E3 Replay: LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita

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E3 Replay: LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita

The key things to remember about LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita:

  • It’s not a port: this LBP features an all new campaign and Vita-specific features
  • Your previously purchased LittleBigOutfits will transfer seamlessly into LBP for Vita
  • Sackboy looks 72% cuter on the OLED screen

Producer Pete Smith from SCEE Liverpool has been working on the LittleBigPlanet series since the original, and is therefore well qualified to show off what’s new for LBP Vita.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this LBP is that the Create tools are kind of like a Vita dev kit. You can access the touch screens, accelerometers and more to make levels that take full advantage of the handheld, and are unlike any previously created in the LBP universe.

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  • Looks like some games are extra special on vita so much stuff in LBP vita you can’t do on ps3 and this makes vita so cool . Touch controls are perfect fit for LBP vita

    This time i think we don’t need to hear Vita will hitting it’s stride couse it will on DAY 1 ;)

  • Do you know if PS Vita will read UMDs?

  • Day one! Looks fantastic….

  • day 1 buy for sure !!!!

  • May I suggest the title LittlerBigPlanet?

  • Am I the only one who giggles inappropriately every time somebody says “rear touch?” I laughed like a childish idiot when he said “we’ll use rear touch when we think it feels right.”

  • Great article! will you show us details about the Bioshock game for PsVita? :)

  • My wish list for vita LBP and Uncharted.

  • i dont think it will take umds because if the psp go didnt take uumds do u think the new 1 will take umds?

  • While I will be one of the first people to buy this game. I’m curious does anyone know if costumes will go both ways? Not only transfer Vita costumes to PS3 but also PS3 costumes to Vita ? Though the idea of Vita only stages kinda seems sad. Hopefully they can emulate the stages with PS3 move (use it’s built in gyro for the tilting XD) and we can play all stages on either one (ya I’m dreaming here XD).

    Will one of the people in charge of PSN PLEASE tell us why the Motor Cross Apocalypse DLC that was live in Europe 3 months ago and should of been live in USA 2 weeks ago. Is not live yet though all kinds of NEW DLC that is POST MCA is being uploaded?

    Please do not Jip usa customers this is a PAY for DLC so your screwing MM and your selves by not posting something that was suppose to come out a good while ago.

    I’m sure releasing it the DAY Motor Cross Apocalypse came out would of sold a WHOLE LOT MORE. But it’s way to late for that so please just post it now.

  • This is, by far, THE most impressive game I’ve seen for the Vita. The puzzle section alone made it clear that this is really doing something different. By comparison, Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a snooze, a watered-down PS3 facsimile.

    I hope every dev takes a cue from LBP here and uses the systems unique features rather than leaving them as an unattractive alternative like the Sixaxis turned out to be.

  • This game looks one thousand times better than any other I’ve seen till now at E3 for a portable device as the vita!!! Wow, looks fantastic. I didn’t want a vita at all before I saw this video, and I might pretty well get one mainly for that!! (mainly for that at 1st at least) =D Nice job guys!

  • I hope this game will be at launch.. looks amazing!

  • Is that 72% cuter than sackboy from LBP2 or LBP PSP? You have me intrigued. Either way, I love sackboy and you can count on my purchase first day. There’s few games I will buy at launch nowa days, this is one of them.

  • Killer app!!!

  • Sorry Mr.Apple Steve Jobs! Buttons with Touch screen is the FUTURE!!! :P WOW, that is well cool LBP on PS:Vita;)

  • Kool !!

  • how are game gunna be played do we have to buy games or dled ne body know ???

  • off topic!!!!
    n e way i am so cranky screw you sony and your yet again NEW unnecessary memory card format for the playstation vita how much do you plan on selling these to us for seeing how they most likely will be USELESS for anything else WTF why do you always do this crud!!!

  • This is the most amazing…

  • The PS Vita is shaping up to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

  • I LMAO’d when he said LBP pushed the PS3 to it’s limits.

  • Who bets someone makes an Angry Birds game within the first week?

  • Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven have done an amazing job with this. LBP is definitely in good hands :D

  • I honestly think that LittleBigPlanet NEEDS to be the first bundle for PSvita, and needs to be promoted hard as the default Vita purchase.

