The PlayStation Recap – Summer Doldrums Edition

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Despite the slower pace of summer, it’s been an suspiciously robust time for PlayStation news and updates. This week saw the launch of the SOCOM Mobile HQ for Android phones, the wide PSN release of the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta, an extension for registration into the “AllClear ID Plus” service to July 31st, a July 21st release date for the charming PlayStation Home shoot-’em-up Scribble Shooter, a major patch for PixelJunk Shooter 2 that enables you to save your progress mid-stage (Jeff is doubtlessly pleased!), the PSN launch of PlayStation Move Ape Escape, and a jaw-dropping 15-minute gameplay demo for BioShock Infinite.

What was your favorite news this week? Are you catching up on your Stack of Shame? Let me know in the comments!

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: BioShock Infinite E3 Demo

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — Highlights include open access to the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta for all North American PSN users, PlayStation Move Ape Escape, the LittleBigPlanet 2 inFAMOUS 2 mini-pack, new free games for PlayStation Plus (Medievil from PSone!) and more. What did you download?
  • New LittleBigPlanet 2 Packs Coming Soon: inFAMOUS 2, Toy Story, and FINAL FANTASY VII! — Finally! Final Fantasy VII costumes (plus a bundle with an exclusive character) hit the PlayStation Store on July 12th. The Killzone 3 mini-pack hits July 20th and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Toy Story costume set and levels coming soon.
  • PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games — Protip: PlayStation Plus subscribers save a whopping 50%! Games include Scott Pilgrim, PixelJunk Shooter 2, Dead Space Extraction, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Tales From Space: About a Blob and more. Deal ends 7/19!
  • Coming to PlayStation Plus: Golden Axe and Guerilla War FREE, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood — The craziest upcoming sale here may be the Borderlands full bundle for $14.99, which includes all four pieces of add-on DLC on July 19th. Also keep an eye peeled for the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Full Game Trial — it’s exclusive to PlayStation Plus.
  • UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta: New Content for Week 2 — The UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta has dominated discussion on the PlayStation.Blog this week, with new fixes, improvements, and updates rolling out regularly. If you have suggestions for the final game, leave them here.
  • Introducing the PlayStation Move Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: Masters Bundle — The latest bundle includes a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera and a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Edition. Not a bad deal for $99!
  • UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta Hits 1 Million+ Players, Co-op Adventure and New Map Hit 7/10 — This Sunday, the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta will see a new mode with Co-op Adventure, plus a new level set in Yemen. Have you been playing the multiplayer beta? What’s your favorite loadout so far? Let us know in the comments!
  • ModNation Monday: My Name Is Mark. How May I Help You? — New DLC, upcoming DLC (including the Gladiator parts pack and Medieval mini theme), the finale of the Moddys, and the best user creations of the week.
  • Resistance Dual Pack Now Available for PS3, Includes Bonus DLC — Get two of Insomniac Games’ signature PS3 shooters for $39.99 with the Resistance Dual Pack and get some bonus DLC. If you’re planning on picking up Resistance 3 this September, know that this Dual Pack includes an exclusive SRPA Joseph Capelli skin for Resistance 3’s multiplayer mode.
  • Limbo Comes to PSN on July 19th — No more cryptic Tweets! This critically acclaimed indie game officially coming to PS3 and will include an “little extra secret” according to Playdead CEO Dino Patti.
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    6 Author Replies

    • nice Borderlands bundle!
      As for Bioshock, its hard to tell when things are happening under player control. there were a lot of scripted things that seemed to be happening as the player was in control.

    • Hey Sid good update. Digging the U3 multiplayer beta, still don’t like having load outs but other than that it’s pretty sweet, playing Arkham Asylum myself right now. Trying to beat on hard.

      I’ve got another Twisted Metal question for you. Is there going to be a beta for TM? I remember Jaffe saying last year there would be a beta in some form, but just wanted to know if there was an update on this. I can’t believe the game I’ve been waiting for, for 10 years is less than three months away!

      Thanks for all the hard work. Keep it up!

    • I was enjoying playing Big Surf Island because of the great deals on PSN.

      Unfortunately my enjoyment only lasted the one evening as when I went to play again the next night my save had been completely wiped. Apparently this is a common problem with Burnout Paradise and has something to do with the game not recognizing newer PSN avatars.

      Criterion won’t acknowledge the problem apparently – they just say to backup your save often. This isn’t about a file corrupting or anything else – there is a problem with the game and it’s happening/happened to many gamers. A quick google shows that it’s not just a fluke…

      What’s Sony’s stance on this? Are there other games that won’t recognize new avatars thereby causing problems. I was in no way, shape or form amused that I lost my entire save and have no intent on restarting the game – I guess my PSN money might just as well have been flushed in this case…

    • How in the world did dark souls get multi-platform support i know their were several publishers for demon souls but i thought that sony japan studios was the one who owned it… scraching my head who dropped the exclusive contract for this excellent game. Hmmm oh well GOW 3 isn’t exclusive so one less reason for anyone to own a overheat box. Give one and take one. LOL

    • not begging or anything but are you guys going to add any new features to the psn Im sure youve gotten questions like these in the past

    • Playing: Resistance: Fall of Man (courtesy of the dual pack). Finally giving them a chance after all these years has got me in a Day One mood for Resistance 3! Shame about the lack of CE, though…the EU one is awfully nice!

      Watching: House. Just mopping up Season 2, about to jump on Season 3.

      Reading: My own work. And by “reading”, I actually mean “Tearing my hair out proof-reading, editing, etc.”.

    • Just rented red faction armageddon….game is balls…I might buy when theres a price drop…dunno bout this game looks to old fasion to me…im done with medal of honor types

    • Fix the 30 day free playstation pluse it still next to my name

    • What could be the next Mortal Kombat version?

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