Important PlayStation Network Maintenance Today

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Important PlayStation Network Maintenance Today

Starting soon, the PlayStation Network will be inaccessible for several hours for maintenance. The server maintenance performed at this time represents a crucial step in the full restoration for PSN, including the PlayStation Store.

During this maintenance period, users will be unable to sign in to PSN, though those that are already logged in should be able to remain online.

Resumption of full PlayStation Network service is still on track for this week in most regions.

Thank you once again for your patience as we work to return PSN to the highest level of service.

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  • abrushwthgrtnes

    every time I try to go in the ps3 store it always says it’s under maintenance. Ugh!

  • I read that the maintanence begins at 430 pm est until 7 am, don’t know for sure just sharing info

  • This is very good news, best news on the blog all week, thank you for the update. I am very much looking forward to having my download list back.

  • @painofsorrow OH I READ, I am just hoping that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE this is the step to bring up the STORE, if not, then we will WAIT some more like we friggin have been

  • abrushwthgrtnes you have not ben reading these blogs i assume….

  • WarriorOfPersia

    Go ahead, good luck and make a good job. I’ll be playing offline games meanwhile (Dragon Age II for the rule!! >=D)

  • Do what you guys have to do…

    Hope everything goes smoothly.


  • Sony: The PSN is down.
    Users: UGH!!
    Sony: But it’s to bring back the store!!
    Users: oh… ok then.

  • Well, hopefully it will be back by tonight!

  • Thank you god I was online, But the store still down.

  • Kidslayer1997 , we all have hope that it will be. im tired of waiting aswell.

  • i hope tonight but i dont think it will

  • finally, just…a few..more hours…days?.. hope not

  • Fingers crossed!maybe it’ll happen this time!

  • Nice copy and paste blog post, real informative.

  • Wow..

  • Thanks for the heads up PlayStation Blog. Can’t wait for next week with inFamous 2 and E3 2011! :)

  • Oh and i can wait for the store as it seems the welcome back program doesnt involve me because I already have the 5 games listed.

    I’m already a plus member and would have continued to be, free 60days or none, so that is virtually no benefit to me. I live in Canada so no ID protection for me either so far.

    I have a PSP but have never registered it so I probably wont even be able to get that Killzone Liberation game I have been eyeing for awhile.

    The only thing I want back is the ability to use my download list so I can get into the Infamous 2 Beta before it ends, if it hasnt already.

    That would be welcome back enough despite being essentially excluded from the “”welcome back” program.


    Last games bought were Demon’s Souls, MAG.
    Next games will be Infamous 2, then Resistance 3, then Drakes 3.

  • it will be back on 2nd june so says here: Quote:
    PlayStation Network is vanaf 18:30 op woensdag 1 juni 2011 tot 09:01 op donderdag 02 juni 2011 offline wegens gepland onderhoud.

    Gedurende het onderhoud heb je geen toegang tot de volgende services:

    PlayStation Store op je PS3, PSP en PC.
    PlayStation Network Accountbeheer.
    PlayStation Network Account registreren.

    Daarnaast kun je je op niet bij PlayStation Network aanmelden. Meld je als je tijdens het onderhoud toch online wilt gamen nog vóór 18:30 op woensdag 01 juni 2011 bij PSN aan.

    Gedurende het onderhoud kun je gametrofeeën blijven verzamelen. Deze worden zodra PlayStation Network weer op volle toeren draait in je profiel weergegeven.

    Ga als je vragen over de uitvaltijd van de services hebt naar de officiële PlayStation-forums op om je vraag te stellen en één van de mods stuurt je zo snel mogelijk een antwoord.

    Hou voor het laatste nieuws over dit onderhoud de PlayStation.Blog op, onze Facebook-pagina, onze Hyve of onze tweets op Twitter in de gaten.

    u can translate it on google translator

  • haha Sony is becoming like the boy who cried wolf. I dont believe you are still on track, its just a carrot

  • I’m still waiting on my password reset from my ps3 getting the YLOD. Store and that both would be nice:)

  • lolwut

    Free games today?

