Stereoscopic 3D on PS3: Updated List of All 3D Games and Movies

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Stereoscopic 3D on PS3: Updated List of All 3D Games and Movies

UNCHARTED 3 on the 3D Gaming Display

Affordable 3D gaming was a reoccurring theme at this year’s PlayStation E3 keynote, whether it was the announcement of PlayStation’s upcoming 3D Gaming Display and redesigned 3D glasses. But even with more sophisticated and affordable 3D technology, we need 3D games to play and 3D movies to watch. That’s where this list comes in: I’ve collected almost every piece of stereoscopic 3D-capable PS3 content here, from Blu-ray to PSN. If I missed a game, let me know in the comments!

3D Games for PS3

Out now

  1. Assassin’s Creed Revelations
  2. Auditorium*
  3. Batman: Arkham City
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  5. Captain America: Super Soldier
  6. Cars 2: The Video Game
  7. Child of Eden
  8. Crysis*
  9. Crysis 2
  10. de Blob 2: Underground
  11. Dungeon Defenders*
  12. Dynasty Warriors 7
  13. Enslaved: Journey to the West (via PSN software update)
  14. EyePet
  15. EyePet & Friends
  16. The Fight: Lights Out
  17. The House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut
  18. Gran Turismo 5
  19. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
  20. God of War: Origins Collection
  21. High Velocity Bowling
  22. Hustle Kings*
  23. ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
  24. Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao*
  25. James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game
  26. Killzone 3
  27. MLB 11: The Show
  28. Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest
  29. Mortal Kombat
  30. MotorStorm: 3D Rift*
  31. MotorStorm Apocalypse
  32. NBA 2K11 (via PSN software update)
  33. NBA 2K12
  34. PAIN*
  35. Prince of Persia Trilogy*
  36. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (via software update)
  37. Puzzle Dimension*
  38. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
  39. Red Faction: Battlegrounds*
  40. Resistance 3
  41. Ridge Racer 7*
  42. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken*
  43. Shaun White Skateboarding
  44. SOCOM 4
  45. Sonic Generations
  46. The Sly Collection
  47. Super Stardust HD* (via PSN software update)
  48. Swords and Soldiers*
  49. Tetris on PSN* (via PSN software update)
  50. Thor: God of Thunder
  51. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy
  52. Top Darts*
  53. Top Spin 4
  54. TRON: Evolution
  55. Tumble*
  56. UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception
  57. Virtua Tennis 4
  58. WipEout HD*

*Indicates downloadable PSN title

PlayStation Video Store’s 3D Selections

The PlayStation Video Store also supports stereoscopic 3D films (in addition to VUDU), and the library is growing. Here’s an updated list.

  1. Bolt
  2. Chicken Little
  3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  4. Dark Country
  5. Gnomeo & Juliet
  6. The Green Hornet
  7. Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds
  8. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
  9. The Mad Magician
  10. Meet the Robinsons
  11. Monster House
  12. Open Season
  13. Piranha 3D
  14. Resident Evil: Afterlife
  15. Sanctum
  16. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011: The 3D Experience
  17. Tangled
  18. TRON: Legacy

3D Blu-ray Films

Note: Select titles appear here, for a full list of all 3D Blu-rays, refer to

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Bolt
  3. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
  4. Clash of the Titans
  5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  6. Coraline
  7. Despicable Me
  8. Disney’s A Christmas Carol
  9. Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix
  10. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  11. How to Train Your Dragon
  12. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  13. The Last Airbender
  14. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole
  15. Monster House
  16. Monsters vs Aliens
  17. My Bloody Valentine
  18. The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film in 3D
  19. Open Season
  20. Piranha
  21. The Polar Express
  22. Resident Evil: Afterlife
  23. Saw: The Final Chapter
  24. Shrek 3D – The Complete Collection
  25. Space Station
  26. Step Up 3D
  27. Street Dance
  28. Tangled
  29. Michael Jackson’s This is It
  30. The Lion King
  31. Tron Legacy
  32. Beauty and the Beast
  33. Chicken Little
  34. G-Force
  35. Meet the Robinsons
  36. The Nightmare Before Christmas

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27 Author Replies

  • @42, all that’s been said is that it will be less then $500. Judging by the Vizio on amazon though, I’d say around $400.

