Sodium 2: Project Velocity Comes to PlayStation Home

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Sodium 2: Project Velocity Comes to PlayStation Home

This Thursday, June 16th, Sodium 2: Project Velocity, the long-awaited successor to the massively popular futuristic tank combat game, Sodium One, will arrive in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. With Sodium 2, veteran PlayStation Home game developers Lockwood Publishing expand on every area of with heavily customizable jet racers, supersonic speeds and a pounding soundtrack. This highly-energy racer is free to play and can be found under the “New and Recommended” tab in the PlayStation Home Navigator when it releases tomorrow. Check it out!

The PlayStation Home Mall receives a massive update this Thursday. Watch a quick look at this week’s featured virtual items below in the Virtual Item Showcase Vol. 12!

Fan favorites Mass Media return this week with their new Brimstone Dancers – Lilith, Layla, and Brigette. Sure to turn up the heat at your next Home party, these entertainers come as both active items and companions and are available this Thursday from the PlayStation Home Mall.

In other news, CodeGlue releases a collection of stylish dresses and footwear for the ladies this week while Eidos drops Hitman Agent 47 costumes and nDreams unleashes their Big Bash line – an essential bundle for throwing a roof-raising party in your personal space: it includes working smoke machines, lights, and more.

Stylish Heels for Playstation HomeLittle Dress for PlayStation Home

6-Panel Central Plaza Billboard for PlayStation Home

In addition, nDreams’ Aurora is receiving its first major update this week. The following is included in v1.1:

  • The nDreams Collect-O-Rama loyalty cone. Complete all 12 tasks and win a mega pack containing seven unique items including two bodyguard companions and the enormous Flying Donut of Death!
  • More rewards for OrbRunner.
  • The Auroralite Hoody, the ultimate accessory for to help experienced OrbRunner players level up!
  • Fixes that make your Aurora experience much more stable and smooth.
  • Daily XP bonuses give you extra XP for visiting multiple days in a row!
  • A teaser for a new game in Aurora 1.2 and other nDreams content (see if you can find it).

The new Ford Showroom opens this Thursday, June 16th. Get behind the wheel of a Ford vehicle, play some mini-games to score reward items and check out SYNC, the in-car connectivity system that allows you to make hands-free calls and control your music with simple voice commands!

Also, a quick reminder that the Sprint promotion is still going in PlayStation Home. Keep an eye out for Sprint posters that are posted in-world. Find all three and get cool gear for your avatar – just text the poster codes to 99158 and walk away with exclusive Sprint sneakers for your avatar.

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives a huge update this week with the launch of our newest partner PSXExtreme – an online community laser-focused on PlayStation games. Join us this Thursday, June 16th for the premiere of their first episode in the PlayStation Home Community Theater. Afterwards, be sure to catch episode 2 of Platinum’d – a PlayStation Home exclusive short format series that focuses on the love of PlayStation games and the trials and tribulations for one player that is just trying to up his Trophy count. Finally, our friends over at SOCAST return with their second episode, where the FPS gamer meme “Juggernaut” makes a visit.

Last, but certainly not least: When you log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday you will be prompted to download our latest client update – v1.5.1. This update addresses some recently reported bugs and also includes optimizations that will improve the speed with which you can view items in the Wardrobe and Furniture browsers. Please note that if you are upgrading from any version of Home prior to 1.41 (i.e. more than 2 patches ago) then you will need to wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the process of applying the 1.51 patch.

See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • will the E3 space still be up, by your post it sounds like it will be taken down when the update hits

  • Still no ackeneowledgment or explanation of the E3 live stream debacle?!? Until the Home team takes some resonsibility for the short comings of this sevice I will not drop another dime on it. The Mansion not really being “conected” sucked…..still no trophies or trophy room. E3 might have been the last straw in a long line of disappointments……and still not even an acknowledgment of the issue.

