PlayStation Move Ape Escape Hits PSN on July 5th, Demo on June 28th

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PlayStation Move Ape Escape Hits PSN on July 5th, Demo on June 28th

 PlayStation Move Ape Escape for PS3 (PSN)

You may have seen that PlayStation Move Ape Escape launches today in Europe. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing all of the monkey-capturing mayhem to the US soon! On June 28th, you will be able to download a demo of the game on the PlayStation Store.

 PlayStation Move Ape Escape for PS3 (PSN)PlayStation Move Ape Escape for PS3 (PSN)

In PlayStation Move Ape Escape, you’ll be tasked with fending off a monkey invasion after a UFO crash-lands into your house. This latest installment takes the fan-favorite franchise to the next level by allowing you to use the PlayStation Move motion controller to wield a variety of gadgets while capturing the mischievous monkey invaders.

If you cannot wait till June 28th to experience the mayhem, get the PlayStation Move Ape Escape Dynamic Theme today! We’ve just released the Dynamic Theme of the title for $2.99. As you can see from the embedded video, those mischief-making monkeys are set to take over your PS3 with this exclusive dynamic theme!

Check out the demo next Tuesday and be sure to download the full game via PlayStation Network, when it launches in the U.S. on July 5th.

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  • I love the Ape Escape series. While I’d love to see a return of the wonderful platformer in the form of Ape Escape 4, this looks interesting enough to try. I look forward to the demo.

  • @13 Why do you think “Playstation Move” is in the title if it’s not required?

  • Nice! I haven’t played an Ape Escape game in a while, and it seems like an obvious idea to use PS Move with an Ape Escape game. I’ll check out the demo for sure, and I’ll buy if I enjoy it enough. Thanks for the post!

  • Can’t wait! I loved the original. I will definitely put this one on my wish list!

  • It would be awesome if we got all ape escapes in a single BD and HD! It would simply be awesome! any plans??? playing the MEtal Gear Solid like game in APE ESCAPE 3 for ps2 was a dream! and Id like to repeat that.

  • I hate to say it, but the reviews are confirming my, and many other’s, worst fears. First came Move Heroes, which COULD and SHOULD have been a great game….now, it appears this Ape Escape follows in it’s footsteps. Cheap collection of repetitive Move mini-games and the like. What really baffles me is why in the world did you guys have to makes this an on-rails game? I want to be psyched for that Deadmund game but I have a feeling it will be more of the same. The original Ape Escape series was excellent. Proved that you didn’t need spectacular visuals or even a mind-blowing story to have a genuinely fun time with a video game. The Move controller itself is an excellent piece of equipment, and deserves more from the developers (well, most…Guerilla Games and Slant Six deserve a pat on the back for the sharpshooter, as do any devs that implement it in an effective fashion in the future.) then the load of junk it has been getting. Haven’t the people in the industry learned anything about self-decency and respect from the constant onslaught of gimmicky garbage the 3rd party devs have been churning out for the Wii?

  • Reviews are just opinions. I played the Japanese demo when it came out and it was super fun. There’s nothing wrong with on-rails, so long as they don’t over saturate the market. Like what happened with the Wii, there were tons of rail shooters coming out around the same time. It was ridiculous. One doesn’t need very many rail shooters in their library of games to be content (since they’re usually the kind of game you replay for the gameplay, so why would you need many of them?)

    Anyway… yeah. I still want a retail release. If you put out (as someone else mentioned) Kung Fu Riders of all things in retail, you can put out Ape Escape. A brand that is bound to sell better than something like Kung Fu Riders, which to be frank has an off putting title, and boxart.

  • I actually typed up a whole second part to my comment saying that all reviews should be taken with a grain of salt as well, and that I won’t judge it until I have tried it myself, but my computer froze up and I lost it. Oh well. With that said, I agree with your comment for the most part Elvick, and their have been some on-rails games that are quite good (Dead Space Extraction comes to mind.)…unfortunately, there have been quite a few of the opposite as well. I guess my biggest issue is that the original series was a great game, it’s platforming monkey catching formula worked well…so why try to fix it? With that said, you gotta give them a pat on the back for trying to break the mold.

  • This would be the fourth PSMove only game that comes out this year so far. I don´t get it, why release PSMove and not support it? Just like Sixaxis and PSEye which I really like and would love to see at least decent support. “PSMove compatible” is not the same thing. How can you expect me to want to purchase PSMove when not only Move navigation controller doesn´t have motion or rumble and price it at $30 when nunchuck that has motion is $20, you limited Move and navigation offline multiplayer to only two players, PSEye is required and is overpriced, and the Move bundle costs $100 for just one Move controller and Kinect costs $150 and you get two players with both arms being able to be used right out of the box and to have that with Move it would cost $100 for bundle, $50 x 3 controllers which equal $250. I would buy PSMove as soon as you announced motion and rumble for navigation controller, lower prices for PSMove, navigation, PSEye camera and bundle and a strong support for PSMove only games. What happened to Sorcery?

  • I tried the demo, did not like it. Please give us a traditional Ape Escape game. Preferable that it uses Dualschock, but even a Move+Navigation controller will work.

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