Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls Now Live on PSN

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Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls Now Live on PSN

WIzardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls for PS3 (PSN)

Man, what can you say about Wizardry? I’m not even sure where to start. Few game series have as long and storied a history as Wizardry, which is the same age as Mario and helped inspire entire gaming genres. Much has changed in this series over the years, but the base formula has remained the same: create your avatar, hire some help at the local guild, accept a quest or two, then crawl through a seemingly endless maze of corridors, traps, treasure chests and secret passageways… all in glorious first-person 3D!

But do mind the monsters. Everything from adorable Vorpal Bunnies to giant dragons, to a demonic face made out of corpses is traipsing through these same cavernous depths, always just around the next corner. Once you’re spotted, it’s time to fight – and if you’re not strong, clever or fast enough to take them down, you’re going to wind up as a spot on the wall – like all the others.

In the end, it comes down to tweaking your stats, finding or buying new equipment, keeping track of your whereabouts, exploring thoroughly and strategizing like there’s no tomorrow. Think Etrian Odyssey, or Dark Spire, or… well… Wizardry!

WIzardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls for PS3 (PSN)

There are 10 main characters to choose from, consisting of male and female alternatives for each of the game’s five races, and each of them has a unique personality and an individual story arc to offer. After picking a character, you’re given an opportunity to choose an alignment (Good, Evil or Neutral), allocate points to various stats (Strength, Vitality, Agility, Luck, Intelligence and Piety), then pick your class.

As series fans know all too well, these are not arbitrary decisions in the slightest. Alignment determines which classes you can play and which existing guild recruits will be willing to join your party (as you might imagine, Evil and Good don’t get along too well). And class is absolutely paramount, with vastly different gameplay strategies required — both in and out of battle — depending on the class makeup of your dungeon-farers.
Let’s take a quick look at this game’s 10 main characters, and see if we can determine which would be the best choice for you!

Human (Chris or Odetta)

Humans are well-balanced, given them easy access to every base class. Starting adventurers may find it easiest to begin with someone like Chris or Odetta, whose stats are so well-rounded that they’ll never come up short in any endeavor — even if they also never truly excel. Personality-wise, Chris is rather acerbic. Having been wronged one too many times, he’s essentially become impatient and untrusting in his dealings with others. And Odetta, ironically, proves that Chris is right to doubt others, since her motives are anything but pure.

Elf (Verne or Lind)

Elves, like humans, are balanced enough that any base class is available to them right from the start. Unlike humans, however, the distribution is not completely equal, giving them a slight edge in Intelligence and Piety (qualities befitting a magic-user), and a tiny nudge in Agility and Luck as well (qualities befitting a Thief).

Personality-wise, Verne is a stoic, serious individual with Vulcan-like logic and a constantly cool head. He’s devoted his life to study, and seeks only the funding to further his intellectual pursuits.

Lind has embraced her darker side, and seeks fortune above all else.

Dwarf (Pegma or Nia)

With high Strength, Vitality and Piety from the start, dwarves make excellent Fighters or Priests – though their low base Intelligence, Agility and Luck make them unlikely choices for the job of Mage or Thief.

Personality-wise, Pegma is unusual in that he possesses a cool head and an intellectual bent — qualities more befitting of an elf. Nia, too, defies the dwarven stereotype by maintaining a constant optimistic outlook and friendly, social demeanor. Having lost her memory, she’s chosen to become an adventurer in the hope that someone might recognize her and give her some clue about her mysterious past.

Gnome (Erno or Dia)

Boasting sky-high Intelligence and Piety, gnomes are extremely well suited to becoming Magic-users, yet extremely unsuited for almost any other job. Unlike the other races, gnomes with Good alignment are readily able to begin the game as Bishops – an advanced form of the Priest class – due to their astoundingly high Piety.

