Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Comes to PS3 June 10

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Comes to PS3 June 10

Hopefully everybody enjoyed the double XP period for Call of Duty: Black Ops in May – neither Treyarch nor Activision wanted to see any of the PS3 fans miss out just because of the technical issues. Now the next round of Black Ops action is locked and loaded: the long-awaited Escalation DLC pack will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10th.

Escalation features five big chunks of content – four multiplayer maps and one star-studded Zombies experience unlike any other. For fans of competitive combat, your new battlegrounds await:

  • HOTEL takes the sunny splendor of a luxirous Cuban casino resort and turns it into a bullet-riddled war zone. Details like the blown casino safe and poolside bar offer some unusual cover for run-and-gunners, but thanks to the high vantage points at opposite ends, it’s also a great map for snipers.
  • Why not visit the ZOO? The big cats and deadly reptiles left this abandoned Russian animal park long ago, but the overgrown, dilapidated facility still plays host to the world’s most dangerous game. Hide below in the bear lair or snipe from above on the monorail track – you’ve got the run of the place.

MP Match ZooMP Match Convoy

  • If you’re looking for a slice of classic Americana, check out the small-town motel and diner near the ambushed CONVOY. The freeway overpass has collapsed, leaving a missile stranded above and rubble littered below – not to mention a pre-fab house, apparently in transit by truck when the attack hit, now toppled on its side in ruins. Talk about trailer trash.

MP Stockpile 2

  • STOCKPILE looks like an ordinary town in remote Russia…until you find the warhead hidden in the building in the center of town. Use switches to slide the huge steel doors up and down – good for restricting access during objective-based games.


Last but not least, CALL OF THE DEAD goes meta on zombie lore itself with a unique setup: Cinema’s zombie godfather George A. Romero is making his latest undead epic – starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo – only to have a real zombie apocalypse break out, infecting the director himself and causing him to stalk you throughout the level. All the stars performed their roles with full motion capture and voice-over, so when you and three friends take on wave after wave of the zombie horde, you’ll do so as some of Hollywood’s most famous monster mashers. Proof positive that there’s a zombie killer in all of us.

Escalation will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10, and to celebrate, the double XP will flow once more – enjoy twice the rewards for your efforts through Sunday, June 12. It’s also a perfect time to try out some my unorthodox multiplayer strategies that will keep your opponents guessing.

Enjoy next weekend – I’ll see you online!

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  • Hey Dan
    Not trying to sound condescending or anything but do a little research. There was an article posted in an online gaming site(don’t remember which one or I would provide a link to said article) that stated the fact that Microsoft convinced Activision to sign a contract that all DLC material for the CoD series would be an Xbox exclusive for 1 month before being released to the rest of the platforms. Actually did a quick search and found a link for ya.

  • @94 lol…I’m doing the same thing. It’s taking forever 1132mb of 7056mb

  • professor_musafa

    I got a message saying i would get escalation free if i sent that message to all my friends. I did this and i was wondering if i will get escalation free. Will i?

    • That’s not an official message from Activision. Could be a scam, so be careful how you respond and what you click on.

  • Ugh you guys think that download thing is bad wait until you get to install its taking 5 minutes to get to 3% done. :(

  • @97 aka professor_musafa, id say u probably wouldnt get it for free im srry, those are just chain mail.

  • THANKS For an Actural Date i am really looking forward to this DLC So i can use SMG My TV Girlfriend as i watch every epoisode of buffy daily man she is sexy hot to bad she is married and i was too young at that time

    to marry her otherwise i would have

    anyway i was wondering when it was coming so thanks again for info on the actural date have a great weekend!

  • Man, 7 days late! I was all excided for nothing!! Are we getting another double xp weekend? And is there a discount????

    • As you will note if you read the whole article above, double XP is already scheduled for next weekend, to celebrate the PS3 release.

  • Already played it on that “other” platform while PSN was down. Gotta say, it’s a pretty great map pack.

  • black-goldcity6

    mines at 25%.

  • + Dan Amrich on June 3rd, 2011

    These are the responses I have been looking for. If you could please have people respond in this manner I would love it. It seems like most don’t say what needs to be said. Question some of the commenters posts. I hate having to say what you should be saying to these people. It seems like Sony gets bashed and no one responds to them. Something as simple as saying “Can you please give me a link to where you’ve seen this information” would be greatly appreciated. Seems like alot of people run rampant and are not put in their place. PLEASE RELAY THIS TO YOUR SUPERIORS. People need to be corrected.

  • OMG I CANT WAIT THAT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why June 10th?

  • I’m Dan now…”no there’s no freaking discount!!!”

  • black-goldcity6

    hey dan amrich you know about this?-+ Kristi Fernandez on June 3rd, 2011 at 10:11 am said:

    Hi JaySoChi- It’s coming later on today.

