E3 Replay: Roll, Throw, Flip and Toss in Carnival Island with PS Move

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E3 Replay: Roll, Throw, Flip and Toss in Carnival Island with PS Move

I’m Mark Tsai from Magic Pixel Games. At E3, we were pleased to announce the game we’ve been building for PlayStation Move over the last several months with SCEA Santa Monica Studio: Carnival Island!

Carnival games are perfect for translation to motion control gaming – the gameplay is very physical, requiring rolling, throwing, flipping and tossing – actions which translate extremely well for the accuracy of the Move controller. However, we’ve taken away the frustration, making the game feel very natural and accessible – something that anyone can pick-up and play. Carnival Island has something for everyone, and is a game that you can enjoy in your living room with up to four friends or family members. It allows side-by-side multiplayer, so you can elbow your family or friends during heated competitive play.

In single-player mode, the game takes the player through a journey of restoring magic to a forgotten carnival. As the player accomplishes challenges and goals, the world comes alive with pets, color and toys. All of the prizes you collect and unlock make a real difference; they add to the atmosphere and the life in the world as it comes alive due to your play.

Take a look at the video for more information on Carnival Island – coming out for Holiday 2011, this is something you and your family will really enjoy!

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  • I’ll check the video after work.

    Need the PS Blog Mobile View back please. Or Mobile Android and iPhone app.

    Jeff R. you know I keep repeating lol its cool keeping you on your toes ;)

  • More first party Move games =)

  • Terrible.

  • Where is the Official Playstation App for Android and iPhone..?
    It’s already been available in Europe for 6 months.

  • I played this at E3, it was actually pretty fun! I’m almost sold on the MOVE.

  • I like what appears to be either real-time physics or decent canned animation in the way the hoop and net responds to the ball bounces. The blocky, repetitive animations (and a general lack of real-time physics) in EyePet was the main thing I didn’t like about EyePet.

    Many Move launch titles suffered from really poor graphics (Sports Champions, Kung Fu Rider, Tumble, etc). Will this title be 1080p native, or otherwise improve on that precedent?

    Hopefully those collision detection issues that were shown on the TV are fixed in the final version :)

  • will the ngp (ps vita) games be a umd thing or something like that OR be like the psp go that games only are download or both?

  • Personally, I don’t think the game will receive well.

  • That’s not how you shoot a basketball:/ I hope the casual market picks this game up though.

  • Rey Gutierrez, you’ve got a face for radio buddy.

  • Hey its deb mars! <3

  • This looks like it could be fun, especially if you’ve got a group of people together.

    With regard to winning toys and other prizes, here’s a suggestion: Include a feature where prizes you win within the game could also appear as items in PlayStation Home.

  • why does the move controller always remind me of a dildo?it sure as hell look like one.i guess thats why girls love the wii and ps move.

  • This looks like fun when you are with a group with other people :), Always great to have some of theas games.

  • @Rey Gutierrez

    You didn’t look once at the screen during that interview, not even when you said “it looks great” at the end…you may want to look into that for future interviews where the game is being displayed. Although it’s only fair to point out the other guy didn’t draw our attention to the screen either, but it’s only right for the interviewer to at least take one look at the screen at any moment and make some comment. My observation, anyway.

  • lol alyyse i see you post on ever ps blog post.wanna hang out?

  • @16, I’m sure he looked at the video of gameplay, before they recorded this video.

  • Yeah what 18 said, it’s not like this was the first time he had seen the game….lulz

    Game looks fun! It’s always a good thing to have some silly/casual/party games :)

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