Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – E3 2011 Preview

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – E3 2011 Preview

All of Naughty Dog has been looking forward to tonight ever since we announced Uncharted 3 with Entertainment Weekly and showed it for the first time at the SPIKE VGA show back in December. And just a few minutes ago, if you were watching the SCEA Press Conference on any of the live streams, you go to see what we’ve been working so hard to be able to show you!

At the SCEA Press Conference, our Co-Presidents, Evan and Christophe, took the stage and with just a short intro, launched into the first live demo of Uncharted 3 ever shown publicly. The brief Cruise Ship sequence shows just a small slice of one of the most challenging scenarios we’ve concocted for any of the Uncharted games – as a massive, moving environment of the Cruise Ship gets turned on its side mid-battle, Drake has to scramble for his life. This sequence showcases the next level of our physics and water technology – and you’ll see video of this sequence later this week.

The Cruise Ship isn’t everything we’ve got up our sleeves – Naughty Dog is bringing more content to E3 2011 than we ever have before. We’ve also brought a ton of PS3 systems all hooked up with a massive chunk of the Uncharted 3 competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes – those are all on the floor of the SCEA booth for all E3 attendees to check it out. Do drop by!

Speaking of multiplayer, at the SCEA Press Conference, Christophe announced that PlayStation and SUBWAY struck a partnership that will allow Uncharted fans throughout the United States early access to the COMPLETE Uncharted 3 competitive multiplayer experience. This partnership starts in October and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with more details later on this year.

We’ve also prepared what I think is one of our best trailers to date of any of the Uncharted games. Check out the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception E3 2011 trailer above!

One more thing, if you happen to come by the SCEA booth this week, we’ve giving out a limited number of E3 exclusive Uncharted 3 t-shirts! The awesome t-shirt design was created by the excellent Cory Schmitz and this is the only time you’ll be able to grab a t-shirt with this design on it. Each t-shirt will also come with a very special, very limited PSN voucher code good for one of three Uncharted 3 in-game items once the game ships in November:

  • The t-shirt design on a torso item for your customizable multiplayer character
  • Mystery Skinned Weapon #3
  • Mystery Skinned Weapon #4

I’m also going to be attending several of the reader meetups and events throughout the week and I’ll be bringing a few t-shirts and codes with me – keep an eye on the Naughty Dog Twitter to see where I’m headed.

If you remember, we handed out t-shirts and codes just like these back at PAX East and they were extremely popular, to say the least. If you can’t make it out to E3 this year, don’t fret!

Have a great E3 everyone – I’m looking forward to a crazy, yet awesome week working the show floor!

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  • THIS, the new headset, the new PSVITA, the new FREAKING 3D GAMING DISPLAY…
    It’s all too much to take in at once!!

    ..I need to go make more money!

  • @askee360 youre soooo anoying man go on youre 360 and leave youre son of a @#$%?
    Now on topic this games look so amazing already the second was like eye breaker this one will blow our eyes out ;P Keep on the naughty job guys and girls !!!!

  • This is the best game I’ve seen in my entire life.


  • Jaw dropping to say the least. Would expect anything less from the dogs.

  • “launched into the first live demo of Uncharted 3 ever shown publicly”

    Forget Jimmy Fallon? Or did that not count or something. Lol

    Looking forward to the beta and especially this Subway “full multiplayer experience”. I’m guessing a code we can win from subway which gets us a the whole multiplayer to play for a few days like the beta. Sounds very very intersante.

    And loved the trailer =)

  • Wow, this looks amazing.

  • …you guys still haven’t fixed how at first Drake isn’t wearing his necklace and then in the next frame it’s suddenly on his neck being torn off?!?! fans pay attention to the details so please fix!

  • Uncharted 3 was aweome!!!!! wow!

  • You managed to top Uncharted 2’s visuals what kind black magic is this

  • looks good.lookin forward to this 1.

  • wow, awsome trailer. cant wait till the game comes out.