Personality-wise, Erno and Dia are very much alike: They’re both naturally Good individuals with high intellect and a desire to succeed. Erno, studying to become a first-class Mage, has taken up adventuring to fund his schooling; whereas Dia, a seminary graduate, has taken up adventuring to gain real-world experience before attempting to secure her desired spot in the local clergy.

Porklu (Boris or Asche)

Natural-born masters of subterfuge, porklu have excessively high agility and luck, making them absolutely ideal Thieves. Their other stats are quite low, however, so the Thieves’ ability to hide in the shadows may fast become an essential survival skill. Still, every good party needs a Thief, and no race is better suited to that role than the porklu.

Personality-wise, Boris is astonishingly social and comes across as a likable and fun individual, having made a living as a knife-juggler. Asche is much shyer than her male counterpart, rarely uttering a word. She responds to almost any question simply by nodding or shaking her head. This shyness largely comes from her previous occupation – that of pickpocket, where socializing is not a particularly useful trait – but she’s resolved to change her ways and make a more honest living from now on.

WIzardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls for PS3 (PSN)

No matter which starting character you choose, you’re guaranteed a long, treacherous, intriguing adventure into the depths of the earth, filled with mysteries, puzzles, traps and monsters both big and small. If you’re looking for a game to suck you into its meaty atmosphere and never let you go, Wizardry may be just what the doctor ordered.

So consider your options carefully, choose your protagonist wisely, and do whatever you can to survive the trials that await you. This is the Labyrinth of Lost Souls, after all. Getting a little lost within is simply par for the course…

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  • Woah, was this just posted? (first?) Wasn’t even on my RSS feed. The first-person-RPG setting looks interesting to me, but I’m not much of the RPG purist. I always like XSEED though, so good luck!

  • Actually, looking at it again it looks pretty damn good. I really like story as opposed to pure action, so maybe I’ll pick this up in due time.

    • It’s more atmosphere and exploration than it is story OR action, really… but it’s got a nice, thick atmosphere with LOTS AND LOTS of exploration, so if that’s your cup o’ tea, definitely give it a look.

      The demo’s free, after all, so you can always try before you buy!

  • I love your games Xseed and havent missed the games you released on PSP, was excited for Wizardry but after playing the demo im not sure if i would pay $15 for it :P.. just not for me i guess, i like games more like YS or the Legend of Heroes
    Thank you for bringing it over and hope you guys bring more PS3 games

  • Was a huge surprise to see this on the store when it went live the other day. Bought it immediately, so happy to have a new Wizardry game here in North America. Still bust out my copy of Tale of the Forsaken Land on PS2 every now and then.

    Thanks a LOT for bringing this over!!!

  • If this sells well will XSeed bring more Wizardry games out?

    Also is there any chance that XSeed might bring out the Elminage series next. That is another first person dungeon game. There is some new ones coming out on the PSP. So it would be cool if XSeed could bring that series out of Japan too.

    • “If this sells well will XSeed bring more Wizardry games out?”

      There is a sequel to this particular Wizardry in Japan, so we’ll definitely be watching the sales of this game carefully. If it does well, the sequel will most certainly be considered!

      As for Elminage, we’ll make sure we look into it. Numerous first-person dungeon crawlers have been suggested by fans recently, so it seems like there’s a really high demand for games in this genre right now. We’ll definitely be evaluating others, and will consider the best of the best for a North American and European release.

  • Tried it. I find the interface too clunky, and I didn’t like the 2D (sprites) enemies one bit.

    • Awwww… but they like yooooou… perhaps a little too much! You’d best watch out for those Vorpal Bunnies… mwa ha ha…

  • Loving this game, but seriously in need of a manual!

    • Even the Japanese release had no manual. This game is far too hardcore for instructions. ;)

  • Reminds me so much of Class of Heroes. That game was boring, since it was barely a dungeon crawler and barely involved any of the characters you had. Does this game actually have an involving story or characters worth caring about?

