Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Comes to PS3 June 10

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Comes to PS3 June 10

Hopefully everybody enjoyed the double XP period for Call of Duty: Black Ops in May – neither Treyarch nor Activision wanted to see any of the PS3 fans miss out just because of the technical issues. Now the next round of Black Ops action is locked and loaded: the long-awaited Escalation DLC pack will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10th.

Escalation features five big chunks of content – four multiplayer maps and one star-studded Zombies experience unlike any other. For fans of competitive combat, your new battlegrounds await:

  • HOTEL takes the sunny splendor of a luxirous Cuban casino resort and turns it into a bullet-riddled war zone. Details like the blown casino safe and poolside bar offer some unusual cover for run-and-gunners, but thanks to the high vantage points at opposite ends, it’s also a great map for snipers.
  • Why not visit the ZOO? The big cats and deadly reptiles left this abandoned Russian animal park long ago, but the overgrown, dilapidated facility still plays host to the world’s most dangerous game. Hide below in the bear lair or snipe from above on the monorail track – you’ve got the run of the place.

MP Match ZooMP Match Convoy

  • If you’re looking for a slice of classic Americana, check out the small-town motel and diner near the ambushed CONVOY. The freeway overpass has collapsed, leaving a missile stranded above and rubble littered below – not to mention a pre-fab house, apparently in transit by truck when the attack hit, now toppled on its side in ruins. Talk about trailer trash.

MP Stockpile 2

  • STOCKPILE looks like an ordinary town in remote Russia…until you find the warhead hidden in the building in the center of town. Use switches to slide the huge steel doors up and down – good for restricting access during objective-based games.


Last but not least, CALL OF THE DEAD goes meta on zombie lore itself with a unique setup: Cinema’s zombie godfather George A. Romero is making his latest undead epic – starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo – only to have a real zombie apocalypse break out, infecting the director himself and causing him to stalk you throughout the level. All the stars performed their roles with full motion capture and voice-over, so when you and three friends take on wave after wave of the zombie horde, you’ll do so as some of Hollywood’s most famous monster mashers. Proof positive that there’s a zombie killer in all of us.

Escalation will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10, and to celebrate, the double XP will flow once more – enjoy twice the rewards for your efforts through Sunday, June 12. It’s also a perfect time to try out some my unorthodox multiplayer strategies that will keep your opponents guessing.

Enjoy next weekend – I’ll see you online!

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  • @Dan, You Were Commenting about Kristen Making a Mistake, Then You Made a Mistake XD. Thats SO Awsum.”She was mistaken, thought they were talking about MAG DLC. She actually went back and corrected it. So, for real, JULY 10. :)” You Said For Real,July. When its june XD.

  • I’m a MLG and this is bs. I think it’s fair that we at least get a discount on the map pack.

  • @ Dan, You Made Another Mistake XD. Now im Confused. is it June or july 10?” it’s clear now that July 10 is the date you should mark on your calendar.” Lol. That Just Proves Yer Point.. do u have a ps3 AND xbox? or ps3? And ima try and add u(Though i doubt You will have room.) And If u respond it feels like im talking to a celeberty.
    and Can You Tell me What Part Of activision or tryarch or even if you dont work in those companies,What Do u do?

  • Nvm,Your Social Media Manager, Activision. But What Do you “DO”?

  • what about those messages you get saying you can get the pack for free when you send the message to your friends is it fake, a virus or spam? Too good to be true.
    And thanks for the games Sony!

  • @Dan, I Have To Ask This. I Noticed That Black Ops Had Worse Graphics Than Modern Warfare 2.Even Worse Than World At War. Is That true? Did The Developers Mess Up Or used An Outdated Engine? I Know That Treyarch and infinity ward are seperate companies, but do they “Share” Engines? Or Is it Separate Engines?

  • hey Dan is this map pack free? or was that just some junkmail me and lots of people fell for? im not too happy about it being released a week later but at least i finally know when it’ll be out no one was telling me at least i now know… only 6 more days of kicking tail on first strike maps then on to escalation!!!!

  • Hey dan can u plz reply to lots of these questions ppl are waiting

  • awesome cant wait next friday at midnight

  • i did get a message sayin dat it mite b available until june 6 so is it the 6 or 10

  • cant wait for the new dlc for black ops

  • can you tell me what time it will be released on june 10th???


