixed? i will not purchase until i read about a fix!!! this post is to old for a reply but please consider

  • Hey im not one to complain but The UFC space is really annoying me i spend 20-30mins trying to get 10,000 points i already own all female items (im a male) & its annoying because i cannot get any male items I have all female stuff and NO male stuff I have a few friends with the same annoying problem & they have given up on the UFC space i am willing to keep trying but is there anyway you can change the timing so it stays on the item for longer make it a little bit easyier even if its 1second longer thanks bulldogy332

  • wat is up with these ERROR messages on the UFC place!! Please fix this im having a hard time with this!!! besides that when it was working for me i was doing good!!! Thank u, have fun on home!!

  • No offence to the people from the US but all i hear is complainst when you all get everything i mean have you seen the U.k stores it is pure empty and all you hear is that you want more if we had half the things you got we would be grateful

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