    • It’s still pretty gameplay-heavy, with story taking a backseat — but it’s more focused on a single narrative and a set cast of characters, yes. It may not seem it at first, but as you get closer to the end, the story starts to unravel bit by bit, and actually gets pretty intriguing. It’s minimalistic, but pleasantly dark and overall pretty well-written.

  • Wow, now this brings back memories of playing games like this on the C64

  • Wizardry’s classic game-play reasonable price, what’s not to like here? I bought it, I love it so far, what more can I say?

    Thank you very much, and keep up the great work XSeeds!

  • Tom, will there be a retail release of this, perhaps on a set of a dozen 5.25″ floppies with Special Edition USB Floppy Drive For PlayStation 3?

    • I love that idea! I’ll have to run it by our marketing guys. Then probably just… run. Because they’ll be chasing me. With hammers. ;)

  • Metal Hammers (+3) made of metal, or Hammers of Manual Inflation (-6)? Either way, I’m sure you could take them.

  • I thought this was a crawler at first but its even better.

    Etrian Odyssey was very addicting. This will be my first Wizardry game too. Sadly PSN is a little overblown atm but I’m gonna buy it when I can.

    One question tho since this is on PSN. This is a full game right? Not some cheap knock off that ends just as your really getting into it?

    • This is indeed a full game. There are expansions to come that’ll add new dungeon floors and new quests and such, but even with the base $15 game, you can play through the entire story from beginning to end.

  • Can we expect a demo version or any video trailors??

    • Both are already available, actually. The free demo version is up on PSN, and is upgradable to the full game — meaning if you like it, you can buy the full game and instantly have access to it, without having any more huge downloads to worry about (and your save-games are compatible from demo to full version, too!).

      As for the trailer, here you go:


      Enjoy! ;)

  • You just said the magic word!

    “expansions” I hate DLC. <3 expansions. I hope Xseed plans on bringing more games our way in the future. This is the start of something special.

    Now to bump some Blind Guardian while I wait to dl.

  • Picked it up, love it! Bring me more!!! :) Oh and publish WKC PSP if D3 won’t. SCEA have been on a roll of disappointments lately with not supporting JRPGs (no 1st party NA WKC2 release, letting DS go multi). If it wasn’t for the developers and publishers standing by them, I would have cashed in my PS3 ages ago.

    • We’re looking into a few other similarly-styled games. And if anything comes of any of them, we’ll make sure to spread the word, believe me!

  • Thanks the trailer pretty much sold me on it.. now I’m just gonna have to give the demo a try and see how it is.

    I like the certainly time have change but the spirit remains the same… id like to see more classic game styles remastered like this like bringing the old school to the new

  • I just bought it and I’m enjoying every single moment, thank you XSEED! :)

  • I bought this, but I wish it were more like the Western Wizardry series. Crusaders of the Dark Savant and Bane of the Cosmic Forge FTW!!!

  • yeah the game is great but all the vocal stuff is in japanese!!! i’d like to see straight ports of all the original wizardry games on the ps3 with one important addition… an in-game automapper!

    • This game DOES have auto-mapping… but you have to buy a map of the appropriate area first.

      Kinda weird, I know, but just go with it. It’s old-school, man! ;)

  • How many hours can one invest in this? Will the expansions include new characters?

    • We’ve refrained from identifying game length because it will vary WILDLY from player to player. I can see someone finishing the game in 10 hours… and I can see someone else finishing it in 100 or more. The actual story is fairly short if you know where you’re going and you take a little bit of time to grind, but this — more than just about any other game XSEED’s released, I think (with the exception of Dungeon Maker, perhaps) — is a game that you definitely aren’t going to be playing for its story. The focus is on side-quests, dungeon exploration, loot hording and grinding more than anything else.

      And future expansions will only add to that!