    Man this is bull crap I was ready to buy it on the third and I was so excited then I saw this now I have to wait another week


    funkjb it will be released at 12:00 at night

  • Can’t june 10th to play this map pack :)

  • Can’t wait june 10th to play this map pack :)

  • scarfeceloco2012

    Thanks for the new maps and hopefully score in the zombie map yeah :)

  • @XxELITE_SNIPERx8 i dont really think it will be released at 12 am/midnight because first strike came out at 5 am march 1st,2011 i was waiting for that at 4:17 am-5am then at 5 am it was avalible so im kinda guesting it will be released at 5:00am on june 10th,2011

    @dan amrich if you have any info on that can you tell me plz?

  • i think it comes out at 5am not midnight

  • Black Ops Some One Play Me At Quickscopin

  • i will akafreshh

  • We have to get this for free at least, Sony should make us pick just one dlc from any game for free. That would be really cool.

  • i miss the old ps2 days where u bought the newest game for 40 bucks and no multiplayer B.S. and no overpriced unfair map packs.

  • LOL Dan Amrich, your funny. I hate COD but your replies to some of these comments make me laugh. I know its not your fault that Cod is crap so I won’t get any grief from me ^.^


  • very disapointed in this like so many others. from my memory with both black ops and WaW the map packs were released a month after 360 on the ps3. hence why everyone expected it to be released on the 3rd. i dont know who’s fault this is for relasing it an extra week late but im not pleased.

  • professor_musafa

    @#100 the message said if you dont have black ops you will get $20 dollars added to your psn account

  • I… don’t care for CoD… but Dan, you have an honesty face, so I’ll believe what you say. You aren’t by any chance giving away apple pie are you?

  • Hey dan. I want to know something.If the map pack 3 comes out,why xbox users get it first?why ps3 user are for last to get it,is there some contract whit microsoft????!!!!!!

  • i just love you sony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better than xbox :)

  • yeah microsoft pay more to get it first !!!!!!!! sony should getit first

  • h3ll ya n3w zomb map

  • Dan Amrich

    I am sure all of us would appreciate in the future that all DLC be released at the same time for all platforms. Do you think you could make that happen?

  • First Strike Maps Came Out On Xbox 360 On Feb 1 2011 and came out for sony PS 3 On Mar 3 2011 way does it sony make a deal with Treyarch and Activision so ps3 players get the maps at the same time i mean when cod black ops came out on Xbox 360, PS3, PC as well as Wii all on NOV 9 2010 and we should al get the map packs at the same time and i am not [DELETED] i am just saying does sony want to lose all of it players to xbox360

  • We should get an option of this map pack in our welcome back package. The 2 free games were i think $15 each and i think the map is $15 too =(

  • DLC MAG Escalation Mission Pack (add-on) (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $9.99) Is this talkin about this map? cause idk

  • and can you make a WaW map pack for the NORMAL edition of black ops sony plz if u agree put WaW MP(World at War Map Pack) at the beggining of ur message

  • wow, yes this is wat i been waitin for the new call of duty map pack 2 to come out. I got first strike now is time to get escalation. I’m going to get it the first day it come out i can’t wait.

  • that map goin to be crazy

  • wow this is wat i been waitin for

  • Looks excellent! And no worries on the wait. I’ve got the Crysis 2 map pack to break in, the free games, and all the game trials, etc, with the free PS Plus. I’m a happy camper with plenty to keep me busy ’til the 10th.

    And woohoo! on another double XP weekend!

  • Meh. I just want outland.

  • i just thought of a map for multiplayer and a zombie map multiplayer a walmart automatic doors with isles and a parkin lot with exploding cars and across the street is a building and theres a zipline to the top of walmart(only way up) and the building isnt finished or at least the top

  • sorry the zombie map idea i just wrote was messed up i did something well it was a gun warehouse

  • @ dan xbox is so much better besides the fact of playing online and ps3 sucks. do you agree?

  • You mean to tell me, people still actually play this old CoD game, when there’s Killzone 3 rockin’ the PS3? lol CoD is such a joke in comparison in quality. Since Activision has turned out to be the same type of people they used to despise the most ages ago, it’s my time to turn my back on you.

    You give 360 owners a better version than anyone else, with special treatment to boot, and then expect all the people you screwed over to lick your feet over some old DLC content to play on their 98% made broken beta release title they purchased from you? pfffft… Where is inFamous 2? That’s what I am interested in buying! And then some Twisted Metal X, Uncharted 3, and perhaps White Knight Chronicles 2!

    Call of Duty Sequels? CoD DLC? What’s that? It’s certainly not on my list of games I am interested in buying to support the developers.

  • @dan you have the most shi*ty responses i”ve ever seen. play xbox not this crap.

  • @ thrill-kill go to hell

  • I’m a terrorist haha.

  • just joking haha

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