Killzone 3: Welcome to a Triple-XP Weekend!

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Killzone 3: Welcome to a Triple-XP Weekend!

Earlier this week we released the third DLC pack for Killzone 3, “From The Ashes,” as well as a DLC bundle containing all three DLC packs. Of course there’s only one way to celebrate this momentous occasion — organize a Triple XP Weekend!

You read that right – from Friday, June 24 at 9:00AM Pacific Time, until Monday, June 27 at 9:00AM, all XP earned in Killzone 3’s multiplayer matches will be tripled. So whether you’re exploring new DLC maps or just re-acquainting yourself with the stock maps, you’ll rank up faster than ever!

Killzone 3: From the Ashes DLC

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  • Man i play Cod now i want this game

  • @50 welcome to killzone you wont regret it!!!

  • @50 same here!

    Just bought the Helghast edition yesterday for an amazing price, I’d like to know that too as a matter of fact……
    Either way, ill be joining in the MP this weekend for sure!

  • Hey suicide surfer , whoopie you got first but why comment on here about not caring for this game .

  • No one is even playing this game. I just searched 5 times, 0 players online. what was the point of this???

  • This is aweSome. Ima get on KILLZONE as soon as I can :)

  • is map pack 3 going to be free for plus users?

  • Just came home from a long vacation to find this DLC waiting for me and on my birthday weekend too :D
    Looks awesome. Downloading right now !!!
    DLC + tripl XP for BEST Multiplayer game of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • triple?unfair to other shooters.

  • High Moon Studios is doing a 5x faster XP boost for forever on Transformers: War for Cybertron, coming up this Monday. I would love it, if you did the same for Killzone 2. If not 5x, atleast 3x? As soon as i bought Killzone 2 back when it came out, my system crapped out and my Killzone 2 disc got stuck in the system. I finally was able to send it to Sony and got my disc back and system fixed, but all that time, my KZ2 XP was set back a ton, I’d be all to happy to start back gaming on KZ2, if we had a permanent XP boost.

  • I’m playing right now and I do not see triple xp…. unless i’m seeing something wrong but kills are still only getting me 100 per.

  • Oh wait nevermind, it shows up after the battle lol.

  • please wait at least 2 months before releasing more maps. Don’t fall into the stupidity of Black Ops

  • hellz yea…….after the network went down i started paying attention to the blog and now i see what i have been missing out on. thanks sony for all these great gatherings.

  • @Redikol your dreaming boy.

  • Am missing out on this goodness. My old fatty PS3 Ylod 2 wks now playing said game online in the middle of a streak. Thinking of getting a slim :(

  • NICE

  • PSN

  • thanks guerilla for all of your effort. i received all pack availible for killzone3 and enjoy them alot. the best pack and DLC but mobile factory is awesmoe

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