Resistance Dual Pack Deploying This July

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Resistance Dual Pack Deploying This July

Missed out on the first two Resistance games? Don’t worry, I’m not mad. I’m just here to tell you that soon there will be a way for you to catch up on the war with the Chimera before the epic third chapter, Resistance 3, comes out on September 6th. All the cool kids are doing it. Plus, you’ll get some pretty sweet exclusive bonuses.

Resistance 3: Dual Pack

Introducing the Resistance Dual Pack! Releasing in the North America this July 5th, you’ll be able to purchase Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 together in one convenient package – at one convenient price. For only $39.99 (MSRP) you can experience the thrilling journey of Nathan Hale as he fights back the invading alien force known as the Chimera. And it comes just in time for you to be ready for Resistance 3. How could it get any better?

I’ll tell you how it can get better! Bonus content, that’s how! Alongside the first two games you will also receive:

  • The Resistance 2 Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Resistance 2 Skin Bundle
  • Resistance 2 Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon

That’s $10 worth of content for free. Or, as I like to think of it: Being able to buy a really big sandwich at lunch – for free!

But settle down, folks. That’s not even the best part. Also included in this bundle is an exclusive multiplayer skin for the upcoming Resistance 3. Take a look for yourself.

Resistance Dual Pack for PS3: Capelli

Yes, the beanie is back! Exclusive only to this dual pack is a voucher code for the Capelli SRPA skin. So, if you want to dominate your foes in Resistance 3 multiplayer as the gruffer and buffer version of Capelli from the Resistance 2 days, you need to pick up this Dual Pack.

When I said I wasn’t mad at you if you haven’t played the first two Resistance games, I was telling the truth. In fact, I’m ecstatic that you now have the opportunity to play both of these critically acclaimed titles at a great price with great bonus content. Heck, even if you have played the label off of the first two, you could buy it for your friend and get them addicted (You can keep the Capelli Skin for yourself – I won’t tell). So, if you are new to the Resistance universe or want to relive the thrill all over again, you can’t go wrong when you pick up the Resistance Dual Pack. After all, September 6th is right around the corner…

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  • Must….BUUUYYYYY!!!!

  • INFAMOUS 2 JUST GOT A 9 (AMAZING) AT IGN!!!! GG Sucker Punch! I’m sure Resistance 3 will be amazing as well!!!

  • played the second one loved it but missed out on the first one will definately be picking this up thanx

  • AWESOME!!!

  • ADD TROPHIES TO RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great deal for the newcomers!

    Can’t wait for R3 in Sept!

    Is there any gonna be any kind of Limited or Collector’s Edition for R3 in NA like the Survivor Edition in PAL?????

  • number 6

    boo yah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sackboy rules

  • I played Resistance 2 to death, but I’ve never got around to playing Fall of Man. And I agree with #5, how hard can it be to add trophies? If anything, it would help boost sales.

    • Not nearly as easy as you think (involving re-opening long dormant code, assigning people to it, testing it, sending it through certification, etc etc) – meanwhile, all of those resources code, and are being used to make Resistance 3 the best game possible

  • Resistance 1 with trophy from patch??

  • ps store?

  • Nice

  • Are there trophies for resistance one? I’d buy it for that. Great games, great story.

  • Prince_of_da_Bay

    what about the people who already bought the first 2 at full price? We don’t get anything?

    • You got the game years early and played both during the heydays of their community and online play.

  • Add trophies to R:FOM, pretty please?

  • Holy crap!!! this is awesome for people that missed these amazing games. i hope the capelli skin becomes available for the psn store a few months after release.
    ohh still have my CE chimera figure in the package. the whole thing looks brand new XD.

  • You guys should add trophies to the first Resistance, and Tools of Destruction!

  • I played through Resistance 1 & 2 back when they first released. I plan to try and get these over again and replay great games and great stories. They really need trophy support for Resistance: FOM though.

  • Add trophy support to R:FoM like Naughty went back and did for Uncharted and Bethesd did for Oblivion now (list goes on…) and I’ll absolutely go for it. But if you simply do nothing for R:FoM then forget it, as that was the only good Resistance out of those two (not just good, but amazing, shame R2 was… well yea -_).

