PlayStation Fans: Watch E3 Online Right Here

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PlayStation Fans: Watch E3 Online Right Here

Last year, we invited three hundred fans into our press conference. This year, we’re shooting for a million.

You’ve been requesting it, so for the first time, we’ll be broadcasting the entirety of the PlayStation press conference directly into this Blog. Additionally, we’re setting up a mini-studio in the PlayStation booth, and we’ll be bringing in developers while the show floor is open for interviews, live demos and to answer your questions via a built-in chat module. It all starts right here on June 6th.

Kaz Hirai, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

UPDATE: We’ve got several hundred more entries than we’ve got spots open, so we’re cutting off the entries now. We’ll grade the papers over the next few days and contact winners by email. Thanks for entering!

Since this is an LA event, we’d still like to do something for some of our Southern California fans. Because our press conference is already at capacity, we unfortunately won’t be able to get anyone into building (again, everyone can watch the livestream right here). However, we were able to secure over one hundred 3-day passes to the E3 Expo, where attendees can visit our booth and go hands-on with NGP and our stellar PS3 lineup as a guest of PlayStation.

We want to make sure only the biggest local PlayStation fans get in, so instead of having folks queue up in the unpredictable Spring weather (as has been the case in past years), we’ve created a web quiz you can take from the comfort of [wherever you are sitting].

Here are a few things to note:

  • E3 takes place from June 7-9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, so you’ll obviously need to be in SoCal during that time to attend. Don’t bother taking the quiz if you won’t be there!
  • You must be 18 or older to attend E3 – that’s their rule! Your ID will be checked when you go to pick up your badge, so if you’re under 18… don’t bother taking the quiz!
  • E3 badges are non-transferable, so if you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to attend… don’t bother taking the quiz!
  • The information we’re asking for (name & email address only) is required for all attendees by the ESA, who run the E3 Expo. We won’t ask for any additional info!
  • We’ll grade quizzes and select winners by late next week, and contact winners via email with information on how to pick up your passes.

Good luck!

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  • So, what time is Sony’s conference?

  • This is cool – last year I was packing up to go work at a summer camp, and had my laptop out trying to stream Sony’s press conference, and it took me forever to find a reliable stream. It’ll be great to know I’ll be able to find a good stream from Sony! It’s great to know that Sony’s putting effort into providing new services and flexing with changing technologies/demands.

    On another point though – and I know this has been commented to death,
    I would be VERY curious to know just what is being done with the PS Store – not when it’s going to be up, but what the actual process is, will there be any new upgrades to the appearance, organization, structure to the store?

    As a consumer, I’m just /curious/ to know what’s going on with this service I’m so interested in, why it takes extra time to restore, and what might be new/different about the service? I assume something new is going on considering the time – but then again, I don’t really know, because Sony hasn’t said anything :( Which makes it hard to get excited for anything that might be new, I want to get excited! =D

  • Jeff Please update the 3D post. Sid seems to have abandoned it.

  • can u guy make a cross game chat…like xbox

  • i hope they get the stuff up in running for psn stores i want to start downloading dude

  • Whoo, nice! i wont have to rely on youtube videos this year haha. Thanks Sony, you guys are beast!

  • PS Home planning to do something for E3, because last year’s E3 booth space was a really nice idea would be cool to see what they come out with this year

  • I tried to do the PS Home last year but I could never get in – I thought it was perhaps the coolest way I’d ever seen to get regular people a chance to interact and get hyped about the conference, but I don’t think Sony was quite aware just how sweet an idea it was, because it was just impossible to get in. Hopefully Sony will have it again, and a bit more prepared to deal with the traffic – I’d love to participate =D

  • Gee… there isn’t a time on your blog post, but the first reply is at 12:15, here it is before 2:15 and the web contest for local SoCal people is already over???? Do I have to check this blog every 1/2 hour on a SUNDAY just to see if there will be a contest? I have a life.

  • SO still no info on the store, yet all these companies supposedly got a press release about the store supposedly being up on the 24th then you say that that was just a rumor… but honestly… if I was in a testing phase i would know a projected date… this is F”N Ridiculous i mean i don’t mean to sound like an a** but come on the only reason why i got the ps3 was to download and buy exclusive content and i can’t even do that… not to mention i paid 20$ for the back to the future game by telltale and i’ve only goten 2 out of the 4 episodes that are already out… and I was guaranteed a release every month this is truly bad business and all sony is worried about is E3? This is just unbelievable….

    Very disappointed PS3 User/Owner
    Very close to trading in my ps3 but considering all the content i’ve downloaded over the years, that’s the only reason why i didn’t… I just returned my Mortal Kombat because the online was laggy and not to mention i wouldn’t even be able to get the DLC on ps3 if i wanted to

  • E3? That’s nice.

    So when is the store going to be up?

  • Awesome, cant wait to see Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and Twisted Metal. Maybe even Starhawk

  • This is going to be cool, been waiting for a full live stream of E3. Also, sorry to go off topic, but does anyone know when the PSN site login/password reset will be back up? I haven’t seen anything about it and I didn’t find out until today when my friend asked me why he couldn’t change his password.

  • Will attempt to make it here to watch the conference :)

  • and yet another update that has absolutely nothing to do with when i will get my download list back and be able to redeem my $20 psn card wow sony.