  • @37
    Never said Split-Screen Co-op didn’t have the same adverse affects as 3D.

    In fact its the only reason I didn’t complain in the past about the non-existence of Split Screen Co-op in PlayStation games. It’s because I knew the trade offs. I still rather would not pay for that trade off.

  • hey does this monitor have a DVI-D port. so i can use my pc on it in 3d

  • First time post for me..

    With all of the negative feedback, I felt that I had to put in my two cents!

    I have to say that it is an awesome feeling to sight down the barrel of a gun and see the rear sights, front sights, and target all in perspective! I’m not a big fan of Call of Duty, but when I played Black Ops in 3D the first time I almost played the entire single player campaign in one sitting. Killzone 3 was amazing in 3D with the move and sharpshooter. Not a gimmick to me, truly immersive.

    @ Sid I totally agree, Super Stardust is a masterpiece.

    @TGF588 I have been waiting for a 3D update for Flower since I got a 3D tv!

  • @45, so you’d comprise every feature that simplifies a game’s user experience just for the best SINGLE and only SINGLE person’s experience. I’m sure that once that experience is said and done, it’s preferable to share that experience. Once again though, you have to understand that pushing new standards and new technologies is just that. It’s pushing for new standards and tech. In this sense, the downfall is the compromises made for the BETTER of the engine in the game. Having a high framerate and individually rendered objects is more powerful then you think. This will be more apparent then not next generation ( with the engines built from this generation to fully already support these features ).

  • @Link01

    I haven’t read Bioshock Infinite 3D Support anywhere, I know gaming websites don’t talk much about 3D gaming, but I’d have to consider your statement a rumor. If it was true, it was 1 of 2 games I was thinking would be good in 3D so I’d be happy to find it being 3D.

    (The other game being Tomb Raider. Games that uses the environment usually does a good job displaying 3D)

  • I believe Dynasty Warriors 7 also supports stereoscopic 3D, though I’ve never actually tried it myself :)

  • @ Sid (cc KazeEternal):

    Well it is a ‘beta,’ after all. It’s impossible from the player POV to determine what may be ‘compromised’ versus what may yet see improvement pending the final release.

    And yes I’ve played it. The handful of skins and the two maps look good. Yet, my sentiments echo Kaze’s: no matter how good Uncharted 3 (or some other title) finally looks, the question ‘could it have looked better but for the requisite 3D implementation?’ will haunt it. And for a player like me–who has little to no interest in 3D–I can’t help but wonder if my overall PS3 experience is actively being gimped somehow.

    I understand that Sony has a big interest in a large-scale, synergistic push of 3D technology into the consumer’s home space. I also understand that push is largely an initiative of the motion picture production side of the equation. Fine. But at the end of the day, if titles like Uncharted 3 suffer in their presentation as part of a larger strategy to grow an appeal of 3D films or sell more Bravias and 3D glasses, then inevitably my PlayStation experience loses its uniqueness as it becomes eaten alive by the ‘make.believe’ monster. As Kaze said earlier, we didn’t exactly ask for that.

  • @49 SCEE confirmed that Bioshock Infinite supports 3D. You can find the report by searching in N4G or looking on

  • i wish that TALES of VESPERIA PS3 version come in 3D…. oooh wait IT DOESN’T COME TO AMERICA AT ALL!!!!!! Sid if ur reading this…. make this happen! ive been waiting so long for that game to come out to ps3 in america. yet….i just read and article over game informer that the game wont be released in US…. NEVER!!! WTF!!! PLS do something!!! PLS! as a gamer u should know how bad this is dont u?

  • @51

    The irony of your statement is that you make it seem tragic to add 3D. What you don’t know ( and I do know ) is that on the coding side, 3D DOES NOT have nearly as many compromises as you make it sound to have. It’s actually fairly simple. It’s basically just like turning your game into a 60fps running game and you just have to allocate a slight more amount of memory for double rendering and buffer zones. It will not decimate or prevent the game from being enhanced. It’s relatively minuscule on the large side of game development.

  • Green Lantern: Rise Of The Manhunters it’s 3D Compatible.

