PSN to Invest $20 Million in Exclusive Game Portfolio

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PSN to Invest $20 Million in Exclusive Game Portfolio

We continually strive to make PlayStation Network the most innovative console game and entertainment service and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce a three-year, $20 million dollar investment plan to develop PSN exclusive games. Our line of PSN exclusives has had great success with titles such as Joe Danger, Critter Crunch, Flower and the PixelJunk series, and we’re excited to add new and different game experiences to this portfolio of games that can’t be found on any other game console. This investment includes support across both our own network of first-party studios as well as for the Pub Fund, which was first introduced at GDC in 2009.


So what does this mean for you as a gamer? It means more unique, fun, innovative, edgy and higher quality game experiences on PSN that you won’t find anywhere else! We are excited for the upcoming PSN exclusive titles that are part of this three-year plan, including Eufloria, Okabu, and Papo & Yo, which recently received several accolades at E3, including Best Puzzle Game by both IGN and GamePro. Under this investment, we’re committed to delivering titles that have innovative gameplay mechanics, vibrant visuals, interesting storylines and an artistic element to interactive entertainment that can only be found on PlayStation Network.

Papo & Yo

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for more exciting announcements around the PSN exclusive games portfolio soon!

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  • This is great, but I still wish you would come with a great game related update. Also optimize the xmb

  • This is always a good thing. At least Sony is willing to take a chance with smaller devs that strive for innovation. I put my hat into this decision.

  • Release Cave Story, and I will buy it for the FOURTH time. It’s that good.

  • optimizing xmb, launching more retail games and exclusive ones would be great for anyone who has a playstation and uses ps store for buying stuff to play

  • Awesome news PSN!!!!!!!! I love every bit of an indie game, cause they tend to be so intimal and unique, Papo y yo and Journey are both must have for me, keep’em coming!!

  • Does this include Vita or just PS3 downloadable games? I so would like to see some cool new IPs on the Vita so I hope the Vita gets exclusives too.

  • This is a great idea, and this is one of the reasons for me to love the PlayStation Network, since it launched there have been a lot of great PSN exclusives, I remember how much fun I had with games like Super Stardust, Fat Princess, Everyday Shooter, and all of the PixelJunk games. That game Papo & Yo is looking great, I have read some things that inspired the creator of this game and it seems really interesting.

    I hope that this continues for the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4 whenever it gets released.

  • Good move sony. I like seeing that they’re really putting in effort to be better than the 360. Though I wish they would invest some money into cross gaming chat. It’s like they don’t realize that they would have a lot more players if they had it.

  • Moar rich chocolate PixelJunk, plz!

  • this is a very good thing, lets hope that your investment translates in good games :)

  • @iDeKlein17, agreed. lol

  • Sony you realyyyyyyyyy need to upgrade ROAD RASH and bring it back. that game was AMAZINGGLYYY addictive. i will pay full price for that game again. miss that good oh memory on sega.

  • So a bunch of indie stuff?

    Yet Torchlight just blows right by us now…Sorry but 9 out of 10 time these kinds of games are worthless. Fun for 10 minutes then its over. Or they got online that is dead in days or weeks pending microing.

    Also how many others of these “exclusives” are going to be Steam like Eufloria?

  • Now this is good news.

  • Could Sony use the money from the pub fund to have possibly a cross game chat team bet that would be awesome.

  • Maybe we should have new PSN games be compatible with Vita.

  • HELL YES! This is why PSN has been my most supported platform this generation. You are supplying fantastic content.

  • This is EXACTLY what I want. Thank you so much SCE. Keep it going strong; you already have the strongest downloadable portfolio on any console; please continue to make it absolutely peerless.

  • After falling in love with Journey all I can say is, awesome!

  • I honestly think sony should snatch up Im that game company.. give them exclusive deal also the makers of flower deserve a console game.

    If it where me i would have invest 100 mill in psn pub.

  • I would prefer to see Final Fantasy 6 (PS1) on ps store

  • Excellent news! Downloadable games are my favorite because the originality of some of them.

  • Go go Sony

  • The team that works on the main Kingdom Hearts is also the team working on 13 Versus. You won’t see KH3 started til that game is done or SE axes it.

  • Sony make another TOMBA!! that game would be awsome!!

  • gr8! happy 2 hear :)

  • Got to agree that Kingdom Hearts III as a PS3 exclusive = lots of money.

  • I just want some better exclusives, come on people we are always last…..
    ME2, GTV IV episodes, Fallout content, Call of duty content… The list goes on and on.

    Here is another one, Battle LA has been out for awhile, time to release the Resistance 3 demo.

    I have played a playstation for the past 15 years, but this company needs to get it’s priorities straight.

  • This makes me happy :). Exclusive PSN games have been a highlight of the PS3, many of them being unique experiences, unavailable elsewhere. Hopefully this will mean that the tradition continues. More games like Flower, Pixeljunk Eden and gems like Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars (play this if you haven’t yet, the controls are spot on and it’s a lot of fun) and Joe Danger will be very much appreciated.