  • uncharted 3 un gioco da comprare,interessante la modalità online

  • Series just gets better and better!

    So stoked for this… and can not wait to purchase the PSV with Uncharted on there as well!!!

  • I like! I Iike!

  • Oh my god ….

  • Buyable. Playable. Whorshipable!

  • come on naughty dog, I love uncharted but I want a sweet collectors edition with a steel book and some sweet stuff like maybe drake’s necklace or a replica of the “Key” item of the game

  • This will be my game of the year.

  • YES! YES!!!!! Looks absolutely amazing, Naughty Dog and Sony!!!!

  • this game looks awesome!!!!

  • That’s just AWESOME! Superb trailer, can’t wait to try the game…!

  • Would have hoped that the Subway thing is good in North America (including Canada/Quebec) and not just US… : /

  • The graphics are looking awesome! Nice work Naughty Dog!

  • I hope you add the song from Sara Barielles – Uncharted to the game it would be awesome as the opening song to the game. Other than that it looks solid i think this time the online play will be taken to another level.

  • wow this preview looked like a movie preview great job naughty dog you never dissapoint

  • ………….. NO WORDS!! CANT WAIT!

  • I’m really tired of the At&T stuff spamming every page now.
    I bet most people complaining don’t even know why they are “supposed” to dislike AT&T.

    I am so excited for Uncharted 3, it is my new Indiana Jones!!!!

  • Will this game have LAN support when it’s released? If not will you consider patching it in at some point? I thought Uncharted 2 was the best console MP experience to date, and it’d be nice to have league and local tournament support for U3. Black Ops got LAN support patched in when it was picked up by MLG.

    And now that we have split screen that makes LAN even more desirable, especially if Sony continues to have network issues.

  • awesome trailer! Can’t wait!

  • Also, is it just me or does that guy at 1:26 look and sound kinda like Harry Flynn? Perhaps his brother?

  • This looks simply stunning! The cinematography looks better than ever (how do you guys do it?) – the ship, the desert, the plane, evil Brits (we do it so well LOL), not to mention Nate on a horse, Yeehah!! I am so unbelievably ecxited at the thought of playing the beta in just a few weeks time. Can’t wait to pre-order the Explorer Edition.
    Now I just need to invest in a nice new big Sony 3DTV to immerse myself fully!
    Thank you ND!!!

  • Only one word to say AWESOME

  • The_Comedian312

    When does the Uncharted 3 beta start because I picked up inFAMOUS 2 today and I got a Early access Voucher but it won’t redeem yet. WTF!!!

  • crap i’m gonna be broke by the end of the year look at all the amazing stuff there is

  • InsideBurningIce

    They should totally make a Jak skin for single and multiplayer. that would be SO epic

  • I sony did a great job on E3, congratulations! i really cant wait for this game is the best franchise! nice post ^^

  • Can you say “game I’m most looking forward to this year?” Already got it pre-ordered and I’ll be picking it up day-of. Can’t wait for the beta! The Uncharted games have never let me down.

  • Awesome trailer and gameplay demo. UC is my favorite series and i am looking forward to this game. Glad that Elena and Chloe are back too.

  • just watched the trailer again…anyone notice the ring on Elena’s left ring finger near the end at the well? Her and Drake engaged maybe?

  • I bought inFAMOUS 2 yesterday and it came with the U3 multiplayer beta and it won’t let me redeem my code

  • This will be the game of the year, no doubt. Can’t wait to get the collector’s edition and set it up next to my Uncharted 2 collector’s edition! I wish I was at E3 right now :(

  • He still moves like a monkey. Rats!

  • fricken’ rad… enough said.

  • RyanMcBainDOTcom

    Maybe in Uncharted 4, Nathan Drake can discover Cross Game Voice Chat for the PS3.

  • i didn’t think i could get much more excited for this game. Though this trailer proved that otherwise

  • Sully’s mustache needs to be more bushy… what’s wrong with him? :D

  • GOTY 2011 !!

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