Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Enemies and Artificial Intelligence

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Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Enemies and Artificial Intelligence

We are working hard here at Insomniac HQ, putting the finishing touches on Resistance 3 in time for our September 6th release date. We were happy with all of our fantastic comments on the first video in our Dev Diary series in co-operation with the PlayStation Blog, which focused on environments and storyline. Many of you immediately asked “when is the next one coming?” I’m happy to answer that the latest video is now available! It focuses on Resistance 3’s vicious new Chimeran enemies and the significant artificial intelligence improvements we’re making, including enhanced group tactics.

We hope to continue to bring these to you every couple of weeks as we head up to Resistance 3’s September 6th launch. If you haven’t already, head to your favorite game retailer and pre-order your copy of Resistance 3 — you won’t want to miss out on these unique bonus items. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s the Chimera-tooth necklace and multiplayer booster when you pre-order at GameStop, the exclusive PSN tags at Wal-Mart, the No. 60 Air Fuel Grenade through Amazon, or even the special Lt. Nathan Hale multiplayer skin when you purchase at Best Buy. For the full run down of all the pre-order items head over to our post here to check them out.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy the dev diary, and I’ll try to answer your questions in the comments!

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  • So excited for R3, the animation on the Chimera is incredibly fluid and really lends to their “personalities”. These Dev vids are great, keep ’em coming!

  • Can I has beta?

  • This game looks awesome! :D

  • How about the Survivor Edition for NA so we can get all those bonuses plus some physical goodies.
    But of course not, Sony will let Sucker Punch release the Hero Edition for InFamous 2 in NA, Naughty Dog release the Collector’s Edition for Uncharted 3 in NA, but they won’t approve the Survivor Edition for Resistance 3 in NA.

  • YEA! this is awesome! I love Resistance franchise. I just HOPE for insomniac changing that DAMN cover art!!! Its UGLY!!!!!! make something more awesome! Resistance deserve it! BTW i hope Hale its back … i like him more than capelli ill just excuse insomniac this time for making me play as him and not Hale….

    btw i bought socom4…when its the Resistance 3 beta starting for that??? thanks…

  • @2

    If u want beta buy the battle: los angeles to play the boat level beta

  • Whoa!

    Impressive Imsomniac! The only thing that sucks is this releases the day I start college :(

    • That’s a good thing though, college is about staying up late, ordering pizza at 1am and playing videogames. At least, it was for me…

  • Resistance 3 beta date??????

  • damn thought i had avatar… o well

  • Already preorderd :)

  • this…is…RESISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ DarkOne_PR Dude the cover art is Awesome, so many games do the “Action” style cover which is fine but very similar to the hundreds before it. R3 Cover is visually striking, symbolic, even iconic and really grabs your attention.

  • DAMN U sony and insomniac release at least the special edition for 70$ here in US!!!!!!!!! even thou i want the flash can… at least i want the freaking special edition so i can get all the bonus content!!! i have R3 reserved since it got on the screen of gamestop where i work…. but PLS put at least the special edition and ill be buying it! again send it to only those who reserve it! :)

  • Don’t avoid the question.

    When is the Resistance 3 beta starting?

    The game is coming out in two months. If the beta is going to be of any significance, it should start asap. Don’t do what Socom 4 did and have the beta a few weeks before the game came out. Look at Uncharted 3, their beta is out now and it doesn’t come out until November.

    Btw, loving the atmosphere of R3. Looks like it will be a big improvement over R2.

    • Our closed beta was cancelled due to the PSN outage. Our beta will still very much be a beta, and we will be updating it and creating patches for Resistance 3 over the course of it.

  • Day 1 for me.

  • Played the demo! Looks great but doesn’t play very good IMO!

  • @ 14

    Agree completely. I have participated in nearly every beta since Killzone 3 via purchases of other first party games. You could at least mention that the beta is coming in the diary.

    • We were asked not to focus on the beta too much, as it’ll be coming soon enough and we’ll have plenty of posts about it when the time comes.

  • This is the best FPS on Playstation…………. Very underrated, way better then killzone.

  • I loved the atmosphere of the first Resistance, not so much for the sequel. I hope you return to the great artistic style of the first. I will miss Hale :(. By the way, where is my avatar?

  • Thanks James … awesome videos

    Keep Going .. guys behind the R3 are incredibly hard-work men .. excited to play R3

  • Looks awesome! :D

    Wait, there’s going to be a beta for this? Is getting SOCOM 4 the only way to get in? Or will PS+ users be able to get in as well(after almost everyone’s 1 free month is over)?

  • Any word on Minecraft for ps3???? or is it just gonna be for the Xbox 360??

  • Getting this game day 1!

    First off: Thank you so much for the awesome poster you and Sony sent to me! I have it framed in my room! I went to the meet-up in Hollywood a couple months back, and it was so great! I hope you guys do this more often!

    Second: Where will I be able to get the awesome looking E3 shirts? I want one so bad, and I would definitely rock that shirt if had it. It looks so retro/vintage look

    Please tell me there is a way to buy the shirt!!!