  • You have perfect timing Sid! I just bought a beautiful 40″ 3D integrated Bravia for $1200! And with the Playstation Surround Sound bar I bought last weekend, my entertainment center is loaded with Sony goodness :D I spent all last night playing Motorstorm: Apocalypse, its so awesome in 3D! Looking forward to playing Killzone 3, and the Uncharted 3 Beta this weekend, and all my PSN games that got the 3D update(there are alot :o). Great stuff Sony!

  • ps3 player :nice now lets see a 360 do that microsoft! microsoft: ………… ps3 player: thats what i thought

  • I know the price of the 3D Playstation TV, it’s size and all that.
    But I want DIRECT Specs like Contrast, frame rate, stuff like that.
    I’ll buy the tv(s) for sure if the are equal to 3D tvs that are out right now.

  • I’m wondering if theres any chance of a firmware update for my 46″ sony 3D tv to implement the split screen tech. and is there any word on 3D for Battlefield 3 or Skyrim.

  • 3D tv’s lol there a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish Child of Eden was announced as a Stereoscopic 3D game. Would be a great PS3 exclusive feature.

    Also wish Sega would make a Space Harrier 3, in 3D as well.

  • As a bit of a wishlist, perhaps Costume Quest and Stacking (in addition to the previously mentioned thatgamecompany titles). Does PS3 have any Paper-Mario-style games for it, where the visuals are layers of flat objects? THAT would fit all too nicely.

  • @54 Link01:

    Accounting for the handful of assumptions your post requires: 1) You possess some prescribed knowledge that I do not; and 2) the implementation of 3D is an either/or proposition: one of either virtue or tragedy.

    As for #1, far be it from me to call the knowledge and experience of a quasi-anonymous author into question, but Sid has already stated that 3D implementation can vary depending on how the tech is used. To me, that somewhat belies the simplicity of deployment that you suggest.

    And for #2, even if I diagnosed 3D gaming as “tragic” (which I did not), I’m unclear as to how my previous post rises to the level of irony.

  • TrinityKnight93

    I have a question Sid, can the new playstation TV convert 2D images to 3D?

    • Don’t know about that for a fact, but it’s always noticebly better to use content that is designed for 3D, not converted.

  • I love 3D! But in my own opinion some games look bad in 3D. I like to watch movies in 3D then playing games in 3D. But eh, technology is improving, Sony will make the future look like it has never been imagine, because you can only… “make. believe”.

  • I meant to say I rather watch movies in 3D rather playing games in 3D. But there both different things too. Movie is one art and games are another.

  • Not a fan of 3D games! Really hurts my eyes! But the movies are perfect! I don’t know what it is about games! Seems every image is too far apart!

  • 3D is a fun addition to an entertainment medium. Some of these posters are getting way too far from shore with this. I’ve played some games that look amazing in 2D, and don’t see how someone could play the “what if” game because the game supports 3D.
    3D is a great way to watch entertainment just how any other form of enhancing visuals is great for watching games or movies. What I want to experience next is smell-o-vision. I bet the chimera stink. Now that I think about it, maybe I don’t want to know.

  • @48
    Simplifies what? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. There is nothing simple about any of this even after removing Co-op or 3D. As far as Single Individual to a unit experience is concerned. Yes I would if the game requires it, I would cut features like Co-op for the extra processing power. Developers in the past have done this, so don’t pretend like it doesn’t happen.

    In that respect the reverse is also true. If I could build my game with processing power to spare then I would use the remaining processing power to flush out the experience with features I may not otherwise need. Equally so if my game is designed with the intent to have Co-op then I would sacrifice processing power for co-op. If 3D gets in the way, then I want to be rid of it. I have no issues with Uncharted 3’s multiplayer with Co-op or multiplayer with 3D, I would have a serious issue with either getting in the way of the single player being the best single player experience it could be. I know many gamers at Pax East would agree with me on the Co-op in single player, seeing how I was sitting in the 3rd row at the time and hearing the cheers when it was stated to say no to co-op in single player during that panel.

  • @54
    The compromise in pushing a 30 FPS game to 60FPS or in the case of 3D 120 FPS is a hit in performance. A Jump from 30 to 60 leaves half the time to render the same frame in 60 FPS as it does in 30 FPS. Which means things either need to be optimized or removed for the sake of doing the same thing in half the time. If this cannot be achieved in optimization then removing things becomes the only remaining option.