  • I hope to see more exclusive PSN games using move and 3D, would like to play Flower in 3D, please release an update for it (I would pay for the 3D update, if it is required, I know this must cost some money to develop)

  • How much money has been invested into titles through the Pub Fund so far?

  • Great news!
    That’s why I respect and support Sony.
    They invest in and support innovation and smaller devs.
    Instead of paying big publishers huge amounts to get some multiplatform games a few weeks/months as timed exclusives as M$ loves to do, which is just sad. And does nothing (good) for the industry at all.

    Way to go Sony! Keep up this spirit.

  • YES! More indie exclusive games. Love the offerings we have on the PS Store, looking forward to more unique titles. What I would really like to see is more side-scrollers! Rocard and Pixeljunk Sidescroller are titles that are coming out soon but we need MOAR! :O

  • Very good strategy Sony! Build up a strong portfolio of companies that are developing games. Year by year they expand and grow on tops of themselves and then instead of having three or four major studios releasing AAA blockbuster titles, you have dozens upon dozens of companies that each perhaps specialize in their own genre. This will give Sony Playstation games great variety and long term stability.

    A game series I would really like to see come to the PS3 is TENCHU.

    I know we have alot of Ninja or Stealth games, but TENCHU for some reason is a game that I have always remembered as being one of my favorites. Its one of those games that some people like me are die hard loyalists.

    Make it a PSN exclusive and I think it would be a great hit, considering the popularity of Assasins Creed and Uncharted. Its sort of a blend of those two games.

  • ok

    so wats the big deal

  • and ritual1982 i agree

  • That’s nice and all. Exclusive download games are great. I just hope when it comes to things like DLC for Skyrim of Bioshock Infinite, that we don’t have to wait an additional month after 360 gets it. That type of BS completely negates Sony boasting about it’s unique mini games.

  • Could you open up the minis program to smaller devs like me? I’d love to make official PS games, currently I’ve only made homebrew ones that no one will ever use ;_;

  • @90 then you will need to get game expo and meet sum psn staff or some sony rep and hand them a demo of your game. that mailthem about your self and game then go fromt here.

  • Yes and finally, cause these last few years of PSN i got sick and tired of PSN games being multiplatform, so this is great news to be me as i love PS3 been a proud owner since early 2007 :)

  • Well, I agree this is all very nice, and wonderful to support indies, but I haven’t much enjoyed indie games I’ve tried. Flower is ok, but not what I turn to gaming for. I’ll buy Journey, but fear it’s also only good for half an hour for me.

    I don’t like platformers or side scrollers or top down fixed perspective and it seems to me that’s what most of these games are. I have deleted every indie game demo that PS Plus has pushed to me over the last year. Cute, fun for a few minutes but I go back to the big franchises immediately.

    But this is still a laudable decision, and I support Sony in this.

    Is this the big “Sony surprise?”

  • @85, batanbugi, what do you mean? I had to scroll all the way back & all I could find was an enthusiastic response from butters360. Mild in comparison to many things I’ve read here in the last 3 months. Or was something deleted before I got here?

    Actually, I prefer a well-placed “hell yes” over that mangled texting syntax you’ve used on this blog, no offense. It’s painful to try to make sense of some of what passes for writing on the whole blog, but I struggle through, for the laughs.

  • This is awesome! Its great to see a top notch game company like Sony pursuing and putting money into different types of games. How are video games supposed to mature and grow if they don’t keep trying new and different things? There are many types of gamer’s out there with their own preferences and all of them deserve to be met. I could care less about shooters, but I’m not going to badmouth them every time they come out. I know people enjoy those types of games, so… why not let them enjoy them and let people make the games that they like to play. Likewise, I wish some some gamer’s would do the same for the people who enjoy different types of game’s like Flower, Sam and Max, Stacking, Beyond Good and Evil, Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, Monkey Island, Red Johnston Chronicles, Strong Bad, Puzzle Agent, Braid, Linger in Shadows, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Back to the Future, Indigo Prophecy, and Portal 1 and 2. To each his own I say. I am looking forward to Limbo, Okabu, Papo and Yo, Journey, any game from TellTale, The Last Guardian, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and a great many other unique games coming to Sony’s system. I love innovation! Keep it up SONY!

  • @LDiablo84
    It means if an indie game developer wants to, they can make PSN exclusive games and get a little extra money to do so. If they don’t want to, nothing changes. If anything this just makes things better, without making them worse.

  • I’m a college student,and was wondering what would it take to get a game submitted to the PSN. I’m only asking since I know that Microsoft has an indie license program for Xbox 360, and XBLA. But I was wondering if you have something like that cause. I would love to make a game or two for the PSN only.

  • Thats prettty cool. but i still think that you guys at sony should invest in making ps2 games downloadable on the ps3. i got about 60gb worth of space left on my hard drive and would be more than happy to spend $ to fill that space up!!

  • R.I.P. Xbox Live

  • Very great announce!!

    Papo & Yo seems interesting.

    I’ll wait for you next projects.

  • whatever keeps the great first-party exclusives coming is great

  • Since you guys will make some investiments, It would be nice to have space for some Adventure games of the type of Monkey Island, Myst Black Mirror or The Longest Journey.. They’re the type of game that I believe it will fit very well on PSN

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