ModNation Monday: PS Vita, DLC Update and More

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ModNation Monday: PS Vita, DLC Update and More

ModNation Mondays


We will offer you a few solutions.

…but first!

ModNation Racers PS Vita: Modding with your Fingertips

As most of you heard at the Sony Press Conference kicking off E3, we are proudly bringing the ModNation franchise to the much anticipated PlayStation Vita. It was a great opportunity to share with you all some of the things our team has in store. Take a look at this…

and secondly…

Progressive ModNation Racers Gran Prix Results

ModNation Monday: Pro

In early March we announced a contest to create the best ModNation Racers track using a free parts pack sponsored by Progressive Insurance. This parts pack followed on the heels of the free Flo mod and Progressive vehicle downloads.

Well, the entries are all in, and our judges have been playing the top levels…as chosen by the community… to determine our finalists. They’ve made a final decision based upon originality, quality/polish, brand awareness and creative use of the items. Our official Progressive ModNation Racers Gran Prix winners are:

Grand Prize: Progressive_Mega_Plex (its2l84that)
Runners-up: Pro_Flo_Ivory Park Plaza
New Name: Ivory Park Plaza Station
Pro_Flo_Skyline Scramble (ArgorokX)
Pro_Flo_Silver Ocean Park
New Name: Sliver Oceanside Heights

“There were several tracks which used the Progressive items in clever ways, but most of them weren’t fun from a racing perspective,” said Mark Androvich, Manager of PlayStation Network Advertising and one of our judges. “And, on the other side, there were several tracks which were fun to drive, but made little use of the Progressive items. Mega Plex was a great mix of both—representing the best features of ModNation Racers as well as positively representing the Progressive brand.”

If you haven’t checked out these tracks for yourself, sign into ModNation Racers and search for the track name or author. We think you’ll be just as impressed as we were.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!

and now…

NEW ModNation DLC: “Where Will I Find The Time?”

In light of the recent bevy of new MNR DLC we brought in an expert in time management to offer you some help. Here are a few of their suggestions to get your DLC on.

  1. You could call in sick to work (we don’t recommended)
  2. A weekend of soda and energy drinks?
  3. Take advantage of a 3 day weekend celebrating a holiday (July 4th in U.S.)
  4. Pray for a freak snowstorm ONLY in your neighborhood
  5. Ditch jury duty (not recommended)
  6. Graduate a semester late (it’s probably going to happen anyway)

Hmmmmmm…that’s the best they could give us? Consultants, go figure.

NEW DLC: Big City Career Extension Pack

The Big City Career Extension is available for purchase in the PlayStation Store this week for $9.99!

ModNation Monday: City

The Big City Career Extension is complete with five new tracks, seven new trophies, new tokens to collect, and over 100 new items to unlock, race, and create with. More details and images here.

RECENT DLC: Arctic Career Extension Pack

The Arctic Career Extension is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $9.99!

ModNation Monday: Arctic

The Arctic Career Extension is complete with five new tracks, seven new trophies, new tokens to collect, and over 100 new items to unlock, race, and create with. More details and images here.


Construction Parts Pack: Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store this week for $4.99!
Prehistoric Parts Pack: Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store this week for $4.99!
Moon Colony Props Pack: Available in the PlayStation store on June 21st for $4.99.
Water World Props Pack: Available in the PlayStation store on June 28th for $4.99.

ModNation Monday: Collage2

…and Even More RECENT DLC:

MC Mod – Mod & Kart: Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW. Mod & Kart are $1.75 or separately for $0.99.
Backburn Mod & Kart: Available to purchase in the PlayStation Store June 28th. Mod & Kart are $1.75 or separately for $0.99.
Late Night Mod & Kart: Mod & Kart are $1.75 or separately for $0.99.
Pixel Pixie Mod: $0.99

ModNation Monday: Modscloolage

Remember… and all these Mods and Karts come with new parts for you to create with!

Did We Mention This RECENT DLC?:

Pirate Mini-Theme Style Pack: The Pirate Mini-Theme Style Pack is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $6.99! More details and images here.
Western Mini-Theme Style Pack: The Western Mini-Theme Style Pack is available to purchase in the PlayStation Store NOW for $6.99! More details and images here.

ModNation Monday: Collage3

The “Moddys” Celebrate The ModNation Kart Creating Community

ModNation Monday: Moddy

We recently announced the kick-off to our MNR One Year Anniversary Celebration! Over the next few weeks we will recognize you, the ModNation for all the effort, creativity and pure skill you have poured into this game over the past year. We will spotlight some of the games achievements as well as its unique insanity personality This is week three of our anniversary celebration which brings us to the Mod creators of MNR. Many of the Mods floating around in the ModNation ubersphere are pure genius. Some are weird, some are a little strange, and to be honest some of them just flat out frighten us in soooooo many ways we just can’t begin to tell you. We thought we would spotlight some of our favorite Mod creations that you may or may not want to take a closer look at. Enjoy. Click here to view images of all the Moddys winners so far!

Next week in the “Moddys”… our favorite tracks! Trust us, you’ll have some fun (and funky) racing to look forward to!