      And yes, there is at least one new NPC that will be introduced with a future expansion, along with quite a bit of character development for one particular shopkeeper…

  • Class Creation Prerequisites

    Warrior 12 STR
    Mage 12 INT
    Priest 12 PIE, alignment evil or good
    Thief 10 AGI 12 LUC, alignment evil or neutral
    Bishop 13 INT 13 PIE, alignment evil or good
    Samurai 15 STR 11 INT 10 PIE 14 VIT 10 AGI 9 LUC, alignment neutral or good
    Lord 15 STR 12 INT 12 PIE 15 VIT 14 AGI 15 LUC, alignment good
    Ninja all stats 15, alignment evil

  • Appraisal, saving cash, and you

    Make a Bishop, and keep her either in your team or in the Guild on standby, then bring her in the party when you need something appraised

    You may want to do Appraising in the Church, to cure Fear if it gets inflicted from failing.

    Select the item, then Appraisal with a Bishop in your team.

  • colors
    Red = Bad; either has a negative effect on the wielder, or is useless against that monster type.
    Blue = Good; for whoever uses it, or against a monster type.
    Violet = Excellent; for whoever uses it, or against a monster type.

  • Stats

    STR – Damage and Accuracy of physical attacks.
    INT – Chance for Mage spells to work and affects their potency.
    PIE – Chance for Priest spells to work and affects their potency.
    VIT – HP and I believe Wish success rate.
    AGI – Turn order, chance of disarming traps, and evasion. May have an impact on sub-weapon damage but doubtful.
    LUC – Status effects, trap disarming, and possibly does something with all the stats but not sure (Wizardry LUC has always had a little blurb on it impacting the other stat formulas).

  • I’m an old school Wizardry fan. In the late 90’s I ran the biggest Wizardry fan site on the net. “Kyler’s Wizardry Den”. I have pined to play the JP games for sooo long now. The PS2 got one a while back, and I’m so excited that this Lost Souls is here to play!. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider bringing more of these games to the US. There is an audience, we just need to wake them up.

  • the above info is not mine

  • sweet… got the demo, unfortunately haven’t had time to play yet! :( Love old school rpgs!!! Still have my discs for Might and Magic 3,4,5,6,7,8 Ultima 4-8 Wizardry 7 and 8, Gold box D&D all of them, Eye of the beholder., ultma underworld 1,2 etc…. In other words i love old school RPGS … WE need more of this!! Will be purchasing full title when I get paid!!

  • Tried the demo… it kicked my ass. I’m not suited for dungeon crawlers >_<

  • Not as good as Wizardry 6-8, but better than the PS2 Wizardry game. Please release more, I will buy them. Been playing Wizardry games for 30 years, would like to play them for 30 more. 1st person, party based rpgs are my favorite genre, good to finally see one out on the PS3.

  • For those that missed it, there already is an expansion on PSN. $5 adds a couple more levels to the Trials dungeon.

  • The only reason why i bought this game was because i couldn’t find a copy of the PS2 Wizardry game at any of my local Gamestops. I’m starting to think that just should’ve went without buying this one.


  • #29 should be used as a marketing slogan for this game. Wizardry is intended to be a horrifyingly unforgiving dungeon crawler experience. I lost my thief early on due to a double-fail on resurrection. I’d love to see, either through PS1 Imports, or through a similar engine to this game, some of the classic Wizardry games released. Specifically the more horrifyingly unforgiving than the norm Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna.

  • First, let me say that I played the original Wizardry, Ultima, and Might and Magic on my 8088 CGA computer. Those games, ZZT, Nethack, Kroz, and the Quest for Glory series were very influential on me as a young (then) gamer.

    1) The anime look is an immediate turn-off to me. The guys are cute-looking, which helps, but the anime look immediately makes me think the story will be standard anime fare.

    2) the screenshots are 480p. please tell me that a 2D game like this has 1080p native art on PS3.

    • If the game had a more “generic” anime look, I could understand your first point… but this is definitely not generic anime art. It’s a highly stylized, almost excruciatingly beautiful palette of masterpieces from renowned artist Yuki Hayabusa, with the kind of detailed eye most anime studios can only *dream* of having under their employ!