    Then I pose this question to you. If you optimize a game to run at 60 FPS affording you more for less, wouldn’t you use your savings then to do more as opposed to the same amount? Thats basically what you’re doing with 3D, they are optimizing the game to use 3D technology to render the same thing from different perspectives (same with co-op). That extra processing time from optimization could be used to benefit the look of the game over all instead of providing you Uncharted 2 in 3D. You could even add extra features, bolster the resolution at 30 FPS with that savings in processing time and maybe oh I dunno give us 1080p, increase the draw distance, fix popin problems (not that uncharted had this problem), or any number of things. Maybe even fix AA.

  • well, this tech is really outta of my reach since i have already have a 32 inch full HD tv that was bought before this announcement at, no. i’m very happy for the things that i have now since ya know $$<—this doesnt grow on trees.

    besides, i'm currently having eyes prob and i dont want to aggravate that with more eye straining or what have you….

  • @68 Kaze:

    Indeed. My hope was that each subsequent generation of PS3 games would bring us closer to what PC gamers get to experience. The focus on putting 3D into everything would seem to make that path more difficult, resulting in games–even those like Uncharted–taking a ‘good enough’ approach.

  • Sid, at least this is a mostly intelligent, if somewhat contentious thread. Not one person asking where the heck they can find something or when is a game going to be on PSN.

    I just saw a tremendous deal on a Bravia 46″ 3d. I need to be ready for U3 when the full game comes out in November. Thanks for the list.

  • I’d feel 3DTVs would kick off more if they used a dongle device for the glasses so you aren’t locked to buying one pair of glasses specific to that brand of TV, which is the reason the price on them is so damned high.

    Looking forward to the 24″ model coming out, just hoping it’ll be available at some of the major electronics retail outlets.

  • Onepieceanime why are you still here, don’t you realize you got owned before you even started. You can’t even get your info straight from one minute to the next. You’re an amateur in way over your head. Since you have no real world experience let me and the others here clue you in. In the real world nobody gives any credence to marketing trolls posing as a fanboy. Those of us who live in reality pay sony for what we want and find useful not what you or anyone else representing sony tells us to. You have a grave misunderstanding of the relationship between the corporate world and customers, nor do you really understand the technical side of what your talking about in the least. You can keep on being a jerk and making yourself the butt of the joke but don’t expect anybody to take you seriously, nobody does. Take the hint, your not making the product your advocating look good either so you’d best look elsewhere for something to do, you’re really out of it here. Fortunately I nor anybody else has to read anymore nonsense from you.

  • I’m sure Modern Warfare 3 will support 3D :p

  • Looking forward to checking out reviews of this set when they start rolling out.

  • Reissue the XBR60LX900 model with the PlayStation brand on it and include the PlayStation 3D Glasses with it.

  • @71
    Thank you :-D

    We’re mostly just trying to voice our concerns on 3D, as many of us invested in the PS3 with the promise of its visuals being able to keep up reasonably with the PC (extra emphasis on reasonably). Much luck to you on your purchase of a 3DTV, I hope you get a good deal. You may or may not want to look into whether or not the TV is updatable via firmware in regards to it’s 3D tech. One of the good things that has come out of this whole 3D thing is the new PlayStation TV which allows for two separate players to see to separate full screen images when using special glasses (basically two lenses that are open at the same time). In theory an updatable TV with the appropriate transmitter will be able to use the new glasses. This feature is probably the only reason I trade up my current HDTV for a new 3DTV outside of OLED.

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    3D is pointless, it only works to woo the less intelligent audiences, just like how people are wooed by HD graphics and don’t pay attention to anything else.

  • @ 77, Kazeeternal, thanks. Over this weekend I’m going to attempt my first ever hard drive upgrade so I really need good luck. After that, I’ll be downloading games and movies like a madman!

    Happy 4th of July to all American posters! The rest of you? Happy Monday?

  • The only thing holding me back from buying a 3DTV Is the over priced glasses I was looking at the 55″ Sony 3DTV and the glasses cost $130 Each, the TV was over $2000 and It does not come with glasses are you serious over $2000 3DTV and no glasses come with it, I love Sony products but I might get an LG instead the it comes with 4 pairs of glassesandthe best thing is that i use the same glasses from movie theaters.

  • I want the new PS 3D Tv BAD!!! Wish it was a 32 inch though… But I wants the whole new bundle!! Where do I get it? ASAP!!!!

