Killzone 3 From the Ashes Pack: The Retro Maps

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Killzone 3 From the Ashes Pack: The Retro Maps

Last week we posted preview videos of the first two maps from “From The Ashes”, the third DLC pack for Killzone 3. Today we’re offering preview videos of the other two maps included with the pack: Tharsis Depot and Radec Academy. If these names sound familiar, it’s because they’re re-imagined and revamped versions of the beloved Killzone 2 maps.

The first preview video features Tharsis Depot, a Guerrilla Warfare map for 16 players based on the Killzone 2 classic. After incurring damage during the ISA invasion of Helghan, the depot has been converted to process nuclear Petrusite. The Helghast made extensive use of jetpacks to facilitate the reconstruction process, but the harsh conditions resulting from the damage still made it a grueling endeavor. The ISA have locked their sights on Tharsis Depot now that it’s back in full-scale production, and this time they intend to finish the job they started.

To give you a sense of what’s changed, this video shows comparisons of the original and the new version:

The second video shows the new version of Radec Academy, a Warzone map for 24 players. Devastated by the ongoing struggle between ISA and Helghast forces, the once-proud Radec Academy is now a ruinous shell of its former self. Although the soul of the Academy remains intact, the compound has suffered greatly, with strewn rubble and emplaced StA-3 miniguns serving as grim reminders of the fierce battles fought in the area. As the ISA forces once again push into the Academy compound, attempting to scavenge a downed MAWLR, the Helghast troops hastily fortify their defenses within its perimeter.

And this video shows comparisons of the original and the new Radec Academy:

DLC Pack 3 “From The Ashes” contains four maps and will be available from the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, June 21st for $4.99. Newcomers to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re also releasing a DLC Bundle Pack including the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack and the From The Ashes Pack for just $9.99. Stay tuned to [LINK] and the official PlayStation.Blog, because we’ll have a montage trailer for From the Ashes Pack for you soon!

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  • wow those look cool any discount or something of the sort for PS+? love Kz3, and played some kz2 @ my friends’ houses… good job ppl!

  • You know what would really be great? that we could use the DLC maps we bought for Killzone2 in Killzone3

  • This is just so awesome! My bro is gonna be pleased about this, Radec was his favorite map in KZ2. I have so many fond memories and nightmares of that map. I can’t wait to try out all the maps :D

  • I love Killzone 3 but wouldn’t it’ll be better if they put killstreak system in the game ? Anyone agree ?

  • Funny thing is apparently a lot of people don’t know that if you downloaded the last DLC for free in PLUS, when the subscription ends it won’t work anymore /=

  • @23 hell no go back to your crap game COD.

  • Can’t wait to finish work and go home to download the DLC!

  • XxT_I_K_IxX_PR, I’m just suggesting. What so bad about having killstreak ? I think you never play COD before that’s why you say it’s a crap game. HAHAHA! You must be live in a cave. :D Hey ‘caveman’, try playing COD. It’s good

  • I love KZ3!!!!!!!!!

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