      …Of course, if you dislike Japanese-style art in general, that’s a different story. But this *is* a Japanese production, so it stands to reason the creators would go with Japanese artistic traditions, no?

      As for your second question… I actually never checked, to be honest! I think the game allows for 720p display, but 480p may very well be its upper limit. It looks great, though, either way, which is why I never checked on its exact specs in any detail.

  • Is this based off the old Nintendo one? That game was so frigin awesome

    • The old Nintendo game was actually a port of a PC game that spawned a whole series, with 8 numbered titles and innumerable spinoffs. And this game is the latest of the spinoffs.

      For more information on the history of Wizardry, I recommend checking out the game’s website at http://www.wizardryps3.com

  • I still have the original NES cart for the first one. Wizardry has been around a long time and hardly anything has changed because it’s just that good. You don’t know the meaning of oldschool hardcore until you finish a Wizardry game.

  • Awesome old school rpg. I’ve played several Wizardy’s before. I downloaded the demo last night bought the unlock code today.

    Hopefully if this one goes over well there would be some interest in making a US port of the Twin Pack:
    Dungeon of Imprisoned Souls/Town of Imprisoned

  • Been playing this game non-stop since I downloaded it yesterday.

    Old school rpg. Feels so good.

    Getting the Plat in this game is going to feel so satisfying.

    Bring on the expansions, sequels, and similar old school rpgs!

  • Tom, how were first day sales? I was a bit annoyed I cannot put in a name longer than six characters in an rpg, cuts most of my old roleplaying names, might want to consider that in a future patch.

    Also, when I guild a new character, I sometimes can’t hire them into my party (grayed out), WHY!?

    • I’m afraid I can’t comment on sales (I don’t think we’ve even gotten sales figures yet, to be honest!), but the game’s gotten a great reception so far, so I’m hoping to see big numbers once they finally come in. ;)

      Regarding your first concern, as the commenter below you pointed out, this is a finished product from Japan, and we’re just the publisher. We can’t actually make changes to the game ourselves, and the Japanese developers have moved on to other games, so I don’t think your suggested patches are likely to be created. Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated, however!

      And regarding your last question, it’s — again — as the below commenter noted: you cannot place an evil character into a party with good characters, nor a good character into a party with evil characters. You CAN adjust characters’ alignments along the way, however — whenever you’re given a choice to “fight,” “watch” or “leave,” picking “fight” will roll you slightly toward evil, and picking “leave” will roll you slightly toward good.

  • @40 You can’t bring evil chars into a party with good chars, and vice versa. Though once a party is grouped, a character can change alignment without causing a problem.

  • Last wizardry I played was Wizardry 8 by Sir-Tech. Not really digging the anime theme.

  • Ideas:

    1) Enemy Respawn Slider to determine how often random encounters happen.

    2) Game needs to save after loads. Lost 5 hours of work and several items today…

    Will add more, can’t remember everything annoying.

  • I doubt any of your ideas will be implemented. This game is a finished product imported from Japan.
    Plus, this is just not the way Wizardry works.
    You die. You die.
    You make a new char and send them out in the maze to retrieve your corpse.
    You bring them back to town and cross your fingers and hope the priests don’t botch the resurrection.
    This game is deisgned for a niche market. It’s not for today’s faint of heart.

    That being said, I wish people would understand that and not knock it.
    It is what it is because that’s the way Wizardry players wanted.

    I was 9 years old when I played Wiz 1. Werdna’s clue had me a friend looking up strange latin words in the dictionary. Once our translation proved to be right, we were elated. THAT is what this game is all about.
    Get our your graph paper, turn off the overhead light and feel the nerves in your belly jump with each perilous step into the dark unforgiving maze in front of you.
    Chances are, you won’t win on your fist try.

  • Great. Thanks for ruining a classic game’s with tired Japanese anime crap. I’ll stick to the outdated yet somehow still better looking originals.

    • Yuki Hayabusa has a single tear running down her cheek after reading this comment. :(

      I’m sorry it’s not more to your liking!

