inFAMOUS 2 Launches Today

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inFAMOUS 2 Launches Today

Well, it’s finally here… Launch day!

Two-plus years, eighty thousand individual checkins of art and code, countless hours of testing, and it all builds towards today! At long last we turn over the keys to you. It’s your game now… Whether you’re someone who plays the game on easy and wants to see how the endings differ, or a borderline crazy completionist who needs to get every last blast shard and every last XP possible. Or maybe you want to contribute your own pages to the story and create some missions for the whole community (including us at Sucker Punch!) to play and enjoy…

Whichever you are, it’s your game now. We hope you enjoy the game a bunch, and look forward to hearing from you all about your inFAMOUS 2 experience!

And it wouldn’t be a launch without posting without a quick peek at the new launch trailer, and of course the TV spot that you’ll see popping up all over the place!

Thanks again for all your support and feedback along the way, and here’s hoping you have as much fun playing inFAMOUS 2 as we did making it!

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  • 100 whoo whoo

  • definitly worth getting

  • hey i pre ordered from gamestop and my U3 beta voucher and my lightning hook code wont work anyone know whats wrong

  • Short of money, but will definitely be there when I have some! Loved the first, and this one from the demo and the beta has been awesome!

  • UPS just dropped off my copy to me at work, this afternoon is gonna go really slow. I can’t wait to get home and try it out.
    Replayed some inFamous last night to get ready for today. hadn’t played it in a while and it is still a really good game.
    Thank You Sucker Punch!!!!!!

  • I picked up the Hero Edition today and just played for about an hour. You all are to be commended on an amazing job. This game is polished, thoughtful, and amazing. It has been worth the wait, and I still have a loooong way to go. Can’t wait to see what comes next in the story. Amazing story telling and the intro with the Beast…WOW!!! Thank you.

  • For anybody who’s wondering, the REAPER SKIN is NOT on any code. It’s in the game itself. The Initial update at game startup is 101MB so it may be in that. But there IS NO CODE for the REAPER SKIN. And yes it looks wicked.


  • Will we see the beast in this game or are you guys going to make a sequel

  • Can Kevin Butler get his own game? Lets make this happen.

  • picking a copy up tomorrow. =) Good work guys!

  • My heart had stopped but it had restarted again with the greatness of Infamous 2. Sucker Punch deserves a lot and hope to have the greatest time playing your game. Also I really like all the stuff for the Hero edition that came in.

    Oh don’t forget to do something special for Playstation Home, cause we need the love as well.

    Closing, I also commend the return of KB, forever may he live!

  • If this game doesnt have online im not buying it unless its $30, or free.

  • yup and just got my copy i will be playing it maybe tonight or tomorrow for sure…keep this awesome exclusives rollin sony

  • its the ugc no multiplayer

  • YES, just re-finished inFAMOUS good and now i cant wait to get infamous 2

  • Picked my copy up this morning. Can’t wait to start playing it.

  • I pre-ordered this a year ago, I live in Canada and hope to get the dlc for the sly cane, caveman club, samurai sword, and reaper skin. My copy hasn’t shipped from Best Buy Canada yet! Anyone know if Canada gets this DLC?

  • gameman258 on June 7th, 2011 at 2:40 pm said:

    If this game doesnt have online im not buying it unless its $30, or free.

    You are not a very bright individual. Go play Black Ops you nitwit.

  • WOW! Looks like a stroy line sooooo good, it could be a movie

  • For those asking about the rest of the DLC, I got my hero edition and I was asking myself the same thing. After redeeming my codes I went to change Cole skin and everything was there, the reaper skin, Sly Cane, everything, I think they updated the codes somehow.

  • picked mine up an hour ago, imma about to play it until tommorow :) I got the hero edition haha

  • For those wondering about the U3 beta, I am pretty sure that the code will work when they actually open the U3 beta… so just wait for the announcement or email or something….

  • Just picked up infamous 2 great game guys keep it up!

  • Great to see Kevin Butler again, he was sorely missed and badly needed at this years E3.

  • Part One was awsome i hope this one is better ^.^

  • PLZ HELP!!!! i pre ordered inFAMOUS 2 from BestBuy and usually the DLC codes are on the reciept or in the case on a voucher card. why do i not got a code on the reciept or in the case? also i did this update tht said “Additional Content” is tht my Kessler skin? if so then why isnt it in the game? plz plz help :(

  • I know its the first day it came out (i love the game) but you guys need to make a serious update every time i go on this one mission i fall through the ground and die. And i dont know how to change costumes or anything. Please make an update SuckerPunch

  • How do you change skins?

  • Great commercial for a great game. I’d say inFAMOUS 2 is my favorite game so far this year. It will be hard to beat this. Only Uncharted 3 will have a chance.

  • Did anyone else get the Hero Edition? Wasn’t the contents added to for the DLC? I don’t remember them adding original Cole costume in it? Where’s my Sly Cane, Samurai Sword, Caveman Club?

  • my beta code for uncharted 3 doesnt work?
    sad face.
    i was really looking forward to that.

  • FOR THOSE OF YOU LOOKING FOR ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT INFAMOUS 2 DLC CONTENT…. read the other posts that have already covered the topic throughly instead of posting the same question repeatedly, this is why no one bothers to respond to you…. same goes for U3 Beta code

  • 9 a.m. and I am already misspelling words… thoroughly, not throughly

  • i can;t wait to buy it I have played infamous 1 and I liked it I am soo excited to get this game!

  • is there a how-to manual to create missions? i check the infamous page and could’t find 1

  • Looks like my first few UGC missions will be copies of the missions that didn’t carry over from the beta :/
    But the game is GREAT so far! Love it!

  • I would do ANYTHING to get that Amp on Butler’s desk >:D

  • I redeemed my code on the super voucher,But i got everything else except the reaper skin,sly cane,katana sword,and the club.Can someone help me please?

  • im goin get it tomorow :-C

  • I pick my copy on the day it came out and it’s SICK

  • Hey i got the game yesterday and i started playing at 12:00 and finished the game at 12:30 is that some sort of record for beating the game?

  • 12:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. that’s the time to be specific.

  • Might buy it today :3

  • picked this up on the release date and have yet to play it I am GOING FREAKING INSANE!!!!!

    Of course family comes in town the day inFamous 2 comes out so I get no playing time of course!!!! AHHHHHHH
    You all need to play it for me okay?

  • I have had this game for three days now and can’t stop playing it. everything about it is good the story the character arcthe animations. the best part is how much struff u can completely destroy. Rejoice my brothers for the time is here

  • looks cool just got the new theme for it pretty cool

  • hey Sony your welcome back gift gave 2 free games. i got infamous. And i tried to download it. it said error has occurred, so i re downloaded it, but it didn’t work so what could cause it to not work? Please reply back.

  • Are They Going to have Infamouse 3 I hope soo I beat the Infamouse 2 allready Best game ever better then the first 1 and the

  • I didn’t get Sly’s Cane. I preordered the game and got the Hero Edition. I did so all because I wanted that cane.

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