Visualizing PlayStation’s E3 Legacy

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Visualizing PlayStation’s E3 Legacy

We’ve been coming to the same party since 1995 and it never gets old!

In a couple of hours we will be taking the stage down here in Los Angeles for our annual press conference at E3, and we can’t wait to share some of the exciting news that will be coming your way from PlayStation this year. While we can’t share specifics just yet, we thought it might be fun to highlight some of the biggest announcements from past E3s.

Obviously, there have been some pretty epic moments over the years, these are just a few of our favorites, but let us know what some of your favorite memories from previous E3s have been in the comment section below!


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  • PS3 rulkz the universe!!!! XBOX SUXXX



  • Nostalgia! I remember these amazing moments so clearly and the joy it brought to my heart. Sony’s E3 press conference is going to be amazing. I can’t wait!

  • Very interesting!

  • @marlyt: Yeah I can agree with you there, the Xbox E3 this morning was pretty shameful with the crummy Kinect games.

    I can’t wait to see what Sony has in store.

  • I remember my jaw dropping at the announcement of MGS4 and Killzone 3. Good times <3

  • Not surprised. Just watched a video on the Kinnect and it looks awful, really something a small child or casual gamer might be into. What made it better is it said this was their best innovation. What a joke. Sony is already owning E3. Microsoft is there as a technicality

  • the_only_wizard

    agrees with no.1

  • Is there a way to watch E3 on a website or something? You know..instead of your ps3?

  • where do i get the ps home e3 booth

  • There is a hockey game at 5pm P.T. today between Boston and Vancouver. Sony should have moved to another time.

  • eyetoy? was it you guys who started motion controls? i think i just lost a crap load of respect for sony. damn fads

  • Such an amazing infographic!

  • So awesome, been with you guys every year and will continue to do so. I really hope the fact that you mentioned Syphon Filter hints at what’s to come for today ;p

  • I’m so excited!!!! Looking forward to chilling at Starbucks and watching the conference. ^^

  • Ps1: launch date and price, etc.
    PS2: launch date and price. etc
    2006: ps3 launch date announced.

    Lol, why didn’t put the price announced for the ps3? oh, yeah xD

  • Looking forward to the Sony conference. Watched the Microsoft conference and it was absolutely pitiful. I almost feel sorry for Xbox fans…almost. :-)

  • I love it. Put these folls to shame to shame sony. I would love to hear a few comicial quips about moving your arm like ape in front of the tv to play a game. That is why we have ape escape…. that would be a very good jab at xbox. Also very funny.

    I really want to hear how many exclusive we have for the sony brand this year.. Also tlaking about psn updates with the console would be a huge statement . The ps3 train refuses to stop no matter what..

    A few more hours till we give these fools the beating of their life..

    vp -psn legionare group

  • …what time does the show start on the east coast? Anyone know?

  • Make sure your controllers are fully charged ;)


  • FF7 all the way

  • I can’t wait! E3 is going to be amazing this year. So don’t ask us, lets ask you… are you ready for E3 Sony?

  • You missed the PSP Go :lol

  • “Not surprised. Just watched a video on the Kinnect and it looks awful,”

    Microsoft’s ripoff of Sony’s EyeToy was made by some small company that tried to sell their junk to Nintendo and Apple who didn’t want it. Sony obviously wasn’t interested buy tech that was nothing more than a ripoff of their own tech.

    Microsoft was dumb enough to buy what no one else in gaming wanted. What a pathetic joke.

    How humiliating. The wimpy Xbox 360 has been destroyed by the PS3 in graphics. Destroyed by the PS3 in exclusives. So Microsoft is left with nothing to do but blow 500 million desperately hyping a ripoff of Sony’s EyeToy.

    No wonder the PS3 has dumped Microsoft’s wimpy RRoD plagued Xbox 360 into last place this gen.

    And all this while the PS3 is still 300 dollars – the launch price of the PS2.