  • almost forgot….Zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please explain why the U.S. is not getting the R3 Survivor Edition that the UK is getting?

  • @13 You get the DLC and the R3 skin.

  • there cool

  • Will R1 have trophies?

  • @12

    You got to experience the games ahead of others, and helped the sequels to get made. It’s only because of early adopters that the games exist and are now, years later, available for others at an affordable price.

  • i also want to know is R1 will FINALLY have trophy support?

  • If Resistance Fall of Man gets trophy support, I will definitly get this

  • Great! Buying this day one for sure! Because in July, I’ve got two months for school and there will be no games worth getting aside from Infamous 2. Great work with this bundle! :) I’ve played abit from Resistance 2 and didn’t complete the story. And haven’t played Resistance 1 yet. This is my chance… :D

  • will R1 finally support trophy?

  • i played the demo of R1, and i like it. I am thinking about getting this bundle hahaha

  • Suckerpunch me in the face! I am getting this on day one. I played Resistance 2 and loved it. Never got a chance to play the first one but I do love a good story.

  • $40? Isn’t that a bit overpriced? I can easily buy both of those games for less than $25….

  • Since they are doing a Resistance dual pack, It would be nice if Naughty Dog does a Dual pack for the Uncharted 1 & 2 with the map packs and skins from U2 before U3 releases.

  • Forgot to ask. Will Resistance fall of man have trophies?

  • Yes I knew it! Thanks Sony never played either one before even though I replay the demo for the first over and over again! Can’t wait for all 3 games.


  • is it true that there will be maitnece at ten today? can i have confromation from anyone here?

  • NINEblademanNINE

    Well since your re-releasing Fall of Man, it would be nice to see some trophies of it now.

  • Please give R:FoM a trophy update.

    Also, I suggest a multiplayer skin for those that have played the previous games.

    This is a great way to bring people into the series! I look forward to new players in R2 multiplayer.

  • This is a sweet deal!! BTW I like free big sandwiches at lunch….. sooo how can I pass this up :P

  • dan dan koko hikuo thu.. umbs u.. say lol if you nowe what this is from

  • Will Resistance: Fall of Men get trophies support for this release???

  • (retake)
    dan dan koko hikuo
    say lol if you nowe what this is from

  • @14: I agree, at least all Sony-produced games should get a trophies patch but R: FoM and Tools of Destruction should get trophies support

  • Oh please Insomniac, please add trophy support for Fall Of Man! I have played R2 and i have became a big fan of Resistance since then. It would be great since i like collecting them, and FOM would be even more sweet if it had some trophys for us to get, and it would add some replay value to some of us!

  • this is great news, will definitely grab this bundle (day one purchase), btw they should do this with Assassins’ Creed too, since Revelations is coming this year. I can’t wait for inFamous 2 (U3 Beta) and this Resistance’s bundle :) thank you Sony.

    Ps. I know this is off topic, but was wondering if Team Ico will be at E3 with some information about The Last Guardian / Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

  • Come on Brandon… we know you’re an intern, but half of the comments here are asking for trophy support for R1. Go tell someone higher up on the food chain that the people demand TROPHIES!!! You’ll be our hero and we will build a statue of you with your foot propped up on a chimera skull. There will be songs written of your greatness and an annual feast celebrating your victory… DO IT!!!

  • Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 Dual pack with all latest online updates on the blu-ray disc!!!


  • Hell Yeah add trophy support and see Fall of Man boost in sales ..same with tools of destruction..I already have 1 and 2 but trophy support for Fall of man ..I would definately play again. Make it happen guys!

  • Is this for US only? I would lovo to see this in EU.
    Is this DLC gonna be on disk or in a form of PSN Code? I ask this because not every DLC is available in every PS Store.

  • I think a beta code for Resistance 3 beta should be included unless the beta ends before July 5th. $39 bucks is a little too much since I can get both of them new for $25-$40. $10 worth of content and one free resistance 3 skin is nice but trophies for FoM and a beta code would make this worth $39.

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