  • Wow…I’ve been playing games since Atari and have been through the whole evolution of console gaming and I have not once heard of XSEED or Wizardry. But I downloaded the Demo to give it look-see. I must of been under a rock for the last 20 years.

    • You haven’t heard of us?! For shaaaaaame!! ;)

      We’re pretty tiny, but we release some really great games. Our PSP library, in particular, is quite stellar! I highly recommend checking out some of the Ys games, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Half-Minute Hero, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony and/or Brave Story: New Traveler if you enjoy RPGs (and own a PSP). You’ll be very glad you did!

  • Vinland_Krauser

    I like the anime style in this game. Can’t see why people have an aversion for it. If all characters have been drawn in American HQ style, would the game have a different quality? I don’t think so, specially since this game doesn’t seem to have English voice acting.
    Also, the argument about anime not to be taken seriously is flawed. Not all anime are like the popular stereotype of cute little girls and nonsensical story. Generalization is a very, very bad thing.
    Also, this game looks SO MUCH like Shining the Holy Ark for the Sega Saturn. Before knowing this game, I never even imagined there was also a title of the series for the PS2. However, I discovered it too late, because I traded my PS2 for the PS3.
    Pity there is no RUN command, but i hope there is a magic or ability that lets me walk faster or escape the dungeons.

  • Tip #1: When creating characters, don’t let alignments stop you from creating characters. Going off the assumption that this wasn’t altered in the NA release, go ahead and create the Evil Ninja (or Evil anything really). It doesn’t matter if you have characters with a Good alignment in your party already. You can still get the Evil character to join, I’ll tell you how.

    Have the Evil character venture into the dungeon by themselves and leave them there. Now, return to the guild and get your party (with the one free slot left for the character) and go to the dungeon and search for the member. Voila. Pretty simple, huh?

    You can also do this to create a party of mains (the characters you get to select from at the beginning). Just select your first main, leave him or her in the dungeon (preferably right in front of the stairs), then save and start a new game, then pick another main, go to the dungeon, find the main you left and recruit. Rinse and repeat until you have all six characters you want from the main list, if you don’t feel like having a bunch of generic party members :P

  • Tip #2: If you have the patience for it, I’d highly suggest rolling a Ninja in the beginning since they are better than a Thief anyway and can unlock a skill later which allows them to attack multiple times, so their damage output will be a LOT better than a Thief’s. They will require a bit more exp to level than a Thief and their level cap is lower, but their stats are godlike, so you surely won’t regret the decision of rolling one early on (despite how long it may take to get a 40+ bonus, heh).

    Tip #3: It’s generally a good idea to have a Bishop for appraisals since the shop can charge an arm and a leg for a lot of stuff to get appraised. Normally, people would probably tell you to keep him or her in the guild and bring them out when necessary. That would be all well and good if it wasn’t for the fact that rare items become harder for the Bishop to appraise due to their level. You may not have to level them up at all when finding unidentified items in the first dungeon, but later on, you should make it a note to bring them with you every now and then.

  • Just stick them in the back row, get them a few levels, then put them back in the guild. The higher the Bishop’s level is, the easier it will be for them to appraise items without getting affected by fear after failing a few times. So basically, if you keep your Bishop at the guild all the time, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to find rare items in a dungeon way late into the game and your Bishop will never be able to appraise it because they are still level 1 and this item is you’re asking them to appraise is totally out of their ability to identify.

    Trust me, you don’t want to find a really rare sword or piece of armour and not be able to use it because you were too lazy to give your Bishop a few levels to help him or her appraise items better, heh. Getting your Bishop to level 20 or 25 should be good enough to cover anything you find up to the end of the game. My Bishop was hardly ever affected by Fear at that point. So, once you reach a dungeon with some decent exp and your priest or mage knows, “Free Warp”, and you can handle your own, bring your Bishop along to leech off you guys in the back row.

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