E3 Replay: Need for Speed: The Run Unbuckles the Seatbelt

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E3 Replay: Need for Speed: The Run Unbuckles the Seatbelt

Sid, Jeff and I have this recurring debate on how to keep a gaming franchise fresh and new over multiple iterations. We’ve discussed everything from and removing the football from Madden to taking BioShock out of the deep blue sea (oh wait.) These may sound like little more than preposterous game pitches, but with the latest iteration of Need for Speed, it seams like the dev team at EA eavesdropped on one of our many heated debates. Need for Speed: The Run takes the driver out of the car and into the underbelly of the city streets.

Executive Producer Jason Delong joined us on our E3 livestream and presented a radically different vision for Need for Speed — one in which you’re not always behind the wheel. I’ve always been a huge fan of all things fast, and Need for Speed has been a long time favorite racing franchise of mine, so when Jason walked us through The Run, I was skeptical at first — but by the end, I was sold on the newest Need for Speed.

Check out the video above for a full in-depth walk-through.

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  • Need for speed the run!!!! do you get to free roam?!

  • wow i want to get this game. (u guys look and sound tor up lol :) Yeah E3!!!

  • wish there was free roam but looks like a cool story line for a movie like infamous

  • new version of racing!

  • The only thing I’d like them to answer (which they haven’t been asked for some reason, while on camera I guess), is : What happens if you fail one of those quick-time events? Does the story change? Do you open up different paths for the story and the “run”? Do you just fail? Please don’t tell me you just get to redo it or , even worse, that it really doesn’t matter if you fail those events ’cause that would make them the lamest mechanic ever (and It would certainly demand a SKIP option!), not to mention it would be a total waste of resources and severe creative shortsightedness.

  • This NFS looks like fun . Looking forward to it ! Thanks for the recap.

  • C’mon Black Box.

    Bring back Underground!

  • Can we please rebuckle the seatbelt? I bought the game for the car; I’d like to stay inside it.

  • mmm Why bullets don’t damage the car?

  • Nothing better than Need for Speed Most Wanted……….

  • ive always wanted a “cannonball run” type of game….all the racing and all the debauchery at the hotels and bars between the race stages. ROCKSTAR, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!

  • there should be a camra that shows the steering wheel like in midnightclub la

  • i think this s going to be one of the best selling game from Need For Speed it looks like the type of game i would play over and over and never get tired

  • finally a need for speed when u can get out of ur car! lol

  • this looks awesome…

  • That was a Good move that Sony has made a partnership with EA. Very good move.

  • I hope there will be some “Fast and Furious” feeling in the game :)

  • And Camera that show the steering wheels! :D

  • Bugatti Veyron SS exclusive for PS3? OooooOoooOoooh! Can’t wait! :)

  • Looks nice gotta get this one

  • this nfs thr run and nfs hotpusuit two most greats alltime

  • @10 hate say this need for speed hot pursuit better then most wanted

  • I kno there will be no free roam and tuning so i hope they will put more cars instead, like 75-85 cars would be nice! Im hyped about the run, but… not as mutch as Hot Pursuit, i guess its because the last NFS game Black Box did was rushed and not so good… cough*Undercover*cough! Undercover had very annoying bugs like more than 70% of the time when i exit the garage after buying/selling/tuning my cars, i would fall into this hole… Mmm… oh and how are going to purchase cars in the run? Will it be free like HP or will they cost money?

  • @9 that is not the actual game which is why the bullets dont damage the car but im pretty sure on the real game it will get damaged that is probably the beta.

    this game looks like fun! looks somewhat like NFS hot pursuit but also with street racing i just hope there is free roam and alot of good cars and you better be able to make your own vinyls or else im going to be mad.

  • can someone send tell me where i can find details about online gameplay?

  • Frostbite engine = AWESOME

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