  • Looks like a cool update, The Sodium 2 launch should be fun, and I’m excited about the Aurora update, and the client update for Home.
    More useless clothes and companions made this update kinda shameful though. You guys really should think about doing more to create new spaces around Home. All these items and clothes every consecutive week is getting old.. PS Home is becoming a money pit.
    I miss how Home use to be, we had cool spaces with tons of rewards to unlock. Almost every month there was an event for that month’s holiday…. what happened to all that??
    You guys can do better than this.

  • Hey everyone,

    Ben here from PSXE.

    Just wanted to say we appreciate the Home team, letting us get out there to the PlayStation fans. We’ve been saying we have one of the most civil, knowledgeable communities for years, and we can’t wait to invite more to the PSXE party.

    Also, please bear with us as the first episode showing tomorrow is just a little old; the PSN hack set us back a bit and we couldn’t really re-shoot. The second is even slicker and more up-to-date and we’re working on the third now.

    If you want to see anything in these shows, let us know. Hell, let ME know. I’m probably one of the few Editors left that goes out of his way to personally respond to comments from fans. We’re all gamers. We love games. Anyway, more from us in the future!

    Ben S. Dutka
    Editor-in-Chief, PSX Extreme

  • Can’ wait for the update. I do have a question though. I buy quite a few items for my own properties and avatar and I have more than one property. My questions is why are we only allowed to put so many items in our homes? For instance I own the Hollywood Hills place and it is quite big, but after so many items I can’t put anything more in it! I wanted to add some stuff out by the pool like chairs and a barbecue and stuff but it won’t let me!!! I do spend money on these items and I never knew there was a limit to how many items you can put in your homes. Why is that? It doesn’t make much sense, especially if one property is bigger than some of the others. I am a PS+ user so I tend to buy a little more than I normally would. Hope you can answer this question. Are you thinking of making it possible to be able to add more things to our properties? If it stays to where there is a limit I guess I will just have to use things sparingly I guess, but the places look half empty that way!

  • I’ll definitely be popping in to check out Sodium 2 and the PSXextreme showing. Can’t wait.

  • What happen to the Casino that was suppose to be out June 2011?

  • The rest of the update is Awesome, looking forfard to everything!!!


  • That vid of those dancers said for mature only. How are you gonna keep all the kiddies that run around in home away from that? Are you pushin mature content now for us adults in home(although I didn’t have this in mind)? How are you guys keepin us seperate from the immature?

  • Hmmm…no details on price for Project velocity game…must be expensive -_-

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna

    Excellent choice for PSXextreme, very good site with mature readers and posters, I’m also a part of the PSX site as well.

    – From PSX Clamedeus (Not an administrator just a member)

  • looks like wipeout though

  • @62

    Hi Clamedeus, nice to see a familiar ‘face’ so to speak.

    PSX is an excellent place for news and reviews and mature discussion. The Don’t be a jerk rule applies pretty well there, the admins will take care of anyone who doesn’t behave. Keeps it clean and high quality.

    Regarding Sodium 2. Just about any futuristic racer that forgoes wheels will be compared to Wipeout. Does that mean no one should bother making such a game for Home? Personally I like the game, and it’s a bit like Wipeout, but it’s not quite Wipeout, plus it runs within Home and integrates with Home. What’s to complain about?

  • Sweet sweet update, and VERY happy to see the reward bug be fixed. It seriously made me scared to play Novus Prime, and I began playing again a,s I want my Captain’s Jacket darnit!!!!

    And I’ve been playing Project Velocity since the Beta opened, and it’s pretty awesome, I just hope there are plenty of freebies like with Sodium 1, I just hope I get to keep my teleportal.

    As to the people complaining, if you don’t like it, don’t effing play it.

  • I’ll be in Home tonight if I get the chance to watch the PSXExtreme showing. That’s easily my favourite PlayStation site to visit on the Net and it’ll be interesting to see what Ben & Co. pull off with this show. :)

  • looks like we only actually got half of what they said they would be adding this update,nothing in aurora game or anything from mass media very disappointing but at least the freeze issue was finally addressed

  • ChainedSkull1129

    I’m very upset,
    I went yesterday and bought a PSN card just for the Massmedia Brimstone Dancers and the nDreams Aurora stuff . How Can you advertise something will be out “this week” and not bring it out?