  • lets just hope they dont get hacked again

  • are the welcome back games free

  • what a bunch of cry babies…

  • Thanks for the heads up PlayStation Blog.

  • zachracer24 yes they are

  • Several hours meaning 3-4 or 8+? A specific time frame would be helpful.

  • yes depending on the region u get to choose from a list of 5 to 6 games to download at least 2 and u still get the month of free PSN plus and the video rent thing

    so yea its a good welcome back offer

    just hope the ppl that have the games do get another stuff to choose from

    would be inconvenient and unfair for them not having a 2nd option for the games they offer

  • Claude_Giroux_28

    I’m just happy you guys are honest with what you are doing instead of some lame comment that just says you will be performing maintenance to fix some flaws.Take as much time as you need.

  • I can still log on…

  • stay down for however long u need to. but ill be on cause i hardly ever sign out :). but hell yeah we are almost at full power again! now all i need is Black Ops’ Escalation Map Pack :) thanx sony


    I just bought a Slim for $100 and cant wait to load all my games on it, my 60 gigger lasted since I bought it, so Hopefully we will have the store and the giveaways in home by tomorrow. It would be nice to have it back. I have alot of games and savedata that I have to transfer…

  • It’ll be up by the end of the week. It seems like I’ve heard that before…

  • Sweet, finally some progress.

  • Atleast this will b over soon enough let us get the mappacks for free, this would keep me on psn please hurry I get off at 4:30 and I’m ready for escallition

  • can’t wait to hit the store and get the free stuff!
    miss renting movies and buying games! home
    dissidia 2 is on sale! hint.

  • Yeah I heard maintanence will start at 4:30 pm EST until 7am EST

  • Well, I dont mind the maintenance period. As long as I know Sony is on top of things. I dont think the full services will be up today; Im thinking along the lines of Saturday or Sunday.

  • well i wont be home so it wont effect me much

  • Git er done

  • It would be good press for Sony if they could get everything back up and running just before E3. They wouldn’t be heading into the biggest gaming expo of the year with part of their services still down, which would inevitably overshadow their press release more than the outage already will.

    That said, I’m not holding my breath. Sony hasn’t exactly been reliable with their information since the entire thing started.

  • i hope the people in anonymous get caught

  • Well.. Thank You Eric For The Notable Memo. And… Send My Deepest Apologies To Jeff For All The Times I Made Jokes About Him Being A Character In A New Game For A Possible New Video Game System From SEGA.

  • yeah they should have set up a second option for people who already have those games offered in the welcome back package, give us a list of say ten games and let us download two of them

  • I haven’t been able to connect to the Rockstar Social Club in two days on LA Noire. I am sure this has nothing to do with Rockstar, so I figured I’d complain where it was deserved.

  • Fingers crossed for Store to be up by tomorrow!

  • It’s nice to feel the issue getting closer to closure. I’m sure Sony is ready to get over this huge speed bump and start moving forward.

    I just hope that Sony is able to pull off E3 without too much mention of security issues and downtime. I want to know what to look forward to, not be stuck complaining about the past. Let’s hear about new games, videos, and other services.

    E3 is a very exciting time of the year. I am ecstatic that Sony is doing a live stream of the press conference.

  • alright i understand but i’d appreciate somone answering my question because i really don’t wanna get ripped off because i payed extra

    this was my question
    ok i bought battlefield bad company 2 ultimate edition game and when i try to enter the code for the onslaught mode amd 1984 game it won’t work and now while waiting for the store to get back up the code has expired and i’d really like to know if you will fix this

    I have been a loyal customer of playstation for many years and i wasn’t on her dising you guys while it was i waited paitently

    p.s. not sure why but the v.i.p. code worked

  • @89 Part of the problem is anonymous doesn’t go for people’s personal information. They said that it may have been some members but from what I’m reading they are currently not taking any actions towards Sony at this time. In fact some believe it was a ruse to draw attention away from the real culprits.

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