The PlayStation Recap – UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta Edition

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Despite several big headlines, this week was handily dominated by theUNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta launch for PlayStation Plus members and the ensuing analysis. By and large, early feedback seems to be positive. Though I’ve only managed an hour of hands-on time, I’m fast developing a torrid love affair with the G-Mal triple-burst assault rifle. I definitely plan on squeezing in as many rounds as possible over the long Fourth of July weekend, in between sessions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and inFAMOUS 2.

Are you playing the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta? What do you like and dislike so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments…and enjoy your long holiday weekend!

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta Tips

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer BETA Details! — With the PlayStation Plus beta session in progress and open PSN access coming this Tuesday, now’s the perfect time to brush up on UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer enhancements with this robust FAQ from Naughty Dog.
  • PlayStation Store Update — New releases: Free UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Demo and Streets of Rage 2 for PlayStation Plus members; Beyond Good and Evil HD; Gatling Gears; limited-time MotorStorm Apocalypse Multiplayer Demo; NCAA Football 12 Demo; Duke Nukem Forever Demo; Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Demo and more.
  • Introducing: New PSP Dual Packs Available for $15 This Week — Your choice of three PSP Dual Packs for UMD or PSN: Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow + Killzone Liberation; Secret Agent Clank + Daxter; or Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror + SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo.
  • PlayStation Plus Celebrates its 1st Birthday with Limited-Time Bonus Months Offer — Buy 12 months of PlayStation Plus ($49.99) now and get three extra months for free; Buy three months ($17.99) and get one extra month for free. The offer will end in just over a week, so get in there!
  • Public Service Announcement – Claim Your Free Games Now! — The Welcome Back package grants you access to free PS3 and PSP games, but access ends this Sunday, July 3rd. Don’t miss out! Free games include inFAMOUS, LittleBigPlanet, Dead Nation and more.
  • Stereoscopic 3D on PS3: Updated List of All 3D Games and Movies — So you’ve got a PS3 and a 3D TV — now what? See every piece of 3D content here, from Blu-ray games and movies to PSN downloads. All told, there are now 43 stereoscopic 3D games and 54 movies available for PS3, with much more on the way.
  • Journey’s First Steps Post-E3 — thatgamecompany turned heads at E3 with Journey, securing dozens of nominations and awards. See what’s next for this standout game from the creators of flOw and Flower.
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 Put to the Test in PlayStation: The Official Magazine — PTOM dissects Ryu Hayabusa’s upcoming PS3 quest in this extensive first cover story. The new issue also plumbs the depths of Batman: Arkham City, soars to the skies of BioShock Infinite, infiltrates Hitman: Absolution, and Modern Warfare 3.
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior is Enhanced and Fully Loaded for PS3 — Though it’s late to the party, the PS3 version of Sniper: Ghost Warrior features a number of noticeable enhancements — plus extra content not found elsewhere. Good things happen to people who wait?
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