Wary of Long-Term Commitment to Catherine? Try the Demo First!

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Wary of Long-Term Commitment to Catherine? Try the Demo First!

No one wants to get tied down to a game purchase they can’t stand to live with. Right, PlayStation Blog friends? Of course not.

Even when you read up on what a potential game mate has to offer, even when you read previews or an early review or two, you’re still left wondering: is this the game for me? Will it satisfy my gamer needs? Will it leave me feeling complete?


That’s why we’re so excited to reveal that tomorrow (7/12), we’ll be releasing a demo for our upcoming game that explores of the psychology and horror of relationships, commitment, and love—Catherine. What exactly is the game’s story? What kind of play style can you look forward to? All such questions and likely many more will be answered with the demo. And all you have to do is download it and play!

The demo will take you through the opening hour or so of the game, learning about Vincent (the protagonist) and his life. Catherine is all about its story and characters; the fact that you’ll meet Vincent, his girlfriend, and his close circle of buddies in your short time with the demo should give you a great idea of what to expect in the full game. And then there are the nightmares… You’ll have to contend with a couple of those. The experience should give you an idea of just how much stress Vincent deals with throughout the game. And just how much fun you’re in store for if you opt to pick a copy up.


We’re also thrilled to start teasing glimpses of the finished goodies to be found inside the limited run “Love is Over” Deluxe Edition available at select retailers. You know, the one with the t-shirt, boxers, and pillowcase taken directly from or inspired by elements in the actual game? The one that even gets its packaging into the “straight from the game” act by bundling everything together, including the game, in a collectible pizza box emblazoned with the logo of the bar Vincent and his friends frequent in the game. Yes, that one.


Catherine lands in a store near you on July 26th, and of course, the aforementioned demo hits a couple weeks earlier on July 12th (tomorrow!). Be sure to pre-order (either the regular or deluxe version) from a participating retailer to guarantee you receive the free artbook and soundtrack CD combo.

Think the demo won’t answer every last question? Interested in seeing even more of Catherine? Have you ever pondered the meaning of life? Good news! ATLUS PR Manager Aram Jabbari (that would be me) will be visiting PlayStation Blog HQ this week, looking to address two of the three aforementioned outstanding items and also to answer as many of your questions as possible, so ask away in the comments section and be sure to check back soon for more Catherine awesomeness!

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  • Hi, thanks for a demo

  • Just noticed you’re from Atlus, so I am prompted to say: I love, hate, love Demon Souls. I am scared that the sort of sequel is supposed to be harder. You people are sadists, lol!

    • What can we say, other than we’ve kind of developed an affinity for the sweet, sweet taste of gamer tears.

  • Cool, definitely looking forward to trying out the demo, this game has interested me for awhile, but I don’t really know how it plays or anything. Perhaps the demo can convince me to get this game.

  • Thanks Atlus for the awesome (1 day belated) Birthday present of Catherine! That’s going to be a frigging awesome post-birthday for me :D Thanks for the update Aram, I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Does this mean your birthday is today? Or the 25th? Either way, happy upcoming/now/belated birthday!

  • FapFap! Time! xDDDDDDDDDD

  • I own Japanese version of this game- I must highly recommend people, not only to try the demo, but to buy it and OWN IT! In my eyes, this game is truly a gem. Many would perceive or consider this the most, if not truly bizarre game of this generation. Still worth to own one and to play one! Good job Atlus on finding ways to make your games more bizarre and unique!

  • The t-shirt that guy is wearing is definitely not Large.

    I would love to wear the t-shirt, but sadly, it’ll just look awful cause it’ll be all loose and stuff.

    I think you guys should make Medium the new standard.

    • DeviantBoi,

      I actually have a fun fact that should clear that up for you, as I took that photo.

      Our video guru, John Tubera, is the gentleman pictured, accompanied by Crystal Murray, PR Specialist. They both pulled the shirts in a bit with clips in the back, as they both typically wear a size smaller than Large, so you shouldn’t fret based on the above.

      If you’re typically good in a large, you’ll look great in the “Empty Hearts” T-shirt in the “Love is Over” Deluxe Edition!

  • “The demo will take you through the opening hour or so of the game”

    Aram, does that mean this is different from the Japanese demo that was released in February?

    • Surfaced,

      The demo is essentially content identical to the Japanese demo (apart from the whole language thing). We found that folks took, on average, about 45 minutes to finish the demo (assuming they didn’t skip any of the cutscenes), hence that estimate. Veteran gamers will get through faster, however.

  • Also, Crystal looks great in Vincent’s underwear!!

  • Preordered!

  • One more thing Aram…. I thought Jeff or Sid would’ve told you, but we’re not supposed to have any references to that “other platform” here on the PS Blog. You’ve got an image up there that’s treading in risky territory.

    Just a heads up.

    • Surfaced,

      I know what you’re addressing. I’ll be better about that next time. I take my platform preferences seriously, too.

