Watch 15 Minutes of BioShock Infinite for PS3

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Watch 15 Minutes of BioShock Infinite for PS3

Okay, we’ve teased you for long enough. We showed you a teaser on PlayStation’s E3 stage. We leaked out dribs and drabs of content over the past few weeks. Yeah, we’re S.O.Bs. But we’re S.O.Bs with an expiration date! And today’s that date.

Here it is, a video of the full demonstration that we showed to the press at E3, all 15 minutes of it. We’d love to know what you think at our forums at

-Ken (@iglevine)

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  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Also, will you be able to map shoot and zoom to R1 and L1 respectively? I can deal with it being L2 and R2 but prefer not to if given a choice.

  • Intense…

  • i effing love you mr. ken levine

  • that was awesome but i wonder what the ps vita version will be like

  • Amazing work. Bioshock is my favorite game, not only by the art that we see during the progression but also by the characters and philosophical theme, elementary to create the greatness of that masterpiece. Irrational deserves reconnaissance by all this good production, Infinite will not be different. It’s by games like these that videogames are earning respect between the classical arts. Waiting to play !!! Thinking if it will get a special edition !!!

    Bravo !

  • SOLD, like, just, here take my money lol!!! 8)

  • This will be a renter, or a 20 dollar bin. Not a day one for me, I am discouraged. This team made the 1st bio shock, then someone else made 2. This is a totaly different game, but you keep the name??!! It hasn’t helped me want it.

    I am sick of computer AI partners too

  • This game is gonna be badass

  • This looks really well done. From the dialogue, the artwork and how smooth the gameplay looks, it looks like a ton of effort is going into Bioshock Infinite. I really like the Skyline idea, too.

  • Would be cool if you guys used the Sharpshooter, but I hope you guys have a couple more cards up your sleeves. Won’t look at the video or anything Bioshock Infinite related, because it is already pre-ordered :)

  • I’m very impressed, I must say and I thought Bioshock was an average game.

  • I have never been so amazed by 15 minutes of a game. The final scene with SongBird was amazing and emotionally touching. There was just so much emotion dripping from a single machine. Ken, you and everyone at Irrational Games are geniuses. Only you lot could pull off something as great as this.

  • Amazing game!!!

  • Do we know if this is confirmed PS3 footage? I heard speculation this was PC.

  • Never mind, saw the ps3 buttons in-game. Hot damn.

  • It looks incredible!! great job, Irrational games!

  • Wow, that looks absolutely amazing. Really stands out for its creativity and imagination in a sea of samey military shooters. GOTY right there.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Is this PC footage?

  • It looks excellent!! Cant wait for it. 3D would have work very well in this game I think.

  • the girl in this video is cute !

  • an-inFamous1337

    The most touching part when she was crying and reaching for Booker’s hand.
    This game is gonna be amazing, topping the first two Bioshock games by far.I can’t wait to see more and above all…to get my hands on it.



  • I´m not really a FPS fan, but this has caught my attention a lot!

  • This is one of the best FPS i ever amazing.I hope that the PS Vita will be amazing to.

  • Voice acting seemed like it could be a lil better, but the graphics and story look awesome.

  • Freakin awesome!

  • Goin to be a long wait!

  • To update my earlier comment, I went ahead and ordered Bioshock 1 + 2. I never knew Playstation had ever developed such a weird, creepy genre of game. Im not a horror fan, but this one looked cool. Trying to read up on what Bioshock was, I still am not sure I understand it. Thats why im going to play it instead.

  • Yea story is strange but awesome games!

  • That was great!!!!

  • I hate summer droughts bring on fall lol

  • O Mai Gawd….Steampunk BioShock!! O.O

  • Yep….this game wasn’t even in my radar, and now I’m going to pre-order it.


  • wow, this game look amazing. I played Bioshock 1 and i still need to play the 2 but looking forward to Infinite. Looking great

  • already played the demo on 360 long time ago. shame sony didnt get it. Kind of shows where the game’s loyalty lays

  • Aside from Uncharted, BioShock has to be the best single player IP of this generation. That footage was awesome. Thank you, Kevin!

  • Anybody reccomend the sharpshooter still on the fence about it

  • awesome can’t wait for 2012!

  • Ken, I loved the presentation at E3, and applaud Irrational Games’ willingness to challenge the PS Move. I honestly have not bought the PS Move, but plan to soon because of KZ3. Your info on E3 on how you view your gaming made me realize how disconnected the developers are from their hardcore fans. Most people now are in it to try to make a fortune. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand how people have to meet a “quota” or “milk certain titles until people stop buying them”. But your direction and the way you talk about the games you make, makes me realize on how fun stuff is supposed to be. Thanks for that, and oh yeah, This will be a day 1 buy!!! I fell in love with the first Bioshock, even bought an Xbox 360 for that. The story behind the great graphics is top-notch, Thanks for 15 minute tease! I can’t wait for the release!!! Irrational games are my number one developer now!

  • the grahics r reallly nice ive never been a fan of bioshock but i might have to start

  • wow guys….that was amazing!! when is this coming out? please say 2011!!

    i am buying this game day 1. might just pre order it :P

  • new zombie power up Unlimited ammo Unlimited ammo for 30 seconds SPREAD IT AROUND I potatoboy8 MADE IT UP I DID

  • Oh my fricken god this is a must buy for me! I’m going to preorder my copy right now

  • Izanagi-no-Okami

    While I still don’t like the look of Elizabeth’s new design, the game itself look like it is coming along nicely. Keep up the great work guys; I look forward to playing this.

  • When can we hear more about the Move support for this game? Also, the PS3 special edition that comes with Bioshock 1 is a great value. I was on the fence about Infinite before, but when I heard about these two things it was promoted to a must-buy for me. Also, is there any chance that the included Bioshock will be retro-fitted with Move support? That would really top the cake.

  • I am going to OWN this game……!

  • WOW. Bioshock was one of my favorite games of all time. Now this! I am sure that Infinite will be just as successful as this video shows just how elaborate and digitally advanced these new games can become. Like the previous two installments of Bioshock, I hope that Infinite has a unique and so often labeled “creepy” storyline that keeps us players dialed in until its completion. For me this is an absolute must on day 1. I will pre-order right now and play the first and second installments over again until fall 2011 saves me from my Bioshock drought. Thank you Irrational, you’ve amazed me again without even putting my hands on a controller!

  • absolutely breathtaking

  • Please guys treat the PS3 with respect, the game is looking great so far. I’m really tired of horrible ports to our console and I’m confident I’m not the only one. I already saw a great difference in the lighting comparing it with the 360 version and that difference is slightly in favor to the other console. Maybe the source of light is shifted in the PS3 but please treat our version carefully. We know the tech of the PS3 can be tedious for some devs but people like rocksteady, Bioware and some other third parties have done a great job. Our exclusives speak from themselves, the PS3 can handle preasure. If you deliver I will buy it no doubt. The game is looking amazing.

  • Amazing, Pre-order for sure!

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