  • Thank You, Dan, for letting all of us biting at the bit know. I hate that it is another week but, at least we have a firm date. now we can all relax and have a cold one…

  • Oh it’s a crying shame I stopped playing this game 6 months ago, I would have loved to give another $15 for DLC that has been delayed by a month due to M$ bribing Activision. The amount of money Activision is making on this series, probably closing in close to the trillion mark, you would think they would offer free DLC at some point, but I guess they enjoy their money baths too much.

  • so do we get it discounted since we have psn plus

  • Swedish-Gangster

    @Dan Amrich ur responses r saying july 10th when it should be june 10th

  • and by the way the welcome back package only let me download 1 game it froze on the second game and its not anywhere to be found

  • do people even read this blog or dothey just read the title and flip the lid. it’s not coming out till the 10th your world is not gonna end. they wont discount it so stop asking. xbox gets theirs cause they pay for it we all get a free online service that you all take for granted stop crying!!


  • About time! This should not have taken so long. We need some sort of Activision compensation. Half price? Anyone else think that’s good?

  • Yes!!! Finally!!! I havent played zombies in so long because i got bored w/the maps. Now i can go play some CALL OF THE DEAD!!!!!

  • Better late than never… glad it’s coming though, but it should be a $15 subscription for map packs for the year. It’s lame to charge $15/per pack only to release a new game every November.

    Also freakin integrate Zombies into regular MP so you don’t have to leave the MP menu and lose your stats/xp/money to play zombies. With the popularity of this game that should have been fixed months ago.

  • sucks we don’t get the map pack but hey atleast its gonna have some great maps the only map im not looking forward to is zoo i heard it sucked but other than that go ESCALATION! lol add me up on psn if you play black ops N-I-C-K-95

  • Dan, great job answering the posts.

  • I can wait another week for the new maps. No big deal. So are we getting 24/7 nuketown again on this double xp weekend? How bout 24/7 firing range. Or a different map 24/7.

  • I wish everyone would respond to this by not buying the pack at all. Why should you? Acti makes more than enough money, they should be offering these maps for free.

    You could go play one of your other games, like the Welcome Back games. Or if you just want to spend those $15 on something, there are plenty of great games on the PSN, like Joe Danger or Pac-Man CE DX.

    Don’t support Activision, they don’t care about you getting these maps much later than people on the PC or 360, because they know you’ll all buy it anyway. All they care about is your money.

  • Guys, you CAN get the Escalation map pack on the PS Store, and yes for FREE right now IF you are a Plus member.

    The Escalation Mission Pack for MAG, that is.

    OH SNAP!

  • black-goldcity6

    add me up black ops for sum domination or anything.

  • @yazter i hate you scum of the earth.

  • I like how Dan comments on the most rude comments ppl say… anyways :) .

  • The 10th? That kinda sucks, I really hope Call of the Dead is worth the wait!

  • sounds like they didnt want the black opps maps to take all the business as soon as the store was back online then people wouldnt buy anything else… makes sense.

  • black-goldcity6

    wanna get far on call of the dead WHEN IT COMES OUT ON june 10 add me i know tons of strategys.

  • black-goldcity6

    129 well worth it

  • WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA u all are a bunch of crybabies… Another week dang u guys might die right …

  • i don’t know why it is on the 10th it should be like Sunday not Friday because that is a week away and treyarch is losing fans by the second

  • we could die you never know a war could break out a nuke could go off anything

  • Dan when will we see a stand-alone zombie game.. natzi or otherwiese.

  • Hey Dan have u played escalation yet? And if so how is it?

  • I cant believe this but why didnt you guys launch it earlier???…. :DD

  • You guys cry about the dumbest things. Go outside get some sun, or go do something productive with your life. Instead of making yourselves look like whining low lives…. It’s a map pack get over it…

  • And there was no specific date that they said they would release the map pack… So all of u whining about waiting another week, how did you know for sure it was going to come out on the 3rd? You didn’t know for sure tahts why when u tried to search it nothing came up all u guys were going off of was RUMORS… Typical immature people always listening to rumors… Things never change go cry somewhere else if u wanna make ur self look stupid.. Ignorance is a BLISS

  • this is gonna be awesome

  • I-AM Clans own everybody up to this date on MW2, Black ops and soon MW3 add me veez58 or PHILLY_VEEZ215

  • you say june third was never anounced, well the agreement is that 360 gets the add ons ONE month before ps3 not one month and a week. So by 360 getting the pack on MAY 3 that means we get it on JUNE 3. so all i have to say is that sony pisses me off, the only reason i have a ps3 instead of xbox is because its free to play online.

  • @samcizzzle.. Its a shame you can’t tell that to peoples face.. Like mine for instance.. I would love you to try telling me all that while I smash you up. People like you make me quite sick.. In fact I hesitate even reading posts about subjest I’d like to know more information on because I see people like you and I get sick.

  • everyamericansux

    HEY everybody did you know that it is scientifically proven that every American sux LOL jks

  • we wait map pack 2 in saudi arabia

  • that sucks i thought it was coming out june 3rd a month after xbox came out

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