      Forgiveness +1?

  • I will check out the demo tomorrow. Good to see some ‘curiosity’ games like this go all out to hit a mainstream audience, although it’s always a bit of a risk, I guess: demos are pretty divisive in terms of decision-making.

  • Already pre ordered and paid off. Can’t wait for the demo tomorrow and for the 26th. Atlus and the Shin Megami makers are some of the only groups still making games I can call my “favorite.” So keep them coming!

  • I’m excited to check out the demo. I had pre-ordered the deluxe edition about a month ago, I hope the demo doesn’t disappoint ;)

  • Absolutely nothing about this game’s promotional message has me interested, in fact, its more the opposite, but I’m going to try the demo anyways. The system works!

    • GT-420,

      That’s the best thing about demos, right? Even if you have zero interest in something, if it seems like some other folks are digging it, curiosity can always get you to give it a shot!

      We won’t take it personally if even after the demo you’re not into the game, but we do really hope you download it and try it out. We promise it’s unlike anything you’ve played before!

  • im getting this and i hope persona is coming to PS3 soon

  • I have had the Collectors edition of this ordered since the first day it was available. I can not wait for this game to come out and the demo is just icing on the cake for me!!! Than you Atlus for this and all of your amazing games!!

  • I just wonder if the US edition includes the original Japanese voice option in the game.


      There is no Japanese audio, only English. We really, truly try to explore this option wherever possible. It just wasn’t something we could do for Catherine.

  • So, which retail stores are you going to distribute with “original” Japanese version of art cover? I mean at Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target… or what? Since I have reserved (Pre-Ordered) my copy of Deluxe Edition at Amazon website…I hope that I will get the original art cover, not the alternate one. I do understand the reasons because of political, religious and parental issues… That is fine with me. At least, I wanted to get what I want. That is all. Thanx.

  • Loved the Japanese Demo and I’m really looking forward to this game. I also just want to know if it’s dual audio.

  • this game sucks

  • This game still coming out at the end of August? Cant wait!

  • Excellent, can’t wait! I’ve already pre-order Catherine Deluxe, any special tie-ins with the released game – save game reuse/ bonuses, eggs of the easter variety?

    Bummer on the no Japanese audio. How am I suppose to learn Japanese.

  • Won’t be downloading the demo, but I’ve got the Love is Over editioin on pre order :).

  • OH THIS IS AN ATLUS PUBLISHED GAME :-) considering I bought Demon’s Souls and 3D Dot Hereos…I know I can trust Catherine…

  • Oops never mind I see its 7/28. We need an edit option.

  • I played the Japanese demo, and the puzzle block climbing gameplay didn’t really interest me much… but everything else the game has to offer does interest me. This is making my decision on whether or not to purchase this game very hard. I will definitely be trying out the NA demo tomorrow.
    Is there more to offer gameplay wise than what was showcased in the Japanese demo? More than Vincent’s nightmare block climbing? I really want to love this game, but I fear that I just won’t

    • StunandStab,

      The main heart of the interactive gameplay are the tower nightmares. While there’s lots to do in terms of interacting with NPCs, choosing how to respond to questions, etc., if you really can’t stand the tower nightmares (although I would suggest you might have more fun on an easier difficulty setting), you may want to wait a bit and see what others with your perspective say after playing the full game. Like a lot of ATLUS games, it might not be for everyone, but we have found that the tower nightmares grow on initially hesitant folks with a bit of time.

  • So I take this game rated A/O :P?

  • AnAppealToHeaven

    hey aram, this seems like a really cool game, i was going to buy it off a friend but, not im going to buy the collectors edition. thank you and the studio guys for this seemingly unique game.

    p.s. am now following you on twitter

    • AnAppealToHeaven,

      I’d like to prepare you for the fact that I tweet very, very infrequently. And that when I do, it is usually inane. Brace yourself.

      Don’t forget to follow @AtlusUSA, too! (I hope I can make that plug here…)

  • Thanks for the reply, Aram.

    The interacting with NPCs and the story is really what has my interest. From what I played in the Japanese demo, the difficulty wasn’t a problem for me, I just didn’t find it to be really fun or exciting. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I can’t stand it, though! I think you might be right that it would grow on me after time. There’s only one way to find out, I guess. Perhaps tomorrow’s demo will give me more insight.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    My birthday’s on July 19th, do you have any specials for me? :p

  • The trailers has me intrigued — can’t wait to try the demo.

    I don’t care for a lot of the anime-oriented fare, but this does look really interesting. The look reminds me of the Afro Samurai game, which I really liked.

    Any news on a sequel (spiritual or otherwise) to 3D Dot Game Heroes? I really, really liked that game even though I was never into the original title it emulates so well :)

    • No news on that front, but we’re certainly glad you enjoyed 3D Dot Game Heroes. Certainly one of our favorites, too! And I’m not just saying that because we published it, either.

