E3 Replay: Twisted Metal’s Iron Maiden Demo, Comic-Con Plans

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E3 Replay: Twisted Metal’s Iron Maiden Demo, Comic-Con Plans

Hey ya’ll! In case you missed it last week, here’s a broadcast segment we did with the PlayStation.Blog live from the SCEA booth on the E3 show floor. I get into a little about the character stories as well as talk about gameplay balance and the pros and cons between the game’s 15+ vehicles. I also gab a bit about the reveal of Iron Maiden, the biggest and most complicated boss we’ve ever had in a Twisted Metal game!

E3 was a blast this year! It was really cool to connect with fans at the booth while they went tried out Twisted Metal’s signature Nuke mode. It was also fun showing off our newest level: New York City during the holiday season. The very first Twisted Metal game – released back in 1995! – takes place at Christmas time as well and I guess we wanted to pay a little homage. Also, I just love the idea of chaos and destruction centered around what is usually one of the happiest, warmest, most fun times of the year! Does that make me bad?!? So check out the video- hope you dig it!

And next up is Comic-Con in San Diego July 21-24 so hope to see ya’ll there. Thank you again for the support, thanks so much for stopping by to play our game and say ‘hey’ at the show, and please stay tuned for more announcements about the game over the next few months!

P.S. In the video, I also explain why – for the campaign mode only – we’ve limited the selection to three playable human drivers (versus the usual 10-12). Campaign still lets you drive and battle in 15+ vehicles but we have limited the driver roles. I know focusing on just three character stories for the campaign has been a bit controversial for some of our Twisted fans and I’m curious to see – in the comment section below – if you agree or disagree with our decision after you hear me state our reasoning in the video.

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  • TEXT CHAT in game. Please put text chat in game along with voice chat. PLEASE

  • All Game modes are playable offline with BOTS of varying difficulty right?

  • it the network still haveing probs because the last time it did this accounts were deleated.

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  • I have nothing but respect for Twisted Metal, but I can’t look at the name, and not remember what happened in my past. David Jaffe I don’t know if you remember this far back, or even if you were behind Twisted Metal at the time, but here goes…

    I was promised a free Twisted Metal online back with the promotion of the PS2 Network adapter back in the day. I sent my proof of purchase, and everything in and never received the game. I called multiple customer service reps, and no one could remedy my situation…

    Ever since then I’ve looked at the name Twisted Metal differently since I never got what I promised… :( sad face!!

  • “What was promised”… typo at the end there

  • Whether or not you’re excited about the changes in this relaunch of Twisted Metal, I think we as gamers ought to give Jaffe the benefit of the doubt. It’s obvious he’s in it for the games and not the bureaucracy. He does and says a lot of stuff the money guys wouldn’t, and probably get mad a him for, and that alone is reason to support him and his team. Wish there were more people in the industry as upfront as him.

    That said, I’m not generally a fan of Jaffe’s definition of “cool”, with creepy clowns and bald war gods killing everything. Twisted Metal still looks solid from a gameplay perspective, and the multiplayer particularly looks very fresh in today’s shooter market. Here’s hoping we can skip the cinematics in the single player campaign! Sweet Tooth and Calypso give me nightmares.

  • Super88mustangGT

    Honestly, I don’t like that one of the 3 main characters will be able to drive in a different character’s vehicle. I feel it’s best for a particular character to only be able to use their own original vehicle. However, I won’t judge until I play for myself, so I will have an open mind about it.

    Other than that, this game is looking amazing! I’m a huge Twisted Metal fan (especially TM, TM2, Black and Head-On), and this new Twisted Metal is looking to be amazing! Excellent job so far, and I will so look forward to buying this game day 1. Twisted Metal is my most anticipated game for 2011. I can’t wait! Keep up the excellent work David, and the rest of Eat Sleep Play!

  • @ David after Twisted Metal for the PS3 is there any chance you might work on the Vita? I have enjoyed your past TM games & GOW. So if you do make a Vita game would it be a new IP. I think you could make up a really neat idea for a RPG. So I hope after TM comes out you & your team work on the Vita next.

  • That was great watching and I love David’s response to having Kratos in this reboot of Twisted Metal.

  • I can’t wait to pick this up. The passion the Eat Sleep Play team has for gaming clearly shows. This and Dark Souls are going to make for a busy fall.

  • It looks really good, like it’s getting back to the roots of the Twisted Metal series. NICE!

  • As bad as I want this – it is bad for the game that it comes out the same day as Dark Souls.

  • So…

    Twisted Metal = Transformers?

  • I love that he’s talking about appealing to new players as well as the die-hard fan base. Before the PS3, the last console I owned was a Nintendo NES — I played computer games, but just didn’t get into consoles until I wanted a Blu-Ray player. Now three years later, my PS3 has been used for gaming a lot more than it’s been used as a Blu-Ray player (though I use it for that, too).