  • I will be back on Home when you guys get your act together.

  • This is a really nice update. Great work. Any news on the Steampunk home space? I remember it being covered on an episode of Qore and I haven’t heard anything since.

  • i noticed ndreams wasnt able 2 do there update what happend with that one?????????????????

  • Sweet update. Going to go check it out.I’m having problems with the sprint posters, I found all 3 and texted the codes in put got no reply. Could you help me please? What should I do?



  • Hey guys when you are going to put some mortal kombat avatars for ps home ? it be very cool

  • I was just wondering when the problem with the club list is going to be fixed. For the last several months, when you got to view the member list it shows that everyone is in the clubhouse even when its empty. I throw a lot of parties and I know that I speak for everyone else that does too when I say that its a royal pain

  • PS Home is not working :(

  • Question: what happened to the “battle of the atlantic” or something like that of Aurora??

  • I’ve been havin a lot of problems with Home :\ All my rewards are disappearing, im gettin errors like crazy. Is it just me or what cause its gettin me pretty mad. :( It says i earned the rewards and it used to show up in my wardrobe but doesnt anymore. Please help

  • Cant get in home newtwork errors fix it plz!!!!!!

  • Updates sound great, would love to check them out, but every time I try to get in I lose connection to the server. The rest of my family can all get into the home except me. My son tried to play the game in the ford room and he kept getting he needed to go the the ford NCP. Never could find it.

    SolarContract…did you check your storage. I had a lot of stuff vanish into my storage.

  • X80710016

    That’s all I’m getting since the last update of Home infested my PS3.
    It hangs on the verifying purchases part.

    So this is EPIC FAIL.

    Another dunderhead moment in Sony history.

  • I also keep getting error error error! It is quite frustrating. Please Sony can you see what is causing this problem. I have rebooted and it still keeps doing it! Thank you

  • The Ford Showroom is just pointless and shameless advertising. At least Sony gets money out of it but the whole thing is a waste of a new space.

  • Thank you sooooo much bittqueen. All my rewards went into my storage. If you still haven’t found the ford NCP, once you go to the Ford Showroom just walk straight and he will be standing there.

  • Nice update , if it weren’t for all those errors when trying to enter Home :(
    Finally when u enter , half of the items showed here aren’t there , and the 1’s that r i can’t buy cause they’re only giving an error , or waiting for object information …..
    At least i can finally get my rewards in E3 : that’s something i guess .
    Looks like i only switched from rewards to store items .
    Will this also take 8 more weeks to fix ?
    Next core-client update , perhaps ?

  • It is rather pleasant how half of the updates haven’t even come in. (Sarcasm)

    But I’m more annoyed at the constant errors, this makes for the 2nd or 3rd update that chases you away with limitless errors after the deed is done. I do hope you can find a way to fix this problem, having to deal with this after each and every update will be severe pain in everyone’s butts. :p

  • Mass Media return this week with their new Brimstone Dancers – Lilith, Layla, and Brigette! I tried looking in the Mass Media Thursday & today and did not see these dancers, wth, am I missing something here? Can anybody help me with this? Or are they gonna come out late! HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @82 “dunderhead” lmfao xD
    Yeah, I had the same error, really glad it wasn’t just me. I almost started thinking it was my ps3.

  • HaXe_really cool game =D

  • i was hoping someone could help me with the sprint code thing,after i texted all the codes it took like 2 days for a reply and when i enter the code i just got recently it doesnt work i dont think thats fair and i think i deserve a new code for those considering the one i got doesnt work plz reply whoevers in charge of this ,sodium 2 is awesome btw XD

  • Is it me or does Sodium 2 look like Wipe Out ?

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