Creations of The Week:

Mod: Black Ghost (Cyborg 009) by jedicam10
Kart: Black Ghost’s Mirage by jedicam10

Track of The Week:

Yggdrasil World Arboria by IndustrialSavior

ModNation Monday: Track of the Week

Hot Lap Tracks:

Monday: Yggdrasil World Arboria by IndustrialSavior
Tuesday: Mt. Vilchy Ski Resort by atheistsw
Wednesday: Knowtheledge (ice) by jefferzone
Thursday: Pirates Are Invading! By StealthReborn–
Friday: Ascension to Heaven by PrussianWarfare
Saturday: Blomqvist Fishing Village by atheistsw
Sunday: Ozone Industries IO Plant by IndustrialSavior

I think we’ve given you enough to do for this week. Have fun!


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17 Author Replies

  • It’s good to see Modnation Monday return to the Playstation Blog. : )

  • Welcome back, nice to have a recap of the DLC that’s been up since the store came back and DLC for the rest of the month. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 career expansions and all the create parts they came with.

    I would buy the mini themes and track pieces, but I suck at making tracks..

    When do we get another Sony character mod and kart? Been itching for a new one for a while.

  • I have a HUGE question, and I don’t know if has been answered yet. Will I be able to transfer my DLC stuff from my PS3 to the VITA MOD Nation Racers? I will soon pre-order the Vita game too!!

  • Oh, and if you guys are having trouble thinking of the next Game character mod……


  • hmm you guys should do a pacl where you get all does DLCs. Looks so expensive when you look at the KZ3 dlc for 4.99$ for four maps.

  • @4 Awaiting moderation?

    I guess that part at the end could be taken in a totally different way than intended?

  • Please give the Vita version remapable controls so I can play with my wife. It would be awesome if this came to the PS3 version too.

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna



    I believe it was confirmed you can.

  • Glad to see this feature back! Keep the awesome DLC coming UFG – looking forward to seeing what your creative minds can bring us after the awesome big city and arctic extensions.

    Also grats to all the Pro_Flo winners and those selected for track of the week – some awesome tracks listed here.

  • this is awesome!! can’t wait till Playstation Vita and Modnation racerscome out!! just wish it would come out faster but take your time!!!

  • Nice to see MNR back on the blog! Great game, great dev, great community! Aftermarket support like this is tough to find, and it’s still a blast to play online more than a year after release! Keep it coming, PS Blog! We know UFG will!

    • Wow! Kind words for our team. Thank you!

      …and yes, YOU are a great community. I think with the release of PlayStation Vita the MNR community is only going to get bigger, better and stronger! Vita = Life!

  • Do you need to purchase the packs in order to play them in the created levels etc etc… Also is there an easy way to play some of the snow levels and the other new packs with others without hosting a race. Either these are just too new i don’t know…

  • All the dlc is old. Except for Backburn mod n kart I’ve had everything else since last week. Was there a glitch in the system?

    • Yep, Its very recent but the first announcement here in the PlayStation blog. How do you like the other DLC?

  • How bout a South of the Border Extension Pack? Or at least a Mod that has a nice BIG Mexican hat. The hat in the game is too small to even bother with. Looks more girly than manly.

  • @13 They haven’t posted anything since the network went down.

    This is mostly just a DLC re-cap from the last few weeks.

    And you also don’t have the moon base parts or water park parts packs, they aren’t out yet.

  • Here’s an idea: maybe you should e-mail a code to all the players whose creations you feature on here to get the trophy in the anniversary categories picture as a piece to use in a mod, kart, or track? Or all 3?

  • @ #5 kivi95

    Agreed – the pricing is way off the mark. An appropriate price for the three DLC track pack add-ons bundled would be 14.99 in my opinion.

    I’d like all three but I won’t purchase any of them at their current pricing and don’t get me started at the price point of the prop packs – is anyone actually buying this stuff?

  • The DLC is awesome. I bought both packs and beat them. So much fun, I love ModNation Racers so much. Definitely buying MNR for PS Vita on release. I spent over $40 in DLC on this game and will definitely spend more.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    If, and this is a HUGE if considering the team is not proven, the problems in the PS3 (Load times zzzzzzzzzzz) and the PSP version are addressed, as well as adding new cool features and keeping online, ad hoc, cross compatibility, etc…then this could be the breakout title for the franchise. Of course it’ll never sell like Mario Kart, but it’ll be like LBP where it’ll never sell like a 2D Mario game, but still sells well enough, something like 5 million copies for the first game were sold.

  • On another note, does UFG even have anything to do with ModNation Racers anymore? Everything is tagged under them but is always posted by someone from San Diego Studios.

    UFG didn’t develop the PSP version and it looks like they aren’t involved in the PSV version – so, who’s behind the current DLC?

  • Wow, that’s a lot of awesome dlc! It’s too much for me tbh though, can’t really be shelling out the cash for all that stuff.

  • It’s all too expensive. Why not bundle it all, or at least some of it together?