  • lobotomies4free

    2007 would have to be my favorite. But I thought it was Killzone 3 I saw. Lol

  • RinoRichardCroft

    PlayStation is the Aorta of my life !

  • @Lord_Ka1n see here’s the thing Sony started the wave of Motion Gaming with the Eyetoy but nobody payed attention (Not even Sony very much). They also started the augmented reality wave but didn’t back that up to much either. Now looking back they are just smacking themselves in the face for not giving those new innovative ideas a big push. They finally realized that they need to advertise their amazing products to get the word out. PS3 overall is better in almost every attribute over the Xbox 360 (Not to start another flame war or something) but if Sony wants Third-Party publishers to publish more content on the PSN, Sony needs to lead by example and post their exclusives up for grabs on the PSN.

  • Will always be loyal to Sony, and PlayStation! I have had every system Sony PlayStation has offered, and I wont stop anytime soon! Bring on E3! Bring out games, and no cheep gimmicks like the other systems, and company’s!

  • 15 years of awesome and beyond!

  • You guys are going up against Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight. You’re not going to have a single Canadian watching your presser:p

  • Dice_for_Death_

    Looking forward to tonight, guys. Shame I’ll be working…

  • @12
    Motion Controls are not a bad idea, its just that no body has really figured out how to really implement them in a way that doesn’t suck. EyeToy wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t necessarily good either. The best game to come out of the EyeToy was Antigrav which I believe was a harmonix game. I can only imagine how good a move implementation or even a Kinect implementation of the game could be.

    Anyway Microsoft took a few steps back by completely removing the controller from the occasion instead of making it an optional experience with respect the developers approach to the product. Sony messed up with the Move in a few ways too so they aren’t completely innocent here. Second analog would have been nice especially for shooters, sixaxis and/or ORB on the Navigator would have helped, and providing a better camera would have made a world of difference. That last part is the most interesting as I already owned a PlayStation Eye and even I was willing to pay for a whole new camera if it meant better head tracking and body tracking.

    There is sitll room for improvement, lots of room for improvement. So don’t write motion off as a bad idea, just an unrefined one.

  • soo cool!!!

  • @ GEMINIVice

    If it is at 5pm P.T. then it is at 8pm E.T. … smae time as the 3rd Stanley Cup hockey game… GO VANCOUVER!!!

  • Off topic, but does any one know when UFG is going to start doing ModNation Monday again?

  • When and where will this LIVE E3 feed be broadcasted? Cant wait!

  • Don’t blow it like you did last year (or as MS did today) with all of that focus on nonsense like Move & 3D.

  • @38 The best course of action they could take is reveal Sly 4….. and a new Jak game.

    And maybe a new DLC for LBP2, with levels, like that Final Fantasy Pack we STILL haven’t gotten.

  • “Don’t blow it like you did last year”

    Go away megamixer. No one like you and your constant fanboy spam.

  • @38 I meant @37

  • appreciate the reply RaymondBel

  • PlayStation For Life!!!!! Sony Show Them All What U Got

  • It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since my first Playstation console. I feel old as hell right now. Good luck. I’m looking forward to some good announcements coming up.

  • cannot wait. love hug.

  • Also one epic date was when PlayStation was born!

  • @GGod0
    Yeah stuff like that would be nice. A focus on something other than an endless amount of increasingly more generic shooters and silly plastic peripherals would be nice. They’ll probably spend a lot of time on PSP2 which will be all for naught when SCEA goes on to ignore it a year or so after launch as they did with the PSP.

    Considering the only current generation console I own is a PS3 what am I supposed to be a fanboy of again?

  • Srsly get Media Molecule out there to reveal that blasted FF pack for LBP2, or at least the first new set of levels for it.

    I’d be happy with Folklore or Demon’s Souls costumes, just give us something MM!!

  • Thank GOD for the PlayStation brand! :P The best in the World. Always has been & will always be;)

  • Hey Sony,
    All you have to do is show up and you’ve already beat microsoft…that was the worse e3 presentation ever

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