    • there is no way to buy the shirts right now, though here’s hoping Sony’s t-shirt licensees realize the money they could make on the Olly skull shirts.

      That said, there may be opportunities to win them or get them at events in the coming months, so stay tuned.

  • bring survivor edition to NA it’s clear the people want it those pre order specials are nothing compared to that I’ve had both of the other games from this series and yes this one does look great but between making the mp a 16 person set up like cod and not having a survivor edition has me on the fence about this one

  • You know… forgoing the annual ship date for games really is showing major improvements in tech from insomniac. The game looks leaps and bounds better (technically) than R2. Hope that bleeds into gameplay as well.

  • Man I have high hopes for this game. I’ve really been disappointed more often than not with games these days. I just want the single player to be a worthwhile experience. This will probably be the last FPS that I buy for a very long time.

    • We feel really confident about the story and campaign, and have been doing our best to keep some surprises in it under wraps. We hope you like it.

  • That was full of win!

  • I like the post-apocalyptic direction, and how the series (at least on the PS3, but I’ll try Retribution on the Vita) has gone through three distinct stages of encounters.
    One thing I’ve enjoyed in the two previous games, though, is how the alternate history is shown and evidence of the past is seen throughout the series. Is past, well, present in Resistance 3?

  • Can’t wait. Thanks for the Developer’s Diary and the update.

  • Slaves
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    Of the unknown one, the deliverer
    Something must be done, four hundred years

    So let it be written
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    I’M ………………. …………………

  • Very good video, I want R3, but I want to try it out myself before I buy it, and not lay down 30 bucks for a movie I didn’t like just to get the demo for R3. I really hope the beta will be open to PS+ members!

  • R:FoM had the best AI I’d ever played against. I hated the Chimera with a passion because they were so smart. Please sir, some more?

  • When is the beta happening? I have a code just sitting here on my wall…

  • Is it true there’s no more regenerating health? Is it more like the first game now?

  • Really cool, I love to see behind the scenes work, especially dealing with AI logic. And yes, those shirts are pretty awesome. ;)

  • So excited for this game. I really hope it feels more like R1. R2 was too colorful for how grim the game was supposed to be.

    • We use color in R3, but it’s very controlled color. See our first dev diary for info on that from our art director Grant Hollis

  • Will there be an accompanying advertising campaign, e.g. at Burger King, 7-Eleven, etc.?

  • starscreamers-19

    I cant wait for this game, can you guys put resistance 2 on the Playstation Store pleaseeeee

  • It’s my birthday…

  • @ #30

    \m/ -.- \m/

    This games is gonna rock!

  • I keep meaning to get back into R2 and try to get a static party to play all the Co-op levels but things keep coming up. Right now it’s Uncharted 3 beta. Maybe when that’s over…. lol

  • come on dude , bring the Survivor Edition to north america !!!!

  • M1riflecarrier14

    im a die hard resistance fan, fall of man was my first game for my ps3, i love R2 as well, kickass online multiplayer. i just hav one question 4 u insomniac, will everyone have access to the beta or will it be for socom 4 owners, or will it be for PlayStation Plus members

  • Ah my fav FPS franchise will return soon! :) I’m such a happy panda… May I ask something?
    How many weapons are there going to be in multiplayer? An aprox number will be great :D And I hope there will be a lot of customization for characters since that was my fav feature in R2.

  • Can’t wait until 9/6. It would be interesting idea to reward those that beat R:FoM and R2 campaigns with a skin from either game, kind of like what Sucker Punch did with InFamous 2. Looking forward to playing the beta and staying up late during college :)

  • @Dev reply to #34 – Are you freaking serious, no health regeneration? I may have to rent this game now, only bass ackward games nowadays don’t have health regen, as it just makes playing annoying and frustrating. I don’t play games to get frustrated, I play to have FUN. No health regen is not fun.

    You guys better make this optional in the SP, otherwise you just lost a sale. And this is from somebody who has been playing since the first Resistance and WAS really looking forward to R3. Guess I’ll just have to buy Rage instead.

    What s shame, devs are sure doing a good job destroying good game series in 2011.

  • Whatever happened to the Angels, Grayjacks, Howlers, Hybrid Scouts (who were jumping enemies), and Menials?

  • man, james, you gotta start getting on some podcasts and start dropping some knowledge on people. ive been listening to a lot of podcasts (a recent one is the first Joystiq Show) where they talk about wanting a game that “bucks the trends” and doesnt have regen health and doesnt use the 2 weapon system from CoD. everytime im screaming to myself “What about Resistance 3! Why wont you people acknowledge this game! Insomniac has been doing the weapon wheel since R&C and it is the perfect solution to the ‘consoles dont have a number pad so you can only have 2 guns’ problem!”

  • any one tell me where the best place to buy a new ps3???

  • Soooo…this R3 beta on my socom box is worthless now?! Come on guys, give us something if no beta.

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