  • played the japanese demo months ago. Very good game but you have to know what kind of game you’re getting into its not what you probably expect. With that said I’m buying it day 1 cant wait

  • I pre-ordered this game because I support these types of off-the-wall games. Keep doing what you’re doing Atlus.

  • – Just a heads up everyone, the NTSC-U release has NO Japanese voice acting according to the rep I talked to at E3. Also according to the rep, even though Atlus USA didn’t compromise the “hard” difficulity in the NTSC-U release, but there are still known differences in the game…
    – So, for those who want to experience the original difficulty, go import the game.

    • Chrisketchum1,

      There is no Japanese voice option in the game. For the folks out there who simply must have it, you’re right in that importing is the way to go. It’d be a shame, though. We have a heck of a cast for the NA release, and they do every bit of justice and then some to the original audio track!

      As for the additional changes to the game beyond the patch, they are incredibly minor. It seems folks who haven’t played latter parts of the game really won’t understand just how difficult Catherine can get on its normal and hard settings, even post-patch, until they experience it for themselves.

      Believe me, you will die. Probably quite a bit. That’s why there are easy and very easy difficulty settings, too!

  • a explicit game with hot animated chicks ? mann its going to be a longggggggg night for me tommorow….

  • Already pre-ordered Catherine and I’ve tried the Japanese demo… though it would be interesting being able to understand the dialogue now!

  • Will there be another signed soundtrack for me to win? Or am I only allowed to win once?

  • The only thing I don’t like is no Japanese voiceovers. That normally saves cheesy or annoying dialog. But either way I’m excited to see something fresh and new.

    I won’t make the pre order but I’ll be able to pick it up[ soon enough. We’re not far from Disgaea got to save the cash…I needs that SUPER pack.

    Also are you guys ever going to explore HD remakes or are you just going to hold out for the PS2 classics section?

  • Great news! Thanks for the demo. I’ve had Catherine pre-ordered for months.

    I have a question and request for you Aram Jabbari. Since you are the Manager of Public Relations and Sales at Atlus is there any possibility we will ever see the Shin Megami Tensei Persona games hit the PS Store? I mean for play on the PS3 not just the PSP. Please say that it is possible and it will be happening in the near future. I love the Persona series and it had a huge influence on my decision to purchase Catherine.

    Thanks for any reply you can give.

    • no9dream,

      I’m not 100% I properly understand your question, but if you’re asking about whether there are any plans beyond the digital releases of PSP entries in the series like Persona 1 and Persona 3 Portable, then the answer would be no.

      The good news is that Persona 2: Innocent Sin is coming to stores and PSN later this year!

  • Dear psn;

    Ive been playing ps3 for a while and i would like to change my ps3 account. my friends that have xbox are able to change theres and i want to change mine. i know that microsoft makes you pay money to change it but i would pay to change mine too! it is a way alot of gamers would like and so wil i and you guys will get more money. but i am never buying a x box. so i hope you can do all you can do.

  • VERY interested in this title. I’ll have to check out the demo for sure!

  • Any news on when Catherine is coming to Europe? Or are Atlus not involved in that? This demo will play a large part in whether or not I decide to import.

  • karate_chop_fuey

    <3 Atlus so much!

  • I absolutely can not wait for Catherine to come out! Atlus, please make Persona 5 for us… please please please

  • Super excited to try this game out. Any word on Persona 5?? :D

  • Will there be a full PSN release of this game like there was with inFamous 2? Cause it will just feel awkward to pick up a game like this at the store…

    • Useless_Person,

      You’re embarrassed to pick Catherine up in person?

      We’re hurt…


      Would an online retailer solve your dilemma?

  • yes yes yes, I’ve been waiting for this. Will guarantee my preorder this week, the deluxe edition isn’t really my thing but I really like that you guys are giving out the artbook and soundtrack with the regular version too.
    I’m also disappointed at no japanese voices, but Laura Bailey as Catherine makes it worth it. ♥

  • Any word on whether this demo will have the same limited number of downloads permitted as was the case with the JPN PSN store? IE: Everyone should download while you have the chance!

    @45: Head on over to Atlus.com, and while you are there check out other awesome atlus titles! More importantly, if you go to the Catherine minisite they list all the major retailers for the game (online and brick&mortar). You could always just order online if you feel embarrassed, or even if you don’t have a credit card you could pick up a prepaid or do money order through a local post office. Nothing can stop a fan from getting their games!

  • Yo, Aram

    I’ve been up and down with this title based on solely trailers. In fairness I don’t think a trailer does this type of game justice. I am pumped and appreciative that you all have thrown a demo our way and it really shows that y’all believe in your product. To put thyself against scrutiny earns you Respect + 2 Billion, and if I likes I will definately buys. On a side note, as a married man I already get this game and what the story might be and I like blondes but married a brunette (blondes are more fun, but also 10x more crazy). Great sex appeal, my friend. Thanks and good luck.

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