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    You guys should hold a show in Washington D.C.

  • Where is the link?

  • @waterguy #115. it amazes me the stupidity of people..tuesday is PS store update day. The 31st is the last day of the month, and a tuesday. They said they will have it up by the end of the month. Use your brain..

  • we cant line up anymore? isnt it a little unfair

  • Twisted Metal and Uncharted 3! Can’t wait for the press conference; did you guys get Steve to come again or is it to soon for jokes since the attack just passes?

  • Woot! Hooking it up to the big screen for a E3 party! Sony get!

  • Is it safe to assume the store will be back by then? If it isn’t I wouldn’t bother showing up at e3 if I were Sony. Hasn’t exactly been a banner year. I think it’s disrespectful of you to ignore our questions about the store, and then expect us to support you at E3.

  • Who in the blue Hell do you guys think you are?

  • @a7x_RoCk3r

    im stupid for expressing what i think and feel?Excuse me but your in no position to tell me how stupid i am.Do you know what a comment section is for?You cant expect every comment to say “I LOVE YOU SONY IDC BOUT THE ETA OF PS STORE”.The nerve of people these days

  • I think I’ll start a Sony Boycott for E3. We Want store answers. Enough of this BS. Ignoring paying customers is not a good business model.

  • Who wants to join the picket line?

  • @56 it was a blog from some were i forget lol. even when u call there reps do still say buy the end of the month and thats 2 days away. i still wouldnt be suprised if its not up till the 1st. im just sayn i have 4 psn cards sitn here its like saving money in a way and im horrible at that lol. let go sony keep your word this time…………..

  • Ahhhhhh tornado siren

  • one more thing we all want the store back but its going 2 be hard getting the downloads for a lil while knowing everyone will be gettn the cod map pack and the free games and stuff it will say error or sony will have to take it down again lol

  • Will someone from Sony please make a statement on the status of the store? You have a worldwide customer base that actually wants to trust you again enough to spend more money with you. Yet you ignore us whenever it suits you. Give us an answer or I swear I’ll make Facebook and Twitter your worst nightmare.

  • HEy Jeff its Sid the first guy from last year. can you consider helping me with tickets? i saw the blog post JUST now and isnt it a little unfair to just have a web quiz thats only open for minutes? can you please hook me up with two badges?

    i mean you know how big of a Playstation Fan i am and would have gladly waited this out but you sprung this out of nowhere

    i waited 29 hours last year and i would have gladly done it again. on twitter you said details on a blog meet-up saturday. at least give me and others an actual chance at this

  • yea alot of issues will be going on when the store comes back on. alot of downloading mainly so it will be slow. i will wait a few days after the store comes on to get all the free stuff sony is offering. im not in a hurry at all.

    for the people that are still saying they are trading their ps3 in for a 360: the 250GB version at Gamestop is only worth $100 now. plus if you do not have a blu-ray player you will be getting rid of that too. Not worth it in my book.

    To Sony: Good job and keep up the good work. I will always support you guys. Thanks for everything you are doing.

  • @131

    Sony is really starting to show how much they care huh? I’ve only recently joined this bandwagon. I was on Sony’s side throughout the outage, and now look how they ignore us. Every hater in the world was right about them. I should join the lawsuit. No company should be allowed to operate this way. No wonder the hackers targeted you.


  • Does anybody know when the PSN site login will be back up?

  • @135

    if you’re asking for a response from Sony…..The line starts wayyyyyyyyyyy back there

  • @136 Guess you’re right, seeing as Sony has been leaving us in the dark up until the last minute since this whole deal went down.

  • Read before you complain people. It said the store will be up at the end of the month. Remember tomorrow is a holiday.

  • neat :)

  • SlaughteredNinja

    I hope I’m able to stream this and watch it on my PS3, and not the laptop I have.

  • @138 They never directly said it would be up by the end of the month. They only said that they were targeting for it to be up by then. I’m not complaining though, I really couldn’t care less lol. I’m moving in with my brother tomorrow and getting a new job so it’s not like I’m going to have a lot of time to spend on it anyway.

  • It would be cool if the Store could come back B4 E3, ya know. =o

  • Yeah, I’ll stick to GameTrailers for E3 needs, thanks. They have experience live-streaming E3 Press Conferences, something you do not so they’ll probably do it better anyway.

    Besides, if I want to watch an official version of the Press Conference, I’ll just download the videos off PSN like I have the last few yea- oh wait….

  • My comment was targeted for people that keep asking about the store, not you. Hope you like the new job.

  • @142 That would make sense, but if it isn’t the case then I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty sad E3 day for Sony this year.

  • When does E3 start? And yea i kinda thought the store would be up by then.

  • @144 Oh ok, my bad then :). Thanks, need the new job because my grandfather is kicking my dad and I out so yeah lol. I wonder if it’s just me that can’t sign into PSN via their site? Can anyone else sign in?

  • @146 “E3 takes place from June 7-9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, so you’ll obviously need to be in SoCal during that time to attend. Don’t bother taking the quiz if you won’t be there!”

  • Awesome, thank you guys!!! 8) 8) 8)

  • I bet you more than half of the “winners” arent even in LA and wont be able to make it. im raging so hard right now

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