    It has absolutely everything to give people the best first impression of the Vita, and to differentiate it from DSs and iDevices.

    The Vita has an insane amount of input options like front/rear touch and dual analogs… and if anyone can make something amazing for Vita it’s the LBP community. With millions of levels and play possibilities, LBP on Vita is ultimate value for money.

  • TheGordonShumway

    I really really hope that Sony push developers to have some form of cross-play or at least cross-compatibility on all future PS Vita and PS3 titles as default.

    I know they’ve put code in the SDK for cross-play, but it seems that they are going to leave it to developers to implement however they want. I know that sounds good, but Sony also included the option for multiple PSN logins and trophy collecting for offline multiplayer games on PS3, and that hardly ever gets implemented (props to Naughty Dog and Media Molecule for making sure they got that feature in). Maybe Sony should push the developers a little harder this time.

  • TheGordonShumway

    I hope for the PSvita… every time my buddies and I load up WiFi multiplayer on our Vitas, a handy PS3 can be used to show scoreboards for every game, or maybe even act as a network host for the multiplayer games.
    For some games, maybe it could show the map of the area we’re playing in, or kill cams / game highlights etc.
    Maybe the PS3 could record and stream our Vita multiplayer matches.
    Cross-play and cross-compatibility should work the other way too. GTA on the PS3 should have a map showing on the Vita, or perhaps in some racing games the Vita could replace the DS3, and show a rear view mirror.
    In any case, we should be able to message and chat on Vita at the same time as playing PS3 games, as that is essentially cross-game chat, and loading up the in-game XMB to read messages and reply is suicide when playing online.

    I know a lot of developers are going to do things like this, but I hope Sony strongly encourage all developers to include some form of integration on all future PS3 and PSvita major releases.

  • Awesome stuff Jeff, can’t wait to get my hands on both the PSV and LBP!!! 8)

  • Oh man! I’m trying to decide between a tablet and the Vita this Christmas! My heart is set on a tablet so I can browse and do “important” tech stuff for my real life, but you guys are making this SO DIFFICULT!

  • Whens it come out?

  • Please convince Sony to add TV out to Vita!

  • when the psvita coming next year or september

  • will the levels that people made in ps3 be in psvita and wil lthe levels that people made in psvita be in ps3?

  • Do we have a release estimate for PS Vita? I remember hearing “in time for this holiday season” but I don’t remember you guys talking about a release at E3. Please elaborate, I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

    Also when is that Bluetooth headset coming out?

  • somehow, u have managed to add MORE amazing stuff into lbp.kudos to you. LBP IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!

  • Sony, VITA question: Can this device be made to work like everyone discusses in my Playstation.blog.share idea “NGP as a touch-screen remote for PS3”? I’d really like to be able to use it as a rifle scope, a blu-ray remote, a game inventory controller, a mapper, a keyboard, a message center, and more.

  • @Jeff Rubinstein i have a question, about the new game media, what if you have the UMD,but only have PS vita, will it be like i can go to gamestop, and they will exchange the same game in the new game media or what? PLZ ANSWER!

  • BUT I STILL LOVE THE PS VITA, THE BEST THING THATS GANNA COME OUT! well, if it can beat the comming halo 4 (WICH I HATE!).

  • Sony, VITA question: Can this device be made to work like everyone discusses in my Playstation.blog.share idea “NGP as a touch-screen remote for PS3″? I’d really like to be able to use it as a rifle scope, a blu-ray remote, a game inventory controller, a mapper, a keyboard, a message center, and more.


    WHY CANT YOU DO THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • sorry for all the question


  • Wow! First handheld with touchscreen. Good jod Sony! PsVita knocked 3ds out. It has trusted titles and the dual analog sticks is good for first-person shooter games. I already pre-ordered the 3G/Wifi model. Plus, I have $100 on psn saved for the psvita. Can’t wait for it to come! =D

  • Here come the Epicosity!

  • The psvita looks so good with the oled screen i cant wait to get my hands on it , it looks like a psp with hdmi wire lol

  • I’m so buying this, uncharted, sound shapes and modnation. GO SONY!!!!!!!!!!! You beat Nintendo by far!

  • An amazing LBP game, just love it. Can’t wait when it is going to be released in New Zealand!!!!! Definately saving up for it=) !!!

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