  • Seeing how I just bought the game a few days ago, There is no way that I would be able to win a Moddy :( Oh well, Conglaturations to all of the winners!

  • Holy crap thats a lot, its awesome with what the did with the vita features to create a track, but what will they do for actual races?

  • Why can’t I rate this a 6?

  • I wants me a PSV T_T lol

  • CaptainHuggyface

    Looking forward to the Vita but are you guys going to show some love to the PSP version?

  • The game looks as good as the PS3 version, and it seems to fun just as smoothly! The only thing I’m worried about is the lag during track creation mode! In all the footage of track creation, things just pop up and change a little too late. I wish things popped up the second you touched.

    If that’s not possible, could you add some animation that shows that objects are being added? Like a loading symbol that spins for just a few seconds? IT seems like something needs to be there while the objects load onto the track.

    Besides that, game looks and sounds amazing! :D

  • This Game is awsome is there any way i can get it on my ps3 with my welcome back program

  • Great to see the blog back where it belongs and a whole host of new DLC to play with, I just hope Europe gets some this week and isn’t completely ignored like last week (I especially want the Big City Theme) although I know that SCEE are totally to blame for that oversight!

  • if anyone doesn’t mind to reply, what does DLC stand for?

  • Downloadable Content.

  • I think this is going to be my first post related to ModNation, i think it might be too late for me for buying this DLC and the game :P but i do plan on buying the Vita and this game for it, i hope to see a big community as well and, keep up with the awesome job :)

  • @30

    Downloadable content :)

  • The track that won isn’t very fun to race at all…-_-

    Gonna package any of that stuff together?

  • okay so I just got the MNR for the PSP and I noticed there was no DLC for that game. is that going to change? or are you only going to focus on the PSP vita?

  • wow the PS Vita looks so compact in this video. Track creation with PS Vita looks like a breeze

  • I think we’re going to be buying a lot of DLC in my household… but even though we’re MNR fans, I do think the DLC is slightly too expensive. Is there a DLC bundle where we can download everything?

    A couple of questions about Vita:

    Someone said that tracks made on PS3 will be available on Vita. Will tracks made on Vita also be playable on PS3?

    Also, will we be getting a PS3 draw mode using PS Move? That would be amazingly

    Finally, will we get WipEout-style crossplay, as in PS3.vs Vita multiplayer?

  • i think that in the welcome back program should it put assassins creed bloodlines for PSP

  • Looks amazing! I can finally buy mod nation racers when NGP comes out. And LBP as well!

  • Will you guys be delivering a new Weapons pack with any of these updates would be awesome to see some awesome new weapon animations and stuff you guys are doing a great job with the creations dlc but would love new weapons. Thanks for all you do

    • Sorry., no plans for a weapons pack though it’s a cool idea!

      Thanks for the thumbs up on the DLC. We love it too!

  • You guys showed off creating a track but what about a kart and racer? Will it be as effortless as making a track seems?

  • MNR looks to be lagging …………..

  • MNR looks to be lagging on PSV………….

  • @ Sanidhya_23

    It’s six months from launch… I don’t think we can really expect it to be perfect yet.

    If the draw tool is still that laggy at launch, I hope they add some kind of indicator so that we know that the edit has been registered, even though the trees etc haven’t been placed yet.

    I’m very impressed with how MNR looks on Vita though. It can’t be easy to render levels with that much customisation

  • that pratty awesome that sony making new things

  • I see you’ve answered a few more frivolous posts with some frivolous answers. How about answering some of the actual questions people are asking.

    Oh, and don’t bother answering this post – instead, either of my two previous posts could use some addressing…with actual answers, not fluff please, and please don’t ask what fluff is, just look in your belly button…

    • Hi,

      Any issues or complaints can be addressed in the MNR fourms where many people will have answers to many of the questions that are asked. This is what makes it a great community. I am glad to address any questions you have there. remember… “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. :)

      …and as @46 has insight-fully stated, the MNR Vita launch is months away. I would not have the answers to questions even if I wanted to share them. Watch the blog as more info rolls out over time.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm.


  • I love MNR. It’s the only game I can get my girlfriend to play with me.

    I love how much you guys support this game post launch.

    What I don’t love is the absolutely ridiculous prices you guys have on your DLC.

    If I wanted to buy the Asian, Snow and Big City DLC… that is $30. The same price that MNR retails for right now.

    PS3 exclusives always have their DLC priced pretty modestly. The 3 career extensions should really sell for no more than $4.99, and even that is kinda pricey.

    I wanna support you guys… but these prices are insulting,

  • Hi Mark,

    That was supposed to be more of a wink, wink, nudge, nudge after you previously asked what ‘love’ looked like, and not necessarily a fry topping served up best with a dash of sea-salt.

    My two previous posts had nothing to do with the Vita, though. I was wondering if you are planning on bundling any of the DLC, preferably the track packs for one sweet low-er price and secondly what role United Front Games still plays with MNR, if any.

    When you say, “I would not have the answers to questions even if I wanted to share them.”, does that mean that you don’t want to share with us? That’s not very nice, lol, just kidding… O.o

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