    So I’m looking at this, and Twisted Metal isn’t familiar to me, Sweet Tooth isn’t familiar, but the gameplay sequences look awesome — and I’m hooked. I don’t care if it’s exactly like the game that came out for a system that was state of the art 20 years ago — I want a game that puts the power of the PS3 to the test and stands up to today’s standards.

    I appreciate the tightrope they’re walking — don’t piss off the current fans, but attract people like me who aren’t familiar with the series. I think gamers underestimate the number of us who got a PS3 as a Blu-Ray player and are now hooked on console gaming again — relaunched franchises are an awesome opportunity, so long as you don’t stay stuck in the past.

  • A lot of the original Twisted Metal staff was killed in a plane crash….Kinda creepy if you ask me. I read it in Gamepro Magazine couple months ago

  • I’m really looking forward to Twisted Metal PS3, but I’m quite bummed at this decision.

    I did expect the old “Twisted Metal tournament” style single player to not make a return; it’s not 1995 anymore and the franchise has to grow, but I did not expect that we were getting only 3 playable characters in single player. I was so looking forward to a full 12-15 character roster consisting of franchise favorites and new ones in TM’s debut on the PS3, I’m sure you guys have built a killer new campaign mode but it just won’t be as fun with just Sweet Tooth, Dollface and Mr. Grimm.

    TheTM franchise has always been about the different characters, different vehicles, different special weapons and different personalities. I still don’t understand why this route was chosen besides of course costing more money, time and man hours to give every character the same treatment.

    I have no doubt that multiplayer is going to be a blast and campaign will be fun, but with just 3 characters?! it won’t be the same.

  • WhAt is this??????

  • Dave, I am impressed with how you handle your questions. You are always to the point, very informative and you push your vision onto the visionless. When one of the readers suggested a Kratos cameo, I almost lost it. It’s great that you inform those who wouldn’t know the first thing about creating a electronic game of why it wouldn’t be a smart idea to make that decision. Keep changing the industry for the better and I can’t wait to pick this title up. Keep it up.

  • I’m still not a huge fan of only having three playable characters. At the same time, I respect you for not just doing the same thing. I think Twisted does need a bit of a face lift, but I didn’t expect you to take it in this direction. Still, it’s not like a deal breaker or anything. And I love the idea of the story being stronger since you don’t have to stretch your stories over multiple characters, but can just focus on three different characters which I like, and they all play off of each other. I think that in and of itself is a great idea.

    My question is, if there are only three characters that you can play as, who (in the campaign) is trying to kill you in the other cars? It’s clear the ST’s boss here is Doll Face, but before that boss fight who is trying to kill you in the other levels if there are only three characters and you’re using one of them?

    Still pumped, and love the idea of an hour long boss fight. Reminds me of facing epic bosses in the MGS games, glad Kojima hasn’t backed down from having epic boss fights, and neither have you which is great.

    Keep it up! Cannot wait!

    Twisted has meant so much to me, and I’m so glad to have it coming back. Thank you Jaffe, Scott, ESP and Sony!

  • Since Twisted Metal is the longest running franchise in PlayStation history, does this means that they are going to make a PS Vita game?

    A stand alone game or a game that has certain functionality with the PS3 a la Wipe out or Ruin?

  • Cant wait to twist some metal

  • i’m kinda new to this franchise but it looks awesome and i definitely want to buy and play it, however, will not knowing the story for the main characters ruin the single player for me?

  • Three is plenty. People just want to have another reason to play the game, myself included. But with the content you can pack onto these disks three’s enough. I want multiplayer to be the focus anyway so I’m good. And Kratos doesn’t belong in TM, IMO.

  • @ 75

    Just pick it up. This will have it’s own story. If you’re concerned you can probably get the previous games for a combined 10 dollars to get caught up.

  • the wait is killing me ;O…

  • Rinse Repeat, Rinse Repeat, Rinse Repeat. That’s something that’s insanely awesome about David Jaffe is that he’s not content with the same old same old. He understands that’s Nostalgia but, its true, why play the same thing over and over, right? Gaming is about venturing out and trying something new. He’s giving you that Nostalgia you’ve been longing for in playing another Twisted Metal game by developing Twisted Metal, but this is the same guy that developed God of War and then moved right on. Its a, in a positive way, forcing you to something different by pushing what’s already awesome and forcing you to move on and push the gaming industry to evolve. Its awesome. Even though he likely is far to busy to read this, I like the direction you’re going man. Give us whatever you’ve got so long as you’re really giving it your all, dude. Its your baby and as a REAL gamer yourself, makes it all the easier to trust your views and direction.

  • Hey people will this game have LVL system?Cause I’ll buy it but want LVL system not to play only for fun :D

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