  • 3d gaming!!! here i come. =)

  • Unless you get a really good deal, 3D tvs are still in the 4 digit price tag. So I won’t be getting a 3D tv anytime soon.

  • @#5 and #7 The quality of this iteration of 3D is simply not comparible to the decades old technology that was for the most part not even available for home use. This 3D is a gimmick because I can’t afford it yet or am unwilling to buy another TV right now is funny. This is no Gimmick it will be a part of cinema from here on out I believe games as well. How is it 3D is a gimmick in one breath and then ask for glasses free versions. The glasses are lightweight and are not much of an issue for most. I for one like my 3D gaming and movies so last time I checked all games that run in 3D can run in 2D so I don’t get the complaints. No one is forcing 3D. The ones who use it love it so keep the features coming Sony

  • They say this will alleviate the costs to go 3D but it is still a lot of money. I just hope they keep the support for normal tube TV’s as long as they keep making ps3 games. When the new console comes out to replace the ps3 they can go 3D all the way because by that time I will have enough money to buy something like that.

  • you should add the the legend of spyro trilogy to the store (you need more spyro the dragon games)

  • I’m really a FPS PC person I love Eyefinity triple monitor gaming. Frankly I can’t aim worth a dam on the consoles either 360 or PS3. I recently got myself 40″ Sony 3D TV as I’ve been dying to see 3D movies on the PS3 and try those 3D games. I must say I really don’t use the 360 at all. I’m hooked on FPS with Move Sharpshooter Killzone 3 and Socom 4. Mortal Kombat 3D is just the best fight game to date I happen to pre-order the MK Fight Stick OMG it Rocks.

    Currently Playing: Green Latern 3D

    Looking forward to more upcoming Move and 3D games such as:
    Resistance 3 (Move and 3D)
    Aliens: Colonial Marines (I hope comes out in both 3D and Move)

  • @Sid – Yeah actually U3 Beta look pretty rough graphically which is why im hoping it looks kickass when it comes out cause as it stands now, its a bit nasty. hopefully it’s graphically even better that U2. I also believe like others that 3D, while a cool feature does compromise graphics regardless of what is said, it’s obvious when you’re look at the games on the TV.

    Motorstorm Apocalypse is a great looking game but it doesn’t look much different graphically from Pacific Rift at all. 3D must show higher resolution textures or something..

  • @53 (DarkOne_PR) – xD Hahaha, it’s funny that you bring Vesperia up because thats the only Tales i ever wanted to play. When i found out it was coming to PS3 i was excited, when i heard USA would never get it, i was, well… pissed.. Dammit.

  • For all those asking about the price of the TV, it will be a 24″ 3DTV and will come with Resistance 3, HDMI Cable, and a pair of 3D glasses. During E3 they said it would cost around $500, so we can assume it will be $499 when it is released this fall.

    PirateHarlock, seriously? Just chill and stop acting like this is some online game that people take seriously.
    Owned? How the hell do you own someone in a comment section? I haven’t said anything against you, and yet you act like I have been flaming. I haven’t had a complaint in this comment section from anybody BUT YOU.
    So please, keep the discussion relevant.

    Also, I am not a fanboy or a troll. My sound system is made by Onkyo, by LCD is by Vizio, and my Laptop is by Gateway. I barely own anything from Sony! I didn’t even say I would purchase this screen yet! Like I said, the thing is pricey, but not compared to how expensive other Sony TVs are. And that I am STILL not sold on 3D.

    Please, stop derailing the thread with comments that have NOTHING to do with the TV or 3D software.
    Also, not at all mad. LOL

  • I’ve got a 50″ 3D Sammy and it’s the best thing i’ve bought.
    I’ve also recently bought a Fugifilm 3D W3 Camera, and thats the secound best thing i’ve bought.
    I’ve done some wicked 3D Family pics.

    Keep up the good work Sony and keep 3D support/content incoming.
    I cant wait till Silent Hill Downpour in 3D, as i’ll need to buy some adult diapers,lol

    “3D is a gimmick”
    LOL, rack of anyone with this state of mind. You obviously cant see the benifit of playing in 3D.
    3D has a few wrinkles that can be ironed out, but a “gimmick” it, is, not.
    Haters gunna hate.

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